[MOBI] ë Fünf | By ☆ Ursula Poznanski

Fünf By Ursula Poznanski,

  • Title: Fünf
  • Author: Ursula Poznanski
  • ISBN: 9783805250313
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Gebunden
  • EVERY CORPSE IS A CLUEN47 46.605 E013 21.718 A dismembered handN47 48.022 E013 10.910 Two severed earsN47 26.195 E013 12.523 A mutilated corpseA woman is found murdered Tattooed on her feet is a strange combination of numbers and letters.Map co ordinates The start of a sinister treasure hunt by a twisted killer.Detective Beatrice Kaspary must risk all she has to uEVERY CORPSE IS A CLUEN47 46.605 E013 21.718 A dismembered handN47 48.022 E013 10.910 Two severed earsN47 26.195 E013 12.523 A mutilated corpseA woman is found murdered Tattooed on her feet is a strange combination of numbers and letters.Map co ordinates The start of a sinister treasure hunt by a twisted killer.Detective Beatrice Kaspary must risk all she has to uncover the killer in a terrifying game of cat and mouse
    F nf EVERY CORPSE IS A CLUEN E A dismembered handN E Two severed earsN E A mutilated corpseA woman is found murdered Tattooed on her feet is a stran

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    1. One would think after all the mystery books I have read that I could figure out the who before the big reveal, but apparently not Which goes to the author s credit especially since this is her first mystery and it is a good one.A puzzle within a puzzle, clues found by geocacheing, which in the states we call letter boxing It is a lot of fun, two good friends and mine did this for a couple of years and it was a blast One follows clues posted on a website and you look for the hidden box In geocach [...]

    2. 4.5 starsThis was an excellent read Detectives Beatrice Kaspery and Florin Wenninger receive a case in which a woman is found dead in a cow pasture with map coordinates tattooed on the heels of her feet So begins a chase for a serial killer whose victims are found through geocaching GPS coordinates given to hunters to find a treasure As the killer continues to give the police their clues, it seems they are always behind in finding him Excellent writing in this novel and I did not figure out how [...]

    3. it s pretty far away from what I m reading these days, but it is what it is and I seriously needed a reading break The discovery of a woman s body at the bottom of a rock face turns into a bizarre case involving geocaching, one that keeps the detectives of the Salzburg State Office of Criminal Investigation on the move while trying to decipher strange clues at different gps locations The dead woman provides the first clue she has what turns out to be gps coordinates tattooed on the bottoms of he [...]

    4. I read this book as part of German Literature month see here for details beautyisasleepingcat.wordpress 2016 09 22 announcing german literature month vi Ursula Poznanski is an Austrian author and this was translated into English by Jamie Lee Searle.A woman is found murdered and tattooed onto the soles of her feet are a series of numbers and letters These turn out to be map co ordinates and what follows is the most twisted geocaching treasure hunt ever Five is a fast paced and exciting mystery I [...]

    5. This is a fine translation of a well plotted mystery set in Salzburg, Austria Archer does a particularly good job of explaining and tying up the story at the end The climax will leave readers with sympathy for the antagonist than might be expected.

    6. A series of co ordinates tattooed on the feet of a murder victim lead the police to a box containing body parts and a note from the killer with a series of cryptic clues to the identity of the next victim A nail biting, page turning thriller that will send shivers down your spine An Austrian crime thriller set around the activity of geocaching two things I had not come across before, so I was a little bit out of my comfort zone but in the end I thoroughly enjoyed this read It was a little bit di [...]

    7. F nf war mein erstes Buch, welches ich von Ursula Poznanski gelesen habe Auf Grund der vielen positiven und begeisterten Rezensionen, welche ich sowohl zu ihren beiden vorherigen Werken als auch zu F nf gelesen habe, war ich schon sehr gespannt auf dieses Buch Doch ich kann mich den berschw nglichen Lobges ngen leider nicht anschlie en.Das Thema Geocaching war f r mich ganz neu und gleich zu Beginn erh lt man von der Autorin eine interessante Einf hrung in das Thema Sie erkl rt verst ndlich, wor [...]

