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Bella's Run By Margareta Osborn,

  • Title: Bella's Run
  • Author: Margareta Osborn
  • ISBN: 9781864713138
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bella Vermaelon and her best friend Patty are two fun loving country girls bonded in sisterhood no blood could ever beat Now they are coming to the end of a road trip which has taken them from their family farms in the rugged Victorian high country to the red dust of the Queensland Outback For almost a year they have mustered cattle stations, cooked for weary stockmen, pBella Vermaelon and her best friend Patty are two fun loving country girls bonded in sisterhood no blood could ever beat Now they are coming to the end of a road trip which has taken them from their family farms in the rugged Victorian high country to the red dust of the Queensland Outback For almost a year they have mustered cattle stations, cooked for weary stockmen, played hard at rodeos and danced through life like a pair of wild tumbleweeds And with the arrival of Patty s brother Will and Bella s cousin Macca, it seems love is on the horizon tooThen a devastating tragedy strikes, and Bella s world is changed forever So she runs from the only life she has ever known But can she really turn her back on the man she loves Or on the land that runs deep in her blood
    Bella s Run Bella Vermaelon and her best friend Patty are two fun loving country girls bonded in sisterhood no blood could ever beat Now they are coming to the end of a road trip which has taken them from their f

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    1. Bella s Run is about how two childhood friends Bella Vermaelon and Will O Hare who had a second chance of finding love After and working in the Australian Outback Bella Vermaelon and Patty O Hare decided to come home to East Gippsland Will O Hare was Patty O Hare brother, and Bella had a crush on him However, before romance could bloom for Will and Bella Patty was killed in a road accident The readers of Bella s Run will continue to follow the twist and turns in Will s and Bella s relationship A [...]

    2. I received a copy of this book from the publisher, through my work Once read, I will pass it on to others from work who also love to read When best friends Bella and Patty decide to take a year off from their jobs in rural Victoria, they head for Queensland, for an outback trip of a lifetime Along the way they mustered on cattle stations, cooked for weary stockmen and laughed, danced and played hard all the time They had a wonderful year, and in the last weeks, when Patty s brother, Will, and Be [...]

    3. Bella Vermaelon is in her early twenties, a farm girl who grew up on a dairy farm deep in the Gippsland area in south east Victoria She and her best friend Patty, also a farm girl but trained as a nurse are taking a year off from their respective jobs and travelling around Australia, working and sightseeing They ve worked cattle and grain farms in outback Queensland and traveled down the east coast of Australia, inland to Tamworth for the country music festival and now it s time to go home Every [...]

    4. I read Bella s Run yesterday I was moved and riveted, but perhaps the most wonderful thing for me about Bella s Run was Margareta Osborn handing me back the experience of complete immersion For some time, in this jagged electronic world, I have wondered if I d ever get my reading mojo back My time feels jangled, charged just like the static in the city air, and as divided as the bytes I digest most information in In the slipsteam of this digital life, of late, my soul has been feeling diminished [...]

    5. Sometimes I wish I wasn t such a fast reader because i ended up starting it last night and finished 4 hours later at 4.30am couldn t put it down starting at midnight probally not a good idea as i m now falling asleep at work I really enjoyed it, Bella is such a great girl I can relate to a lot of it especially being in the city but not really fitting in and Geelong got a mentioned in chapter 4 lol This book made me laugh Taylor Swift on Will s car cd player and cry, and I was singing along with [...]

    6. At it s heart, Bella s Run is a contemporary romance but it is also a wonderful story set against the rugged Victorian highlands Osborn captures the spirit of the people who call the land home with warmth and humour.Bella and Patty are two capable, fun loving young women, enjoying a year traveling and working in the Queensland outback, but happy to return home when it comes to an end, especially with Will and Macca waiting for them Osborn paints a delightful picture of these high spirited best f [...]

    7. It has been too long since I ve read any rural lit I love Rachel Treasure s books but has been years since I ve read one.Then I picked up Bella s Run this week and was hooked all over again.It s a cracking book filled with real characters and real emotion.It s poignant, romantic and funny, seamlessly weaving rural Australia and its lifestyle into an emotional story.I loved it

    8. This is the first book in ages that has actually made me cry I laughed and cried through out this whole novel A lovely first novel by this author Can t wait to read of her books in the future.

    9. Wow I absolutely adored this book Such a wonderful story What a story with twists and turns Love, love, loved this soooo much

    10. Bella s Run is not what you might expect when you think rural romance The cover places it firmly in the tradition of formulaic romance fiction a sort of Mills and Boon meets McLeod s Daughters, where vast blue skies match the yearning blue eyes of a good looking country girl and her Wrangler clad intended But far from being just another cookie cutter romance, Margareta Osborn s novel explodes with energy from the first page, offering empowered, anarchic protagonists and a contagious affection fo [...]

