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A Lady Never Lies By JulianaGray,

  • Title: A Lady Never Lies
  • Author: JulianaGray
  • ISBN: 9780425250921
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Lady Alexandra Morley, an alluring widow, is desperate to devise a plan to reverse her fortunes When fate lands her in the arms of Phineas Finn Burke, an attractive inventor, she despairs of ever getting what she needsuntil they kiss Finn has always been impervious to the charms of the female species, intent only on perfecting his horseless carriage engine He nevLady Alexandra Morley, an alluring widow, is desperate to devise a plan to reverse her fortunes When fate lands her in the arms of Phineas Finn Burke, an attractive inventor, she despairs of ever getting what she needsuntil they kiss Finn has always been impervious to the charms of the female species, intent only on perfecting his horseless carriage engine He never dreamed he d meet a woman like Alexandra, who is as stubborn as she is comely Despite the brewing scandal, Finn longs to make Alexandra his wife, but he must first convince the maddening lady that their love is the only thing that matters.
    A Lady Never Lies Lady Alexandra Morley an alluring widow is desperate to devise a plan to reverse her fortunes When fate lands her in the arms of Phineas Finn Burke an attractive inventor she despairs of ever gett

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    1. Una historia divertida, con unos personajes a cada cual m s diferente y que me ha hecho pasar unas horas muy amenas.En este libro nos encontramos con 6 personajes relacionados entre s que por diferentes circunstancias acaban viviendo bajo el mismo techo en un castillo de la Toscana Todos ellos tienen razones para ese retiro, y ninguno quiere que nadie sepa d nde est n y por qu Motivo por el cual cuando todos se dan cuenta de que no tienen otra salida que vivir durante un a o en conjunta armon a, [...]

    2. Lady Alexandra Morley, along with her sister and cousin, travel to a remote castle in Tuscany in an attempt to find a solution to her new found money problems They are all a bit startled when three gentleman also seem to have let the same castle but since it is large enough to be in separate wings, they agree to carry on What especially captures Alexandra s attention is one ginger haired man, Phineas Burke along with his dedication to finding a way to run a horseless carriage Since her money is [...]

    3. Ni me acordaba que hab a le do este libro Fue divertido y con una historia muy original Genial para pasar el rato.

    4. A very enjoyable 4.5 stars.I loved this Victorian HR It was really different from the standard run of the mill HR s, with a terrific context of Italy and the early days of the invention of the motorcar, culminating in an exhibition race around Rome.Lots of fun and interesting detail but I especially liked the MCs They were multi faceted people who didn t do a whole lot of TSTL things but had to work through some issues before they could arrive at their HEA.The writing was excellent nice to read [...]

    5. Loved every word, so much so I bought the audio Just when I thought the author was going to go down the same old clich s, she surprised me Sure, the heroine and hero had misunderstandings, but they talked about them Of course, other things popped up Great story line about the horseless carriage engine I also loved the way the characters in the next stories in the series were woven in, too LOL So creative Although, one scene is making me die of curiosity Thanks, Kit , for choosing this one for me [...]

    6. This was fun to read I really liked that we stepped out of the ton and instead got to experience a little glimpse of the scientific motor enthusiast world in the early days For a sneak peek, check out the Tempting Teaser on Fiction Vixen Review posted on Fiction Vixen

    7. I found this at my library and took it home not realizing I d already read and loved this one Not only is the premise fresh, there are three, essentially overlapping, if not simultaneous, stories that make up the trilogy, of which this is first It s set in the late 19th century Three Englishmen retire for a year s monkish respite from their lives to the same castle in Italy that three Englishwomen have leased to get away for a while, to let the dust settle in their lives.The men are a grumpy, ra [...]

    8. This was so devoid of emotion, when I arrived at the sunlight dimmed for just an instant, beaten back by mighty flame of their passion page 112 , I literally fell over laughing, as I did again on page 162 when the heroine said, Thank you, that was lovely, in appreciation of NOT a delightful cup of tea and watercress sandwich, but for supposedly great sex There s no internalization, so the pointed telling about their supernova passion and boundless love has a slapstick effect The only believable [...]

    9. A LADY NEVER LIES is extraordinary In turns charming, passionate, and thrilling and sometimes all three at once A LADY NEVER LIES sets a new mark for historical romance Juliana Gray is on my auto buy list.

    10. A pretty light and entertaining read I liked the language and the conversation I also liked the development of the relationship, the attraction was instant but it took time to develop into something , especially in the trust department The hiccup may be in Alexandra I like strong heroines, but Alexandra felt a bit unnecessary defensive at times And I m not sure about the family relation.Alexandra was paired with Finn, and Abigail with Wallingford Alexandra and Abigail were sisters, while Finn tu [...]

