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Bullets and Fire By Joe R. Lansdale,

  • Title: Bullets and Fire
  • Author: Joe R. Lansdale
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dad told me once, that if people don t care about where they live, the way they act, people they associate with, they get lost in the dark, can t find their way back cause there s no light left I had taken a pretty good step into the shadows tonight It s payback time, in this short story by Joe R Lansdale.
    Bullets and Fire Dad told me once that if people don t care about where they live the way they act people they associate with they get lost in the dark can t find their way back cause there s no light left I had

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    1. In order to join a gang, Tray punches a little girl in the nose and takes her wallet But why does he really want to join the gang badly enough to hurt a child Vengeance When I saw this short story was free on the Kindle, I jumped at the chance to read it After all, Uncle Joe has a pretty good stash of my money in his cookie jar at home.Bullets and Fire is a bloody, violent revenge tale, penned by the master of mojo, Joe R Lansdale Tray joins the gang, gains their confidence, and then begins his [...]

    2. A neat, whip sharp, mean piece of business Gotta love a tale of vengeance, this one is brief and bullet ridden, but could have been meatier I do prefer an even trade of sins so some fire and things nailed down at the end would have been nice.What it lacked in character development it almost made up for in description and humour Good fun.

    3. Derived from a plot hatched with vengeance and fuelled by hated, Lansdale s blood soaked gun romp is a class act In a salute to shoot out and pistol packing, gun toting gangsters, Lansdale weaves a tale laced with as much heart as adrenaline On a quest to deliver justice one round at a time, the protagonist joins a street gang responsible for the death of his brother and the forced suicide of his father As the saying goes keep you enemies closer once initiated into the life , it doesn t take lon [...]

    4. A fairly straight forward, predictable tale of revenge with a rather poignant ending Written from a first person POV, using simplistic language with lots of and then s that I just didn t take to.

    5. The last of four short stories by Joe R Lansdale currently offered through and Gere Donovan Press Another early crime noir tale It was pretty easy to see where it was headed but it got there beautifully Lansdale knows how to up the tension.

    6. Short and succinct, raw and bloody Not a word goes to waste in this noir ish tale Revenge may be sweet, but the cost is dear A righteous piece of witchiness Yes, indeed it is.

    7. I am a big fan of Joe Lansdale and his writing I even met the man once at a Horror Writers of America convention in New York City He is a good man and a great writer One of Joe Lansdale s books will stand you on the back of your heels like a good stiff right cross.If it doesn t hit you that way, you probably ought not to be reading anything beyond See Dick Run.I especially like this little yarn because it was free That s right, I am a cheap old bear and I pinch my money until the janitor at the [...]

    8. Bullets And Fire opens with the first person narrator relaxing in a bar after attacking a twelve year old girl and breaking her nose He might not be that proud of it, but it s what he had to do to prove his worth as he aims to achieve initiation into one of the local gangs.Job done, he asks the men with him about their own initiation For me, the questions are a little bold for the narrator to be pushing at such an early stage and the lips of the gang members are a little too loose given their re [...]

    9. Lansdale has a certain confidence a story telling swagger that sits you down and lets you know you will like this Like a sexy jedi Jagger you almost don t have a choice Heck, right on the cover you ve got the confidence perhaps cockiness is a better word spelled out for you Champion Mojo Storyteller I really wouldn t argue with that If you ve never read any of Lansdale s work before, Bullets and Fire isn t a bad place to start It s got all the Lansdale elements Grittiness, dark humor, great writ [...]

    10. This full on noir vella is a perfect introduction to the brutally authentic, bitterly bloody writing of Joe R Lansdale Apparently, he was asked to contribute something seriously hard boiled to an anthology, and he came up with this fast paced tale of gangland revenge You know exactly where it s going within a couple of pages, the pitch perfect banger banter making it absolutely clear that the opening act of senseless violence is only the start And it ll lead to an inevitable end.Where some autho [...]

    11. We re gonna drive by, and then when they think it s over, we re gonna come back on them HeadmasterTray, who is a loner with no family, wants to get in good with Billy and Juan to join their gang so Tray beats up a girl and takes her wallet to prove he has what it takes to be a gang member Once Tray passes the test, he must interview with the leader Headmaster and pass yet another test, one of bravery and stamina against the other gang members in an initiation brawl Tray completes the initiation [...]

