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The Angel Experiment By James Patterson,

  • Title: The Angel Experiment
  • Author: James Patterson
  • ISBN: 9780446617796
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Six unforgettable kids with no families, no homes are running for their lives Max Ride and her best friends have the ability to fly And that s just the beginning of their amazing powers But they don t know where they come from, who s hunting them, why they are different from all other humans and if they re meant to save mankind or destroy it.
    The Angel Experiment Six unforgettable kids with no families no homes are running for their lives Max Ride and her best friends have the ability to fly And that s just the beginning of their amazing powers But they don t

    One thought on “The Angel Experiment”

    1. Now this is a terrible book.Written with all the wit and grace of a one legged puppy, Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment reveals its intentions within the first chapter alone This is not a book of striking prose or even serviceable but entertaining MOR lit It is merely a cash cow, another mindless series designed to appeal to reluctant readers It is, in a word, soulless.Maximum Ride follows the adventures of six children, each of whom is the product of a genetic experiment they are 98% human, 2% [...]

    2. Well that wasn t too bad You have six kids that are human and have some bird in them Huh, and all this time I thought they were angels Goes to show you have to read to know I m glad this was on one of my challenge lists because I have wanted to read it I think I will keep checking them out on Overdrive to see what else happens I mean they all escaped and have people things after them Happy Reading Mel

    3. This is a book I always thought I wouldn t enjoy.I saw it numerous times at my former high school s library and, each time I came across it, I would let my fingers linger on the cover, a pensive expression on my face, and think, Naaaah, not for me Boy was I wrong not to read it YEARS ago The Angel Experiment is such a fast paced, action packed, well, RIDE I thought it would be about actual angels, but that s not what Max and her friends are They are literal experiments with bird genes in their b [...]

    4. OK I thought this was going to be a lame cheese fest I mean, James Patterson I know kids seem to like the series OK, and even a couple adults have recommended it to me But I figured it wasn t my bag I m not sure why Genetically engineered mutant kids with wings escaping from evil scientists and fighting super strong werewolf like soldiers What s not to like I couldn t put it down Fast paced, exciting, kind of horrifying and a lot better written than I expected I m totally reading the next book I [...]

    5. Take a bit of the child like innocence vs evil of Harry Potter, some of the artificially created destiny from Ender s Game, throw in the flying fantasies from Eragon and mix them in with Patterson s trademark flippant characterization, and you ve got Maximum Ride This is the book I m going to recommend when everyone s recovering from the end of Harry Potter later this month Really It s that good And the best part is there are two books after this one There s already a waiting list for my copy.P [...]

    6. 2.5 Stars The funny thing about facing imminent death is that it really snaps everything else into perspective Well that was fun, i LOVED MAX she was great, annoying at times but funny, and loving big sister The writing was okay, The story had potential but was poorly executed.

    7. This book was okay, but I just felt like it didn t have a lot of substance I didn t really take anything away from it, almost like it didn t have a lot of deep meaning And it wasn t terribly entertaining, either I just would have liked the characters to be a little deeper, I guess I doubt I will read the rest of the series Reviewed for inthehammockblog

    8. I want you, the reader, to take a moment and scroll down to the lists this novel has been shelved in Best Young Adult Books, Best Books Ever, What To Read After Harry Potter, Best Female Lead Characters, and Best Science Fiction Fantasy Books If you haven t guessed by the titles, these are pretty big and popular lists If you click into them and view the lists, you will see that this book is pretty high up the ranks And if you looked behind the book, you ll see raving review after raving review I [...]

    9. Do Not Finish at page 145.I want to finish this book, but after a while I remember life is too short for reading one crappy book after another.If I read The Angel Experiment when I was 12 years old, I guess I would have been oh so impressed.But readers who possess the mental maturity of a 13 years old or above are free to skip this book.And James Patterson, I m blacklisting you I will not read any other of your books Trick me one, shame on you trick me twice, shame on me.

    10. This is a really terrible book It s even worse than the whole Twilightand Eragon series combined together The plot is extremely obnoxious, it features cardboard characters, and it has awfully absurd twists It s dialogues are really horrible, like an old man trying very hard to sound young this book is very,very,very badly written A 12 year old could probably do better The battle scenes, if you could call them that, are also poorly written and not realistic Not even in the least This book is oh s [...]

    11. One of my students recommended this book, and while I was intrigued by the premise, and the fact that the protagonist is a female action hero, I found the dialogue beyond basic only an adult would imagine that kids really communicate like this and the plot was a liitle repetitious it s part of a trilogy but I don t care enough about these characters to read .

    12. Reader thoughts Max is a sarcastic and tough teen with amazing wings She s leader of her flock of bird kids, and they work hard to stay away from the troublesome adult scientists Max struggles to keep her flock together, discover her destiny, and save the world while she s at it.Finding their parents would be a nice bonus, too, if only the whitecoats would stop trying to kill them Sadly, only the first 3 books of the series are good But they are so good Writer thoughts It s amazing that JP can p [...]

    13. Warning If you dare to read his story,you become part of the Experiment.I know that sounds a little mysterious but it s all I can say right now MaxI read a lot of Patterson adult thrillers, and after a while, I kind of got bored of him I mean how many sequels can a book have So, with that said, I had really low expectations for this one, but the book really took me by surprise This book is just pure fun 400 pages of action packed fun, that leaves you wanting I also found out that I like young a [...]

