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The Last Family in England By Matt Haig,

  • Title: The Last Family in England
  • Author: Matt Haig
  • ISBN: 9780099468455
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Paperback
  • By the author of Reasons to Stay AliveMeet the Hunter family Adam, Kate, and their children Hal and Charlotte And Prince, their black Labrador.Prince is an earnest young dog, striving hard to live up to the tenets of the Labrador Pact Remain Loyal to Your Human Masters, Serve and Protect Your Family at Any Cost Other dogs, led by the Springer Spaniels, have revolted.By the author of Reasons to Stay AliveMeet the Hunter family Adam, Kate, and their children Hal and Charlotte And Prince, their black Labrador.Prince is an earnest young dog, striving hard to live up to the tenets of the Labrador Pact Remain Loyal to Your Human Masters, Serve and Protect Your Family at Any Cost Other dogs, led by the Springer Spaniels, have revolted Their slogans are Dogs for Dogs, not for Humans and Pleasure not Duty Mentored by an elderly Labrador called Henry, Prince takes his responsibilities seriously, and as things in the Hunter family begin to go badly awry marital breakdown, rowdy teenage parties, attempted suicide his responsibilities threaten to overwhelm him And down in the park it s even worse Henry has disappeared Falstaff the Springer Spaniel wants to lead Prince astray Joyce the Irish wolfhound has been murdered In the end Prince is forced to break the Labrador Pact and take desperate action to save his Family.
    The Last Family in England By the author of Reasons to Stay AliveMeet the Hunter family Adam Kate and their children Hal and Charlotte And Prince their black Labrador Prince is an earnest young dog striving hard to live up

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    1. 3.5 stars It was really good.The book opens with the narrator, a Labrador named Prince, preparing to be euthanized I was incredibly close to DNF ing the book right then and there, but I m thankful I stuck with it Prince tells the story of how he came to be on death row, which was a result of following the Labrador Pact , which is what he abides by to protect and keep his human family together Fans of Shakespeare will appreciate the nod to Henry IV which is mirrored in the relationship between Pr [...]

    2. This interesting book is the second adult novel from Mr Haig, the author of the excellent and heartbreaking Dead Father s Club The Labrador Pact is told exclusively from the point of view of a labrador named Prince, and the book details Prince s efforts to save his human family from being broken up by the forces of the outside world.The entire book is a kind of extended but loose retelling of some of the main issues presented in Shakespeare s history plays As with Dead Father s Club s reworking [...]

    3. Warning, dog lovers, do not read this one This book begins with Prince, a black labrador, being taken to the vet to be put down for vicious behavior.Labradors are, in the book, the only breed that still keep the Pact, which says that the family always comes first Apparently, Prince s totally screwed up family put him in a situation where, in order to help them, he did something that appeared vicious, and now dogs know he s broken the Pact.While he s at the vet s waiting to be euthanized, he tell [...]

    4. If you re an animal person, this book may not be for you I felt sick when I finished, like I d been kicked in the stomach, and it left me feeling hopeless.The story is told from the dog s point of view Prince is adopted as a puppy into the home of Adam and Kate and their two children, Hal and Charlotte Prince abides by the Labrador pact, with a sense of duty toward his family He must protect them, keep them safe and always be on the lookout for threats to their wellbeing, not just as individuals [...]

    5. M te labradora jm nem Lord a v knihkupectv naraz te na knihu, kterou vypr v labrador Princ To je jasn znamen , no ne Vzhledem k uveden mu d vodu n kupu jsem od kn ky naprosto nic ne ekala, a proto bylo p jemn m p ekvapen m, e byla fakt dobr Jasn , samotn z pletka nen nic vrcholn origin ln ho, ale pr v ps o i a nos tomu dod valy vu a d laly p b h je t depresivn j Jo jo, dn mil p b h o zv atech, ale ivot jedn rodiny, kter v tom v em, co se j d je, m t st , e m doma labradora Proto e on rodinu d a [...]

