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Mr. Darcy's Letter: A Pride & Prejudice Variation By Abigail Reynolds,

  • Title: Mr. Darcy's Letter: A Pride & Prejudice Variation
  • Author: Abigail Reynolds
  • ISBN: 9780615571416
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback
  • A lady s reputation is a fragile thing If anyone discovered Miss Elizabeth Bennet had received a letter from a single gentleman, she could be ruined or forced to marry a man she detests In this Pride Prejudice variation, Elizabeth chooses the safe course and refuses to read Mr Darcy s letter of explanation Returning home unaware of Wickham s true nature, EliA lady s reputation is a fragile thing If anyone discovered Miss Elizabeth Bennet had received a letter from a single gentleman, she could be ruined or forced to marry a man she detests In this Pride Prejudice variation, Elizabeth chooses the safe course and refuses to read Mr Darcy s letter of explanation Returning home unaware of Wickham s true nature, Elizabeth confesses everything to him, putting both Mr Darcy and herself in grave danger from Wickham s schemes.
    Mr Darcy s Letter A Pride Prejudice Variation A lady s reputation is a fragile thing If anyone discovered Miss Elizabeth Bennet had received a letter from a single gentleman she could be ruined or forced to marry a man she detests In this Pride

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    1. I edited a comment today This review was originally published in November of 2014.Well, after reading all 85 other reviews I have several things to say to all who read reviews Yes, Abigail Reynolds is one of the best in the JAFF genre And in coming up with one story after another, I know she is going to have to become very inventive with events in the PP story line And that is why I read her stories I have every one of her stories, this one in both paperback and kindle and I paid full price for [...]

    2. Dear reader,Have you ever wondered what would happen if Elizabeth refused to read Darcy s letter, believed Wickham and only belatedly realised that all she held dear was a complete fabrication Deeply regretting believing such falsehoods,and anxious to make a better impression after inadvertently hurting Georgiana,Darcy and Elizabeth seem to have been gifted a second chance,only for Fate,in the guise of Lydia s elopement with Wickham,to thwart their plans Elizabeth,wishing to save Darcy from any [...]

    3. lovely story where Elizabeth refuses to read Mr Darcy s letter after the proposal at the parsonage however, she eventually learns that she has to read his letters 4.5 starstoo much misunderstandings even if they are already engaged and things have happened between them.I love Mr and Mrs Gardiner, they are great Poor Jane and Bingley, too much suffering and refusal.

    4. I love Ms Reynolds other books This book was a great disappointment Lizzie would never have behaved like the Lizzie in this story I didn t like Darcy or Lizzie The only people I did like were the Gardiners and Darcy s cousin Here s a fun game to play when you read the book, see how many time Ms Reynolds uses the word, ameliorate Find other words that just don t fit in this type of story Hire an editor

    5. Disappointed Three quarters of the way through the book that up to that point was pretty much a retelling of Pride Prejudice with a few variations she decides Elizabeth Darcy will make mad, passionate love BEFORE marriage How UN Jane

    6. This alternative raises the question what would of happened if Elizabeth Bennet didn t read Mr Darcy s letter She doesn t and of course her opinion of Wickhem doesn t change and neither does her opinion of Mr Darcy How is Mr Darcy to protect her and change her opinion of him I really liked this alternative because everything stays the same but the info not given changes Elizabeth, Jane and even Lydia s lives Of course this wouldn t be PP if Darcy didn t save the day somehow Anyway there is lots [...]

    7. reread 6 27 28 16 Another book I neglected to review and deleted the plot from my memory so I was obligated to re read Beginning immediately after the disastrous proposal at Hunsford when Mr Darcy offers Elizabeth Bennet his letter she refuses it believing that he is attempting to entrap her in an engagement Hey Lizzy you aren t that hot or desirable he later attempts to use Mrs Collins as a go between but Dizzy Miss Lizzy will not be swayed Of course Mrs Collins could have read the letter and r [...]

    8. Darcy knew it was a breach of propriety to write Elizabeth Bennet a letter, he knew it would damage her reputation if it was ever discovered, but he knew it was the only way to protect her from misplacing her trust in Wickham And so he behaves improperly, perhaps even scandalously, to protect the woman he loves But will Elizabeth appreciate his care and concern Not in this variation In Mr Darcy s Letter Elizabeth Bennet refuses to accept Darcy s letter from him in the grove Even when it is redel [...]

