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The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles By Steven Pressfield Robert McKee,

  • Title: The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles
  • Author: Steven Pressfield Robert McKee
  • ISBN: 9780446691437
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Art of War meets The Artist s Way in this no nonsense, profoundly inspiring guide to overcoming creative blocks of every kind.
    The War of Art Break Through the Blocks Win Your Inner Creative Battles The Art of War meets The Artist s Way in this no nonsense profoundly inspiring guide to overcoming creative blocks of every kind

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    1. I couldn t get into this book I ve read and reread it several times, but it just doesn t do it for me I gave it the second star because he does give some good advice about committing to the work, and staying in the seat Some good bits about discipline and such.I have about 13 years of collegiate and graduate art school under my belt, and I ve worked in the fine and commercial arts Thing is, I hate seeing the challenge of making art turn into this romanticized, epic battle between the poor put up [...]

    2. Reading this book is like fishing through a landfill site for diamonds they re there, just buried under mountains of crap.The central thesis is that procrastination is often harmful to our long term success, and of this point I have no disagreement However the majority of the book is replete with superstition, thinly veiled proselytizing, bullshit facts, and other miscellaneous woo woo including Hitler was an artist that started WWII because he was procrastinating, and, as a result of this, nobo [...]

    3. I like to have a writing book around to dip into when I get stuck or frustrated or just to keep me going This one started out with some interesting ideas, but it ended up not being very supportive A little bullying, in fact Toward the end, it s a lot of religious pronouncements and philosophy that I didn t agree with or find very helpful It felt a bit rigid.

    4. Holden Caulfield would love this, as would Ernest Hemingway HC had it in for the phonies, and Pressfield has no use for them, either Only he s met the enemy and it is himself And you, gentle reader, need only a mirror to find your enemy Pressfield calls it Resistance, and it lurks in all of us What s , it s every excuse you can possibly think of to delay doing what the Muse put you on this earth to do procrastination, rationalizations, physical sicknesses, psychological conditions with funny let [...]

    5. This book is lightweight, derivative crap, written in the style of a self hating self help guru with blame the victim issues eighteen ways from Sunday I tore out the two good pages, one of which was a quotation from W.H Murray and the other of which quoted King Leonidas, and burned the book in the fireplace That s how angry it made me Horrible waste of paper and time Really, you want details Okay The author personifies Resistance and then writes a tiny little snippet about it, one per page, str [...]

    6. I dig it There are a lot of negative reviews of it on , mostly about it being derivative, and or unnecessarily characterizing the creative process as a struggle Guys you picked up a self help book You picked up a book called The War of Art If you hoped for originality, or a touchy feely art is easy book, you made a strange decision I m just saying.Personally, I found this book pretty useful It s dense, wise, and low bullshit Spiritual, yes Namby pamby, no It treats inspiration as a mystery becau [...]

    7. An early chapter just grabbed me with this opening line, Most of us have two lives The life we live, and the unlived life within us Between the two stands Resistance Those sentences grabbed me and have stayed with me How much do I resist How do I resist Why do I resist The reflection that chapter inspired was well worth reading the rest of the book though nothing else was as revolutionary for me I got what I needed early in the pages There s also a fabulous quote from WH Murray later, The moment [...]

    8. I read this book over and over again as necessary It is the kick in the ass every artist needs, sometimes daily Because we all face the same enemy, fight the same battle every day Resistance According to Pressman, this is the whole story Every day you either win or lose your battle with resistance All the rest is talk Why you lost it doesn t matter Maybe your mother didn t love you enough Maybe you don t believe in yourself enough Maybe you think you re not as talented as you wish you were Well, [...]

    9. How creative of a person are you They say the creative you are, the sensitive you are Which can mean that you don t want to get out of you bed some days, or that you have the ability to procrastinate greatly, or that you want to destroy every piece of work that you have ever created because it s crap and you ll never be as crazy as Vincent van Gogh or as cool as Michaelangelo.Well, this book gives you tools to help you overcome all your short comings and own up to your potential as a creative [...]