    6. This book was so emotional I loved it It s about the unswerving loyalty of the main protagonist, Prince, a Labrador It was great how comedy was mixed into the sadness, following the labrador pact and the different dog stereotypes All a bit crazy but heart warming and enjoyable This book does contain some upsetting topics though and it doesn t end hopefully, but Matt Haig s writing is entertaining and great and I loved it.

    7. Well a jaded reader whose finding it hard to find worthy reads This one was a worthy read.It s a quick read.I won t spoil it for anyone.It s not a great literary work It s a fine piece of light modern fiction.

    8. I really liked Matt Haig s The Dead Fathers Club, which I found refreshingly new and original It s great to see that he has other titles, and this one is equally charming if not so No, scratch that it s the best to come my way in a good long while It s the kind of book I wish I d written.Prince is a fairly young labrador retriever who has the responsibility of preserving unity in the Hunter family It turns out labs are the only breed still serious about caring for their masters, who, being only [...]

    9. I really had no idea what to expect from this book, it was simply sitting with the returns at the library and looked vaguely interesting Plus I follow Haig on twitter despite having read only one of his books, The Radleys So I picked this up.It is such a good book But there is something in it that may put off some readers, I ve even seen a review on where someone rated it 1 stars because of this event, yet they didn t read the whole book But it is a spoiler, so I don t want to give it awayI love [...]

    10. Dog s point of view of a family falling apart4.5 starsPrince is a Labrador intent on following the code , to protect his Family, to use his canine wiles to do his duty and watch out for them Tutored by an older Lab, tempted by a Spaniel into breaking the code, Prince does his best to protect the Hunter family as potential marital strife and teenager issues threaten to tear them apart but can he do anything The point of view of the dog is well considered, and we get the best of both worlds, seein [...]

    11. This is a real page turner It gives an unusual perspective on family life It is so moving and sad what is amazing is how quickly it draws you into its world and you accept its central conceit of the Labrador pact and the relationships between the different dogs This really reflects the skill of the writer.

    12. Herzerw rmend In wundersch ner, einfacherer Schrift schafft es Matt Haig mal wieder, mich zu Tr nen zu r hren Gro artiger Autor, von dem ich gerne noch viel h ren m chte Und mit diesem Buch steht es fest ich werde einmal einen schwarzen Labradorr den haben und ihn Prince nennen, damit er die Chance bekommt, die er verdient.

    13. So far this year I ve read books where the protagonist has been a chimp, a zombie and an alien In this book, the protagonist is a dog a Labrador The entire book is narrated by Prince, pet dog of The Family It tells the story of how Labradors must follow the Labrador Pact in order to protect the family who they serve All dogs understand human language and are constantly trying to communicate this understanding with their masters This book raises many questions about faith, loyalty and obedience W [...]

    14. oved this book.Simple tale told from the family labrador Prince.You know that he is in trouble from the start when he reveals on the first page that he is about to be put down The question is how did he get there.The labradors have a pact to protect the family and prince s family are in trouble The parents are fighting and the father is about to embark on an affair with the hippy new neighbor There is some history here, as it transpires that the hippy is married to the fathers former best friend [...]

    15. Although I gave this book four stars it is not because I really liked it The book was written from a dog s perspective And it was very well done That alone deserves a lot of credit, to write an entire novel from dog POV and have it work beautifully and not come out like a joke is very difficult The plot and story flowed gracefully towards the conclusion, not heavy handed at all Overall a very well written tight novel.But having finished the story I feel depressed Everything was so dark, the mess [...]

    16. This is really original with a great writing style, I loved it right up to the end.we knew what was going to happen, and it would be a cop out if there was a last minute reprieve, but the reasons why Prince ended up being put to sleep were horrible It was obviously meant to be like that, to shock everyone and be realistic because that was what would probably happen to a dog in that situation, but the ending was just too brutal and horrible, for him to lose his life for those reasons and it spoil [...]

    17. It s a while since I read this, but I remember two things 1 It s a good book2 I was incredibly sad on behalf of the dog, Prince the narrator , whose only wish is to help his family and keep them all together.If you re an empathic animal lover, it will probably leave you feeling quite depressed by the end of it I had to go and hug my dog tightly when I was done.

