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First Day on a Strange New Planet By Dan Yaccarino,

  • Title: First Day on a Strange New Planet
  • Author: Dan Yaccarino
  • ISBN: 9780786805785
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Two elementary students, one from Earth and one from the newly discovered planet, Meep, exchange places.
    First Day on a Strange New Planet Two elementary students one from Earth and one from the newly discovered planet Meep exchange places

    One thought on “First Day on a Strange New Planet”

    1. This was a clever, humorous little story that my niece, nephew and I enjoyed It was a little lengthy, so I was surprised that my nephew s four year old attention span lasted for the duration of this book The kids laughed several times, and didn t seem to tire of Blast Off Boy and Blorp s misadventures as participants in the intergalactic student exchange program In fact, they wanted me to read the book a second time.

    2. This book series is good for 2nd 3rd grade students It would even work well for ELL s in fourth grade I think this series could work in order to get students into reading low fantasy sci fi books at a primary level It is an o.k series for getting students to imagine a world beyond their own however, it does not do such a good job in developing the characters or setting in the story I stumbled upon this series at my school library and decided to read and review it and see how good it was One othe [...]

    3. This book could help a child who has to move and endure the hardships of experiencing all things new in their life I didn t like that the alien seemed to be smarter and able to impress the earthlings far They also spent their vacations out in the Milky Way and touring the moons of Jupiter What is the author saying That aliens are way advanced in intergalactic travel What s up with that The Earthlings should have been able to have spa trips to bath in Mars mud or something for vacation.

    4. Blast Off Boy is part of a new exchange program on the planet Meep He goes to live with the Glorp family, whose son, Blorp, lives with his family Both Blast Off Boy and Blorp get the chance to experience each other s planets Grade 4Heather

    5. Great book to help prepare young children for the new, and often scary adventure that is school It s funny and reassuring at the same time.

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