    11. This book took a little bit for me to get into but once I did I really enjoyed the story of Bella,Patty, Will Macca This book has so much to offer, adventure, youth, love, lust, grief and betrayal I laughed at so many of the girls antics, admired their love of life, family, friends and home When their lives were changed by tradgedy I cried along with them It is so true that people handle grief in so many different ways, some turn to those who will love and support them, others run like crazy to [...]

    12. Remarkable A great story of love, loss, and the life of two young girls who are inseparable The settings in the Gippsland area and in Queensland were so real, descriptions so true The characters came to life, and completely immersed me in the story for hours I couldn t put it down With twists along the way, there was a lump in my throat, and tears in my eyes.Loved it One of the best reads I have had this year.

    13. I do love a bit of chick lit and havent read too many country versions, particularly not aussie ones, so this was fun and refreshing Osborn writes well and engages you but stayed off the predictable beaten track I enjoyed this book as a light read and recommend it as a summer beach book or winter warmer.

    14. I really loved this book I read it very quickly because I couldn t put it down Beautiful descriptions of the Queensland and Victorian outbacks, in contrast to the city life Bella runs away to It had a good balance between fun times out and serious issues and I really loved the main characters Can t wait for her next book

    15. I really enjoyed reading this book Think being a country girl I can relate to the background of these stories so easily Margareta captures the essence of the high country and makes the reader want to visit this spectacular part of our great State and Country.

    16. BELLA S RUN is definitely not the sort of thing that I would normally read, but working with Margareta Osborn on her website made it nearly impossible not to notice a certain buzz around this book, which frankly, intrigued me And every now and then, a little step away from the well worn path isn t going to kill me Is it Starting BELLA S RUN, I had no idea what to expect, and a combination of my personal disinterest in romance themes, and the amount of acclaim for the book did have me a little wo [...]

    17. I loved Bella and Patty Truely wild Aussie country girls My first Margareta Osborn read, she nailed outback Australia, BS Balls, and the shenanigans these fun loving larrikins get up to Macca and Will are not unlike many of the blokes I know and love After the fatal accident, Bella and Will will break your heart And Patty I want one of her whispering in my ear Work to live, not live to work Will be looking for M.O books to devour.

    18. Wow wow wow I started reading this book and was so dissapointed but decided to give it a chance so glad I did because it was such a great read I actually finished it all in one night I was that hooked on it I really felt connected with the characters and I kept thinking about the story all the next day.

    19. I loved this book The author is a master at creating emotional tension and had me in tears in several emotional points in the story.

    20. Bella s Run is a gritty, emotionally moving saga about a young woman finding her place in the world following a tragic accident Bella s Run expands almost a decade of the protagonist, Bella s life It starts off with a bang, impulsive, foot in her mouth Bella is on adventurous road trip in the outback with her best mate, Patty They re working on an outback station to pay for their year long trip and getting into plenty of strife along the way They love to drink, they love to party and neither are [...]

    21. I nearly didn t finish reading this book but I m glad I persisted because I loved the story I really understood the main character, Bella and enjoyed the storyline immensely I will be reading by Margareta Osborn.

    22. This was a fantastic read A great debut book by an Australian author Made me think about the good times I had at B S balls which were quite a few years ago

    23. Bella and Patty are best friends who have each other s backs They have been on a road trip of a lifetime together across the Victorian high country region right through to Queensland The girls have had a breadth of experience from cooking and mustering on family farms, attending rodeos and fighting off the advances of than one love interest When Bella s cousin Macca and Patty s brother Will cross their paths, Bella in particular feels the pull of love and home simultaneously Just as she thinks [...]

    24. This is a heartwarming story of two friends Emma and Patty who take a year off work to travel and work around rural Queensland before returning home While away Patty brother Will and Emma s cousin Macca visit them on their way back home Emma finds she is attracted to Will and so is Will to her In the life, there are many roads we have to travel as Emma and Will find that love is sometimes not strong enough to hold people together after a tragic accident involving Emma, Patty, and Emma s mother L [...]

    25. Aussie story written about Bella s experiences over a 12 year period where second chances helped cement a future relationship Circumstances that affected families all differently How to deal with grief, disability, decisions n choices how to cope with life that s thrown you We all run but some keep running Had a little cry as I had a dog called Kelly n Rusty familiar names for dogs I guess Not wanting to have children must be a hard discussion to have or keep secret from sharing as Bella found o [...]

    26. If you are easily offended by profanity or explicit sexual references then this is not the book for you.The characters are likable and while some of the swearing is in line with the character s reactions, it is somewhat excessive at times.Set in rural Australia, it is a good representation of the landscape and lifestyle The plot is well thought out and the dramas faced by the characters helps to push the plot forward.I have to say that the opening paragraphs are by far the best I ve read in term [...]

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