    10. The most important thing about art is to work Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying Steven Pressfield, The War of ArtThree stars in both content and delivery, but I should probably also disclose that I REALLY struggle with the whole self help genre and this was basically just a self help book for writers and artists I m not sure if it genetic, or shaped by my own experience on this blue dot, but I generally HATE all forms and types of self help book The sub genre of How t [...]

    11. It s than worth the price of admission for anyone in a creative field Clear, inspiring, and short Also, inexpensive, which seems remarkably fair in this era Yes, roughly half of the book is a little ethereal, perhaps More Pressfield s life philosophy and spirituality than anything, and not helpful to me But I m not going to knock a star off it for that I ve read too many business books that are 15 pages of gold surrounded by 200 pages of fluff to get angry when an author legitimately gives a wo [...]

    12. What a pretentious piece of ridiculous crap It has Harmful, uninformed medical opinions Why It s a book on creativity Just NO Bizarre and illogical assessments of historical figures COMPLETELY FAKE STATISTICS How did those even survive editing You can t make figures up to back your outrageous opinions You need real sources They should be cited This is the fastest way to enrage a librarian Constant judgment as if I can t get enough of that in small town Missouri So much repetition I want to poke [...]

    13. Hello, my name is Makeba and it has been 22 days since I ve thought about writing and decided to do something else instead I write everyday, and this book helped me do it The War of Art made me feel bad about my relationship with the creative process She would invite me out and I d decide to wash my hair instead He would call and I d push the button that sent it straight to voicemail I was a lousy friend Illuminating what Pressfield defines as resistance and turning pro turned the tables on myse [...]

    14. As some of you may have noticed, there s a book called The Midnight Disease listed as something I m currently reading I don t remember when I added it any, but I know it was a while ago.There was a period of time this summer where I simply could not write at all I tried everything I tried to read book about writers block like The Midnight Disease Nothing in them helped me I went to different places to try and write Nothing I made myself sit down with only my AlphaSmart and refused to get up for [...]

    15. What a piece of garbage The author of this new ageish book repeatedly states opinion as fact, and proves himself to be a misguided and judgmental buffoon Some of the things I learned while reading this meritless piece of tripe 1 Attention Deficit Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder aren t real they are merely excuses that we give ourselves because we don t truly want to succeed 2 The reason Hitler killed millions of Jews is because he didn t have a creative outlet, and he should have painted 3 [...]

    16. What a mess This book is ridiculous This book is angry This book is upset that it had to be written because the author made himself think that he had to stay in a chair everyday writing regardless of however else he may have felt at the moment This book is an awesome example of someone who apparently believes in the explicit value of free speech but denounces free will.I finished it a few days ago and have since been seriously trying to understand how it was publishedrst of all, it s not a book [...]

    17. I do not read self help books but this book I know I m going to read every year from now on It is like a pocket map to find your inner Muse It starts from a very basic level Kind of like the layman level and drives you swiftly but efficiently to the level of an artist It s like a smooth ride in an elevator Effortlessly leading you to your destination.

    18. This book is fierce I picked it up late one night while fighting the flu and the next morning, I was like an efficient machine I felt extremely motivated to continue my efforts on a few projects that had been languishing on the back burner The author shines a very bright light on that cunning, rational voice we all have that convinces us to wait, procrastinate or never start a new venture He calls it resistance and expounds that the greater resistance you have to something, the important it mus [...]

    19. In a word obnoxious I ve suffered through 57 pages of being told I should resist resistance Skipping ahead to page 68, I see a chapter on the value of being miserable No Just no I m done here.

