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The Lion's Daughter By Loretta Chase,

  • Title: The Lion's Daughter
  • Author: Loretta Chase
  • ISBN: 9780425209509
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • Esme Brent doesn t care that revenge isn t a suitable job for a woman She s determined to avenge the murder of her beloved father, an enigmatic English aristocrat who lived in self imposed exile Honor demands that Esme let nothing and nobody stand in her way That includes the handsome wastrel who s become entangled in her life, whose charm does not make up for his lEsme Brent doesn t care that revenge isn t a suitable job for a woman She s determined to avenge the murder of her beloved father, an enigmatic English aristocrat who lived in self imposed exile Honor demands that Esme let nothing and nobody stand in her way That includes the handsome wastrel who s become entangled in her life, whose charm does not make up for his lazy and irresponsible character.Having gambled away his entire family fortune, Varian St George, Lord Edenmont, now lives by his wits and winning ways A man who has always taken the path of least resistance preferably in soft beds with willing women he does not want to become embroiled in a mad quest with a hot tempered and heavily armed redhead.But forced to travel together through an exotic land, the mismatched pair soon discovers that friction can produce some very dangerous sparks
    The Lion s Daughter Esme Brent doesn t care that revenge isn t a suitable job for a woman She s determined to avenge the murder of her beloved father an enigmatic English aristocrat who lived in self imposed exile Honor

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    1. What a total wiener the hero is in this book and the heroine is complete shrew Major let down with this story which starts off Loretta Chase s Scoundrels series that include such top notch novels like Lord of Scoundrels and The Last Hellion.This story is about a wastrel and really that s the only thing that characterizes him politely , Varian St George Lord Edenmont, who flits around various European countries seducing scads of women who let him mooch off them because he doesn t have a penny to [...]

    2. 4 STARS image error I love you, he said Just believe it This was my first book by Loretta Chase, and it won t be my last I loved the story It seemed a bit long, but my interest actually increased as time went by It was a little slow at times and a bit confusing But it all played out brilliantly in the end image error The story was set initially in Albania and along the Ionian coast of the Mediterranean, and Corfu, and then advanced to England for the conclusion of the book image error The hero, [...]

    3. Sweet dear lord, this book just can t get any better Read for the Scandalicious TBR ChallengeSeries YesSexy times Yes Let s put this a 2.88 on a scale where Julia Quinn is 1 and Eva Leigh is 5 Plan on reading by the author OMG, must finish this series I m addictedSynopsis Esme s been raised by her father in Albania and has grown up quite the tomboy Varian, on the other hand, has been spoiled and reckless and pampered One has soft hands and the other scarred and calloused Can you guess who Anyho [...]

    4. Kindle Freebie as of 10 28 15amzn 1HcfofZ Gorgeous, stubborn Esme Brentmor, daughter of a disgraced lord, is used to a wild, dangerous life among the tribes of Albania, to whom her father is the legendary, controversial Red Lion whose death she s courageously vowed to avenge even if it leads to her own Instead, her quest finds her rescued by the most unlikely and very reluctant hero Lazy and spoiled, Lord Varian St George has gambled away his heritage and lives on his considerable looks, charm a [...]

    5. 3.5 stars I didn t realize until after reading Loretta Chase s Lord of Scoundrels that it was part of a series, and when I discovered this, I decided to go back and pick up the books that I had missed Since Lord of Scoundrels is one of my all time favorite romance novels, I had high hopes for The Lion s Daughter Unfortunately, it got off to a really slow start for me Nearly the entire first half of the book is about the hero and heroine s extremely long or at least it seemed that way journey thr [...]

    6. 4.5 stars I took half a star off because I did not actually agree with the heroine s father s course of action in the book I thought it was selfish and cruel view spoiler He had his daughter believe he had died so that she would love Albania and he could continue his political dealings machinations in support of the local Albanian ruler without having to worry about her He didn t even apologise to her for his deception He actually came across as quite unfeeling hide spoiler.Another lovely job by [...]

