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Sophie: Dog Overboard. Emma Pearse By Emma Pearse,

  • Title: Sophie: Dog Overboard. Emma Pearse
  • Author: Emma Pearse
  • ISBN: 9781444715224
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback
  • The story that became a global sensation Sophie, the Australian cattle dog who was lost at sea and swam six miles through shark infested waters to a remote island where she survived in the wild for five months It was just another day in paradise as Jan and Dave Griffith, along with their blue cattle dog, Sophie, motored out of Mackay Marina for a gorgeous weekend at sea.The story that became a global sensation Sophie, the Australian cattle dog who was lost at sea and swam six miles through shark infested waters to a remote island where she survived in the wild for five months It was just another day in paradise as Jan and Dave Griffith, along with their blue cattle dog, Sophie, motored out of Mackay Marina for a gorgeous weekend at sea But when the sky suddenly darkened and the waves turned fierce, the unthinkable happened Sophie disappeared overboard Her heartbroken humans couldn t fathom the loss and could only hope their beloved pet didn t suffer But this true cattle dog and devoted best friend wasn t going to give up that easily and what followed is a remarkable tale of survival, luck, and persistence From the first day the Griffiths set eyes on puppy Sophie through that terrible October day she was lost, to Sophie s time as a castaway and the reunion that almost didn t happen, journalist Emma Pearse recreates the incredible journey of this canine Robinson Crusoe An inspirational story of loyalty and the resilience of the spirit, Sophie offers undeniable proof about the unbreakable bond between humans and our pets and that if lost, they would do anything to come home to us.
    Sophie Dog Overboard Emma Pearse The story that became a global sensation Sophie the Australian cattle dog who was lost at sea and swam six miles through shark infested waters to a remote island where she survived in the wild for fi

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    1. If I could, I d give five stars for the dog and one star for the book itself.The good The story and setting are interesting, and Sophie is undoubtedly an amazing dog The author clearly did a lot of interviews and put a lot of work into giving the most complete account of Sophie s story possible though this is both good and bad as the book tended towards the over detailed in areas as the author says time and again, it s impossible to know exactly what Sophie got up to in her time on the island, b [...]

    2. This was a present, and as I have a cattle dog, I was excited to read blue heeler propaganda the story is really quite nuts.On the actual book, though, I don t know what to say about the writing Given the author s bylines, I have to assume she can write, but the text was head smackingly simple and grammatically odd The details were at times mind numbing, especially the amount of speculation while no one knows how long sophie spent on that island, she could have bathed in the sun and maybe played [...]

    3. I followed this story in the media when it happened, so I was very excited when the book came out A true story about an Australian cattle dog named Sophie, who is knocked overboard in rough seas and survives for months on her own on a deserted island The story is fabulous, but this book let it down The entire thing read as if it were a long winded newspaper article, and I was not at all surprised when I read the acknowledgements to find that Emma Pearse is actually a journalist The font size als [...]

    4. I d love to give Sophie herself five stars, but the book Not so much It was filled with redundant details and the writing was sub par at best I also really got tired of reading about how Sophie s people kept their dogs outside and how they treated their dogs like dogs While I don t exactly blame them for Sophie going overboard accidents do happen , they certainly weren t very likable otherwise, either.

    5. Bridget was just 16 years old when she first saw Sophie and fell in love She had been begging her Mum, Jan, and Dad, Dave for a dog of her own for a long time While working two jobs during the holidays, she d nip down to the pet shop in her lunch break to gaze into the window at the litter of cattle dog puppies Sophie was a sleepy girl, whilst her siblings were much boistrous and energetic When the litter was reduced to two puppies in the window, Bridget knew she needed to act quickly So she or [...]

    6. This truly is an incredible story, just as the title promises Sophie the dog is separated from her family, and somehow survives against all odds for five months until they are reunited With that being said, I think the story was so exciting that it had the potential of a much better book than this one Sophie The Incredible True Story of the Castaway Dog really needed another edit The book was just overly detailed, to the point that it became boring It was tedious to read chapters upon chapters o [...]

    7. I got around halfway in this book and just didn t feel like reading it any I knew that the dog was going to survive, and it s not like the dog can tell us what she was up to the whole time on that island I agree with other reviewers the details in the writing just were unnecessary and I would skim through several pages without really reading anything I rarely say this I usually say the opposite but I actually think this story would make a better movie than a book Think Marley Me in a tropical se [...]

    8. As a dog lover, and a huge fan of cattle dogs, the story of Sophie was heartwarming and a joy to read I shed tears of joy when Sophie was reunited with her owners after months lost at sea It s amazing to me that any dog conquered what Sophie did and survived.

    9. We have an Australian Cattle Dog mix in our family as pictured in my current avatar , so Sophie s picture on the cover is what drew me in, as it very much looked like my dog lounging somewhere Her story tells the perseverance of the breed, as she somehow falls from her family s boat in the seas off the coast of Australia and is presumed drowned when the boat canvasses the area where they believe she fell and there is no sign of her For 5 months she lives on islands, miles from where she fell in, [...]

    10. Who could not love a true story about a dog lost at sea, who swims five miles to an island and survives for several months on her own and is joyfully reunited with her family It is indeed a lovely story told in detail Too much detail I think the story would have lost nothing and gained impact had it been edited down by about a third Audiobook

    11. I was excited about receiving this book, although I don t remember hearing about Sophie when all of this happened The idea that she could have swum as far as she did and survived for 5 months in the wild seemed almost impossible to believe.How did Sophie get stranded on the island How did she survive And how did she get rescued and manage to get back home to her family It s an amazing story.This book follows Sophie s life from newly adopted puppy through her first boat excursion To the day she d [...]

