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Hidden Mercies By Serena B. Miller,

  • Title: Hidden Mercies
  • Author: Serena B. Miller
  • ISBN: 9781451660364
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback
  • At seventeen, Tobias Miller smashed his cousin s car into a tree, killing his brother only four hours before he was scheduled to marry Claire Shetler Unable to live with his father s bottomless grief and anger, Tobias left the Amish church and ran away to join the Marines Twenty seven years later, Tobias, now called Tom, returns to Mt Hope, Ohio, a wounded, decorated MaAt seventeen, Tobias Miller smashed his cousin s car into a tree, killing his brother only four hours before he was scheduled to marry Claire Shetler Unable to live with his father s bottomless grief and anger, Tobias left the Amish church and ran away to join the Marines Twenty seven years later, Tobias, now called Tom, returns to Mt Hope, Ohio, a wounded, decorated Marine helicopter pilot, and rents an apartment over Claire s workshop A widowed Amish midwife, Claire is struggling to support her family When Tom rents her room she does not recognize the disfigured soldier as the boy she once knew She only sees the money as a godsend, though she is nervous about having a strange man so close by Claire never dreams that she will end up falling in love with a battle scarred soldier As Claire and Tom fight their way through the traumas of the past, they discover the tender mercies God has hidden along the way including a loving father who has been praying for his prodigal son to come home and a God who makes all things new.
    Hidden Mercies At seventeen Tobias Miller smashed his cousin s car into a tree killing his brother only four hours before he was scheduled to marry Claire Shetler Unable to live with his father s bottomless grief

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    1. Even though Hidden Mercies is not labeled as a series we are once again in Mt Hope, Ohio, with some old familiar characters from An Uncommon Grace a good book as well as some new faces Each character, Amish and Englisch alike, struggle with their pasts Claire, with the sudden death of her young fiance that changed her life forever and Tom, the one who believes he was responsible for causing the accident that took his older brother s life After decades of grief, despite leading two very different [...]

    2. An amazing book, that I didn t want to end The first book in this series was An Uncommon Grace, this story is a continuation That being said, you can read this as a stand alone, but Serena B Miller is such an awesome author, you don t want to miss it.We are now following Claire Shetler, whom we met previously, when her husband was brutally murdered, and Grace, now Levi s wife, saved her life Grace also saved two year old Daniel Joining Claire s family also are her two nieces, Mandy and Amy That [...]

    3. Claire is left at the alter when her fiance is killed in a bizarre car crash The incident changes the lives of several people Tobias, the fiance s brother, leaves the community in shame Claire suddenly finds herself an unwed mother, something not really accepted in an Amish community.Years later, the two meet under unusual circumstances Can forgiveness bring healing to them both The author is very gifted, so the story was engaging and flowed smoothly When I finished the book I felt knowledgeabl [...]

    4. I have read this on the KindleI really enjoyed this book it was not the typical Amish storyline Tom Miller a injury soldier who was once Amish he left after his brother s death then he was Tobias because of his injuries he not seen as Tobiasmy only complaint is that i wish there was a bit to the ending so it goes forward a bit to see about the family won t say than that as it may spoil the endAfter reading this i found out that there was a earlier book called Uncommon Grace so if possible i wo [...]

    5. Beautiful story of overcoming the shame of past sin, a story of forgiveness from God, for others, and ultimately for ourselves, a story about love unconditional, resilient love, and finally a story about a prodigal, like the prodigal in all of us, coming home.

    6. Thought provoking and inspirationalI love how the characters in the book are brought to life while living their life I read the book in one evening and I am eager for the next book.

    7. Chose to read this one since the cover said RITA award winning, as well as its storyline of a mid wife in an Amish setting Reminded me of a Nicholas Sparks book or Hallmark TV movie.

    8. Title Hidden MerciesAuthor Serena B MillerPages 368Year 2013Publisher Howard Every author has a chance to write a novel that incorporates both the past as well as the present In some tales, this brings forth a conflict that comes in all sorts and sizes Here, Serena B Miller has integrated the Amish culture of the past with present times Never before becoming a reviewer have I learned so much about the Amish people America is a melting pot in ways than just cultures from various countries there [...]

    9. Is is possible that your child could do something so horrible that you couldn t find it in your heart to forgive them Is it possible to honestly hate your own child After twenty seven years, Tom Miller is returning home He is finally willing to face those he has hurt beyond belief and he only hopes that they can find it in their hearts to forgive him as well Twenty seven years ago, things between his family and the girl he grew up loving from afar were forever changed His brother Matthew was sup [...]

    10. Much better than I expected I would definitely recommend Fast read and good story line I will be reading books by this author.

    11. Title HIDDEN MERCIESAuthor Serena B MillerPublisher Howard BooksApril 2013ISBN 978 1451660357Genre AmishWhen Amish widow Claire Shetler is attracted to the man who caused her fianc s death, they must both heal deep wounds to discover God s hidden mercies.At seventeen, Tom Miller smashed his car into a tree, killing his brother only four hours before he was scheduled to marry Claire Shetler Unable to live with his father s bottomless grief and anger, Tom left the Amish church, ran away, and joine [...]

    12. Hidden Mercies by Serena B Miller gets 5 stars from me Hidden Mercies by Serena B MillerThis is a book that has a lot of issues covered in 348 pages, and I didn t found a single page boring This novel kept me turning the pages to see what was going to happen and I wanted something to happen and I can hear the ones reading this review right now asking Did it happen like you want it to , yes it did but not in the way or as soon as I wanted it too It took an unexpected twist to turn out like I want [...]

