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Mastering the Art of French Cooking: Vol. 2 By Julia Child Simone Beck,

  • Title: Mastering the Art of French Cooking: Vol. 2
  • Author: Julia Child Simone Beck
  • ISBN: 9780394721774
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback
  • The sequel to the classic Mastering the Art of French CookingHere, from Julia Child and Simone Beck, is the sequel to the cooking classic that has inspired a whole American generation to new standards of culinary taste and artistry On the principle that mastering any art is a continuing process, they continued, during the years since the publication of the now celebrateThe sequel to the classic Mastering the Art of French CookingHere, from Julia Child and Simone Beck, is the sequel to the cooking classic that has inspired a whole American generation to new standards of culinary taste and artistry On the principle that mastering any art is a continuing process, they continued, during the years since the publication of the now celebrated Volume One, to search out and sample new recipes among the classic dishes and regional specialties of France cooking, conferring, tasting, revising, perfecting Out of their discoveries they have made, for Volume Two, a brilliant selection of precisely those recipes that will not only add to the repertory but will, above all, bring the reader to a yet higher level of mastering the art of French cooking.This second volume enables Americans, working with American ingredients, in American kitchens, to achieve those incomparable flavors and aromas that bring up a rush of memories of lunch at a country inn in Provence, of an evening at a great Paris restaurant, of the essential cooking of France.Among its many treasures the first authentic, successful recipe ever devised for making real French bread the long, crunchy, yeasty, golden loaf that is like no other bread in texture and flavor with American all purpose flour and in an American home oven soups from the garden, chowders and bisques from the sea including great fish stews from Provence, Normandy, and Burgundy meats from country kitchens to haute cuisine, in master recipes that demonstrate the special art of French meat cookery chickens poached thirteen ways and sauced vegetables alluringly combined and restored to a place of honor on the menu a lavish array of desserts, from the deceptively simple to the absolutely splendid.But perhaps the most remarkable achievement of this volume is that it will make Americans actually expert than their French contemporaries in two supreme areas of cookery baking and charcuterie.In France one can turn to the local bakery for fresh and expertly baked bread, or to neighborhood charcuterie for p t s and terrines and sausages Here, most of us have no choice but to create them for ourselves.And in this book, thanks to the ingenuity and untiring experimentation of Mesdames Child and Beck, we are given instructions so clear, so carefully tested, that now any American cook can make specialties that have hitherto been obtainable only from France s professional chefs and bakers With the publication of Volume Two, one can select from a whole new range of dishes, from the French bread to a salted goose, from peasant rago ts to royal Napoleons Each of the new master recipes is worked out, step by infallible step, with the detail, exactness, and clarity that are the soul of Mastering the Art of French Cooking And the many drawings five times as many as in Volume One are demonstrations in themselves, making the already clear instructions doubly clear.More than a million American families now own Volume One For them and, in fact, for all who would master the art of French cooking, Julia Child and Simone Beck open up new worlds of expertise and good eating Bon app tit
    Mastering the Art of French Cooking Vol The sequel to the classic Mastering the Art of French CookingHere from Julia Child and Simone Beck is the sequel to the cooking classic that has inspired a whole American generation to new standards

    One thought on “Mastering the Art of French Cooking: Vol. 2”

    1. Is it just me that can t imagine the real Julia Child as Julia I only see Meryl Streep now Anyway, this book is beautifully detailed I think Julia and Simone outdone themselves, it s detailed, generous and very well executed It s remarkable to see what women can do when they set their minds on something, of course they got help from the people around them I love how invested Paul was in his wife s career and her love of cooking Some of the illustration and all the photographs were made by him Be [...]

    2. Say what you will out dated, dense, whatever criticism you can offer Mastering the Art Vol 1 2 are still the seminal books on the art of French cooking a la haute cuisine I worked my way through Volume 1 years ago, when I thought my ex husband being Portuguese and having lived in France many years would appreciate it I stopped doing it for him when he poured Tabasco all over my Beef Bourguignon without tasting it first, but I continued cooking Julia for myself.

