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The Bleeding Land By Giles Kristian,

  • Title: The Bleeding Land
  • Author: Giles Kristian
  • ISBN: 9780593066140
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Hardcover
  • England 1642 a nation divided England is at war with itself King Charles and Parliament each gather soldiers to their banners Across the land men prepare to fight for their religious and political ideals Civil war has begun A family ripped asunder The Rivers are landed gentry, and tradition dictates that their allegiance is to the King Sir Francis loyalty to theEngland 1642 a nation divided.England is at war with itself King Charles and Parliament each gather soldiers to their banners Across the land men prepare to fight for their religious and political ideals Civil war has begun.A family ripped asunder.The Rivers are landed gentry, and tradition dictates that their allegiance is to the King Sir Francis loyalty to the crown and his desire to protect his family will test them all As the men march to war, so the women are left to defend their home against a ruthless enemy Just as Edmund, the eldest of Sir Francis sons, will do his duty, so his brother Tom will turn his back on all he once believed inA war that will change everything.From the raising of the King s Standard at Nottingham to the butchery and blood of Edgehill, Edmund and Tom Rivers will each learn of honour, sacrifice, hatred and betrayal as they follow their chosen paths through this most savage of wars.
    The Bleeding Land England a nation divided England is at war with itself King Charles and Parliament each gather soldiers to their banners Across the land men prepare to fight for their religious and political ide

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    1. I confess, I prefer to read historical fiction set in what I call pre gun I am a swords, daggers and spears kind of person there may be something Freudian in that and historical fiction set after the advent of guns feels modern history to me The guns taint my attempts to escape into history and so I stay away Escapism through books is important to my daily grind.In saying that I have been dabbling in the waters of some post gun historical settings lately And when I say dabbling, I mean only dabb [...]

    2. Heartbreaking, harrowing, visceral, inescapable, detailed, stunning, gorgeous and riveting Those are some of the first words that sprang to mind after finishing Giles Kristian s The Bleeding Land I m having a good reading year historical fiction wise and this book was another highlight Kristian takes his reader along on an adventure and while you know, overall, how it s going to end this is historical fiction after all I found myself holding my breath at key scenes, hoping against hope that thin [...]

    3. If war is Hell, then civil war must be Hell s nastier, vindictive sister This is the message I took from Giles Kristian s historical novel The Bleeding Land.I ve been waiting a long time for some quality historical fiction set during the English Civil War A few years back I posted a question on Bernard Cornwell s forum asking if he would ever tackle the subject He said he had no plans to but finally a writer of equal quality has come along to take up this banner.Giles Kristian plunges the reade [...]

    4. Some time ago, I launched into Giles Kristian s Raven Saga You may have seen my reviews knocking around, as they were so good I ran from one to the next seamlessly and enjoyed all three immensely They were up there with some of the best adventure historical fiction I ve read I never flinched from recommending them But recently, Giles has turned his not inconsiderable literary talents toward a new theatre the English civil warThe civil war is not a period I know a great deal about and, while I ha [...]

    5. Description England 1642 a nation divided England is at war with itself King Charles and Parliament each gather soldiers to their banners Across the land men prepare to fight for their religious and political ideals Civil war has begun A family ripped asunder The Rivers are landed gentry, and tradition dictates that their allegiance is to the King Sir Francis loyalty to the crown and his desire to protect his family will test them all As the men march to war, so the women are left to defend thei [...]

    6. THE BLEEDING LAND is my first experience of Giles Kristian, a writer of historical adventure fiction who openly acknowledges Bernard Cornwell as the man who inspired him to write books in a similar vein I do have Kristian s Viking trilogy, but like so many books, I haven t actually got around to reading it yet.This book appealed to me because I know next to nothing about the English Civil War, having read only a single book set during the period, and I wanted to find out Kristian s book does th [...]

    7. This book was somehow not very distinct One of the author s main motivations was to cover this unexplored area of British history Well, he did not succeed for me The main story was quite interesting, but it could have happened in any time of early modern period, there is not much of the specific feel of the history In many instances the story is quite confusing We have one brother as the main narrator, and then there is the younger brother that sometimes takes over the narration and couple of ti [...]