    13. I have just finished reading Hidden Mercies by Serena B Miller The story is a very believable one where Claire was supposed to marry Matthew Troyer She and her Amish community are waiting for Matthew to come to his own wedding They soon find out that Matthew has been killed in an accident Claire is heartbroken at this turn of events She finally marries another Amish man, Abraham Shetler and they have children, but she has a son of her own by Matthew She is making a living as a midwife after she [...]

    14. There were times I had a love hate relationship with this book However, when it s all said and done, it was an awesome story So, let s start with what I didn t like about the book 1 someone did a horrible job of proofing or editing There were so many mistakes with character names Clair called Grace, Troyer changed to Yoder in one scene, etc grammar, and characters in two places at the same time, it became amusing Mistakes happen, but this was than I ve seen in any other book, and 2 the turmoil [...]

    15. Claire Shetler was preparing for her wedding day when news of her fianc s accidental death changes her life forever Unable to live with his father s grief and anger after accidentally killing his brother, Tom Miller joins the Marines Twenty seven years later, he returns to find Claire is an Amish widow raising her brother s children and discovers that his brother had a son raised by Claire and her late husband.Serena B Miller s Hidden Mercies is a heart tugging story that fills you with hope I a [...]

    16. Serena B Miller writes about the Amish and makes them into full rounded characters, not just cut outs of the same, strict, shallow characters that we have read in the past This book has some of the same characters that we in her book, An Uncommon Grace In the previous book, Maddy a English nurse who had been in the service falls in love with Levi an Amish man We read of their story, but they are having cultural difficulties in their marriage I thought this was realistic and not just a relations [...]

    17. Cheryl BaranskiOptions for this storyHidden Mercies, By Serena B MillerThis is the story of Claire Keim She is waiting with all her family and friends to marry Mathew Troyer She is given the news that no one wants to hear He Mathew is gone Claire refused to believe it at first that Mathew was gone, that this wan t some sort of bad joke Year s have passed and Claire has thought of Mathew on occasion Mathew s father lives close to Claire His wife died years ago His only other son Tobius hasn t bee [...]

    18. I enjoyed this book very much I loved Claire She has faced horrible tragedies in her life, but she rose above the situations, making the best in each instance Tom was an admirable man, and once he learned that forgiving himself was the only way to move forward, he became even likable This story will keep you hanging on to the very end I enjoyed the ending of this book, it had me guessing until the end A great story, written beautifully Serena has shown that her writing skills are superb, she ca [...]

    19. I really liked this bookI did not want it to end.Tobias Miller at age 17, was driving a car that crashed and killed his brother onlyfour hours before his brother s wedding Tobias left the community filled with guilt and remorse Twenty seven years later Tobias.w Tom Miller is a soldier that was wounded in Afghanistan.He returns home to Mt Hope, Ohio to heal from his outside wounds and needing healing of his insideones.He finds his late brother s fiance Claire now widowed and struggling to support [...]

    20. Hidden Mercies is the follow up book to An Uncommon Grace, however it reads very well as a stand alone novel For those who enjoy Amish fiction, this book also provides great background on various Amish orders and explains the differences, while incorporating the information naturally into the story And although you typically would not see a Marine helicopter pilot living amongst the Amish people, the author also weaves this effortlessly into the story and it feels completely right I enjoyed this [...]

    21. I am always a little leery of Amish books because its become a popular genre and everyone writes an Amish book, even if its lame and cheesy But, I ve enjoyed Serena Miller s other books so I gave it a try I loved how Miller explained the different sects, something most authors don t do And the story was interesting and the characters were intriguing I want to read the first Amish book by Miller and I am looking forward to the next one.

    22. I liked this book a lot I don t give out many 5 star ratings but this one would be close to it Maybe 4.5 I like that she used the same characters from An Uncommon Grace and am looking forward to the book coming out in April as it will have of those same characters I felt like in this one the ending left a certain sub plot just sort of hanging so I hope that will be addressed in the next.

    23. Not your typical Amish novel.Hidden Mercies A Novel is my absolute favorite Amish novel to date I love this story The characters and their lives make you feel they are part of you Your friends and family They make mistakes like all of us but they trust in their beliefs and families and in God I really enjoyed this story and I definitely will be reading from this talented and lovely author Thank you Serena B Miller You are a wonderful author God bless you.

    24. Tobias Tom Miller left his Amish community and joined the Marines after an accident killed his brother and left Tom overwhelmed by guilt Twenty seven years later, when a suicide bomb in Afghanistan leaves Tom unrecognizable, he returns home to seek the forgiveness of those he hurt by causing his brother s death Tom withholds his identity while searching for those wounded most by his carelessness and finds that while some still harbor anger, with God s mercy, all is not lost.

    25. What s not to love about these books and every character It was good to read about the troubles Levi and Grace were having because it makes them real and believable Claire is an amazing character as is Tom I love Rocky best of all and Flora and Copycat I love Elizabeth s personality, she makes me laugh out loud I love it all and was sorry it ended.

    26. I truly enjoyed this book It is the second in the Amish series by this author It is a story that has a theme of redemption, on many levels The characters are strong, and after having lived in Amish country in central Pennsylvania for most of my life, I can truly relate to them and have some understanding of their way of life.

    27. Not a great fan of this type of book however I found myself turning the pages wanting to read on preachy but not overly so An insight into the various Amish sects the problems their young face and those that love enough to inter marry Enjoyed it.

    28. One great book written by Serena The story line is one of loss, forgiveness and willingness to forgive A must read for fans who love Amish Fiction I loved the story and can t wait to read the next book.

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