    3. This is not a review on the content which is excellent To be very brief here are the nitpicks regarding the specific imprint 9780241956472 1 The book size is that of a novel 20cm x 13cm To open it properly and follow a recipe, once would need to crack the spine and force it open at 180 degrees It does not stay open at any one page without mechanical force holding it there.2 The paper has the same newspaper feel as a mass paperback The font is minute The height of the non caps letters is 1mm.3 Th [...]

    4. The second volume of MTAOFC is just as charming, extensive, and invaluable as the first In fact, I would say I use volume 2 even than volume 1 perhaps because I am a baker and dessert maker, and this volume 2 covers breads and desserts I will never forget my first successful attempt at homemade baguettes After about 10 minutes of the smell of cooling bread filling the kitchen, I was tempted to rip open a loaf and have at it Julia advises against that 2 3 hours of cooling so the bread will have [...]

    5. browsed thru it at the library the section on baking bread is fantastic detailed and very usefulso saw the beef case in there the way they described it as an ingenious dish that will even surprise the diners who have eaten everything i lol ed enjoyed the unexpected wit there.

    6. I am struggling with the format of this book I reckon there are some gems of information here but the way the layout is set up is near impossible to follow Love her prefix to each recipe and the descriptions of what might have gone wrong and techniques for how to succeed it is how the ingredients and tools for each recipe are set out Not in a format I am used to and thus I am tempted to write them out for myself in a format that I find useable I will press on undaunted, however, because I hate w [...]

    7. This is fun to flip through after reading Dearie, though there are only so many recipes I would attempt, mostly in the chicken eggs sections It s unbelievable how hard Julia Child worked on this book, but it s cool, too, how well documented the process was because of her letters to from Avis DeVoto and others Simone Beck worked very hard also, but Julia did all the typing, from what I understand.

    8. Volume 1 has been in my life since I was a child, and I have an early edition in hardcover I don t like to keep that family heirloom in the kitchen Heat, moisture, and grease are bad for treasured books But I recently found both volumes in this Knopf paperback re issue at the Goodwill for 25 cents each Yay Kitchen safe volumes and Volume 2 for the first time.

    9. This book seemed to be written for those unfamiliar with cooking and using a kitchen The recipes seemed so long and daunting until you realized that the author wrote out nearly every detail, including listing a lid for your pot in the ingredients list The recipes were interesting but didn t get my taste buds watering Sorry, Julia fans.

    10. Ok, I can t say I ve read it or even cooked anything from it yet, but I just picked up a used copy at a library book sale Julia s writing is so sweet and funny, often unintentionally, and unlike any cookbooks being published today Plus, her diplomat husband Paul does all the illustrations Who can argue with that

    11. Much like the first book but even less easier to follow Again the recipes are quite retro There is a lot of irrelavent information and again wouldnt be recommending it to the novice cook because it is just too much effort to read and follow.

    12. Not as amazing as the first one, and I don t feel that this one stood on its own as well, but it s a interesting compliment if you enjoyed the first one If you re only planning to buy one, get the first If you get the first and become mildly obsessed with it, this is a solid followup.

    13. Volume Two finally came to stand by its mate on my shelf I m looking forward to learning from it as I did the first.

    14. I got this book mainly for the French Bread recipe which proved quite complicated twenty pages worth , but found it interesting.

    15. I confess I have several copies of this and vol 1 in various paperback and hardback form, most secondhand and most well used, need I say

    16. This cookbook has stood the test of time, especially with the editing that was done when it was reissued I have cooked several things from it with success.

    17. On page 117 two chapters down, now onto Eggs Who knew it was possible to make your one mayonaise with olive oil Now I want to try

    18. Not much in here that we d eat on a day to day basis however, I loved reading Julia s words and learning her techniques I would love to own the set.

    19. Only reason this is minus a star is because it often refers to Volume 1, which I don t have Yet Found a pristine 1st edition of Volume 2 for 6, could not pass it up

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