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Кръстникът By Mario Puzo Марио Пузо Елена Юрукова,

  • Title: Кръстникът
  • Author: Mario Puzo Марио Пузо Елена Юрукова
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Mario Puzo wrote The Godfather, a book that was to become an instant classic, at a time when both his personal life and that of the United States were in transition Puzo s first two novels had not sold well, and he was almost penniless A young, up and coming author, Puzo sought to write his version of the great American novel that would also work well on the silver screen Meanwhile, in a time of war, the nation was beginning to view the mafia rather than Cowboys as the great American hero Accord [...]

    2. The Best a treasure of a story,plot and movie to keep forevergood storytelling and amazing writing paperback

    3. English The Godfather ItalianoNew York, 1945 The Italian American boss Vito Corleone, during the celebrations for his daughter s wedding, agrees to meet some Italian emigrants that ask for his help Thus begins Mario Puzo s masterpiece, whose movie adaptation made Marlon Brando s interpretation of Don Vito famous With a simple and straightforward style, Puzo manages to masterfully describe a series of intricate and temporally shifted events, involving the reader and maintaining high levels of sus [...]

    4. I m one of the people who watched the whole movie trilogy and then after that found out that The Godfatherexists as a novel Naturally, I had to purchase it It is a matter of taste, I suppose, but next to the movies so elegant and grandiose it feels a bit like reading pulp fiction Maybe it s that the book is lacking the presence of charismatic Hollywood giants Marlon Brando and Al Pacino, whose legendary performances rival those of Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh in Gone With The Wind It s hard to t [...]

    5. Come in Ah, Don Corleone, I m sorry to trouble you Sit down Thank you, Don Corleone Where is your mother from I m sorry Your mother, she is from Italia Which town The rest of this review is available elsewhere the location cannot be given for policy reasons

    6. Puzo creates his awesome world then plays with his own elements those of detective noir and mob drama like a world class chess champion Less than a fourth into the narrative, POW the Don has been shot And, hold on a sec, who is the protagonist here I thought Michael Or the Consigliari Hagen Or Hollywood heart throb Johnny Fontaine The full display of individual destinies is what makes this better than its cinematic equivalent Here we see flesh and blood people living at a Hadean level system of [...]

    7. He smelled the garden, the yellow shield of light smote his eyes, and he whispered, Life is so beautiful.

    8. Indeed, dear reader, I did not hate The Godfather I h aa ted it.How much did I hate it Well I could start with a long dissemination of Mario Puzo s simplistic and repetitive prose Puzo seems to think the reader needs a reminder of plot points that occured ten pages ago, and that unnecessarily drawing out an obvious reveal by splitting it up into three points of view counts as suspense.Or I could give you a thorough cataloguing of how very poser y The Godfather, with its bombastic ideas of mascul [...]

    9. 4.8 Mario Puzo should have won a Nobel Prize for this book stars.And aside of the Blackwood sisters from We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson, I honestly hadn t met characters as seductive as the Corleone Family for a long time In fact, this book is just so insanely good Just like the movie It s damn near perfection It deserves all the stars in the night sky I would make my escape I would be rich, famous, happy Mario Puzo from Choosing A Dream Tell my father I wish to be his son [...]

    10. I m sure you ve had the timeless book verses movie argument before Everyone has You re standing at the water cooler at work, and a coworker comes up to you and says Boy, The English Patient is an excellent movie And maybe you say something back like Michael Ondaatje s Booker Prize winning novel is far superior At that point, your coworker calls you a pretentious snob and you respond with sewer dwelling ignorance peddler There is some cursing Maybe someone throws water on the other That s the arg [...]

    11. It was a very good book Alhamdulillah I can t wait to get The Family Corleone and The Sicilian books.My favourite characters are Vito Corleone Godfather and Michael Corleone The Godfather and The Godfather part 2 movies were awesome The Godfather part 3 was pointless The only part I actually enjoy watched The Godfather part 3 was 15 minutes before at the end of the film.

    12. The Godfather Mario Puzo s Mafia , Mario Puzo 1370 1376 1377 40 9646225322 1388 465 9789645544896 1388 748 9789643695729 1395 600 1395 580 9789644486975 12

    13. I absolutely loved this book This book started my long running obsession with Mafia The Godfather is one of the best pieces of literature ever written Mario Puzo paints this elaborate picture of the Sicilian mafia through the eyes of Michael Corleone, a returning Marine Corps hero who at first wants nothing to do with the elaborate crime family that his father has built.Don Vito Corleone, an Italian immigrant who goes from poverty in Little Italy to create one of the Five Families of New York wi [...]

    14. The epic masterpiece of mafia fiction Puzo is good and entertaining elsewhere, here is great and masterful It is to mobster books what Godfather parts 1 2 are to mobster moviesa standard that can never be equalled What really intrigues me about Puzo s presentation of the Corleone family, and something that does not translate as explicitly to the screen, is the incredible sense of moral and religious conviction that what they do is right and good At times I found myself believing that the Corleon [...]