    9. I m not much for Austen fanfic, but the premise of this sounded intriguing But here I am at a quarter through the book and the change in events has essentially made no difference at all to the plotline Reynolds does a decent job of making her own words mesh with the ones of Austen s she reuses, but I don t see much point to this story Also, it s getting into physical areas and I don t want to go there, so DNF.

    10. Loved it Masters at misunderstanding each other, Darcy and Elizabeth go through a lot to be together Amidst almost ruin, one sister s broken heart, rumors you have to read it

    11. Totally against the rules of society Darcy writes Elizabeth a letter after his failed proposal but Elizabeth never reads it and returns to Longbourn unaware of the truth of Wickham But on hearing of the failed proposal Wickham believes it is in his best interests that they marry Bur knowing the nature of both Darcy and Elizabeth is it possible for a happy ending, and what about Jane and Bingley.Just about kept my interest, with the two main people constantly misunderstanding each other.

    12. Valutazione 3,5Una variazione di piacevole lettura, vivace, rocambolesca con quel tocco passionale che contraddistingue la Reynolds ma che farebbe storcere il naso a pi di qualche purista austeniana A parte questo la trama molto ben strutturata e la consiglierei a chi ha curiosit di conoscere un altra versione delle vicende di OP e in genere a chi ama i derivati austeniani

    13. A really interesting premise with a major change to the plot with Elizabeth refusing to read Darcy s letter This makes for a very interesting twist with the path to true love being tortuous not only for Elizabeth and Darcy but also Bingley There is some sex in the book which is fine but shows a major change in Elizabeth s strong sense of propriety from when she refuses to read a letter from an unattached gentleman to when the deed occurs However, a most enjoyable read.

    14. labibliotecadieliza.iE se Quante volte leggendo un libro o guardando un film ci siamo fatti questa domanda Da questa semplice idea nasce questo libro e la serie di romanzi cui appartiene Sono le variazioni di Orgoglio e Pregiudizio, uno Sliding Doors ambientato nelle pagine rese immortali da Jane Austen.Il punto di svolta, nonch inizio del romanzo, la decisione di Elizabeth Bennet di non leggere la lettera che Mr Darcy le scrive per discolparsi delle accuse che lei gli ha rivolto al momento del [...]

    15. This is of a 2.5 start book, but editing issues and a very anti climactic and somewhat confusing ending leads me to round down where I normally might have gone up.Pride and Prejudice spin offs are always hard to judge, mainly because it s published fanfiction and therefore I WANT to love it, but sometimes it just falls flat In this variation, Elizabeth chooses to protect her reputation and burns the letter Darcy gives her after refusing his proposal This means she never learns about Wickham s t [...]

    16. Quando si parla di Orgoglio e Pregiudizio si pensa sempre all a reverenziale e romantico che ne scaturisce dalle sue pagine Una variazione della sua linea naturale dei fatti, si suppone, debba mantenere tali aspetti Quello che cambia, si suppone sempre debbano essere i fatti in questo genere di libri.Ed invece in questo romanzo accade tutto il contrario a cambiare tutto il romanticismo classico simbolo della famosa opera di Jane Austen Riguardo alle vicende, beh, una leggera variazione.Dunque, d [...]

    17. Another great Abigail Reynolds read.The only thing I didn t like was the fact that Elizabeth was WAY TOO.yabout Darcy I will admit Elizabeth is NOT my favorite character of Austen s PP I always went for Darcy gee, I wonder why But in this variation, Lizzy is so darned prejudiced against Darcy that she believed anything about Darcy that was bad I think she would ve believed that Darcy crucified Christ if it validated what she believed to be correct in her mind I thought it was too far of a variat [...]

    18. While some of this story resembles other Abigail Reynolds works, I find that it s a better balance of angst, passion and romance Darcy tries than once to have Elizabeth read his letter after his disastrous proposal, but she never does He thinks she has when they meet at Pemberley, and then low and behold Lydia runs off with Wickham The story follows a familiar route, but I really enjoyed how the Lydia storyline played out As usually Darcy and Elizabeth are expected to misunderstand each other a [...]