    12. This story is so incredible, but this book just wasn t that well written The story follows the Griffith family and their dog Sophie When the last of their children goes off to college, it s just Jan, Dave, and Sophie One beautiful day they are out on their boat sailing to visit friends when the weather changes and Sophie somehow falls off the boat Sophie is an avid swimmer and they search for hours, but there is no trace of her so they assume because of the rough seas she must have hit her head [...]

    13. Dave and Jan took their blue cattle dog out on their boat, Sophie disappears in a matter of moments to their disbelief, naturally, they search for her, but due to the weather they finally must give up Torn apart with grief, they return home devastated But even in this day and age, miracles DO happen, somehow Sophie not only manages to survive in the shark infested waters, but she comes ashore on an island about 5 nautical miles from where she went overboard No one will ever know how Sophie manag [...]

    14. I heard about this story from my mother My parents owned an Australian Cattle Dog for years and couldn t help but perk up anytime they heard about another one Sophie s story is amazing she fell overboard while boating with her family one day and then survived for five months on the isolated islands off the Australian coast before being reunited with her family While the story is gripping, I didn t find this book as good as I hoped because Pearse s writing is very elementary and not at all exciti [...]

    15. This is a wonderful story of an incredible dog, a theme that is always a crowd pleaser The writing is a bit amateurish her first book , but very readable For a while, I never thought we would get to the story Granted, knowing Sophie before her journey, was important how she was raised, how loved she was, etc But it began to seem like a proud dog owner gushing about their special dog when it took up the first half of the book But, being a proud dog owner myself, I sort of understand it s just tha [...]

    16. I was thoroughly disappointed with this book The writing was overrun with way too many ridiculous details and speculations It would have made a great 75 100 page story, not a 300 page book Emma Pearse just went on and on in excruciating detail and repetition for way too much of the text The story itself was amazing Sophie went overboard and was picked up on St Bees five months later, and once home, still acted like the loyal, loving companion she had been before minus scarfing down bones like sh [...]

    17. I am always drawn to remarkable dog stories A member of my family has always had Australian Cattle dogs blue heelers so I was very curious It is a remarkable story of the dog s will and ingenuity to survive I do feel there was too much unnecessary detail concerning the lives of the family that had little to do with real story of this amazing dog I found myself thinking, get on with the story already I got very impatient Maybe an edit is in order Amazing dog.

    18. I have given up on this one for a few days, not sure if I ll pick it up again Writing style is grating on my nerves Jan and Bridget went for a swimSophie enjoyed it I think whoever wrote this was a novice writer with their eyes on a film script.

    19. The story and the dog are adorable The writing is horrifically bad It is so bad that I didn t want to even finish the book, which almost never happens I love dogs and enjoy stories like this in general, but this book was absolutely terrible I couldn t recommend it.

    20. With many others, I thought the dog aspect was good, but the details were over the top Who cares if Dave, the father, put a lemon in his Corona.

    21. Sophie The Incredible True Story of The Castaway Dog By Emma Pearce3 The fact that it was a true story was enough to make me want to read the book and find out what had happened to Sophie Unfortunately most of the book is about Sophie s owners The fairy tale lives of the family was told over and over and over again as well as the what ifs concerning the dog s horrible experience These back stories of insignificant characters was not necessary nor was the repeated daily schedule of the characters [...]

    22. Being about a cattle dog, I loved this book The author did a good job of investigating what in the world could have happened during Sophie s island stay Some parts were a bit redundant dragged, but overall, it was good.

    23. A book review of Sophie The Incredible True Story of the Castaway Dogby Emma Pearse Received this book from the publisher to review 4.8 starsSophie, an Australian cattle dog, was enjoying a day with her owners Jan and Dave on their boat out in the marina All of a sudden, the perfect day turned into an unperfect one as a storm came out of no where the skies got very dark and the waves were hard Sophie fell overboard.Jan and Dave were seriously heartbroken They couldn t figure out what to do and t [...]

    24. Charming account of the true story of a dog that lived as a cast away on an island for five months after falling from her owners boat and swimming 6 miles Since the dog couldn t be interviewed herself, the book is mostly about her owners, their grief after losing her, and their joy at being reunited Really, though the book made me realize that these beings that we share our lives with are wild at heart at to some extend unknowable.

    25. Sophie the island dog was a blue heeled puppy, bought at a pet store as a gift to Bridget, who had wanted a dog forever Her siblings had dogs, so why shouldn t she The family had Australian cattle dogs before, including one at home named Jody Sophie was different She loved people, and Bridget adored her, as with the whole family.When Bridget grew up and moved away, her parents let Sophie become an indoor dog, and relished her fun and spirited behavior The couple lived near a pretty bay, and had [...]

    26. My review from the Sunday, March 4, 2012 edition of the Burlington Times News.October 25, 2008 promised to be another gorgeous day on the Great Barrier Reef for Jan and Dave Griffith They loaded their boat, the Honey May, and headed out of Mackay Marina in Queensland, Australia with their blue cattle dog, Sophie, onboard as always Sophie was truly a water dog She grew up playing on the nearby beaches, and loved to swim in the surf A seasoned sailor, Sophie had logged many nautical miles before t [...]

    27. This book seriously disturbed me in several ways I don t usually make a long litany of things I don t like, but I will here because I m hoping to understand .Dave expresses his continuing concern for his on board passengers, even before Sophie was lost Yet, there is no mention of lifejackets anywhere in this book Is this is simply an oversight of the author or is this an Aussie thing Surely, Australia has the same safety boat rule as America a life jacket on board for every person Am I wrong Dav [...]

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