    7. Kate Reading s superb narration deserves than 5 stars I suspect I enjoyed the story because of her performance than I would have had I read the book rather than listened to it.The story is a bit convoluted, there are pacing issues in the middle, and Esme isn t the easiest heroine to like But Varien is a gorgeous hero a beautiful wastrel who basically lives off his looks and charm by sponging off friends He s flat broke but isn t one of those impoverished heroes who is not responsible for it no [...]

    8. She s eighteen, Jason She can t remain in Albania to be shut up in a Turkish harem That s our heroine, Esme Brent, but she d rather stay behind in Albania and exact revenge over the man she believes responsible for her father s death Perhaps he d try Naples next Not that he had enough money to get there Still, he had traveled through half of Italy with no funds He possessed an ancient title, a handsome face and figure, and a devastating charm Our ne er do well hero, Varian St George, Lord Edenmo [...]

    9. 4 stars, but tbqh one of those stars may be due to Kate Reading s fabulous narration I did not like this as much as Lord of Scoundrels and The Last Hellion, but I did enjoy it.I feel a lot of the credit has to go to the narrator, Kate Reading She is one of the best narrators in the audio book business IMHO I could probably listen to her read a cereal box Still, I think this was a good story that was greatly enhanced by the skills of a good narrator.One complaint I read in other reviews was that [...]

    10. Amo a esta autora y sus libros y me ENCANTA esta historia Consegu comprarlo, lo le de nuevo y mi amor por Varian no ha disminuido ni un poco La pareja que hacen Esme y Varian sigue siendo tan encantadora y ca tica como la recordaba Esme Ella es una peque a guerrera Con un car cter de mil demonios, por fuera puede parecer solo una ni a, pero es una mujer con fuertes de deseos de venganza, pelea, lucha y sumamente protectora de los suyos y es adorable Varian Un lord sin tierra, un gigol que se gan [...]

    11. I enjoyed this, though I got impatient with some of the plotlines Esme is an Englishman s daughter, but brought up in Ankara Her character was a fascinating study in the contrast between the cultures and their separate expectations particularly for marriage I found the smuggling kidnapping vengeance plotlines rather tedious, I m afraid, and had had my fill by about three quarters through It didn t help that it does the bad guy PoV periodically during much of the novel It was probably necessary f [...]

    12. This is such a crowded, mixed up book.Okay to start with there are at least three different instances where the heroine eavesdrops on a conversation, overhears someone saying something that is some sort of falsehood or manipulation , believes it, then runs away feeling betrayed No, seriously, exactly this sequence of events happens over and over and over.Then there s this super weird and contrived early subplot where the hero thinks that the heroine is much younger than she is so he s in gales o [...]

    13. I rounded this up from 2.5 stars because I LOVED Lord of Scoundrels which I said many times in my review of that book and there were moments in this story that did show some of the brilliance this author is certainly capable of Unfortunately, those moments were too few and far between In fact, I came very close to putting the book down permanently just about daily I don t know if it was the setting, the characters or the plot that bothered me probably a combination of all three but the magic jus [...]

    14. Lo siento, porque esta autora me gusta Y tiene las aventuras y los giros suficientes para ser una buena novela, pero se me ha hecho eterrrrrrrna.La pareja con tiene qu cima l es soso y ella, aunque se comporta tal como debe, tiene demasiados contrastes y le falta chispaLos problemas se resuelven demasiado f cilmente y, en general, creo que todos los personajes, incluso los secundarios, son de lo m s fr os.Una novela de las largas, de las de antes, con muchas aventuras, pero en la que he sido inc [...]

    15. Whew I thought I would never finish this book, and I am so happy it s over.Before I share my thoughts, I usually adore Loretta Chase books Lord of Scoundrels is one of my all time favorites, The Last Hellian divine So just imagine my disappointment with this I don t know mess.Way too many complicated story lines that I was not interested in enough to actually follow First half of the story in Albania should have been edited by 2 3rds to half.I didn t dislike any of the characters although our he [...]

    16. Solidly written book with a compelling and appealing male lead in Varian, a penniless baron A wastrel all his life, albeit a ridiculously good looking one, his comfortable survival to date has been made possible by many willing people happy to purchase his charming, titled company He certainly oozes effortless lazy charms to the utter frustration of the heroine, Esme, a fierce red headed young warrior, daughter of the famed Red Lion who is an English nobleman in self imposed exile in Albania The [...]

