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A Patchwork Planet By Anne Tyler,

  • Title: A Patchwork Planet
  • Author: Anne Tyler
  • ISBN: 9780099288039
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
  • Barnaby Gaitlin is a loser just short of thirty he s the black sheep of a philanthropic Balti family Once upon a time he had a home, a loving wife, a little family of his own now he has an ex wife, a 9 year old daughter with attitude, a Corvette Sting Ray that s a collectors item but unreliable, and he works as hired muscle for Rent a Back, doing heavy chores for oBarnaby Gaitlin is a loser just short of thirty he s the black sheep of a philanthropic Balti family Once upon a time he had a home, a loving wife, a little family of his own now he has an ex wife, a 9 year old daughter with attitude, a Corvette Sting Ray that s a collectors item but unreliable, and he works as hired muscle for Rent a Back, doing heavy chores for old folks He has an almost pathological curiosity about other people s lives, which has got him into serious trouble in the past, and a hopeles charm which attracts the kind of angelic woman who wants to save him from himself Tyler s observation is acute and delicious than ever her humour slyer and irresistible her characters so vividly realised that you feel you ve known this quirky collection for ever With perfect pitch and poise, humor and humanity, Anne Tyler chronicals, better than any writer today, the sublime and the rediculous of everyday living, the foibles and frailties of the ordinary human heart.
    A Patchwork Planet Barnaby Gaitlin is a loser just short of thirty he s the black sheep of a philanthropic Balti family Once upon a time he had a home a loving wife a little family of his own now he has an ex wife a

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    1. Onvan A Patchwork Planet Nevisande Anne Tyler ISBN 080411918X ISBN13 9780804119184 Dar 320 Safhe Saal e Chap 1998

    2. I believe I ve admitted to reading all of Anne Tyler s books, several of them than once I just reread A Patchwork Planet, and I m dumbstruck again Like no other author I know, Tyler is a master of the emotional sandbag She blindsides you, saps you in the skull when you don t see it coming even if you ve already read the book , and you need to take a brief time out to recover from being a blubbering fool In this paperback edition, if you don t experience an epiphany by page sixty one, you must b [...]

    3. Sometimes I feel like apologizing for liking Anne Tyler but this book in particular is truly wonderful I m not terribly great at reviews but it has the hallmarks of things I generally value in a book wonderful characters who stay with you, and the amazing ability to tightrope walk between funny and sad without ever becoming maudlin or flippant.

    4. The critics say that Anne Tyler writes novels with quirky characters I say that we are all quirky characters Certainly, I grew up with and am a member of a family of quirky characters I find the characters in Anne Tyler s novels real, they are people one meets everyday As I began to read this novel, I thought about days when I lived in the pages of Anne Tyler s novels My trips to the library always took me to the same section, where I fingered the titles looking for favorite or unread novels I w [...]

    5. I love You can click on I m finished which does not necessarily mean you have completed the book to the final page.I CANNOT stand it when, 187 pages into a book, the main character takes a turn that you absolutely can t see them taking You think you know a guyI had my doubts reading this, really Its horribly written Time passed too fast and scenes were over in a few pages, nothing was drawn out and no agreeing with a character over their choices In fact, choices weren t really made, they just ki [...]

    6. not quite 3 starsThis book started out just fine I started reading and found interesting characters, a pleasant writing style, and some very engaging dialogue All good, right Well, somewhere it took a turn, because I had to keep pushing myself to finish reading the darn thing Here s the problem I like what happens in a book to be meaningful in some way I don t want to read a bunch of random incidents that in no way help to impel the story forward Anne Tyler has a habit of throwing a lot of stuff [...]

    7. This book follows thirty year old divorced father, never graduated college, manual laborer Barnaby Gaitlin through a year of growing up Barnaby works for a company that aids the elderly and others with heavy lifting and big chores, leading to many interesting minor characters in the novel Barnaby realizes that he is not living up to his potential both in his parents eyes and in his own, although for different reasons He meets a slightly older woman, Sophia, on the train and begins a friendship a [...]

