UNLIMITED BOOK ☆ Her Lone Star Cowboy - by Debra Clopton

Her Lone Star Cowboy By Debra Clopton,

  • Title: Her Lone Star Cowboy
  • Author: Debra Clopton
  • ISBN: 9780373877331
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • With his harrowing childhood behind him, cowboy Jess Holden made some promises to himself He ll remain a bachelor Won t ever get involved with a certain kind of woman But then he rescues a lovely newcomer and two scared calves from a flash flood in the middle of Texas Hill Country Not only is veterinarian s assistant Gabi Newberry a reminder of his past, she s the granWith his harrowing childhood behind him, cowboy Jess Holden made some promises to himself He ll remain a bachelor Won t ever get involved with a certain kind of woman But then he rescues a lovely newcomer and two scared calves from a flash flood in the middle of Texas Hill Country Not only is veterinarian s assistant Gabi Newberry a reminder of his past, she s the granddaughter of a Mule Hollow matchmaker But as sweet, spunky Gabi tends the ailing cattle on his ranch, Jess begins to discover that some promises were made to be broken.
    Her Lone Star Cowboy With his harrowing childhood behind him cowboy Jess Holden made some promises to himself He ll remain a bachelor Won t ever get involved with a certain kind of woman But then he rescues a lovely newc

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    1. Review Lone Star Cowboy by Debra Clopton 4 STARI believe this is my first book of Debra s Mule Hollow series that I have read but doubt it will be the last I really enjoyed reading it No sex scenes Deals with some hard issues of drunk driving from lots of angles Drunk father and mother who walked out on her kids, choosing to be better or be thankful for the good in your life.Gabi has moved back to Mule Hollow to be by her Grandma and learn about how to be a good Christian Her fiance dumped her [...]

    2. DEBRA CLOPTON is one author that I continually look for her books Each time I finish one I wish there were another waiting for to read I own every single one she s written As soon as I heard the time was approaching for HER LONE STAR COWBOY to hit the stores, I started scanning the bookshelves When I spotted it I was tempted to give someone nearby a high five.Jessie Holden has been hiding from his awful past One he d rather forget When he meets the ever cheerful Gabi Newberry, she disrupts his y [...]

    3. Her Lone Star Cowboy is a story of Gabi Newberry, who decided to turn her life around with the help of God and Jess Holden who is angry with God These are the two things that we face in our daily life We become lost but we find God and some of us are angry with God on why he has abandoned us Gabi Newberry woke up after her harrowing experience and decided to turn her life around Nobody in Texas Hill Country knew about her past Jess Holden was angry with God for a bad childhood of having an alcoh [...]

    4. Her Lone Star Cowboy by Debra CloptonBook 2 of the Mule Hollow Homecoming SeriesAdela s granddaughter has returned home to Mule Hollow and after the handsome cowboy, Jess Holden, rescues Gabi Newberry the three matchmakers are on the job Only Gabi does not want to be part of their plan Coming from a broken engagement and choosing to follow God and devoting herself to knowing Him better matchmaking Like these women ever listen Gabi works with Susan Turner as a vet tech and is thrown into spending [...]

    5. Once again I was pleased to be drawn back to the town of Mule Hollow has been too long since my last visit there Right from the start when vet assistant Gabi Newberry ventured out in a storm and got the vehicle stuck in mud and because she had 2 calves in the trailer she was going to risk her life to go for help,I knew this was going to be a story I wouldn t forget Add to the mix,handsome cowboy,Jess Holden,who rescued her and the calves,I was glad to be back here Both of them have very troubled [...]

    6. Gabi Newberry finds herself in a predicament when the trailer she is driving ends up in the ditch She is stuck with two calves and needs help Who should come to the rescue but confirmed bachelor Jess Holden Jess has no intention of falling in love but just can t seem to resist the spirited Gabi As Gabi helps Jess with his sick cattle they begin a friendship that is quick to lead to something The characters in this book are so real to life The grandmother of the main character Gabi is such a del [...]

