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Tofurkey and Yams By Karenna Colcroft,

  • Title: Tofurkey and Yams
  • Author: Karenna Colcroft
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Christmas is Kyle Slidell s favorite holiday, and since it s his first with his mate Tobias Rogan, Kyle wants to make it special But Tobias wants nothing to do with the holiday When Tobias leaves for the night and doesn t return, Kyle tracks him down on Christmas Eve Can he change his mate s mind and have the special holiday he desires
    Tofurkey and Yams Christmas is Kyle Slidell s favorite holiday and since it s his first with his mate Tobias Rogan Kyle wants to make it special But Tobias wants nothing to do with the holiday When Tobias leaves for

    One thought on “Tofurkey and Yams”

    1. I love it when an author does a short story, bonus book, amidst a series Tofurkey and Yams is a part of Karenna Colcroft s Real Werewolves Don t Eat Meat series, and is a little glimpse into holiday time with my guys, Kyle and Tobias.Kyle isn t all that big on holidays, except Christmas So he spends a week getting all the decorating done in his apartment, but when he shows it off to Tobias, his mate is less than thrilled In fact, Tobias is a giant a hole about it, insulting Kyle and informing hi [...]

    2. Karenna Colcroft writes amazing characters That is her forte Yes, she writes great plots too, but the reason I love her books is because I love the characters especially the MCs This is a short novella in the Real Werewolves Don t Eat Meat series, and though short, it s gripping Tobias is one of the most complex shifter characters I ve ever read and I know my werewolves and I really, really enjoy reading about him Shifter stories usually give you some action, some romance, and Ms Colcroft gives [...]

    3. This was a sweet story but not in the sickly sappy plotless way of most Christmas stories written in the midst of a series There was heavy emotional stuff and angst but they dealt with it mostly like grown ups Kyle was awesome I love that in this series the big bad alpha is the bottom and here we saw that he has deep emotions too I don t think I ve ever read a sex scene that takes place on the ground in the snow Kind of kinky.

    4. A cute short that gives us a in depth look into Tobias past I hope to make progress on this series in the near future I still chuckle about a vegetarian werewolf shakes head LOL

    5. 4 1 2 stars TOFURKEY AND YAMS is a great story about fear, trust, and love This is one of those series that must be read in order, so be sure to read SALAD ON THE SIDE before you read TOFURKEY AND YAMS And then you are going to want to read the continuation of the story in VEGGIE BURGERS TO GO These are not silly stories The vegan as a werewolf aspect is humorous but the challenges facing Kyle, Tobias, and their pack are not trivial As humans they face the same serious issues as any gay men On t [...]

    6. A cute short There wasn t much to the story and unfortunately I felt that the story was a little lacking I didn t really understand all of Tobias reasoning The story itself felt incomplete Still it was nice, cute.

    7. Tofurkey and Yames is a cute little amuse boushe of Tobias and Kyle s story, albeit a very uneventful one I guess that s why it only counts as a.5 volume listing Three stars.

    8. This short Christmas novella was enjoyable and pulling Kyle and Tobias were interesting together I m glad Kyle pushed Tobias, because he needed it.

    9. I haven t read any of the other books in the series, but I was able to keep up with the storyline pretty well anyway.This was a nice read, but the MC was defenilty dealing with some heavy issues.

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