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Some Nerve By Jane Heller,

  • Title: Some Nerve
  • Author: Jane Heller
  • ISBN: 9780060599270
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Thirty year old Celebrity journalist Ann Roth has one last chance to prove herself She is different from the other reporters at Famous, the L.A magazine, where she has her dream job interviewing stars like Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie She values her ethics she doesn t pick through people s garbage, doesn t print rumor and gossip, doesn t try to pervert the truth BThirty year old Celebrity journalist Ann Roth has one last chance to prove herself She is different from the other reporters at Famous, the L.A magazine, where she has her dream job interviewing stars like Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie She values her ethics she doesn t pick through people s garbage, doesn t print rumor and gossip, doesn t try to pervert the truth But when her editor tells her she s too nice, that what he needs is a killer journalist who ll do whatever it takes to get a story, she realizes that she must do something drastic Of course, her plan backfires Not only does she fail to score an interview with the notoriously media averse actor Malcolm Goddard he ll only do the interview while piloting his Cessna and she has a terrible fear of flying , she gets fired Her disappointment turns to rage when she learns that Malcolm knew about her phobia all along He insisted on doing the interview on his plane just to get her off his back.Hurt, disappointed, not to mention unemployed, she trudges to her tiny hometown in Missouri to try to regroup, vowing to cure herself of her fears and reclaim her career And suddenly her life takes a surprising twist Ann hears that the great Malcolm himself is in Middletown as a patient at the local hospital under an alias Opportunity knocks Ann sees a chance for payback and her ticket out of Missouri She volunteers at the hospital with the sole intention of pretending to befriend Malcolm in order to worm the story of a lifetime out of him without his knowledge If she writes it, she ll have her job back and prove she s the killer journalist her editor had wanted her to be But after facing her fear of falling in love, how much is she willing to risk for her career
    Some Nerve Thirty year old Celebrity journalist Ann Roth has one last chance to prove herself She is different from the other reporters at Famous the L A magazine where she has her dream job interviewing stars

    One thought on “Some Nerve”

    1. This was a cute book but i gave it only 3 because i enjoyed everything but the main relationship between Malcolm and Ann They just didnt seem to have chemistry at all and i could not imagine them as a couple So the happy ever after seemed a bit forced to me totally unrealistic I think it would have made sense had they not gotten back together, but remained on friendly working terms I enjoyed the other aspects of the book the dysfunctional family, the hospital cover up, the volunteering, the sta [...]

    2. Had some funny moments, but the ending was a disappointment Celeb journalist Ann Ross gets an impossible assignment to interview a star who hates the media After he embarrasses her publicly, she loses her job and goes back to her small town, where said movie star ends up coming to her local hospital to hide out from media while getting healthcare She volunteers there and ends up falling for him while trying to get the scoope also questions her career choice and finds out that the hospital is per [...]

    3. This book is pretty much a waste unless you are reading for the most shallow of entertainment purposes The overall story was predictable, and there were a couple of major plot holes that never got resolved and annoyed me The main character isn t particular sympathetic or like able and I get bugged by books where people lie to each other, fall in love, don t fess up about the lie and then get exposed and fall apart until they make up blah Still, it was an okay book for what it is.

    4. Although I enjoyed this book purely from an escapist point of view, I was able to easily predict what was going to happen long before it did Being able to so easily predict the ending almost made me not want to finish the book.

    5. This is the Jane Heller I remember, and thank goodness After reading the disappointing An Ex To Grind, I was worried that one of my favorite authors had lost her stuff, but this funny, engaging and surprisingly moving novel was a repudiation of my concerns Ann Roth is a celebrity journalist for Famous magazine, and she s been assigned the biggest get in contemporary Hollywood, Malcolm Goddard He is a Hollywood bad boy, reclusive and deliberately difficult with all media, which he regards as para [...]

    6. SOME NERVE is a contemporary novel featuring Ann Roth Honesty and integrity are not the tools for a celebrity journalist, and nice is not what her editor is looking for When told to get a story on the most reclusive personality since Howard Hughes, Ann pulls out every creative trick in her arsenal It isn t enough She must face her paralyzing fear of heights Physically unable to do so, she goes back to her magazine empty handed Fired, she returns home defeated Taking on local fanfare of hair salo [...]

    7. Overall this was a decent book but I felt like there could should have been a number of different books within the story, and each of these portions seemed a bit untold Ann s time at the hospital was probably the most interesting to me her interactions with each patient and how each individual could have opened her up a bit as well as dealing with the disgruntled ones and I would have enjoyed details within it Similarly, her family was quite funny with their constant banter I wouldn t have min [...]

    8. It was a cute little read Ann Roth is a journalist for Famous, a gossip magazine that chases after the big movie stars She is instructed by her boss that she has to get the big get, Malcom Goddard Malcom is the type of man that doesn t give interviews to the press He feels they are parasites He is a loner and doesn t trust any one Ann is deathly afraid of flying Malcom agrees to meet with Ann, but only if she does the interview on the plane while in flight Ann panics and ends up losing her inter [...]

    9. Ann Ross works for a magazine that deals with celebrities Her boss insists that she get an interview with Malcolm Goddard Malcolm hates the media He calls them parasites But Ann finds a way to him But it blows up in her face, literally Then she gets a chance to interview him but she has to go up in his plane Ann hates flying It is one of her phobias She could not make herself get on the plane She loses out on the interview and gets fired So she goes home to Missouri.Ann gets a volunteer position [...]

