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Hard Measures: How Aggressive CIA Actions After 9/11 Saved American Lives By José A. Rodríguez Jr.,

  • Title: Hard Measures: How Aggressive CIA Actions After 9/11 Saved American Lives
  • Author: José A. Rodríguez Jr.
  • ISBN: 9781451663471
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Hardcover
  • While the American public is aware of the CIA s use of highly controversial enhanced interrogation techniques, few know the man who, in the wake of September 11, led all U.S counterterrorism operations and oversaw the use of those procedures procedures that obtained vital and timely intelligence and helped safeguard the nation from future attacks Puerto Rican born JoseWhile the American public is aware of the CIA s use of highly controversial enhanced interrogation techniques, few know the man who, in the wake of September 11, led all U.S counterterrorism operations and oversaw the use of those procedures procedures that obtained vital and timely intelligence and helped safeguard the nation from future attacks Puerto Rican born Jose A Rodriguez, Jr served the United States for twenty five years as an undercover officer before bringing his wealth of field knowledge to the CIA s Counterterrorism Center now, in this riveting account and fascinating life story, one of America s top undercover operatives reveals how hard measures have derailed terrorist activity targeting the U.S and saved countless American lives Fully disclosed here for the first time are the undercover operations and tactics implemented during the George W Bush presidency which were approved by the highest levels of the U.S government, certified as legal by the Department of Justice, and supported by bipartisan leadership of congressional intelligence oversight committees But as the shock of 9 11 faded, the support that the intelligence community enjoyed and deserved gave way to shortsighted and potentially dangerous political correctness One by one, the tools needed to successfully fight terrorism were banished, and the men and women who volunteered to carry out our nation s orders in combating al Qa ida found themselves second guessed, hamstrung, and investigated including Rodriguez himself In effect, the United States has chosen to willfully and unilaterally disarm itself in the war on terror In Hard Measures, Rodriguez convincingly argues for the techniques used, and uncompromisingly details when these techniques were necessary, why they worked, and how, ultimately, they contributed to the capture of the world s most wanted terror operatives, including Usama bin Ladin From law school student to CIA recruit to his role as America s top spy, Rodriguez s full story is one of utmost importance a rare, insider s look at an issue that demands attention Above all, it s a reasoned, imperative, and fully informed case for hard measures, and an explosive and gripping account of the real war on terror where it s been and where it s headed Terrorism has always been one of the toughest targets on which to collect intelligence The secrets you want to steal frequently don t reside in computer systems, which can be hacked, or safes, which can be broken into, but in the inner recesses of a handful of individuals minds The clich about intelligence work is that it is like working on a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle but not having the box top to show you what the finished picture should look like If only it were that easy In fact, it is like working on a million piece puzzle with no box top, and having millions random pieces that look like they might fit, but actually are from different puzzles altogether It fell to us to make sense of the countless fragments of information and to take action on the chunks of the puzzle, which represented a real and growing threat to the United States and our allies.
    Hard Measures How Aggressive CIA Actions After Saved American Lives While the American public is aware of the CIA s use of highly controversial enhanced interrogation techniques few know the man who in the wake of September led all U S counterterrorism operation

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    1. I had previously read The Black Banners The Inside Story of 9 11 and the War Against al Qaeda by Ali Soufan, so I was curious to read this book, as I thought it was the opposite side of coin vis a vis enhanced interrogation techniques After reading this book, some of my resistance to EIT has been lowered I am glad Mr Rodriguez has had the opportunity to set the record straight on what had previous been some bias reporting on the nature and extent of EIT The program was far better reviewed, rigor [...]

    2. Forget what the major media has told you about CIA interrogations Listen to the guy in charge of them Laugh when he reveals what really broke KSM and made him compliant Water isn t involved but a long standing but simple technique is.

    3. This is a must read book Mr Rodriguez is a true American Hero and needs to be awarded a Nobel Peace Price Thank you for all the sacrifices you ve made to keep our country safe Did I mention this book is a page turner

    4. It s not the most exciting book in the world, but there is a very straightforward style of writing that I appreciated I saw Mr Rodriguez discussing the movie Zero Dark Thirty on a video panel discussion and wanted to read about his angle.

    5. An excellent read by a good man and a man of integrity We need men like this in government service and fewer of those like Barack Obama The book complements others I have read about the CIAs role in terrorist interrogation, including those by George Bush and Dick Cheney.

    6. Hard Measures is a timely book about topics interrogation techniques including waterboarding, terrorism, detainee camps, drones by someone who was intimately involved head of CIA counter terrorism division that should be discussed and analyzed I would have appreciated a book that presented facts, figures, history etc of these topics.I tried to come at this book with an open mind Torture is awful yes would I torture someone if it would save my loved ones from harm yes.Therefore I abhor torture, b [...]

    7. Levity and Honesty Paint Clear PictureJose Rodriguez is a national hero who sacrificed years of his life in some of the most dangerous places in the world to ensure the safety and security of the American republic When the highly politicized farce of an investigation into the CIA s operations directed as always by the President, approved by the Department of Justice, and overseen with necessary knowledge by Congress reached its crescendo, the man who brought the fight to Al Qaeda in the decade a [...]

    8. nhanced Interrogation as part of a HUMINT collection program works Anyone who denies this knows nothing about interrogation or HUMINT Jose Rodriguez is a great American Patriot Thank God we still have a few people like this left to keep us safe On the other hand, the book reveals what many Americans have suspected for some time There are anti American ideologues in the government and media, who will do everything within their power to harm the U.S and anyone who tries to protect and defend her I [...]