    8. No one can create quirky, beguiling, harmless misfits as well as Anne Tyler, and in A Patchwork Planet, Barnaby Gaitland steps onto the page He s the black sheep of an affluent family, living in a rented basement studio, divorced, wanting to be a better father to his daughter, working for Rent a Back, a service company that does household jobs its elderly clients who can no longer manage Along comes an angel, and his life seems to take a major turn for the better But in the background of this to [...]

    9. I enjoyed the main character s quirky job, his different drummer approach to life, and the assorted fascinating eccentrics he encountered in his family and professionbut, it was the ending that soured the book for me While I believe it was meant to be a poignant statement of Barnaby s growth and redemptive self discovery, I was left dubious Didn t anyone else find it the least bit odd or paradoxical that Barnaby pronounced himself a trustworthy man even though he had cheated on Sophia and kept t [...]

    10. I always enjoy Ann Tyler s works Looking into the lives of ordinary people and finding extraordinary stories.The main character in the novel,Barnaby Gaitlin, is the the anti hero in this story He is definitely no prince A quasi reformed juvenile delinquent, he is a disheveled handyman,helper with a heart and a man you can trust His work takes him into the homes and lives of people who have no reason not to trust him and build relationships with him He likes the work because it puts him into thei [...]

    11. I want to be Anne Tyler when I grow up Less ambitiously, if ever somebody was going to write me, write my life, my family, my friends, my fuck ups, my fuck downs which I hope are the very opposite of ups this is the only person I would want to do it She d make it all okay.

    12. I ve always liked Anne Tyler s stories and this one started off well but it fell very flat in the end She dedicated it to the loving memory of her husband so perhaps she lost heart towards the end She has always written about people viewed as losers or really just view themselves as losers and then in the end find the life they had thought was mundane is pretty wonderful after all I really liked Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant , but this one with Barnaby who works at Rent a Back and is conside [...]

    13. I read the last page, sighed, and said What a great story , thus waking my husband and drawing his wrath we were both extremely jet lagged at the time It was that good.It s so easy to get jaded about books today often the books touted on the bestseller lists are, well, less than impressive Then comes along a book like A Patchwork Planet, reviving my delight in reading Original characters, situations, problems yet so relatable Barnaby touched me with his impetuous kindnesses, his slides into self [...]

    14. This isn t my favorite Anne Tyler book, but even so, it is an enjoyable read because her characterizations are so good She seems to see all the foibles and failings of her characters, and helps us like them anyway Barnaby Gaitlin is stuck in a position most of us probably understand that of feeling like he is not living up to his own or others expectations of him How he makes peace with himself and his demanding family is a funny and interesting journey.

    15. This book starts out fine When I started reading this book, I felt this will be good book with humor and a quirky protagonist But, then somewhere in the book things start messing up and I started losing interest I did not feel for any character In fact there were so many character that were not even needed I found the book a total mess.Read the complete review here book choose 2015 0

    16. If you are looking for an absolutely delightful book to end your summer reading, Anne Tyler s A Patchwork Planet would certainly do the trick Our narrator, Barnaby Gaitlin, is a 30 year old lovable loser, to quote the book jacket As a teen, Barnaby ran afoul of the law by robbing neighborhood homes Oh, he didn t want the cash no, he just wanted the chance to read their mail, look at their photographs, and maybe grab a few souvenirs while he was at it Now, to the despair of his social climbing fa [...]

    17. I love quirky characters with substance and Anne Taylor delivers I found myself dancing around the outer edge of who the main character, Barnaby Caitlin, is Coming from a family of wealth and prominence, he is the self ordained black sheep Trying to find his place in life, he has to wade through his childhood baggage He works for the company Rent a Back that offers their services in helping the elderly with things they no longer can do for themselves from simple chores to weekly shopping He unde [...]

    18. I read this book many years ago and liked it, so when I saw it on tape at the library for 1 I picked it up to listen to it again I didn t care for it so much this time It is basically the story of a man who has been a disappointment to himself and his family trying to redeem himself and find a way to a happier life There were some inappropriate things in it, but mostly this time I found the main character a little annoying I don t want to disuade anyone from reading it maybe I just didn t like i [...]

