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Niceville By Carsten Stroud,

  • Title: Niceville
  • Author: Carsten Stroud
  • ISBN: 9780307700957
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Something is wrong in Niceville A boy literally disappears from Main Street A security camera captures the moment of his instant, inexplicable vanishing An audacious bank robbery goes seriously wrong four cops are gunned down a TV news helicopter is shot and spins crazily out of the sky, triggering a disastrous cascade of events that ricochet across twenty diffeSomething is wrong in Niceville A boy literally disappears from Main Street A security camera captures the moment of his instant, inexplicable vanishing An audacious bank robbery goes seriously wrong four cops are gunned down a TV news helicopter is shot and spins crazily out of the sky, triggering a disastrous cascade of events that ricochet across twenty different lives over the course of just thirty six hours Nick Kavanaugh, a cop with a dark side, investigates Soon he and his wife, Kate, a distinguished lawyer from an old Niceville family, find themselves struggling to make sense not only of the disappearance and the robbery but also of a shadow world, where time has a different rhythm and where justice is elusive Something is wrong in Niceville, where evil lives far longer than men do.Compulsively readable, and populated with characters who leap off the page, Niceville will draw you in, excite you, amaze you, horrify you, and, when it finally lets you go, make you sorry you have to leave.Read the first thirty five pages Find out why Harlan Coben calls Carsten Stroud the master of the nerve jangling thrill ride.
    Niceville Something is wrong in Niceville A boy literally disappears from Main Street A security camera captures the moment of his instant inexplicable vanishing An audacious bank robbery goes seriously wrong

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    1. a canadian writing southern gothic i am there with bells on you have a town that is smalltown, but not as inbreed y insular as, say,in Your House Is on Fire, Your Children All Gone niceville is one of those southern historically respectful towns, with its long memory of its four families and the war of northern aggression, and its squinty eyed suspicion of the outside oh, and it might have a haunted lake and some native american curses at work is a ghost story clomped together with a bank robber [...]

    2. It didn t gel for me The author seemed to aim at somewhere between a dark comedy of errors and a ghost ish story in the vein of a Stephen King in the mood to tap into the history of a creepy town populated by locals with genealogies stretching back to some fatal root It was a bit creepy, at least in the beginning It was a bit madcap, with coincidences interweaving the major players, of which there are many It was a bit gory It was a bit vague.I found myself unable to remember who certain people [...]

    3. oh, i liked this book so much so so much it s not the story, really, but the characters, and the hard boiled sassiness perfect writing this is a book about men the women are few and far in between but it is the kind of book about men cops and criminals that tickles my pleasure centers to the hilt because these guys are the caricatures of masculinity i ve always loved in spaghetti westerns clint eastwood is mentioned here quite a lot as the paragon of all things cool in my childhood, these people [...]

    4. Rating 2.5 starsFavorite Quote Come what may This book was extremely disappointing for me I felt like it had so much potential but there were so many times that I did not even want to continue reading The first chapter was excellent It grabbed me right from the first sentence and hooked me with the disappearance of a young boy on his way home from school Literally he is there one minute and gone the next Already there were some spooky supernatural elements to the story including a haunted mirror [...]

    5. Few will agree with me on this one, but that s ok As they say down here in the South the South, not Stroud s wackadoodle Niceville South , this creeped me smooth out Don t have time for a complete review wifi squatting here but jo and, hopefully, you might agree Niceville and its sequel, The Homecoming deserve some love.

    6. This has to be one of the most bizzare books i have ever read Just trying to describe it had me busting my brain for ages Think a small American town called Niceville and a few days in the life of families and other people around it The main part of the story is of a young boy named Rainey Teague who goes missing Camera vision shows him literally disappearing from one frame to another Police eventually find him in the grave of another person with the sight untampered and no explanation of how he [...]

    7. There was a lot to like about this book Snappy writing, crisp dialogue, a creepy setting Too bad it started out as a horror novel and then mixed in a crime thriller Kept waiting for the twain to meet in some great denouement But it never happened Stroud desperately needed an editor to step in and ask him if the wanted to write a horror ghost story or a crime thriller Jamming two disparate plot lines together does not work.