    9. Hard Measures covers the career of Jose Rodriquez, the former director of the CIA s National Clandestine Service It is as much his autobiography as it is a leadership story from the intelligence world during the War on Terrorism He skillfully describes the steps taken in the Counter Terrorism Center after the 9 11 attacks to develop a program capable of combating al Qaeda.The author s primary motivation, as revealed by the subtitle, How Aggressive CIA Actions After 9 11 Saved American Lives, not [...]

    10. Hard Measures is the story of Jose A Rodriguez and told by him and his time at the CIA Rodriguez was born in Puerto Rico, but lived in many international locations as his father s job took him to many countries Rodriguez attends university in the US and obtains a law degree After graduation, he decides to join the CIA, to try to recapture some of the excitement and adventure of his youth with his many exotic travels.The majority of story documents his many years at the CIA and how he moved up th [...]

    11. An excerpt from a paper I wrote about Hard Measures Reading Hard Measures was like slogging through a bad essay you really want to get it over with, but the author just keeps droning on and talking in circles It reminds me of a high school exam paper, where students who don t actually know the answers to the questions, so they and excuse my language bullshit their way through it with enough to make it seem like they have at least an inkling of what they re talking about I mean, Rodriguez opens u [...]

    12. First hand account by the man behind the development and implementation of the Enhanced Interrogation Techniques EIT s used by the CIA after 9 11 on high value terrorists prisoners The media has only given us one side of the story Here, Mr Rodriguez gives us the CIA s version of events and how, in very few instances, these EIT s were applied and the valuable information obtained as a result that thwarted future attacks and saved countless lives Information received by these high value prisoners [...]

    13. I believe that Jose Rodriguez book titled Hard Measures, is a valid discussion about the courage, commitment, and decisiveness of the CIA in the period following 9 11 and before the American people and politicians lost their courage to do whatever it takes to defeat a determined enemy and safeguard our communities.Here we learn about our intrepid silent warriors putting themselves in harms way, only to be destroyed by politicians who, rather than looking out for America, spend millions od dollar [...]

    14. This is the first book I have read by an insider regarding enhanced interrogation techniques the CIA administered on terrorists I had read Ali Soufains book and his criticism of the CIA interrogation methods and this book is very different in the effectiveness of the EIT Rodreguiez makes a good case for the EIT program and why he destroyed tapes of the interrogations This is a very readable book.

    15. Further reading Here s the Senate Committee s report of an investigation started after Rodriguez reportedly destroyed at least 100 tapes of interrogations and was accused of lying to a Senate committee and covering up illegal activitiesA report PDFCIA report text

    16. An interesting look into the life of a CIA agent I appreciated the facts about waterboarding the technique, the limited application, and its effectiveness I thank him for his service and pray that other men who can act in upright ways follow The way these people are hounded and second guessed makes you wonder why anyone would want this kind of job If Congress had a smidge of his character we would be in a better place.

    17. Interesting read Mr Rodriguez had a fascinating life story but than half the book expectedly read as a plea to justify the enhanced interrogation techniques he became famous for To be fair, his clarification on many details was a bit eye opening, especially after further reading up on them However I still fundementally disagree with the approach and the results.

    18. Very enlightening book to highlight how little is done to obtain info from terrorists Why anyone works in intelligence with how politicized and undervalued our politicians make these positions is beyond me So few these days willing to make courageous decisions because of politicians try to ruin your reputation and career

    19. Hard Measures is a defense of CIA use of rendition and enhanced interrogation techniques in the aftermath of 9 11 and specifically of his decision to have videos of some interrogations destroyed As such, the book gives unusually detailed information about the workings of the Agency s Counterterrorism Center as well as strong opinions of the actions of some US officials.

    20. Very good book, easy read by the man to established, got approval, and oversaw the administration of enhanced interrogation techniques Describes why they were necessary, how they worked, how they were used, how the terrorists were not harmed by them, how the information obtained has kept Americans safe, and how they led to the capture of Osama Bin Laden.

    21. I read this book back in 2012 A good book outlining advanced interrogation used after 9 11 The author describes the process for approval, limitations set and why techniques were used with some individuals.

    22. Unapologetic, from the trenches view of the post 9 11 national clandestine service The best defense of the CIA s EIT methods after Marc Thiessen s Courting Disaster While the Justice League was fighting green men from space, this American hero was fighting real monsters.

    23. Hard Measures is exciting from beginning to end If you want to know what really happened with the CIA torture chambers, you need to read this book The difference between this book and what the media says happened is amazing, personally, I think I ll believe the guy who was there.

    24. Fred gave me this to read if you like insider stories about the CIA this one s for you He had an interesting life lot of stuff about his views on torture Felt it could be a hesaid she said sort of memoir I confess I skimmed a lot.

    25. A testament to the United States and its lawful, humane treatment of detainees captured in the War on Terror Jose Rodriquez is a nonpartisan, genuine hero who is owed immense gratitude, and certainly not what he was subjected to concerning the tapes This is a must read.

    26. Interesting, if you want an opinionated version of one man s story Pair with The Black Banners for an ironic juxtaposition Still, there are informative points, and the truth likely lies somewhere between what the popular press purports and this, self vindicating, account.

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