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Henry VI, Part Two By William Shakespeare Arkangel Cast KellyHunter Kelly Hunter David Tennant,

  • Title: Henry VI, Part Two
  • Author: William Shakespeare Arkangel Cast KellyHunter Kelly Hunter David Tennant
  • ISBN: 9781932219135
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Young King Henry VI has married the beautiful Margaret of Anjou, but the new Queen is ruthless and ambitious Supported by the powerful Duke of Suffolk, Margaret plots the overthrow of her enemies, chief among them the Duke of Gloucester, the Protector during Henry s infancy But the Duke of York also aspires to the crown, and the common people, led by Jack Cade, are in reYoung King Henry VI has married the beautiful Margaret of Anjou, but the new Queen is ruthless and ambitious Supported by the powerful Duke of Suffolk, Margaret plots the overthrow of her enemies, chief among them the Duke of Gloucester, the Protector during Henry s infancy But the Duke of York also aspires to the crown, and the common people, led by Jack Cade, are in rebellion To the despair of the mild young King, England descends into civil war Performed by David Tennant, Kelly Hunter, and the Arkangel Cast.
    Henry VI Part Two Young King Henry VI has married the beautiful Margaret of Anjou but the new Queen is ruthless and ambitious Supported by the powerful Duke of Suffolk Margaret plots the overthrow of her enemies chi

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    1. There s a whole act in which some random Irish guy literally invades London, calls himself the mayor, and is then accidentally beheaded in a garden.

    2. Burn all the records of the realm My mouth shall be the Parliament of England Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV.7So, I liked Part 2 of Henry VI a lot better than Part 1 It still isn t Hamlet, but it is complicated, funny, twisted in parts One of my favorite aspects of the play are the scenes with Queen Margaret and Suffolk No They aren t great people, but they are a great couple Their parting is amazing and poetic My other favorite part is, well, anything with Jack Cade Sir John Mortimer how [...]

    3. Not quite as good as Henry VI, Part I perhaps because by its very nature it possesses no beginning and no end The first four acts, halfway between the political disputes of the uncles and the factional and dynastic struggles of the Wars of the Roses, are necessarily episodic and often seem formless Shakespeare is learning his craft here, and he often over relies on lengthy monologues and soliloquys to reveal character and motivation There are good scenes here, often involving commoners and commo [...]

    4. General IntroductionThe Chronology of Shakespeare s WorksIntroductionThe Play in PerformanceFurther Reading Henry VI, Part IIAn Account of the TextGenealogical TablesCommentary

    5. This is a very uneven play, unfortunately The first half attempts, mostly unsuccessfully, to justify and ramp up the enmity between the Lancaster line in Suffolk and the rage of York It s mostly just scheming and jealousy and the blame game York wanted to have his blood tied to the King while Suffolk at least in the play, if not in actual fact, history, was smitten with Queen Margaret, whom he unwisely pushed off to his king instead of just making her his own, with huge overtones of Lancelot and [...]

    6. My goodness, what did I just read Will, buddy, no Just no.This second part about King Henry VI starts with him getting married to Margaret of Anjou who, by the way, was penniless but he wanted her nevertheless In Shakespeare s play, she s the lover of Suffolk not true but the rumour was spread in order to defame her since the English had a problem with a French queen Gloucester is the Lancaster s counterpart in parliament and thus to the queen, but through Suffolk Gloucester s wife is led to wit [...]

    7. The civil war begins10 August 2012 The reason it took me so long to read this play was because after I read it the first time I felt that I had to go back and read it again to at least do it justice As we all know Shakespeare is not the easiest author to read and so, being a playwright, it is a lot difficult Plays are not the easiest forms of literature to read because they are designed to be acted, which is a shame because a lot of plays that I would like to see, which includes Shakespeare and [...]

    8. I ve just found out Salvador Dali did illustrations for many Shakespearian plays, and it s blowing my mind This is his take on Henry VI These are not Henry s arms This is England s coat of arms, while Henry s would also have the coat of arms of France in half the shield And this describes this entire play s king.Childish, poorly drawn Like a feeble shield that receives blow after blow, becoming deformed and weakened.This is Henry VI A feeble minded, kind king who has lost France and whose Englan [...]

    9. From BBC One After the Battle of St Albans, Plantagenet and the Yorkists ride to London to claim the throne Henry negotiates to keep the crown for his lifetime but agrees to disinherit his son Prince Edward.Margaret is outraged and attacks Plantagenet at his house, slaughtering the duke and his youngest son Edmund Elder brothers Edward, George and Richard escape and swear to avenge the murders and destruction of their house.The Yorkists are victorious at the Battle of Towton and Plantagenet s el [...]

    10. First off, there is so much to this play it s hard to remember it all, but it s a doozey.There are nobles who hate other nobles, who snipe, bait and target each other Some end up with their heads cut off for no real discernible reason A really good guy is strangled in his bed And the bishop, Winchester, who s okay but not a great guy, he s poisoned The noble who sold out England and gave back to two huge territories to France, and also brought back Margaret of Anjou, a French princess, for King [...]

    11. I love the Henry VI plays, especially with wacky, wicked Queen Margaret running through them Poor Henry I m very fond of him, the man who would not be king Was ever king that joy d an earthly throneAnd could command no content than I No sooner was I crept out of my cradleBut I was made a king, at nine months old.Was never subject long d to be a kingAs I do long and wish to be a subject.