    8. A book that includes this passage in the first few pages is a winner At 1513 55, Rainey Teague is right there At 1513 56, the kid is gone.Sadly, that opening and the tension surrounding the disappearance of Rainey disappear in the next few chapters There are five main strands here Rainey s reappearance and subsequent catatonic state, the bank robbery in Gracie followed by the killing of four policemen and two reporters, the mischievous malice of Tony Brock, several disappearances of older member [...]

    9. You may also read my review here mybookishways 2013 07 Niceville is a lovely little southern town No matter if there have been a number of unexplained disappearances over the last hundred years or so So many that they top the national average by quite a bit, in fact Surely, though, it s an anomaly, nothing to be too concerned about, right When a young boy, Rainey Teague, disappears on his way home from school, however, it seems to kick off something very powerful, possibly even ancient Rainey Te [...]

    10. Review originally published here iheartreading reviews Niceville is probably the strangest, most boring book I ve ever read Why is it boring Because it makes no sense It starts out interesting enough with a boy disappearing from Main Street in broad daylight, while he was glancing through a mirror in a pawn shop One moment he s there, the other moment he s not When I read this part of the synopsis, I was hooked Then they find the boy inside a tomb, which hasn t been opened in years, traumatized [...]

    11. The town that is the setting for Carsten Stroud s Niceville Alfred A Knopf 2012 is anything but On the surface, it s sleepy, safe, small town America, but one scratch and you expose a tawdry underside where its vile secrets are slowly over generations tearing the place apart Niceville is the story of an easy going layback town with a fifty year string of murders disappearances deaths that comes to a head when first a teenage boy disappears, then his mother, and then, well, townspeople It takes [...]

    12. NICEVILLE didn t live up to my expectations of an intense thriller with significant horror elements Instead, it turned out to be a slow burning, complicated and admittedly complex crime mystery story with subtle horror on the side The exposition takes up half of the book I listened to the unabridged audio version , and new characters and or events are introduced every other chapter It s very difficult not to lose track of who s who and how they relate to each other NICEVILLE ended up being the f [...]

    13. By nature I am a reader, not a writer, and I like it that way I must say something about this novel, though Read it This was a real page turner Absolutely descriptive and imaginative and the story had me completely engrossed I have not read anything written by Carsten Stroud however, I am certainly going to be checking out some of his other works This book was just the right amount of eerie, freaky, chilling, spooky, and completely entertaining these are the types of books I most enjoy because I [...]

    14. Wow, this novel is a real gem As soon as I started listening to the audiobook, I was sucked into this strange little town called Niceville and it s people The narrator, Ann Marie Lee, is a consummate professional who was not only able to keep all the many characters straight, but they all had fully defined speech patterns, inflections, and voices She was spellbinding I m going to have to find of her audiobooks Black stone audio, take note The novel was something completely different from anythi [...]

    15. Es gibt Polizisten es gibt ehemalige Polizisten Und es gibt ehemalige Soldaten, manche von ihnen sind jetzt Polizisten Sie alle sind gr tenteils austauschbar harte Kerle, die den Tod nicht f rchten und nach einem Lungensteckschuss am liebsten eine Zigarette rauchen und einen Whiskey trinken Sie sind die Figuren in Niceville und alle verstrickt in eine Spirale der Gewalt, die kein Ende kennt Hauptprotagonist aber ist das B se selbst.Und bald ahnen wir, dass es etwas damit auf sich hat, dass die V [...]

    16. Rating 3 of 5A boy, walking home from school in broad daylight on a busy street, vanished literally and an old southern town with a dark history were the two reasons I chose Niceville Had I know it was the first in a trilogy does anyone write standalone books any I might not have borrowed it.That s not to say I was disappointed with Niceville just underwhelmed.Stroud hooked me from the first chapter crafty devil and ended each chapter with just enough to keep me turning the page he s obviously a [...]

    17. Rainey Teague is walking home from school one afternoon, looking into store windows, when he disappears Seems this kind of thing is common in Niceville, which seems to have an unusually large number of abductions.Other terrible things also happen in town There s been a recent bank robbery, associated with the death of several citizens and four cops in which millions of dollars and a secret high tech device were stolen Even worse, the robbers were a police officer and his accomplices A creepy div [...]

    18. I was excited to read Niceville because I thought the synopsis sounded very interesting About a quarter of the way into the book, I wasn t so excited any Niceville was a disappointment to me It think it tried to be too many things at once The ghost story was really cool and had it been the main focal point of the story, I would have liked it a lot For me, there were too many characters to keep track of as well as too many points of view The bank robbery really had nothing to do with the ghost s [...]