    10. Def chick lit I loved it though I thought the main character s revelations about her career and fulfillment were esp interesting A cute romance story Predictable yes but also good The main character is a gossip magazine writer who has always enjoyed bumping elbows with celebrities during the interview process She hits a particularly hard bump in the road pardon my cheesinessuldn t help it when she runs into famous actor Malcom She loses her job over the fact that she can t get a story on him and [...]

    11. I did not like this book it was so slow and didn t hold up my interest I didn t even finish it It had a great concept a celebrity reporter has to get a big interview with Malcom Goddard who is tired of reporters and doesn t give interviews She is supposed to get this big one or she will lose her job This is such a slow pace I didn t even get to the part where she does lose her job The main character Ann Roth is so boring I just didn t care what happened to these characters I would not recommend [...]

    12. Thirty year old entertainment reporter Ann Roth is fired from her Hollywood job because she doesn t have the killer instinct necessary to get the interview of a reclusive movie star When she learns that the star has secretly checked into her hometown Midwestern hospital with cardiac problems, Ann volunteers as a candy striper to get up close and personal with him in hopes of showing her former boss that she does have what it takes A funny, quirky, heartwarming story that hooks you in from the st [...]

    13. Ann works as an editor at Famous magazine she is too nice to get trashy information on stars which ends up costing her her job She goes back to her hometown to get over this blow She discovers the star who caused her to be fired is a patient in her local hospital She volunteers there to get close to him and dig up some information so she can publish it and ger her job back She starts to realize she is having feeling for this guy and begins to doubt her plan This is a light read I finished it in [...]

    14. 4.5 5I checked this book out from the library when I was browsing the Chick Lit they had and loved the cover I read this within 24 hours and loved it I thought it was such a cute story and cemented my love for Chick Lit I want to buy this book to add to my bookshelf and I really want to read it years later.

    15. This was a light, funny book with a bit bite and sarcasm than the usual chick lit novel The plot is pretty ludicrous, but entertaining a celebrity journalist moves back home after losing her job thanks to a reclusive movie star, runs into that very same movie star at the hospital where she starts volunteering, and shenanigans ensue.

    16. I have been a fan of Jane Heller s writing for years There were portions of the book that seemed to drag a little but the fun and lightness of the whole book made it go by faster Overall, it s a quick read Jane Heller has a wit about her writing that makes the mundane seems humorous I appreciate that about her writing.

    17. Pretty good, but not great There were some good parts, and it moved quickly, but I did get frustrated with the formulaic way it was written I like chick lit, and I know that means there is a lot of formula to it, but I do like a little ingenuity you don t have to always follow the formula to the letter It did make me want to go volunteer at a hospital, though

    18. Despite the racy cover, this is actually a really cute chick lit book I was wanting a quick, light, but entertaining read and this satisfied that The story is about a girl obsessed with celebrities She writes for a big magazine and upon trying to get an unattainable actor to do an interview has to get very creative and ultimately learns a lot about herself and her life.

    19. Some Nerve was enjoyable, but I felt that there were secondary plots that could have been explored further Ann, the primary character, was likeable even though I questioned some of her decisions The other characters weren t as developed as Ann, but were interesting in their own right It would have been interesting to learn about them.

    20. Heller has a breezy writing style, which I enjoy This narrator is usually engaging, but at times irritating The plot had a few surprises, which is always nice is a genre that is largely predictable The presentation of phobias was an unusual plot point The narrator mentioned that people who aren t phobic wouldn t understand the situation and, in my case, she was right.

    21. Again, Jane hits a nice touch in our hearts for the underdog The reporter is trying to get a story and finds a unique way hospital volunteer in an out of way town Of course, she does not recognize the ironic twist she walks right into This is also worth reading and if you re like me I read it in 2 days.

    22. charlotteswebofbooks.I picked up Some Nerve at the library because I saw it was basically set in Missouri and I was feeling a little homesick so I picked it up Jane Heller is a fun author Her books are brain candy for those of us who have been stuck on a diet of meat and potatoes.

    23. I laughed a lot when reading this book And I finished it during 6 hours of Cirebon Bandung trip, not to mention the long traffic jam in Sumedang Well, I love the story of strong, determined, spunky female falling in love because it s always unpredictable Thank God it s HEA

    24. Despite the slightly provocative cover, this is actually a funny, clean book only one swear word and no sex can you believe it It is pretty much like watching a chick flick romantic yet predictable, but I still like it It s like literature junk food.

    25. Bello, divertenteccato per il finale un p affettato e la facilit con cui si risolve ogni guaiio della protagonista Peccato perch l inizio era veramente col botto e frizxzante e anche la met del libro, poi quando lui diventa troppo sdolcinato tutto crolla un p

    26. One of my favourites books love the progressing romance it was slow and beautiful The character development was perfect I just freakin love this book I ve read it than once and I ll continue to re read always.

    27. Better than many books of it s kind, although mostly predictable I gave it 4 stars because I liked the story and the characters, and even though I knew what would happen, I couldn t wait to to see how it would unfold.

    28. Yes, this plot may not be that hard to figure out, but it s a lot of fun Plus, it is an easy read that just flows So if you re looking for something deep, this isn t it If you are looking for a light, fun treat, this is it Others I like Whitney Gaskell, Emily Giffin, Janet Evanovich

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