    8. 1642 A family torn apart A war that will change England forever.In The Bleeding Land, Giles Kristian has brought to vivid life the bloody effects of a war against its own people The English Civil war was a battle of men against men brother fighting against brother, and father pitched against son Both sides thought that God was with them, but when the canons roared and the muskets fired, the only side that mattered under God, was the winning side.Sir Francis Rivers knows that the King, Charles I, [...]

    9. A definite 4.5 stars.Before I started it it had lots going for it as this particular period in history is one which I know well and enjoy reading about.This book did not disappoint, from the first I felt quickly engaged with the main characters the Rivers family and knew them well A very brief introduction made me understand their characters and how they might react.Then we were plunged headlong into a fast moving and exciting tale of loyalties stretched and broken of black hearted villains on a [...]

    10. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and like other reviewers have said, I am looking forward to the next installment, the English civil war is normally not of great interest to me However, from first being introduced to the rivers family, I was totally engaged with the characters This book demonstrated how bloodthirsty the Englush civil war was and how different members of the same family could be pitted in battle against one another.Highly recommended

    11. In 1642 the two Rivers brothers, born of the landed gentry, find themselves on opposing sides in the English Civil War The elder, Edmund, follows his class and tradition by supporting the King, while the younger, Tom, is led through a sequence of tragic events to support Parliament As the war goes on the strength of family ties comes into question during a series of brutal battles and the siege of their family home.I need to say right away that The Bleeding Land is an extremely violent book with [...]

    12. I m always a bit wary when one of my favourite authors decides to start a new project, especially when that author is Mr Viking himself, Giles Kristian His Raven series of books have been some of my favourite books of the last few years, so when I heard he was starting a new series set during the English civil war my heart sank The English Civil war is my least favourite period in history, as a secret Royalist I hate the fact that the dour and miserable Parliamentarians won and the religious int [...]

    13. Musketry and Mayhem Giles Kristian s The Bleeding LandThe Bleeding Land is the first in a new trilogy from the author of the popular Viking saga Raven Blood Eye Sons of Thunder Odin s Wolves The setting this time is 1642 England a country on the brink of disaster Growing parliamentarian forces are threatening to overthrow the King, and the novel s two protagonists brothers Edmund and Tom Rivers find themselves on opposite sides of the battlefield, each with his own reasons for fighting and each [...]

    14. For a girl with a viking heart I had to be brave and open minded when I decided to follow my favourite author into a period of history I have no clues about At first I did feel uncomfortable as I adjusted my mind to the turmoil bubbling up in London with all the mention of papists and apprentices and riots flying around However it is here that the beauty and strength of his writing really comes through For this is not a story about Kings, princes, and soldiers but of the turmoil of one family Of [...]

    15. Giles Kristian s The Bleeding Land delves into an interesting period in history the England s Civil War in the 17th century where the Parliament rebelled against the King and the land was torn apart and sometimes even families as everyone took sides in the following battles The novel explores the effects of the war on a family of landed gentry the Rivers Two sons are separated by a tragedy and find themselves on the opposing sides of the war.Overall, I was not entirely captivated by the novel, a [...]

    16. I won this book from the First Reads program Thanks so much to Giles Kristian for the signed copy What a wonderful book I was thoroughly hooked The book tells the tragic story of the English Civil War Parliament vs The Royalists, and a family that is caught in the midst of the war Edmund and his father, Frances, fight for King Charles Edmond s brother Tom fights for parliament Tom was angry at his father for not helping his future father in law, who was executed because he was accused of being C [...]

    17. I did not expect to like this book that I won as a giveaway It looked too long to sustain my interest From the reviews I thought the violence would turn me off And although I like historical novels, most of my reading currently consists of cozy mysteries But I immediately recognized the outstanding writing skills of the author And by the end, Mun, Tom, Bess and all the others, had come alive for me Without the violence the book would not have been an honest portrayal of war and how it affects so [...]