    8. Von der Autorin habe ich bisher nur Saeculum gelesen, was mir als spannendes Jugendabenteuer schon sehr gut gefallen hat Bei F nf hat mich vor allem auch der Thriller Aspekt angesprochen und auch wenn es mich eher an einen Krimi erinnert, war die Spannung zwischendurch doch immer wieder pr sent.Der Prolog hat mich schon sehr neugierig gemacht und ich hatte schon einige Ideen im Kopf, um was es gehen k nnte, nat rlich ohne zu wissen, was tats chlich dahinter steckt.Die Ermittler sind hier das ein [...]

    9. A good mystery I thought I had figured it out mid way through this read, but I was wrong Some good twists and turns.

    10. Ik kende Ursula Poznanski van haar YA boeken Erebos en Layers Beide boeken die een raadsel verweven in het verhaal en beide boeken waren ontzettend leuk om te lezen Tijd dus om eens een volwassen thriller van haar te proberen.Ook hier is Poznanski wederom een k om een bijzonder element in een verhaal te verweven Dit keer is dat geocoaching, een zoekspel waarbij je door middel van co rdinaten bij de schat aankomt Leuk detail is dat Poznanski in haar nawoord vertelt dat ze hier zelf ook actief aan [...]

    11. I liked it The writing style was impressive, especially since it was a translation There were frequent flashbacks that didn t disrupt the storyline or pace It was easy to follow, yet kept up a decent pulse I love the topic of geocaching A unique twist on a mystery thriller for me I was fascinated with this hobby that I d never heard of It brought a nice element of intrigue The clues were gruesome, and much of the book reminded me of an advanced and graphic episode of Criminal Minds.There was so [...]

    12. Ein spannender Thriller mit einer interessanten Idee Das Thema Geocaching ist in diesem Buch ganz gross geschrieben und macht es jedenfalls f r mich aussergew hnlich.Allerdings h tten etwas mehr Tempo, ein paar blutige Szenen und etwas tiefgreifendere Charaktere nicht geschadet Daher gibt es einen Stern weniger.Nichts desto trotz hat mich das Buch sehr gut mit seinen Geheimnissen unterhalten Man hat zwar immer mal eine Ahnung, aber man kommt trotzdem nicht auf die L sung DFrau Poznanski hat auss [...]

    13. Well written, especially being a translation and good mystery I did pretty much have the killer figured out but wasn t quite sure about the motive until close to the end.

    14. Ano Uhodla jsem zapletku Takze bud to bylo vic nez jasne nebo mi to zacina palit spis to prvni, ale nevadi Cetlo se to dobre a proste mam ze sveho uspechu takovou radost, ze uz jen kvuli tomu musim dat plny pocet Tema geocachingu deji hodne svedci a je videt ze si ho autorka nastudovala Tecku dodal jeji dovetek, kde vysvetluje, ze vsechny pouzite souradnice jsou skutecne a az na par uprav odpovidaji realite Az me to primelo premyslet, jestli se na tuhle zabavu taky nedat TFTB thanks for the book [...]

    15. I felt that this book was well thought out and certainly had me stumped Ms Archer sure writes crazy well I admit to thinking that the clues just went on a little to long and the middle portion of the book got a little bogged down for me, but it picked right back up again in the last 50 60 pages I liked the writing style and I hope the author brings Beatrice back and turns this into a series because I d be interested in following her story a bit longer.

    16. Vijf krijgt van mij sterren Ook al is het gebruik van geocaching origineel, het verhaal heeft mij nooit echt vastgegrepen Het spanningsniveau en psychologisch gehalte vond ik te gering om het boek meer punten te geven.Tevens ben ik teveel fouten tegen gekomen en te weinig eigenlijk zo goed als geen mooie zinnen.Waarom dan toch nog een 8.Poznanski kan schrijven en het verhaal zit goed in elkaar, tevens is het onderwerp origineel.

    17. Erebos gibi de il ama ba l ba na bir aheser olmu Asl nda gayet mant kl ok ba ar l bir roman yazd ysan sonraki roman stresi fazla olsa gerek Farkl tarzda yazmak Evet bu m kemmel bir fikir olmu Bence yine ba ar y yakalam.

