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The Adventures of the Frog Prince By J.R. Barker,

  • Title: The Adventures of the Frog Prince
  • Author: J.R. Barker
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 340
  • Format: ebook
  • Prince Leo has problems He is currently stuck in a moat and is trying to come to terms with being small, green and surprisingly springy Now he must learn to walk all over again, and avoid being eaten, as he finds his way back to the castle to find out who wants him out of the way and why.
    The Adventures of the Frog Prince Prince Leo has problems He is currently stuck in a moat and is trying to come to terms with being small green and surprisingly springy Now he must learn to walk all over again and avoid being eaten

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    1. This was such a cute story The story is about a prince who was turned into a frog for being a rude person Then he sets off to find the witch who turned him into a frog with the help of the princess that he was rude to The author is a very good writer and everything flowed very well together The banter was witty and funny between the characters Now if only there were pictures to go with the story I would recommend to anyone who wants to read a cute children s story and would recommend to any pare [...]

    2. This was a whimsical and humorous new twist to a old fairy tale The author is able to cleverly describe what it would be like to change into a frog and the challenges you would face The moral of the story is be careful what you say to others because you never know what could happen I would definitely recommend this book

    3. An unexpectedly delightful story that begins in fairy tale fashion, setting the stage for the Prince of the Kingdom s long awaited choice of a wife from among the various Princesses, but soon skewing into utter hilarity the reader will be exclaiming, no, not really followed by true empathy for the protagonist I laughed fairly uproariously all through this tale, simply because it is so delightful and what an imagination has this author, to so well view events from within the perspective of a frog [...]

    4. No matter how much we grow up, we can never quite escape the thrall of a good kid s story JR Baker s The Adventures of the Frog Prince was no different Humourously written with strong characters and a good storyline, the book managed to captivate me quite easily.even though I m 17 PI can really find no complaint with it Magic, romance and humour it had all of the components for a great story And all three components were blended perfectly The characters were awesome Be it the Princess lecturing [...]

    5. I received this book from Shut Up Read.This is a pretty cool story It is the story of the prince who has been turned into a frog and can only be switched back by the kiss of a princess However, this is slightly than the average little children s book I would say this would be for 2nd 4th grade readers I really enjoyed reading with my kids My tween understood the language but I found I would have to explain words or phrases to my 7 year old got the blank look on his face The first part of the s [...]

    6. A cute take on the classic fairy tale, The Frog Prince , The Adventures of the Frog Prince is a short story written for all ages It begins with princesses from all the neighboring kingdoms visiting Prince Leo in an effort to win his heart But Leo makes his contempt for them well known, and is turned into a frog The rest of the story follows Leo as he tries to solve the mystery of who changed him and why The lost of enemies is long, and even with the help of a princess and a spider in a similar s [...]

    7. This story is great for young teens I believe it was touted as a book for children, but it is definitely for a slightly older age group as the dialogue is a bit hard to follow for very young readers I enjoyed reading this tale from the point of view of the frog but found myself a little confused by the whole witch element The princess may be a witch And then, she may not be But the maid is sure she is, as well as the Queen Even in the end, it seems nobody really knows and there is a bit of confu [...]

    8. Hilarious fairy tail where a prince is turned in to a frog by some unknown person after he was meant to chose a bride This story is well written and full of humour as the frog sets off to find out who turned him into a frog, and why The cover gives the impression that the book is for young children, but it s probably better suited to older readers because of the large words and long sentences Plus the lisp in the dialogue of one of the characters would be a little hard for five to seven year old [...]

    9. You re Sure to Fall in Love with this Delightful Who Done It The Adventures of The Frog Prince by J.R Barker is a magical mystery tale filled with action and adventure A talking frog and a lisping spider team up with a princess to discover just who in the regal realm is at the bottom of turning regals into talking critters Discovering who, what, when, where, why and how it all happened is one thing Getting it all undone is quite another Lessons in friendship and love blossom as the tale twists a [...]