    20. I wasn t really sure what to expect when I read this quick read of a book On the one hand, I appreciated the brevity and the candor, and on the other, the self righteous overtones were alienating and borderline dictatorial I don t underestimate the work ethic and writing talent of Mr Pressfield however, if you are looking for practical approaches to consistently battling your bouts of procrastination and creative blocks without sacrificing the relationships that matter most in life aka real frie [...]

    21. Pressfield is a former Marine, the author of a novel on the Greco Persian Wars and a fan of the Bhagavad Gita, so probably someone who s become an expert in getting one s shit together in the face of adversity The War of Art is precisely about how to muster strength and determination in any creative enterprise against our inner adversary, which he calls Resistance name it procrastination or self sabotage or writer s block if you prefer.The books is divided into three sections 1 a definition of w [...]

    22. Two positive stars It was okay Maybe I ve read too many books about writing This is one of those paragraph a page books with quips about writing and overcoming what stands between you and getting it done But I didn t find those pages all that inspiring or motivating and I kept wishing for funny photographs above each paragraph to help me turn the pages It s one of those books that would benefit from polar bears and grasshoppers sitting at typewriters or somehow illustrating the text in a humorou [...]

    23. The first 2 3 of this book were exactly the inspiration, direction, correction, and kick in the butt every person doing creative work needs The last 1 3 was much of the same but phrased as abject nonsense It s short and moves fast and is well worth reading.

    24. FAN FREAKING TASTIC This is a must read by any one interested in doing ANYTHING other than the average with their life He focuses a lot on writing, but it clearly applies to anything you are called to do in your life, but seem unable to get yourself to do it.I have been working on and off on my 1st book for 5 years I have had so much resistance to sitting down and writing, even though I love writing my blog pieces Within pages, Pressfield clearly spell out the trouble, and just by recognizing it [...]

    25. Don t the best of them bleed it out While the rest of them peter out Foo Fighters My Hero A while back I was watching a documentary about the grunge band Nirvana Towards the end of the film, a music journalist was comparing Kurt Cobain to Dave Grohl and said, If Kurt Cobain is the artist, Dave Grohl is the craftsman This kept coming to mind when reading The War of Art by Steven Pressfield Cobain was the tormented artist, who couldn t handle the stresses of his own success Grohl stuck it out and [...]

    26. S.P flirts enough with valid conclusions However I felt that the reasons behind the beliefs are ego driven, derisive and flippant He makes unsubstantiated analogies and in many portions contradicts himself He engages in belligerent novice bashing He vehemently repeatedly reminds us that hes a pro and leaves us with little material useful for practical application Its not an accessible book since the entire narration sounds like hes pissed off and in turn taking it out on the reader As he mention [...]

    27. this book is basically a self help book about confronting procrastination pressfield begins by distinguising the behavior of an amateur from a professional artist he believes that to be human is to be an artist and that we procrastinate because we re afraid of achieving our full potential because to do so is very hard and requires much failure also, he references tiger woods and arnold schwarzenegger a lotch of what he says feels truthful however i immediately become suspicious of a book when i [...]

    28. This book was annoying, but I liked it OK.I thought it was funny that most of the people the author held up as paragons of success are borderline psychopaths who have cheated and lied their way to the top Lance Armstrong or have cheated and lied their way through their personal lives Arnold Swarzenegger and Tiger Woods.The author contradicts himself, too In the chapter For the Love of the Game he says, Playing for money, or adopting the attitude of one who plays for money, lowers the fever, whic [...]

    29. It is a good and inspirational book Unfortunately with no techniques on how to overcome the writer s block So if U seek a book with solutions for the writer s book then this book is not for u.

    30. This book is first and foremost a treatise on writing as labor Writing is work much like going to the gym, fighting a battle, or plowing a field That is the philosophy of the book one I tend to agree with Haruki Murakami talked in much similar terms about writing in his book about running He wrote a book about running and the discipline of running but he was also talking about the virtues necessary to be a writer Much of the book talks about the forces of Resistance Think about resistance as the [...]

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