    12. A step up from Henry VI Pt 1 This has all the rip roaring action and, unlike Pt 1, this one has some entertaining characters None of them are lovable or, even, truly memorable, but Margaret s sleazy manipulations of her sweet but dim husband, and Suffolk s lust and outrageous arrogance are pretty funny, and York s crafty ambition makes a nice foil for Henry s placid limpness Richard is shaping up nicely, and I look forward to seeing also of Warwick and Young Clifford in Part 3 The play s ending [...]

    13. As bad a play as Part One is this is great This really is one of the best plays in the sequence It quite literally has everything Revolt, rebellion, the loss of France, a Lady MacBeth but playing to a MacBeth that cannot be tempted by vaulting ambition and then again maybe two Lady MacBeths for good measure , a good kinsman killed by traitors and depriving the King of advice, a good King suddenly under the sway of a group of very bad advisors, a Queen in love with someone other than the King and [...]

    14. The only things I knew about this play going in were 1 First thing we do, let s kill all the lawyers and going hand in hand with this, 2 it s very, very bloody As things turn out, as far as bloodiness goes it s not that bad just a lot of heads on poles and many puns related to heads on poles The sheer bloody mindedness of the entire cast becomes a bit wearying after a while, but that s probably the point I found myself struck by the relationship between Margaret and Henry, such as it is, and wis [...]

    15. Shakespeare s first or second play, depending on whom one believes, and possibly a collaboration with Christopher Marlowe, depending on whom one believes, is given the superb Arden Shakespeare treatment, with essays regarding the text, history, and provenance of the play, as well as the superb notation of words and lines of text for which the Arden series is famous Henry VI Part II continues the saga of the War of the Roses, with flimsy Henry faced with blatant opposition from the pretender to t [...]

    16. What stronger breastplate than a heart untainted Thrice is he arm d that hath his quarrel just,And he but naked, though lock d up in steel,Whose conscience with injustice is corrupted.In this second part of Henry VI s story, we see the bricks of the English realm begin to fall and crumble into wasted building blocks.It seems that any bold citizen would dip their hands into the bloody cauldron filled with the jewels of English power From lowly laborer to noble duke, conspiracy and revolt surround [...]

    17. Aptly first named The First Part of the Contention of the Two Famous Houses of York and Lancaster, this play chronicles part of the Wars of the Roses in England, the time during which political instability and civil unrest weakened the kingdom which was ineffectively ruled by the hapless Henry VI Having lost part of his holdings in France that had been won by his father, Henry V, Henry VI gave up territory as part of the settlement at the time of his marriage to Margaret of Anjou It is hard to [...]

    18. The first thing we do, let s kill all the lawyers, says the butcher in Cade s rebellion, in the most familiar line of this play The rebellion, erupting in the fourth act, is probably the most surprising and standout aspect some of Cade s men envision a purge of intellectuals and bureaucrats that would be right at home in the worst corners of the 20th century Cade believes himself to be king if he can only create enough chaos and destruction His topsy turvy aspirations form a contrast to the weak [...]

    19. I got goosebumps rereading it So much good stuff in this play If you re reading it for the first time, try and think of each scene as its own little drama There s lots of stories as a part of the whole, but it all beats as one heart.

    20. This is a crowdpleaser Witchcraft even today, people like books shows on paranormal topics , political machinations including reform movement led by a commoner , forbidden love, pilates, finished with action filled battle scenes Richard Duke of York is cunning Theoretically, he is qualified to be the king than Henry VI however, challenging the current king is a treason He works through this dilemma by patiently building his network his wife Cecily is the sister of Salisbury, Richard Neville and [...]

    21. Ah, gracious lord, these days are dangerous.Virtue is chok d with foul ambition Duke of Gloucester, Act III, Scene 1Poor Henry VI Nobody thinks much of him, most everyone wants his crown Even his new queen, the beautiful but dowriless Margaret of Anjou laments how his mind is bent to holiness and pines for a real man, someone like the Duke of Suffolk.When it comes to kings, nice guys come last That s pretty much what Henry VI is A saint amongst sinners A sheep amongst wolves an image which occu [...]

    22. Finished it in one sitting.Woo 3 books in 24 hours go me.Anyway this was brilliant, much much better than Part 1 It was hilarious at some points and I loved the awful humour Shakespeare presented.But seriously, if I ever had the opportunity to meet Shakespeare I would hold this play up to him and be like ffs mate and then cackle because John Cade made this whole play and he was in it for like 7 pages in my edition.

    23. Many of Shakespeare s English history plays are unusual in that they are the only plays in Shakespeare s canon that do not end in the restoration of order another exception is Troilus and Cressida.Admittedly, they belong to a play cycle that will eventually culminate in the restoration of order Also many of the plays end with some kind of completion of the events portrayed Hence Richard II ends with Bolingbroke ascending to the crown that he will hold onto until his death Henry IV Part 1 ends wi [...]

    24. If you have ever struggled understanding Shakespeare you must try audio versions I ve been listening to Arkangel s version of all of Shakespeare s works on Audible and I have yet to be disappointed I can t speak highly enough of the performance on audio It s as if you are transported back in time, and for this particular book you re afraid for your life It has made me extremely grateful for living at this time in the world

    25. I listened to the Arkangel audio of the play along with reading the text from the Delphi Complete Works of William Shakespeare Thought to be Shakespeare s first play it is undoubtedly a highly emotional play with plenty of action and despairing moments A very ambitious play and highly entertaining.

    26. Much better than part 1 Phew Now I m actually looking forward to part 3 John Cade was an interesting character.

    27. The original game of thrones insatiable ambition, multi layered lies, rampant murder Life is simpler as a peasant.

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