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The Last Full Measure: Death in Battle Through the Ages By Michael Stephenson,

  • Title: The Last Full Measure: Death in Battle Through the Ages
  • Author: Michael Stephenson
  • ISBN: 9780307395849
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this brilliantly researched, deeply humane work of history, Michael Stephenson traces the paths that have led soldiers to their graves over the centuries, revealing a wealth of insight about the nature of combat, the differences among cultures, and the unchanging qualities of humanity itself Behind every soldier s death lies a story, a tale not just of the cold mathemaIn this brilliantly researched, deeply humane work of history, Michael Stephenson traces the paths that have led soldiers to their graves over the centuries, revealing a wealth of insight about the nature of combat, the differences among cultures, and the unchanging qualities of humanity itself Behind every soldier s death lies a story, a tale not just of the cold mathematics of the battlefield but of an individual human being who gave his life What psychological and cultural pressures brought him to his fate What lies and truths convinced him to march toward his death Covering warfare from prehistory through the present day, The Last Full Measure tells these soldiers stories, ultimately capturing the experience of war as few books ever have In these pages, we march into battle alongside the Greek phalanx and the medieval foot soldier We hear gunpowder s thunder in the slaughters of the Napoleonic era and the industrialized killing of the Civil War, and recoil at the modern, automated horrors of both World Wars Finally, we witness the death of one tradition of heroic combat and the construction of another in the wars of the modern era, ranging from Vietnam to America s latest involvements in Iraq and Afghanistan In exploring these conflicts and others, Stephenson draws on numerous sources to delve deep into fascinating, period specific detail tracing, for instance, the true combat effectiveness of the musket, the utility of the cavalry charge, or the vulnerabilities of the World War II battle tank Simultaneously, he examines larger themes and reveals surprising connections across both time and culture What does the medieval knight have in common with the modern paratrooper What did heroism and bravery mean to the Roman legionary, or to the World War I infantryman and what is the true motivating power of such ideals How do men use religion, friendship, or even nihilism to armor themselves against impending doom and what do we as human beings make of the undeniable joy some among us take in the carnage Combining commanding prose, impeccable research, and a true sensitivity to the combatant s plight, The Last Full Measure is both a remarkably fresh journey through the annals of war and a powerful tribute to the proverbial unknown soldier.
    The Last Full Measure Death in Battle Through the Ages In this brilliantly researched deeply humane work of history Michael Stephenson traces the paths that have led soldiers to their graves over the centuries revealing a wealth of insight about the na

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    1. Despite the title and the subject matter death in war it is not as gloomy as I expected And there is some gallows humour sprinkled about.Over half the book is on the two World Wars There are maybe one hundred pages on the U.S Civil War and the modern era Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq It starts off with Greece, Rome, Carthage which I was not that interested in Overall the book is eloquent with a multitude of quotes from participants of war and mostly from the English speaking world, with a few F [...]

    2. I don t know if I can add much that hasn t been covered in the blurb and other reviews, but this was a great book While I devote little time to the genre, I think it would be difficult to find a better look at general warfare, weaponry, and the many ways in which soldiers have shuffled off the mortal coil With such a massive supply of subject matter, the author narrowed the scope of the book to focus largely on the plight of land soldiers infantry and mounted forces fighting on land Naval and ai [...]

    3. A highly readable overview of the evolution of land warfare, The Last Full Measure How Soldiers Die In Battle by Michael Stephenson covers some of the same ground as John Keegan s The Face of Battle by focusing on war from the foot soldier s perspective Stephenson s scope is much broader, though, as he begins in the Stone Age, makes some predicable stops along the way dawn of gunpowder, American Civil War, World Wars I and II and finishes up in Iraq just a few years ago Of course any one of the [...]

    4. How soldiers approach not just the prospect of battle itself but the possibility or inevitability of their own death is something both unique and timeless Each soldier faces death in his own individual way, and yet so much of battle and battlefield deaths are a result of a whole convergence of factors, only a few which may have anything to do with the man himself The nature of the combat, the time and the place, the cultural impulses behind the conflict, the identity of the enemy, the weaponry, [...]