    19. Found this one a little disjointed I don t know, is that a word It s best how I would describe it Started out promising with the misterious disapperance of a boy, but then a seemingly unassociated story about a bank robbery is tossed in there, and suddenly I was wondering if I was still reading the same book By the time the author got back to the interesting story about all the other disappearances in the town of Niceville, the story seemed to end rather abruptly.

    20. Volevo leggere un semplice romanzo di intrattenimento e, infatti, questo ho avuto Non sarebbe stato neanche male come thriller Peccato che l introduzione della vena horror, peraltro del tutto irrisolta, l abbia condotto a un finale che fa venire il latte alle ginocchia Se si vuole imitare Stephen King, a mio modesto avviso bisogna averne, anche solo parzialmente, il talento It, pur con tutti i limiti del caso, un signor romanzo Questo solo una stupidaggine.

    21. NicevilleByCarsten StroudQuick summaryA young boy disappears on the way home from schoolis seems to set the pace for about a million other odd and unexplainable things happening in the town of Niceville.My thoughtsThis book contains a whole lot of crazy Fabulous, fascinating, heart pounding crazy Seemingly the beginninge chapters do not seem all that connected But as I got deeper and deeper into the heart of this bookere were tons of amazing connections The characters are all oddme of them delig [...]

    22. Niceville may look like an idyllic Southern town, but there s weirdness aplenty here Stroud populates this town with a batch of hard, violent characters and enough convoluted, intertwined family history that sometimes it was tough to remember who was related to who But amidst child abductions, kiddie porn, bank robberies and corporate espionage there s trouble from the outside , and in Stroud s world that means some kind of alternate plane of existence or ghosts or something else entirely I m no [...]

    23. This book has a lot of things going for it which are all overshadowed by its one main, glaring problem there is waaaayyy too much going on here This could easily be three separate books would probably be so much the better for being split up Hidden in these 400 pages, there s one Peter Straub esque book about a missing child the gothic southern family curse that led to his disappearance One book about a bank robbery the heinous events following One book about a half hearted hacker who tries to s [...]

    24. What the heck IS this book So many genres criss cross here and the tone is so hard to peg that I never figured out why this book was even written It has in no particular order the supernatural, people with Dickensian names Mavis Crossfire, and others , brutal modern violence of the gun variety, a setting that seems like it is out of time and place, though people drive Cayennes and moms get zoned out on Oxy and it is in the Deep South, and places with names that even Dickens would shy away from N [...]

    25. A little boy disappears Actually a lot of children disappear in this lovely little town The little boy is found, just after his mother disappears looks like suicide , and becomes catatonic just before his father blows off his own head There is a mysterious mirror in the mix And that s the introductory story After this it gets weird and dark.People disappear left and right A bank is robbed The internet is used for evil And This is a very dark book There might be some good guys or not Hard to tel [...]

    26. I found this book to be a beautifully written horror story encased within a small southern American town where the reader gets to really engross themselves into the lives of the population of Niceville Not only did this book captivate me with its fast paced, thrill of the chase story line but, it highlights the complexity of one individual town, with numerous stories all intertwining into each other, albeit somewhat loosely Not since reading Stephen King s Under the Dome have I felt such like an [...]

    27. I tumbled into this book and had a blast The dialogue was snarky and snappy The story was intriguing and kept my interest It is exactly the kind of thing one wants to while away a rainy day and not have to tax the brain Briefly, you have a weird southern town where people disappear at an alarming rate to the suggestion of some supernatural forces at play And then you have your typical assortment of greedy bad guys, most of whom appear to be ex military, who pull off a bank robbery and get than [...]

    28. I chose this book because it was on a list of must reads suggested by Stephen King It was not a page turner in the least I honestly have no clue what I just read I am sitting here feeling stupid I couldn t follow the plot or the characters If you asked me what it was about, I could not even muster up an answer I have no idea.

    29. Loved this book It s actually the first in a trilogy, recommended by Stephen King I figured anything he finds creepy is a must read, and I was right This book was the perfect blend of suspense and horror I found it to be creepy, eerie, and spooky, and I love the wide ranging characters and all the plot lines Couldn t put it down and finished it very quickly On to the second

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