UNLIMITED KINDLE å All the Rage - by Ian McLagan

All the Rage By Ian McLagan,

  • Title: All the Rage
  • Author: Ian McLagan
  • ISBN: 9780823078424
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback
  • A riotously funny, fiercely energetic romp, this no holds barred autobiography takes readers through the highs and lows of an extraordinary career, chronicling nearly four decades of dynamic music history.
    All the Rage A riotously funny fiercely energetic romp this no holds barred autobiography takes readers through the highs and lows of an extraordinary career chronicling nearly four decades of dynamic music his

    One thought on “All the Rage”

    1. This was a good look into the life of Mac , Ian McLagan, from his early days playing in local bands into being scooped up overnight by the Small Faces and the roller coaster ride it led too in his rock and roll life It gives an inside look into the world of English rock stars in the 60 s into the 90 s including some of my favorites from the Faces, Who and the Stones I met Mac and hung out with him a couple of times in the 20 teens and I wish I had read this before I d met him.

    2. Ian McLagan lived rock and roll from the sixties to the 2000s A book full of priceless stories of the faces and small faces As well as the stones and the who and many .

    3. Fun read, lots of inside stuff about some of rock s biggest names This guy sure knew how to party I wonder if his estate is worth millions now and if it is getting the royalties due.

    4. I am sorry that I only got around to reading this book after the death of Ian, in the last few years he has been instrumental in keeping the music and memory of the Small Faces and Ronnie Lane in the public eye I have always thought he must have been an interviewers dream as he was so eloquent, open and chatty When he died the amount of fans that wrote tributes to him and mentioned that they had met him and how he always had time for them and always answered any e mails and letters that they sen [...]

    5. Don t read these pages just for the stories, the people he s known Do read it for his voice, his laugh between the sentences Do read the book Good luck finding it First heard his voice on NPR during a Faces compilation CD release Honestly, who wants to hear from the piano player who can t sing all that well Turns out, he was the one listening and told the best stories And they re great stories Especially when he turns down the Grateful Dead Was so lucky to take my 9 year old to see him plan an a [...]

    6. I wasn t aware that this book existed until Mac passed away last year Though it s your usual rock roll recounting of drugs, drinking and debauchery, there are an awful lot of good stories about the time he s spent with rock roll royalty including the Small Faces, Faces, Rolling Stones, Bonnie Raitt I live in Austin where Mac spent the last part of his life and you d see him out and about He always seemed in good humor and people spoke very kindly of him at a remembrance at SXSW in 2015 That sens [...]

    7. I read this book immediately after reading Levon Helm s This Wheel s on Fire , and it amazing how similar the tone and humor are in these two books especially consider one is from Marvell, Arkansas and the other from Middlesex, England Literally laugh out loud funny moments, and great stories behind the Faces, Stones, etc I literally finished the book and decided I wanted to be a keyboard player for the Faces when I grow up.

    8. What a kick ass book Mac takes you on a ride through time, talking about all of the bands and people he has played with over the years A lot of laughter, some tears, but overall, a wonderful ride through rock and roll I also got turned onto the Small Faces while reading this anytime he would mention an album, like Ogden s , I would listen to it as I was reading That, I think, really enhanced his story so much Very fast read, very enjoyable

    9. Those were the DazeHeard about this book after Mac s passing a couple years back Written with heart, written with love for the life he lived and his mates.Tells not all, but enough to confirm the long held suspicion that The Faces had as much fun as anyone in rock and roll.In the telling, it reveals that no one, through thick and thin, might of had fun than Ian McLagan.Great rock and roll reading Enjoy

    10. All the Rage isn t much than a series of anecdotes, but McLagan vividly captures what it was like to be in a pop band in Sixties England and in a rock band in the Seventies, with the generous sense of humor and acceptance of human weakness that one would expect from a member of the Small Faces and Faces.

    11. Totally inhaled this book in a matter of days No Ego fuel and certainly no boring facts of I did this, I did that, I shagged so and so.Ian is a great A great person and a humble and great musician An excellent emotional journey.

    12. Well written and just as much fun as you d imagine spending a few days with the legendary Mac of Small Faces, Faces, Stones, Bob Dylan and Bonnie Raitt fame would be He pulls no punches, spares no one and really knows how to tell a tale.

    13. Great read, and account of what it was like playing organ with Small Faces in swinging London touring with The Faces,The Stones, and surviving an addiction to freebase cocaine.All told in a humorous easy going way.

    14. As a big fan of the Small Faces, I was saddened at the death of Mac and felt I should pay homage by reading this book Good in parts, but I have to say that I did get bored with the endless accounts of drinks and drugs.

    15. Brought back some hazy crazy memories It s only Rock n Roll but I like it Actually read on a kindle Long story.

    16. Ian has a way with wordsre to make you smile laugh out loud He has great stories and paints a colorful picture of his time with the Small Faces, Faces and the Stones.

    17. In the 1960s everyone who was anyone was named Keith, Mick, Mac, or Woody Sometimes Kenny It made it tricky to keep everyone straight.

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