    18. Psikopat bir katil Kurbanlar na i kenceler yaparak onlar ld r yor Polisle oyun oynuyor ve bundan zevk al yor 5 a amal k bir gerilim Her katmanda kar an olay rg s Olay zmeye al an Beatrice Kaspary ad nda ok zeki ve g zel bir dedektif Dudak u uklatacak bir son.Ursula Poznanski, yine ok ilgin bir konuyu bizlerle payla yor Erebos ve Saeculum u okuduktan sonra bu kitab da okuma karar ald m Kitab okumaya ba lad m ve ilk sayfalarda a k as acaba hi ba lamasa m yd m diye d nd m nceki kitaplar g z n ne al [...]

    19. Book Review originally published here iheartreading reviews Five is an interesting crime novel combining geocaching with a mystery and murder For those who don t know geocaching, you enter GPS coordinates into your cell phone, and then go searching for treasure hidden by others The item could ve been there for years Usually it s something small, but in the case of Five , things are a little gruesome Think along the line of body parts Yep, that gruesome.The writing is excellent I started this on [...]

    20. What a ride I really liked this book fast paced from the word go And it got me immediately intrigued by geocaching I had never heard of this activity beforehand but I did actually end up signing up to the website and look forward to taking part it sounds like a worthwhile activity whilst on holiday to discover your surroundings hopefully our findings will not be as gruesome as the ones Beatrice Kaspary and her partner Florin encounter in this storyAll of the characters were well developed and I [...]

    21. I m surprised I ve never read a murder mystery about geocaching before What a great combination Don t worry if you don t know anything about geocaching Archer provides enough of a primer to make it accessible and intriguing what did we do before we could download a GPS app on our phone She does a great job of teasing the story out doling out tidbits of backstory Bea and Florin make for as interesting a police duo as I ve read in some time Their personal lives flit about the edges of the mystery [...]

    22. Austria s entry into the serial killer market.Recent divorcee Beatrice Kaspary is dealing with two children upset by her sticky divorce and her angry, harassing ex husband She s also a detective and there is a new case a woman is found dead with a series of numbers crudely tattooed onto her feet The numbers are map coordinates, part of a geocache game At the end of the geocache quest the police find a container with a shrink wrapped human hand.More coordinates and clues follow due to the killer [...]

    23. Bisher kannte ich nur die Jugendromane Erebos und den ersten Teil der Trilogie Die Verratenen und leider konnte mich die Autorin mit den beiden B cher nicht berzeugen Mit ihrer Krimi Reihe wollte ich allerdings noch eine Chance geben und bin sehr froh, dass ich dies getan habe.Den Fall fand ich sehr interessant, insbesondere in Verbindung mit dem Geocaching, was auch in die Ermittlung eingeflossen bin Das war f r mich v llig neu und habe ich so noch in keiner Art gelesen Das gibt schon ein riesi [...]

    24. Five offers a new twist to the typical serial killer thrillers GPS coordinates are found tattooed on the soles of a victims feet The coordinates send police on a treasure hunt of sorts where the killer mixes murder with geocaching, an activity where geocachers hunt for hidden objects based on GPS coordinates and clues from other geocachers An enjoyable read if you like dark murder mysteries with an intriguing lead character, D.I Beatrice Kaspary As a geocacher myself, it was fun to read about a [...]

    25. Hodnocen 3,5 5.P t je tiv a svi n thriller oko en n origin ln m n m tem geocachingu koda jen, e se autorka v c nev novala popis m prost ed , vy et ovac ch postup a hlub charakteristice vedlej ch postav P t p esto funguje jako velmi zda il vod do nov s rie thriller s Beatrice Kasparyovou a ten m nezb v nic jin ho, ne se t it na dal d l.Celou recenzi si m ete p e st zde suzannesworldofbooks cl

    26. I received this book in exchange for an honest review This book grabbed my attention from the beginning and caused me a couple of sleepless nights because I didn t want to put it down The storyline was full of twists and turns and the characters were reminiscent of people you may have met in life I had heard of geocaching before but never knew what it was so I like how the author explained what it was through the characters having to research it I am hoping that this debut novel ends up becoming [...]

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