    15. .r Justice, we must go to Don Corleone In a world where laws are broken, where the government is only a puppet, where murder is routine and safety a rare thing, Don Corleone holds all the strings He is the avenging angel, the thief in the night, the protector of the poor, the warrior of the wops, the ultimate puppeteer He is the loving father, the faithful husband He is the Godfather Don Vito, Sonny, Fredo, Michael, Tom, Clemenza, Tessio, Luca Brasi, the entire family, they re like the Cosbys On [...]

    16. New Brilliant Future Career Idea mafia wife Think about it all you have to do is cook, have some babies, and go to Mass once a day Sure, I might have a hard time learning to never ask questions about anything, but I could always get a hobby to occupy my time with At the very least, being a mafia wife would give me tons of free time to finish The List It s win win, really.

    17. The Godfather by Mario PuzoGimme one reason why there was NO CAT IN THE BOOK But they added one in the movie, huh So, the Godfather is this guy Most loved him, I didn t so I m not going to talk about him But his ideals are kinda cool Friendship is everything Friendship is than talent It is than the government It is almost the equal of family Revenge is a dish that tastes best when served cold A man who doesn t spend time with his family can never be a real man Every man has but one destiny He [...]

    18. There are things that have to be done and you do them and you never talk about them You don t try to justify them They can t be justified You just do them Then you forget it Behind every successful fortune There is Crime The lawyer with the briefcase can steal money than the man with the gun We are all honorable men here, we do not have to give each other assurances as if we were lawyers Time erodes gratitude quickly than it does beauty The novel The Godfather leaves a long lasting impact on o [...]

    19. 2017 PopSugar reading challenge 31 A book where the main character is a different ethnicity than youTen a cierto temor de que el haber visto la pel cula me arruinara un poco la experiencia de leer el libro Bien, en un principio lo hizo un poco, y por eso lo dej en pausa, para dejar correr un poco m s de tiempo, y finalmente logr disfrutarlo como era debido Este tema a m me emociona un poco demasiado y no s por qu , pero la cosa es que el que est tan bien trazado me hace pensar que no existe libr [...]

    20. Cu n ti u thuy t n y c a Mario Puzo th c s l m t tuy t t c, m t tuy t t c k v v h o h ng v m t trong nh ng i gia nh mafia n i ti ng nh t t i M th i h u chi n tranh th gi i th 2 T t c m i th c vi t trong B Gi t a g c ti ng Anh Godfather , t t c m i nh n v t c t o ra, m i chi ti t, c u tho i, di n bi n, c u chuy n i, chuy n ngh c a ri ng t ng nh n v t, u c kh c h a m t c ch h p d n, l i cu n n m c g y nghi n, khi n t i kh ng mong g h n l s h u m t th th n d c gi p m nh t nh t o su t c ng y c th ng [...]

    21. I wanted to read this book from very long time and I had the paperback for almost 6 months on my shelf Recently I met one colleague, she told me she had read Godfather like bible day and night and she had read it like 5 times And she said you read it once and I can vouch your life will never be same I was sure this book is masterpiece but wasn t sure it has that much impact on people s live To start my own experience.How can you imagine a book goes wrong or let u down which starts with a beautif [...]

    22. I saw the movie few years ago and loved it I was unaware at that time that its an adaptation of a book of same name Courtesy I finally came to know of this fact But still I was in no mood to read the book until my friend Srividya recommended it to me.There are so many aspects of the book that I loved but characterization simply blew me away Puzo has given his characters so much depth Don Corleone, Michael, Tom Hagen, hot headed Sonny and every other character was brilliant Corleone family litera [...]

    23. 3.5 Don Corleone put his hand on the man s shoulder Good, he said, you shall have your justice Some day, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do me a service in return.A classic among the modern classics, which I had woefully ignored, I barely even remember watching the film Clearly, the whole Godfather cult had passed me by.Well, the good thing about the book was that it was fast paced and made for utterly compelling reading from beginning to end There were a few parts that were [...]

    24. This book supplied the words Don and Mafia to Indian languages Now, a cartel of land grabbers is a Land Mafia there are illicit liquor traders who run Spirit Mafias in Kerala, there are even gangs who do illicit extraction and sale of river sand who are called Sand Mafia Similarly, any two bit gang leader in the city is called an underworld Don Verily, Vito Corleone must be turning in his grave.However, it shows how much we have been influenced by this landmark novel In my early teens, it introd [...]

    25. Me gust , nada extraordinario 2.75 en realidad Mario Puzo, mis disculpas, es que Solo para ambientar el momento youtube watch v F9vA7Son pocas las veces que leo el libro despu s de ver la pel cula y en un 90% de los casos siempre digo, SIEMPRE como filosof a de vida, que el libro es mejor.Me he topado, por supuesto, con excepciones.Este es uno de los casos m s nombrados cuando la pel cula supera al libro se trata Y no lo digo porque el libro sea malo Honestamente la pel cula es muy fiel al libro [...]

    26. 4.5I knocked off half a star because all the women were one dimensional characters without any substance and also some of the scenes were repetitive Other than that, I loved this book It was addictive.Mario Puzo s prose might be simplistic but he presents an incredibly thrilling and intricate tale about the Mafia underworld set in the 1940 s America which is centred on the Italian American family, the Corleones.But Don t be mistaken into thinking the women of the family have anything to do with [...]

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