    7. Firstly thanks to NetGalley for my review copy.This is the second book in the Mule Hollow Homecoming series and just as good as the first book The book can be read alone and followed easily Gaby has moved back to Mule Hollow to work as a veterinarian s assistant While out doing her job she gets caught in a flashflood with a trailer with two calves in it Jess Holden just happens buy and helps From here things get interesting Neither Gaby or Jess want a relationship than friendship as Jess had a [...]

    8. As with any Love Inspired story, the heroine vet assistant Gabi Newberry meets the hero in this case, cowboy Jess Holden pretty early on in the story when he helps rescue Gabi and two calves from the path of a tornado Gabi is back in Mule Hollow, Texas, having returned to her childhood home after she becomes a Christian and her fianc , Phillip, broke up with her because of her new faith She and Jess become close after cattle is found mysteriously dead on his family ranch and the two must work to [...]

    9. I think this just may be my favorite Mule Hollow book And since I have loved every one set in that small Texas town, I think that is saying something Love me some hunky cowboys I stayed up way later than I should have to finish this I just didn t want to stop reading Maybe it s the frame of mind I was in while reading this book Lots of soul searching and contemplation as I try to move forward with life after the loss of my Momma So this story just seemed to hit me hard and touch my heart I loved [...]

    10. Gabi has come back to live with her grandmother and start a new She has recently gone through some trying experience, and at the same time has found peace in God She is a spunky, smart, witty, speaks her mind kind of a gal She finds herself in a pickle, and who should come to her rescue but Jess a handsome cowboy He is full of chivalry, stubborn, and kind They find themselves drawn to each other and fighting it all the way Both have past issues that may stand in the way of them fallowing their h [...]

    11. This is my 2nd Mule Hollow book and I did enjoy it very much It is Christian fiction and I am going to look for the rest of the series I love reading about the little town of Mule Hollow and the matchmaking trio who have found a unique way of attracting women with matrimony on their mind to this small town This one is a little different in that it s the granddaughter of one of the matchmaking trio and who has broken up with her fiancee and move to Mule Hollow to make a fresh start and most certa [...]

    12. This book was amazing, its part of an amzing series and was glad to catch up with some amazing charaters like App and Stanley and the wonderful matchmakers of Mull HOllow This book also interduced some new charaters, in this book the my heart broke in some parts for the charaters But they have delt with some tough situations that anyone should be able to relate with This book is one that you will not want to put down and one that keeps you going no matter what part of the book you reach It an am [...]

    13. I know it is rare for me to not finish a book, but this is one of them I am not saying the story is bad On there are some good reviews I however could not get past Gabi being stuck in a flood I did not care for her and I tried to read past that section as we are not always liking a character The read was to slow for me It was one of those books you just can t force yourself to like I might try and read it again at a later date but for now I could t finish the book.

    14. Loved, Loved, Loved this book The characters had me laughing out loud And then crying Jess Holden was not looking for love He was just minding his own business when cute vet tech Gabi comes onto his ranch to investigate his dying heifers Old childhood memories have kept his romantic notions at bay and priorities have kept Gabi s notions at bay, as well And then God steps inHello Awesome story Could not put it down.

    15. I love cowboy love stories and having read most of Debra Clopton s Mule Hollow series knew I would enjoy this one The idea of bringing new Christian, Gabi Newberry and Jess Holden is sheer genius Gabi s insecurities about her past and Jess s refusal to let his past go help the reader to root for a happily ever after in these two souls I definitely recommend reading Her Lone Star Cowboy

    16. Jess rescues Gabi an a couple of calves from a flash flood Soon she is helping to find the reason behind the cows dying on his property They are thrown together and are attracted, but is this really God s plan for an Alcoholic and a victim of Alcoholism to be a family

    17. Debra Clopton has been writing a series of cowboy books, and every one is wonderful This one is no exception A delightful read

    18. I loved how they met lol he saved her from drowning.I dont know how many times i read this book i just love it so much

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