    5. I received this book from through their First Reads program, and thoroughly enjoyed it, although it is somewhat morbid to say one enjoys reading a book about the death of soldiers And, indeed, this book is a sobering one as it forces the reader especially the reader who has never been a soldier to consider the armaments, motives, and deaths of those who fight This book aims to examine these topics through the ages, but tends to focus on American wars, as well as recent wars This makes sense as [...]

    6. This book provides a very accessible overview of trends in how soldiers are killed in war and, in so doing, highlights lots of general issues with regard to war classism, ethics, the role of leadership, the changing nature of organization for war, the relationships between soldiers and civilians, the brutality of war, tension between heroism and professionalism, between heroism and mechanization, between heroism and stand off capabilities, ideals of warfare, ideals of soldiery, and so forth Bet [...]

    7. I won this book from.The book did not read easy like a novel, but this was so informative and interesting I enjoyed reading it The author starts as describing early methods of war as well as the social and personal expectations experiences of a warrior and continues up to modern day I would think that this could be a wonderful resource to add to our military s must read books The research done is excellent and the book is easy to understand so I d recommend it to anyone who loves reading about h [...]

    8. Too much history, not enough cultural analysis Sorry, Last Full Measure you re an excellent read for historians, not so much for anthropologists

    9. Impulse purchase on Ibooks a while back Overall, I was not all that impressed with the book Stephenson is certainly a great writer and his judicious use of quotes and extended passages from soldiers letters, diaries, and memoirs illustrates the chaos of battle across time At a certain point when reading this book, though, one begins to wonder What s the point because after discussing the American Civil War, Stephenson mostly presents a series of snapshots about battle from various colonial confl [...]

    10. Extraordinary well researched I m not used to non fiction so I didn t get through it as easily as I d hoped, but the anecdotes and knowledge embedded were extraordinary A must read for any remotely interested in war, history, or the human spirit.

    11. AmazingNo words can adequately describe this book Its a book you ll love or dislike and dislike probably only because of the inconvenient truth it holds.

    12. Great readThe perspective of this book is quite different from most military histories Dying is war hasn t changed, only the methods.

    13. I was excited to buy this book as it sounded like a good idea pulling out one thread from a broad sweep of history Unfortunately it didn t live up to my expectations and I didn t make it very far through the book The author, in my opinion, spent far too much space giving generic history that you could find anywhere, and didn t go into that much detail on his actual topic.

    14. Stephenson tells great stories and tells them well What fascinates is what men, people, do to one another in order to produce death by war If you ve read historical fiction about various battles, you know something of what s here This description of battles, one after the other, makes for a compelling read I would say I couldn t put it down, except sometimes I had to put it down I couldn t stand to read one story of the awfulness of enduring warfare, whether modern or ancient This book can be h [...]

    15. The Last Full Measure by Michael Stephenson is a sobering reminder of war time dead, from the ancient age up to and including the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan Stephenson has compiled a series of brutal accounts of war time fatalities, in an effort to illustrate to we how soldiers die in battle His book is refreshingly objective and apolitical This straight forwardness is echoed within Stephenson s writing itself a master of the English language, Stephenson s writing is both eloquent [...]

    16. I have been waiting for a year to read this book It stood on my shelves and on my to read list patiently waiting for my hand to finally grab it and start I wanted to read it, the theme of the book grabbed me in a meaningful way and I just hoped that I felt the same way after I was done with it Well I have and I do, in fact than I expected Stephenson s work is extraordinary and gripping I have read much war time literature, from Hanson s Greek and ancient efforts to McPherson s Civil War work, a [...]

    17. This quote from the book, I d read it based only on this paragraphThe Last Full Measure is about how soldiers have died in combat This exploration of the central truth of battle involves a recognition of a debt and an attempt to honor an obligation But it is important to be clear about this To pay respect to these dead is not at all the same thing as promoting militarism The braying of the war lovers and the shrill call of the chicken hawks, will always ensure that their voices are heard loud an [...]

    18. A book about death and killing in combat is probably not a choice for many readers It is however a real part of war and the author does an excellent job of covering it He is very much a realist, not maudlin or leaning towards any poliltical agenda, analysing wars from ancient times to Vietnam and Iraq very well using a multitude of sources and memoirs It helps a lot that he is an excellent writer with a very expressive style He does have a point of view, which he emphasizes that wars are ugly an [...]

