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Jonny: My Autobiography By Jonny Wilkinson,

  • Title: Jonny: My Autobiography
  • Author: Jonny Wilkinson
  • ISBN: 9780755313396
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jonny Wilkinson s career has crossed three decades and four World Cups He has accumulated phenomenal achievements, world points records, an impressive list of broken body parts, and a drop goal that will be remembered forever.But the peculiar calmness with which he played the game masked a very different reality.In Jonny, he reveals the extraordinary psychology that he haJonny Wilkinson s career has crossed three decades and four World Cups He has accumulated phenomenal achievements, world points records, an impressive list of broken body parts, and a drop goal that will be remembered forever.But the peculiar calmness with which he played the game masked a very different reality.In Jonny, he reveals the extraordinary psychology that he had to tame in order to be able to dominate his sport For most of his life, he was driven by a quest for perfection and an obsession to be the best player in the world here he shows how these two facets of his competitive mind took such a hold of him that they sent him to the top of the world, then swept him up and dragged him down in a spiral of despair.Jonny s career has spanned the far reaches amazing high and iconic moments, then a fight against injury that culminated in a battle with depression.Here he tells of the physical toll he knew his body was taking from rugby, even from his youth he tells of how he never wanted to be a kicking fly half but learnt to adapt his natural game to play the style that Clive Woodward believed necessary to win a World Cup, and how he nearly walked out on Martin Johnson s England team 13 years later.Jonny is the unrelenting, brutally honest account of one of the most revered, successful and complex athletes ever to play rugby for England.
    Jonny My Autobiography Jonny Wilkinson s career has crossed three decades and four World Cups He has accumulated phenomenal achievements world points records an impressive list of broken body parts and a drop goal that w

    One thought on “Jonny: My Autobiography”

    1. I m a very, very casual rugby fan in that I enjoy watching international games but still enjoyed this a lot It s by far the most honest, self aware description of what a drive for excellence at all costs involves that I ve read, and is unsparing in describing when it crosses the line into mental illness Jonny Wilkinson clearly never really figured out how to manage his inner feelings and the costs that they had The most interesting conclusion from this is probably how the final 2% which made him [...]

    2. A fascinating window into the mind of an extremely driven sportsman From the opening chapters about his childhood the pain of failure is almost unbearable It seems that Wilkinson was driven to succeed but was driven by the fear of failure What is clear is that Wilkinson never really managed to live in the movement He was either dreading the match that was to come or regretfully scrutinising the match just gone The old place he seemed to be able to find contentment was on the pitch when he was p [...]

    3. This was a good read from a clearly intelligent and self aware legend of the game I did find the lengthy passages describing his inactivity after the 2003 World Cup wearing, purely in terms of the relentless sequence of injuries and extended periods of rehab His obsession for perfection left you with the impression of someone with an introverted character as also indicated by his pathological mistrust of the media Ultimately however this helped him become arguably the best English player of his [...]

    4. Pubblicato da Headline nel 2011, Jonny My Autobiography il terzo esercizio autobiografico di Jonny Wilkinson, il pi sincero e maturo grazie alle 50 ore di sessioni d intervista registrate dal ghostwriter Owen Slot, importante giornalista sportivo del Times e penna dietro gli editoriali firmati da Wilko per il quotidiano britannico in occasione dei principali eventi rugbistici internazionali Voglio evitare spoiler perch il libro merita, la seguente solo una piccola anticipazione narrativa per sti [...]

    5. A good read, notwithstanding that it is about rugby Not quite as good as Agassi s Open , but similar for being open and an insight into the level of single minded obsession required for sporting excellence Always finishes practice with ten conversions from the sideline in a row If he misses the ninth, he starts over.

    6. I liked this book a lot, but as with other reviewers Jonny is one of my favorite Rugby players, ever, so my review may also be a bit askew The book is terribly honest which goes both ways, it goes from quite hilarious to really sad, over and over again, in no particular order I both languished with his falls, and his many injuries, and yet rose with the many triumphs, from World cup glory 2003, to which I also own a copy of the World Cup dvd, which is glorious indeed and well worth watching or e [...]

    7. Tackle, Scrum, Ruck, Maul, Line out Jonny My Autobiography by Jonny Wilkinson and Owen Slot Published 2011 For me, the pure basics of rugby are not passing, catching, kicking the basics are simply working yourself into the ground and doing whatever it takes for 80 minutes The only reason that you don t change things, or that you don t work hard enough, is that it doesn t matter enough to you I started playing Rugby Union in 1985 1986 at ISA Instituto Superior de Agronomia when doing a VAX VMS cl [...]

    8. It was interesting to get an insight into one of England s greatest ever sport stars This is a journey from the school playing fields to international icon, mirrored by the style of writing in recalling the defining moments that moulded Jonny as a talented teenager to a rapid ascent to the England squad and then to the ultimate glory of winning the Rugby World Cup The shy dedicated kid thrown into the spotlight and out of his comfort zone The story is very much about Rugby and how Jonny viewed t [...]

    9. This is one of these best sporting autobiographies I ve read Raw and honest, his pursuit of perfection and the mental and physical demands it placed on him are candidly given The physical cost of rugby at this level and the way he copes and battles with injury is incredible, but it s probably the mental battles which are most revelatory From his boyhood goal to be the best rugby player in the world to the final testimonies of world class players giving him exactly that accolade Incredible.

    10. If you have ever wondered what it takes to reach the pinnacle of your sport and what support you will need to achieve this then this book is for you The agony and very limited joy that Jonny seems to have got from his career is a fascinating insight into what it takes to reach the top I found this a gripping read and it didn t matter that my understanding of the actual game of rugby is pretty poor

    11. A very honest and revealing biography I knew rugby was an obsession for him and that he was hyper critical of himself but not to the extent that he reveals in this book I admire him even after reading this A good read for anyone interested in the game of rugby or sport in general for an insight into the work involved in reaching the peak of your profession and the difficulties in remaining there.

    12. A great personal account I m astonished by how he remembers individual plays in individual games and recounts them I had trouble remembering the end score of games he was describing in play by play at times I gave it 4 stars and not 5 as all autobiographies must be given, because it was so frustrating for me to read that the man who is the greatest sporting figure of my time, has so much difficulty accepting that Still, it made him who he is

    13. This book is for people who love rugby, or people who love Jonny, or people who love rugby and Jonny With simple sentences, he explains his entire life and it is really really interesting We can now understand the guy Why he seems so uncommunicative, and also why he is so good at rugbyIt sometimes feel a little weird to read his story, I can t imagine him playing the guitar and singingbut whatever, he is who he is, and he is awesome

    14. This is one of the best autobiographies I have read this year Jonny Wilkinson speaks frankly about his rugby career, how he strived to be the best fly half in the world and the sacrifices he made Jonny is a perfectionist in every way This book is a must read for rugby fans, especially fans of the England Rugby team.

    15. I m not a great fan of sports biographies as they tend to be very samey, but this was a good read Amazing to read about the demons which have followed Jonny, even as the best rugby player on Earth.

    16. Searingly honest and a real insight into what drives this man Good to read his views of lots of rugby tournaments which we ve either been to or watched.

    17. Perhaps slightly biased as he is my hero, but I love reading his view on aspects of his life that the media have already scrutinised

    18. A brutally honest book from a perfectionist than changed the game of rugby forever with one kick in 2003 He strove to the best because it hurt so much not to bepossible is nothing

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