    19. I kept reading and reading, waiting for this book to get good But it always felt like nothing was happening The romances felt forced, the family dynamic was uninteresting and I never really understood Barnaby, the main character Why did he steal things Why did he sleep with his co worker when he had no attraction to her Why did do the things that I felt that he had no reason to do I kept reading mostly because I didn t absolutely hate it, but I can t say I really enjoyed the experience either Do [...]

    20. I only discovered Anne Tyler recently, but I m so glad as I did as she has quickly become one of my favourite authors I loved this book warm , perceptive, funny and sad all at the same time She is so good at depicting family relationships and what makes us human I find that I read her books very quickly with a sense of pure pleasure.

    21. When I finish an Anne Tyler novel I feel restless Like my childhood neighbor has moved away even though they were different and had linoleum outdated floors that were mopped like clockwork every Monday morning Like I have to plod forward with my own life that seems perfectly normal but I have a sinking suspicion that it isn t at all.

    22. A Patchwork Planet opens and closes with this protest I am a man you can trust Barnaby Gaitlin understands the full value of trust, and between the covers of Anne Tyler s latest novel, he tells a story of hard won redemption in the face of withering doubts.Everything about Barnaby s upbringing in a gracious Balti neighborhood promised a successful life His family even keeps a book of narratives about their encounters with guardian angels, strangers who have passed on wise advice about careers an [...]

    23. Very disappointing ending Not sure why I insisted on finishing this book Not sure what the point of this story was.

    24. Barnaby Gaitlin is a loser a charming, lovable loser, perhaps but a loser nonetheless As a teenager, he had a bad habit of breaking into other people s houses Although, it was never about stealing like it was for his teenage cohorts Barnaby just liked to read other people s mail, pore over their family photo albums, and appropriate a few of their precious mementos He had been in trouble ever since adolescence, but now, at just short of thirty years old, he was attempting to get his life in order [...]

    25. You gotta be careful when you talk to people about the books they love, because every now and again you come across a generous one and WHAM they lend you one of their favourite books.The fact that I read this slim volume is the result of one of those I love books conversations.It s clear to me that one man s meet is another man s parting gosh that s clever isn t it and this book hammers in that particular nail to perfection Whilst I didn t mind the book, I found it to be lacking in one important [...]

    26. Anne Tyler continues to be one of my most dependable fall backs when I can t decide what to read next She never fails to create these seemingly insignificant but so meaningful little stories about humanity A Patchwork Planet is another example of her greatness Barnaby is a wonderful creation who feels so frustratingly real He is a 30 year old man, and a fairly immature one, and he s written just right There were times he perplexed me, times I wanted to be friends with him, and times I fully symp [...]

    27. Barnaby is a man who doesn t fit in He is from a rich family, but doesn t live up to the family s expectations Instead he works at a place that hires people for jobs for people who can t do them themselves This typically means older people It s a great concept, but definitely not well paying His marriage didn t go well he is divorced His daughter is detached from him, doesn t even call him Dad And then Barnaby meets Sophia It is a strang encounter A man goes up to people at the Balti train stati [...]

    28. Didn t finish Anne Tyler tells the story of a lovable loser who s trying to get his life in order Barnaby Gaitlin has been in trouble ever since adolescence He had this habit of breaking into other people s houses It wasn t the big loot he was after, like his teenage cohorts It was just that he liked to read other people s mail, pore over their family photo albums, and appropriate a few of their precious mementos But for eleven years now, he s been working steadily for Rent a Back, renting his b [...]

    29. I can t remember why I started reading Anne Tyler books years ago, maybe it was our shared name But I ve read at least a half dozen of them now and never been disappointed If there are other authors who do as good a job at making ordinary people so endearing, I haven t come across them.A Patchwork Planet is the story of a sort of grown up misfit who s trying to overcome his past It s told in the first person, which I always enjoy Remember The Rainmaker by John Grisham Great opening line My decis [...]

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