    19. Quando ho scoperto di dover leggere un derivato di Jane Austen, sono entrata nel panico perch non ho mai letto niente di questa famosissima e amatissima scrittrice Ho subito pensato che non sarei mai riuscita ad apprezzare un libro basato su di un altro del quale non conoscevo n la trama n i protagonisti Il mio ti invece risultato infondato ho adorato il libro della Reynolds, una variazione del pi ben noto Orgoglio e Pregiudizio.Sin dalle prime righe, mi sono subito sentita catapultata in piena [...]

    20. This was a good revisioning of PP Elizabeth refuses to take Mr Darcy s letter when she is at Hunsford, which leads to blunders on Elizabeth s part in regards to Wickham and Georgiana It was well thought out, though the whole Wickham Lydia thing was a bit odd Also, I object to all of the physical aspects to the story Would Lizzy really do that Would Jane be so blaise when she is told about such goings on I just hope that not all of Ms Reynolds books delve into physical relations with Dear Jane s [...]

    21. Pretty good JAFF, although one of the things I love about the original PP is that Elizabeth and Darcy aren t sticklers for the rules of polite society, and that s what makes their connection possible This inserts that quality into Elizabeth s character that she doesn t naturally possess in the original, which is a necessary device to this specific plotline, but for me it did change her character in a way that rendered her less likeable Still worth reading, but that bothered me.

    22. I ve read several of Mrs Reynolds books but this wasn t my favorite Like one of the other reviewers, I found it hard to believe Elizabeth wouldn t read a letter from Mr Darcy, but the same Elizabeth seemed okay with anticipating her vows The love scene was well done, but just didn t fit with this story in my opinion Well written and a good read otherwise.

    23. Several of AR s books are not distinctive enough to stand on its own Not enough happens in this one, it s a bit to similar to What would Mr Darcy Do.

    24. From the synopsis A lady s reputation is a fragile thing If anyone ever discovered that Miss Elizabeth Bennet had received a letter from a single gentleman, she could be ruined or forced to marry a man she detests In this Pride Prejudice variation, Elizabeth takes the safer course and refuses to read Mr Darcy s letter of explanation Returning home unaware of Wickham s true nature, Elizabeth confesses everything to him, putting both Mr Darcy and herself in grave danger from Wickham s schemes I ca [...]

    25. Abigail Reynolds writes another Darcylicious novel Reynolds s decision to have Elizabeth not read Darcy s letter after his disastrous proposal changes many of the events in the story There are a few misunderstandings between Darcy and Elizabeth in this version however, I feel they add to the storyline and the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth Reynolds creates a roller coaster of emotions within the reader Between characters being caught in compromising positions, moving on in order to av [...]

    26. In this variation of Austen s Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth elects to not read Darcy s letter at Hunsford, and thus Elizabeth returns to Longbourn with no idea that Wickham is a cad, placing her family in harm s way She also still thinks the worst of Mr Darcy as well But then circumstances and Darcy intervene, and Elizabeth finally understands the truth But will it be too late Abigail Reynolds is one of the best of the many, many writers of Austen variations, continuations, sequels, vagaries, a [...]

    27. I m really enjoying these variation stories of PP I must admit that I liked Mr Darcy s Refuge by the same author, Abigail Reynolds, just 1 star I found the storyline a little conducive to the original PP characters Spoiler Alert It was a little far reaching to think that Darcy and Elizabeth would go intimately as far as they did However, what I did appreciate was the fact that the author didn t leave it as a simple romp but actually carried the mental consequences throughout the story This var [...]

    28. Hurray I brand new book from Abigail Reynolds I really liked this book There were times I couldn t put it down, but with the holidays at hand, I had to In this Pride and Prejudice variation, Elizabeth refuses to read Mr Darcy s letter, the one he writes to her after his proposal at Hunsford As a result, Elizabeth is unaware of Mr Wickham s true character She confides in him when she returns to Lougbourn and he tries to convince her to accept Darcy What is Wickham up to I liked the addition of Mr [...]

    29. I originally gave this 2 stars but on recently re reading I m surprised I did and I ve upped my rating At the time I was reading a lot PP re tellings by different authors so I may have been confused What if Elizabeth didn t read Mr Darcy s letter explaining Wickham s deceit and his role in separating Jane and Bingley They do indeed meet up again at Pemberley and discover his passion for her hasn t diminished and hers has been born.I love the way Abigail Reynolds imagines Mr Darcy This particular [...]

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