    18. I rated every one of the Raven series 5 and was eagerly awaiting this new novel I saw this as a novel of thirds the first third was an over complicated and over long passage creating the gulf between the two brothers The second third was than a little predictable and the final third was well written and enjoyable to read Needless to say, I m looking forward to the next in the series

    19. I know Oliver Cromwell s Army overpowered the Royalist in the English Civil War but, I wanted the Rivers family to win I have never been a fan of Cromwell or his followers I think of it as a black smudge in English history This book just had me in it s grip from the first page I loved it Truly Why did my family want food while I had such a book to read

    20. great story telling A bit slow for me in places, but it can t be a hundred miles an hour all the time The priest killing had me wondering if we really did things like that to each other, but we certainly did I can t wait for the next instalment

    21. Powerful story of divided family during the English Civil War You can smell the blood and the gun powder The prologue sets the scene of where the story is going with the 2 brothers on opposite sides of the battle field at Edgehill So the feeling of impending doom is there from the outset Great descriptions of the battles Also a convincing recreation of the real life Siege of Lathom House, with the house becoming the fictitious Rivers family home.I had a bit of a problem with the extra 4 days ins [...]

    22. This is a compelling story, thrilling and captivating, and taking place amid the 17th Century frenzy of blood letting and tumultuous chaos that was the unthinkable the English Civil War.However, I think it is actually a love story.A story about love of family and love of country And how they came to be incompatible How love can become so strong maybe too strong and turned to hatred for those you know you should love, but seem not to understand your love Then how the conflict it unleashes, in the [...]

    23. While there have been several TV dramas on the subject, the English Civil War tends to be one of those topics that many historical novelists seem to ignore Perhaps, as the author notes, it is the complexity of the conflict that puts people off writing about it Giles Kristian s solution is to focus on the human aspect, in this case, the Rivers family whose two sons end up on opposing sides It certainly makes for a very engrossing novel It can be a little confusing at times during battle scenes, t [...]

    24. I loved the Raven series and wanted to read from Giles But I ve never been remotely interested in this period But I m so glad I did, I really enjoyed the book The characters were rich and very human, and the book gave me a clear understanding of how fighting was done when firearms first came into play, with single shot I d always wondered about that The ex infantry officer coming out in me Thank you Giles onto the sequel, Brothers Fury.

    25. Not as hell for leather as Giles Raven and Sigurd trilogies, which is to be expected, because, you know Vikings Nevertheless, a great introduction to the British civil war, the effects when family members are on different sides and the sudden shock of violence on home soil when the rules start to break down Starting the second in the series straight away.

    26. The story is set in the events leading up to the Civil War and the early part of the War itself We see it through the eyes of two brothers, Edmund Mun and Tom Rivers They are not aristocracy, but are well to do and their father is a Member of Parliament It is during a visit to London with their father that the brothers realise how divided the country is, and how dangerously close to war Everyone knew that as MP for Ormskirk Sir Francis Rivers felt it his duty to keep one ear to Westminster s anc [...]

    27. This book is hard to put down.The book follows the Rivers family, Mun Edmund , his brother Tom and sister Bess through the beginning of the English Civil War.The battle scenes amongst others are fairly gory, but if that s your cup of tea, they are well described The book isn t all battle and gore though, it s about the characters, it s about their relationships and it s about how their relationships change.I d recommend this one.

    28. Ugh You know what War sucks It is terrible and awful and bloody What makes it worse is when families are ripped apart, and brothers fight against brothers That s exactly what happens in this novel, set during the English Civil War, which culminated in the execution of a king and the start of Parliamentary rule under Oliver Cromwell Kristian does an excellent job of showing the personal side of war, the casualties of personal relationships when brothers take opposing sides I also liked that his f [...]

    29. This novel took me a little longer to read than most of this length for two reasons Firstly, I was not as absorbed into the story as I often am and secondly, the author uses extremely graphic descriptions of mutilation, death, and battle that while completely appropriate are somewhat unpleasant to read.That said, there is a lot to like in The Bleeding Land The author evokes a believable English Civil War setting and I particularly enjoyed his descriptions of London, Parliament and it s members I [...]

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