    18. This book was a good read, it made me look at my own dogs behaviour I m glad I don t let my dog see me naked, at least if he writes a book he can t describe me I found it slightly menacing which bothers me the words she collects people has stayed with me I got that dark feeling at the end of the first third and didn t want to pick it up, but I cannot leave a unfinished book it feels wrong and after this I found it easier Not predictable and finishes well.

    19. I don t like to read dog centered books because the dog always seems to die through no fault of his own and it s very sad This story follows that blueprint as well don t worry, I didn t ruin anything, you find out early on Like in The Art of Racing in the Rain, this story is narrated by the dog and is often humorous The plot seems a little far fetched, but there s an unexpected twist toward the end that made me appreciate the book .

    20. The four star rating owes a lot to Simon Jones, who is an amazing narrator I d listen to anything he does on audio he brings things to a whole other level Other than that the story was good and the narrator engaging, even if the premise was a little hard to swallow I liked how every scene is described according to smell, and I admired how loyal and sincere Prince is even if it doesn t always work out for him.

    21. I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys YA books Just keep in mind it is based on one of Shakespeare s tragic histories Cool website too labradorpact

    22. Read in 2013 Beautifully written, but absolutely broke my heart, which is not technically a truly valid reason for not enjoying a book, but I could barely stand the very real pain of reading this novel At the time of reading, I had a beloved and cherished, very frail and elderly lab collie his name was Sam, and he s in my profile picture and I suppose that was why the subject matter of gorgeous dogs was so raw and painful to me I can remember sobbing reading this I couldn t bring myself to write [...]

    23. An entertaining read, both funny sad, about a familys problems as seen by their dog Prince Prince, being a Labrador, lives by the Labradors Pact , Duty Over All as he sees his familys life being ripped apart, he knows it is up to him to keep the family together But will he be led astray by a Springer Spaniel who believes in Pleasure not Duty I liked the way different characteristics were given to the different breeds of dog, I expect Labradors to steadfast reliable whereas Springers do seem to b [...]

    24. This quickly escalated from where is this going to holy stuff, that was heavy God, this is why I love Matt Haig I have been a pet owner my whole life and there were moments in this book that brought me to tears thinking about how unconditionally our pets love us It s something you can easily take for granted while living out the day to day routine I m not much for unhappy endings and I was hoping down to the last sentence of this book that it would end differently even though the very first chap [...]

    25. Dug review out of the depths of LiveJournal This is not a good book This is a bit of a terrible book rushing headlong to its inevitable ending, hoping desperately that the reader will be serious affected by the emotions that are in no way available as the ending unfolds Also, a complete waste of the ending, because nothing is fixed and everything is still shit A little bit like Mark Haddon A Spot of Bother, which was similarly flawed but better , than A Curious Incident.

    26. Narrated by Prince, a Labrador, this is a moving and profound novel based on the plot of Henry IV, Part I where the Labrador Pact , of always serving and looking out for the family of their owner is put to the test The Hunters are a fairly normal nuclear family but the pressures of modern life are making it hard for Prince to keep them happy and Prince s own role is being subverted by rebellious Springer spaniels It all gradually comes together to a sad but seemingly inevitable conclusion to an [...]

    27. The first book I ve ever read that made me want to rip it into shreds when I finished it I m angry I just finished reading it I feel nauseous I feel like I was conned by its jovial looking cover design easy synopsis This book should come with a strong warning Please do not read if you are a dog lover, worse a dog owner The last few chapters are terribly shocking not in a good way Awful Truly awful.

    28. I was hopeful throughout the book as I really enjoyed having a dog as the narrator How sweet However, I was so irritated at the last quarter of the book it ruined the whole experience for me and I left it on the airplane to be thrown away I couldn t bring myself to let anyone I know read this book.

    29. 3.5 stars compelling, as I ve come to expect Matt Haig s writing to be, and among the great animal books I m not a dog person , but that didn t stop me from enjoying this beautiful tragedy Creative reworking of Henry IV Part I, both funny and sad while maintaining a quirky engaging tone and thoughtful exploration of human nature.

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