    19. An unflinching glimpse into what soldiers on the ground really face when they make that ultimate sacrifice The book attempts to cover the documented history of man and the methods used in war, and how advances in technology changed the very nature of how war was viewed but at the same time some things are timeless and universal It breaks down that history into ancient, medieval, colonial, the US Civil War, the World Wars seperately, and finally the morphing and uncertain nature of insurgent figh [...]

    20. There is a certain morbidity that comes with reading 400 pages of unabated death and not quiet death, but death in the midst of battle And yet there is a quiet dignity to The Last Full Measure, one that manages to be neither clinical nor Rambo esque, but rather, fundamentally compassionate Stephenson is a consummate historian, tracing the evolution of war over the millennia from prehistory to the modern day with meticulous accuracy Although there are moments where the writing falls short of the [...]

    21. Fairly exhaustive run down on all the gory details of just how soldiers die in battle Focuses mainly on wars the US was involved in, with a couple chapters on Greeks Romans and medieval Europe and Japan Liberally sprinkled with excerpts from memoirs, and thoughtful commentary on the human condition Clued up with an Appendix on military medical treatment through the ages that is almost horrific than the 300 pages of death that came before It references the memoir of a doctor titled On Amputation [...]

    22. Very interesting and well written account It s a melange of Grossman s On Killing, English s On Infantry, and any one of Victor Davis Hanson s books It goes chronologically and is replete with quotes from soldiers through the ages some well known, others not so It s well balanced account and in his preface, which is profound and moving, Stephenson expertly and adroitly walks the tightrope between glorification of war and repulse at the gore He pretty much covers everything There s even an append [...]

    23. This book is something of an amplified version of Chris Hedges What Every Person Should Know About War, which is a great book itself.Sample quote The Last Full Measure is about how soldiers have died in combat This exploration of the central truth of battle involves a recognition of a debt and an attempt to honor an obligation But it is important to be clear about this To pay respect to these dead is not at all the same thing as promoting militarism Nor is it to pretend that every slain soldier [...]

    24. I really enjoyed this book, and felt it was missing something I initially went into it expecting something different it was largely a review of how military technology has evolved over millennia, so as such, it was always going to be general However, I felt it was both a bit brief in actually examining the revolutionary and evolution role of new technologies On the other hand, Stephenson doesn t really examine how these technologies influenced the men and women on the receiving end That said, it [...]

    25. Great book about a very sad topic Stephenson covers the dead in battle from ancient times to Iraq and Afghanistan We see the progress of technology both in weaponry and medicine and how soldiers perish on the battle field I found the writing style fluid and respectful, honest and forthright I have read a lot about the Civil War and WWI, so the other parts of the book were interesting to me, especially the section on ancient battles Would recommend this for writers and historians.

    26. While casualty studies are an essential part of military history, and this certainly is a great one, a appropriate title would have been how Anglo soldiers die in Battle The study uses Anglo studies almost exclusively and lacks an appropriate statistical presentation to be a truly groundbreaking historical study Nonetheless, the method is sound and a very important subject is well addressed.

    27. Outstanding study of combat and its instrument from Ancient Greece to modem Afghanistan and Iraq Readers will be happily surprised to see that this is not a technical read, but rather one comprised of endless personal anecdotes from the combatants throughout history Reads like a diverse diary of numerous soldiers, brought together by a single narrator Very well done and highly recommended Sections from WW1 present day are unmatched.

    28. This is a fascinating history of warfare from ancient through modern times It has extensive information about weaponery, literature, customs, tactics, and statistics Stephenson s style is articulate, concise, and informative The notes and bibliography in the back explain the sources for information The author s own analyses add much to the information This book should appeal to many groups of readers.

    29. Worth reading, especially after recently finishing a history of WWII, in order to remember that war is not just tactics and battles and victories and defeats it is also bloody, unheroic, often anonymous death.

    30. A very good book Cant give it 5 stars, would give it 4.5, because sometimes it read to much like a text book It really brought some very interesting thoughts to me, some having nothing to do with battle or death.

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