    17. Unfortunately, this book had an incredibly slow start The intrigue in the first few chapters caught my attention even with all the political shenanigans Then, the remainder of the first half of the book was about the hero and heroine s extremely long and boring journey through Albania To much historical information detracted from the flow and really bogged down the story Honestly I was about to give up on this book and I would have had I not needed it for two challenges and then low and behold, [...]

    18. When I have friends or people on the street who don t get why I read romance, I toss a copy of something by Loretta Chase at their heads Generally Lord of the Scoundrels But then, every writer has at least one stinker And this bookI WANTED to like it I tried to like it I begged my subconscious to suspend disbelief But no It s that bad And okay, I admit, I really bought it because I wanted to see if it was as bad as everybody said and because the guy on the cover bares than a passing resemblance [...]

    19. Muy lindo, con un background cultural muy bien armado esta autora se las banca lo nico que los personajes eran un poquit n t picos, pero ten an di logos graciosos y adecuados a su tiempo, muy pero muy bueno

    20. This was Good mostly but only OK in other ways It dragged trying to explain the nuances of the politics and culture of historical Albania and the Albania language There was a very complicated intrigue intertwined but very hard to parse out because of all of the characters Some characters were for social, some political, some romantic, and some familial, and some overlapped in multiple plot lines The complication took away from the romance that finally started to be interesting around 50 60% The [...]

    21. Not your typical Regency romance here Not one description of gowns, jewels, visit s to Almack s, etc The first half of the book takes place in Albania, where British Alabanian Esme the Red Lion s daughter has lived all her life Baron Varian St George is the poor rakish dilettante that she ends up escorting across the savage country Along the way, they fall into lust, then strong attachment to each other Love comes later.Several things makes this different from the McNaught Regency romances that [...]

    22. Liked This One Better The Second Time AroundI love Loretta Chase s LORD OF SCOUNDRELS, LAST HELLION I read THE LION S DAUGHTER primarily because it is considered the first book in the Scoundrels series that includes those two books I love The first time I read THE LION S DAUGHTER I was sadly disappointed The book lacks the brilliance of those two novels and I could barely get through it When I was going to review it, I couldn t even remember what it was about and decided to re read it I m glad t [...]

    23. I figured I d read something mindless after all the heavy stuff I ve been into lately That, plus I was curious to explore romance authors, beside Lisa Kleypas.For the most part, I got plenty of tummy twitching sex scenes, along with lots of humorous quips which made me laugh out loud.On the other hand, the two protagonists really should have been less insecure in themselves I mean, HE is rake for heaven s sake But no, until the very end, they re all so utterly insecure that I might have made mys [...]

    24. This book was over long and the heroine was almost TSTL Granted, she was raised to be a warrior by her father who fled England to live in Albania and she considers herself Albanian But, she acts solely on impulse every step of the way, never stopping to reason things out She overhears deceitful conversations three times in the course of the story and runs away into even danger without ever stopping to sort through the truth versus the lies The sub plot about her father faking his death to thwar [...]

    25. I hated the setting, the whiny wimpy incompetent hero, and the so called warrior heroine I don t know what both of them saw in the other because there was nothing to like The hero was exceptionally handsome, I ll give him that, but he had absolutely nothing else going on for him It was a nice change to see a hero surviving on his looks alone since he was dead broke, but LC couldn t pull it off without making him look like a dud The plot was zzzzzz and I m giving up Good riddance

    26. 3 5 3 stars BKate Reading is one of my favourite narrators and she did a great job on this book I think the rating would have been lower if not for her This wasn t a bad book, just not particularly engaging I didn t care for most of the characters and the plot was a bit rambling I think the best character was the cranky old bat, the Dowager Lady Brentmor.

    27. I had never read any of Loretta Chase s books, but I kept seeing her Lord of Scoundrels on lists of Best Historical Romances.I read it, but I wasn t overwhelmed Maybe it was me, I thought maybe I was distracted or in pain than usual I decided I would try again and this time, I would read the entire series in order, as is proper and as I usually do So here goes.Varian St George, Lord Edenmont is the scoundrel in the first book and he is the genuine article, I must say His profligate lifestyle is [...]

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