    11. Es la historia de Lady Alexandra, viuda del Marqu s de Morley, y del Sr Phineas Burke, cient fico e inventor, hijo bastardo de una cortesana y de un arist crata importante.Alexandra tiene aproximadamente 26 a os Lleva dos a os de viuda y se encuentra en una situaci n econ mica dif cil debido a malas inversiones De ser la reina de los salones de Londres, parte a Italia un poco para ayudar a su prima a alejarse de su brutal marido y otro poco para disminuir sus gastos y replantearse su futuro Se c [...]

    12. July 2015 pick for WaMRL group pick it for me challenge, just now getting to it Yes, I m slow 3.5 Stars Really enjoyed this one, likable characters, some fun antics, enough seriousness and excitement to keep it from being too light and fluffy I really enjoyed the automobile aspect of it, that was interesting, and I m also intrigued by the mystery of the castle I liked how the author left the other characters in the background a lot, since all the trilogy is to take place at the same time Seems l [...]

    13. Juliana, hace que ser mujer en el siglo diecinueve, principios del veinte, sea divertido, sea una aventura y sobre todo sea un choque de di logos frescos, originalesDe Inglaterra nos vamos a Italia, en un viaje del cual sabemos poco o nada, peque as pinceladas al principio del libro aqu y all , haciendo que me intrigase este cambio repentino de una vida bulliciosa a una vida tranquila.Los personajes que Juliana nos muestra son tres mujeres con un ni o, Philip, que ha hecho mis delicias y tres ho [...]

    14. A little Shakespeare, a little Enchanted April, a handful of motorcars, and a whole lot of love make my first experience with Beatriz Williams historical romance alter ego, Juliana Gray, a true pleasure In 1890, three gentlemen repair to a rustic Italian villa, for a summer of pure intellectual stimulation, and absolutely no romance, but so, as luck would have it, do three ladies, for exactly the same reason Romance readers can easily do the math here, but that s where this story leaves predicta [...]

    15. I came across this title on a list of best romance novels of 2012 and have since then seen it on a second list , and it sounded interesting, so I put it on hold and forgot about it Once it arrived, I discovered it s the first in a trilogy that has a slight paranormal magical overtone i.e there is some sort of mysterious curse on the Italian castle the main characters rent for the year I am hoping the author lets us in on exactly what this curse is in later books, because she doesn t say much in [...]

    16. I am giving this book 4 stars, but with reservations I wish I could give it 3 1 2 I did not particularly care for the hero or heroine Alexandra was Lady Morley, a widow with a title but no money Finn was a wealthy, brilliant inventor with lots of money but no title, a bastard even.I found the characters difficult to get to know and their conversations hard to follow That must be why it took so long for me to finish Set against the beginning of the automobile industry, this story definitely was u [...]

    17. Bastante entretenido pero con un algo que no termin de convencerle al t rmino de la lectura de los tres libros, tal vez ha sido esa vertiente paranormal, no me gustan las historias de fantasmas, y que todo ha sido un c mulo de casualidades un tanto rebuscadas.La historia en s es bonita, la noble que se enamora del hijo bastardo de otro noble, con el a adido de los gustos at picos de los protagonistas en una poca en la que ya se estaban dando los primeros pasos de la construcci n de lo que hoy en [...]

    18. A great read I actually got this book out of my local library and liked it so much that I will be buying my own copy when I get the opportunity Alexandra and Finn love the name have the best on page chemistry of any romance couple that I have read in a long time In fact all of the characters appear to have the same sort of verbal sparkage that is missing in many romance novels I look forward to reading the next installment in the series.

    19. 3.5 stars Decent, but could have been a lot shorter Also, the cursed castle set up was completely unnecessary those bits are the bits she should have cut to make the book shorter, I guess I might consider reading the other books in the trilogy, but they actually happen simultaneously and in the same location to this book, and I have had enough of the ridiculous haunted castle.

    20. A retelling of the story of one of the pairs of lovers from Shakespeare s LOVE S LABOUR S LOST, Gray s late Victorian romance has all the charm, wit, and style of the best of stage comedies Gray can write like nobody s business, too such a treat to find a new author one can t wait to read again

    21. Es la primera vez que leo algo de esta autora y me ha encantado dialogos frescos y divertidos, los personajes son diferentes a losnormales de estas noveles me ha encantado el personaje masculino, timido pero una verdadera maravilla cuando se descubre y una historia muy amena sobre coches estoy deseando leer el resto de la trilogia por que me han dejado con las ganas de mas

    22. a good book on it s own I was a little irritated on hints of others activities yet no details but I see that the trilogy is one of each of the 3 girls over the same time frame Which is very smart writing indeed Love the story.

    23. 3.5En referencia a la originalidad de la historia y la narraci n le dar a CUATRO estrellas.El nico problema es que la pareja no ha acabado de convencerme, a pesar de que los personajes por separado me han gustado mucho, pero no s , les ha faltado chispa

    24. So undecided on my rating I ended the book with a great feeling and truly drawn into the story, but it took over 150 pages for me to get hooked So my rating is 3.5 bumped up to 4, ended on a high note.

    25. Es la primera novela que leo de esta escritora y me ha gustadono es la mejor novela rom ntica pero si es entretenida

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