    10. The Adventures of the Frog Prince is a darling fairy tale that charmed me even though I am not a child This story brought a smile to my face with it s upbeat storyline and funny escapades It cracked me up and at times I couldn t help but chuckle out loud because it was so darn sweet I loved that the narrative was from a frogs point of view It s an old tale with a lot of twists and surprises The author was so clever in creating this smart imaginative story and I could really appreciate the ongoin [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book, a nice story.Prince Leo is getting ready to choose his Queen but when he is called out to the place where the Ladies are awaiting him they find out that he has disappeared.Prince Leo has been turned into a frog and now he must try to remember he s last minutes as a person and find out who s the witch that turned him at the soma time he must learn how to use his new body, but he won t stop until he finds the witch and convinces her to change him back,,,Thanks for givin [...]

    12. My mom got this for me to read to my new lil niece Here is the deal I m 12 years old and my lil niece is just a baby So, needless to say it was way over baby Mya s head and just a little young for me But hear me out it would be good for boys and girls around Kindergarten to grade 4 It is both a funny read and a tense read You have to understand it a Prince stuck as a nasty frog and can only be save by Can t let any spoilers out of the bag.I will say my mom enjoys simple books like these She has [...]

    13. This was the story about the Prince who turned into a frog Yet he has no memory of how he became a frog or how to change back SO he goes on a sleuthing adventure to solve the mysteries In which he does He realizes that he was rude to princesses or rather a particular princess, makes up with her, chooses her as his bride, and they live happily ever after I started reading this to my children My daughter 8 really enjoyed it I found it to long to read as an ebook so if this was a paper back I would [...]

    14. This story is a twist on the tale of The Frog Prince The disrespectful prince is turned into a frog, left in the castle s moat and goes on a journey to find who dunnit.The description states it s for all ages, but I would recommend it for the 8 12 age range My daughter is 5 and wasn t interested While the content was appropriate for all ages, I feel the language would be over most younger one s comprehension.I enjoyed this short but fun read and would recommend it to all who enjoy fairytales I c [...]

    15. This was such a cute and fun story Neat twist to the old frog prince story line and i have to say this may be my next book to read to my girls at bedtime Great job

    16. The Adventures of the Frog Prince is a story about an arrogant, irresponsible and selfish young prince who wakes one day to find himself outside his own castle, inside his own moat, and no longer inside his own body As the title suggests, the Prince has become a frog Unable to comprehend why this should have happened to him, though he does have a few ideas, he sets out to find those responsible for this unwelcome transformation Realising there are quite a few royal subjects he has offended, he s [...]

    17. J.R Barker s The Adventures of the Frog Prince is a delightful and worthwhile retelling of the classic fable Those readers who might be concerned that this is only a children s story will be relieved to know that there is a little something for everyone in this light hearted story.Barker starts the story off with the missing Prince Leo, and quickly takes us to him, now in an inconvenient for him frog form As an unnatural frog but a natural spoiled brat Leo struggles with his new shape, size and, [...]

    18. Written from the point of view of a frog, the author has put a new twist on an old fairy tale.After suddenly being turned into a frog, the Prince has to learn how to use his new body I laughed out loud when he first tried to use his tongue Even though he was in a frogs body, he was not a frog and nothing came naturally The author did a wonderful job of describing this and had me smiling and laughing Things just get better as he navigates the castle, trying to find out who did this to him Adults [...]

    19. I thought this was a cute read, my eight year old daughter read it with me and she enjoyed it as well We thought the description of suitable for children of all ages was a little off I do not think my 4 year old would have understood some of the wording Also it seemed a little confusing I think a read through and edit is needed to help sort through some of the details.Other than that really cute story.

    20. While Barker is not quite as good as Jane Yolen, this is a rather funny and good retelling of the Frog Prince Actually, I like it better than the original Read this to your daughters.

    21. This is a cute story for kids The plot is easy to understand and the characters are colorful and unique I do think it could use some editing and revisions for repetition and a few awkward sentences Overall, the story is great for children ages 8 and up Younger kids would need help with some of the passages and words I especially loved the moral of the story which teaches children the importance of being kind to others.

    22. This was a very good fairy tale All the twists and turns of the story made it all the interesting and enjoyable.

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