    14. Whoa This book is sooo good It s really, really, REALLY fast paced and action packed Even the very first chapter throws you headfirst into straight on action It s a very easy read, with short chapters that flow right into the other with cliffhangers It s not something you can start stop reading once you start, there s no turning bag You re dragged into the story from the very first page, willingly or not, and nothing can tear you from the book only forceful things, like school, homework, parents [...]

    15. Alright, I thought the narration on this book was way cheesy initially But, like the bookcrazy girl I am who is a sucker for a good story, I got sucked in This book is many things Fun aimed at kids, but fun that an adult who isn t terribly cynical and superior could enjoy Penetrating, insightful look at human nature and society don t laugh it is Utterly disturbing view of the unscrupulous applications of modern science I truly did feel my stomach lurch at some of the experimentation on children [...]

    16. 1.5 stars On the plus side, this novel has a very interesting premise and the book was a very fast read On the negative side, there is not a whole lot of substance to the story and the character development is weak I was really hoping that the author would do something really great with the very cool concept of children genetically enhanced with avain DNA, but it just didn t happen Bottom line, the book, while not horrible, was one I really didn t like.

    17. The only reason this book doesn t get five stars from me is because I m so confused by some things But I liked it A LOT A lot a lot First, I didn t feel like it really went anywhere It s like you can tell it s trying to go somewhere but it s not really doing it Basically, this book was just full of the flock running, getting caught, running, getting beat up, running, getting chased by the cops, running Over and over After a while it was kind of predictable not to mention painful It took me a whi [...]

    18. The book is about a group of 6 kids who are pretty normal except they are 98% human and 2% bird They have wings, can fly, and also posses super human talents They were created at a place called the School They lived there as experiments until Jeb, a human scientist set them free Each member of this group has been created with super human abilities like great speed, strength, physic powers, and flight Angel, the youngest who is telepathic and can breathe underwater, is kidnapped by Erasers Eraser [...]

    19. A bizarre plot with a terrible beginning Without any sort of background we are plunged into action It works for Riordan but unfortunately not here Could not bring myself to read past the first 20 pages P.S Mr Patterson Kids do NOT speak like that You just sound like an adult trying too hard to talk in a way he thinks kids these days might talk.Bad sentence formation just now, you say Yeah, that about sums up your book.

    20. Title The Angel ExperimentAuthor James PattersonSeries Maximum Ride 1Rating Summary In James Patterson s blockbuster series, fourteen year old Maximum Ride, better known as Max, knows what it s like to soar above the world She and all the members of the flock Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman and Angel are just like ordinary kids only they have wings and can fly It may seem like a dream come true to some, but their lives can morph into a living nightmare at any timeke when Angel, the youngest member of [...]

    21. This series is a mess The author took it in such a weird direction and really should have stopped after 3 books However, this series especially this book was actually the reason I got so heavily into reading I was in grade 6 at school age 11 when my friend in grade 7 told me they were reading this book in class I begged mum to buy it for me because my friend really loved it By the time I got to grade 7 and read it in class, I had already read the first 3 books in the series I actually made my be [...]

    22. This is my first James Patterson, so I m not entirely sure about his writing style, but I guess the way he s written this book was as if it was the protagonist Patterson writes in the voice of the girl hero Maximum Ride, and ends mostly with small cliffhangers, which compels the readers to continue reading I couldn t really put it down I kept wanting to find out what happened to the characters Patterson didn t only place small cliffhangers at the end of the chapters, he added a huge one for the [...]

    23. I usually really enjoy YA books but this one was young than it was adult and occasionally irritating because of that Initially I thought I had picked up the series on the second book because of constant references to what has happened before I ended up wondering why the author had not started his story at the beginning His characters were also very poorly drawn which made it difficult to be concerned about any of them The story did become reasonably exciting and I read through to the end I will [...]


    25. James Patterson s contribution to young adult fantasy It s actually pretty good I guess if you are a good writer you can write anything.

    26. It would ve been enjoyable if I didn t read the manga and got all the spoilers from that Also, the chapters weren t very effective when it came to the cliffhangers at the end of it because there were 3 pages in every chapter or less Personally, I enjoyed this a little less than the manga because it was perfect in that form It s a very action packed book that deserves the pictures in that manga.

    27. Slightly Snarky review to come Definitely do not feel the same way about it as I did in Middle School.Update I didn t finish this book the second time around And I ve come to the realization that my Middle School self had different tastes and opinions than my current self What s that You want to me to provide some examples Well, if you insistHere are my opinions onE PLOTMiddle School self OMGersh, so exciting Current, sarcastic self While hearing everyone talk to each other about the same things [...]

    28. I need to go on a re reviewing spree soon Gosh, my old review made me sound like a huge idiot YAY This will be fun.

    29. What an action packed book Max Maximum Ride is one of six kids who were genetically engineered to be able to fly The kids are all different but care for each other deeply as a family since they ve never had another family They don t even know if they were test tube babies or if they had parents How did they end up in the institution that experimented on them That is just one of the mysteries that exist in the book.While I loved the pace and the cat and mouse game they play with their hunters, it [...]

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