    12. It s amazing to think of all the different categories of fiction that Lansdale writes and it s even amazing to realize that he could be considered a master of all of then His Hap and Leonard books are quite different from his weird western stories or just plain weird stories and I m looking at you Bubba Ho Tep which in turn is quite different from his thoughtful or coming of age stories And then there is his crime noir stories into which Bullets and Fire falls Maybe appropriately this story mi [...]

    13. This is a fairly predictable short story about revenge against a gang There s really not much else to say about it It is a short, quick read offering little outside of that.3 STARS

    14. 3.5 Decent story though predictable Disappointed with the ending, I was expecting the revenge part of the story to be much clever than it actually was.

    15. Bullets and Fire, by Joe R Lansdale, is a very violent, hard boiled, crime short story about a man s vengeance against a street gang.

    16. Lansdales writing is on point, as usual, but the story, as quick as a read it is, left me a little bit disappointed It s not really the authors fault, he perfectly describes the downward spiral of violence and its consequences and that s the reason the story left me a bit sad and disillusioned It s not an uplifting read, but a very truthful one.

    17. Love This Guy Nice short entry by Mr Lansdale Told in his distinctive voice, you come along for a violent ride with a twist.Have been looking to get back to reading horror and this was a nice way to dip my foot in.

    18. Overview Dad told me once, that if people don t care about where they live, the way they act, people they associate with, they get lost in the dark, can t find their way back cause there s no light left I had taken a pretty good step into the shadows tonight It s payback time, in this short story by Joe R Lansdale Another freebie short story novella chap book picked up for free on website As with the two others I ve read recently from Lansdale, I didn t turn cartwheels after reading this I just [...]

    19. Okay, so maybe I m in the minority here, but I thought this story was just okay I did like the plot the only thing that kept me going Even if it was a bit predictable , but the writing style got to me a bit I know that it s supposed to have that slang feel to it, but the amount of times the word and was used was overwhelming, and especially distracting throughout the climax It was very rough to say the least, even the typos weren t as irritating as the choppiness of the writing style Also, the e [...]

    20. Revenge is best servedhard and fast And that s exactly how Lansdale dishes it up A short story about a guy looking to do whatever it takes to join a gang We quickly learn that his motivation is to get inside the gang to enact revenge on the very thugs that are responsible for his brother s murder and led to their grief stricken father to commit suicide While the story may be predictable, it s a fast paced and enjoyable adrenaline ride with Lansdale s writing style being it s strength.4 out of 5 [...]

    21. Another kindle freebie from Joe R Lansdale, and another rollicking read.Yes the plot is paper thin, almost transparent, but it s the ride that Mr Lansdale takes us on that is the beauty here.The characters and locations are evoked wonderfully, the sights, sounds and smells feel almost tangible.The only problem with these early short stories of his is that I m left wanting , like a greedy schoolkid who stuffs everything in too quickly and rues that he has nothing left

    22. This short story, which offers a slice of urban gang life, is not only well written but also surprising in the direction it takes I have to say I didn t see the end coming not the way it was presented or from the standpoint of character motivation It s a quick read, but it packs a good amount of detail and personality for its length I recommend this work to fans of contemporary fiction with a gritty and bold tone.

    23. Well, this was sure violentA quick and dirty tale of urban revenge Not for the weak of hearts The pacing is tight and very little time is wasted as our protagonist schemes to infiltrate a ruthless gang of killers.I wish this had been fleshed out into a novella length piece, but hey, what can you do

    24. Quick readI m not real big on short stories and this was the first I had read in a while, and the first time reading anything by this author Everything happened so fast one minute the kid s talking, next he s joining a gang, then he s killing everybody for revenge It was an ok story.

    25. Its a short story about death, hatred, gangs and revenge I can totally understand the hatred of the protagonist and one will question if it is enough to justify the things that he did in order to get his revenge But there are things that is impossible to let go of and just move on It is well written It evoked an emotional response from me, so Im going to give a 5 stars.

    26. I usually never read short stories, but I had just finished another book by this author and came across this one Boy, it packed a punch and left an impression After I read it I honestly couldn t tell how I felt about it I ended up deciding I liked the story even though some parts were hard to get through with all the bloodshed.

    27. Everything that happens in BULLETS AND FIRE, you can see coming a mile away, but Lansdale is a strong enough writer to keep things interesting regardless A nice little revenge caper, oozing with violence.

    28. A tale of revenge, a brother out to get the gang that, or specifically the members and the one who had ordered the murder of his his little brother, which led to suicide by the father, strictly as an initiation into the gang Our hero finds himself having to do a loathsome thing just to get in.

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