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Chanel chic By Lauren Weisberger Sabine Mutsaers,

  • Title: Chanel chic
  • Author: Lauren Weisberger Sabine Mutsaers
  • ISBN: 9789022552452
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
  • Drie New Yorkse vriendinnen, bijna dertig, spreken af binnen een jaar wat te doen aan wat hen het meest dwarszit Vanaf ca 17 jaar.
    Chanel chic Drie New Yorkse vriendinnen bijna dertig spreken af binnen een jaar wat te doen aan wat hen het meest dwarszit Vanaf ca jaar

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    1. So far this book is like a martini topped with mini marshmallows Update I m past the halfway point and the book is now a martini topped with marshmallows poured over a steaming pile of dog excrement Update the second I retract my earlier statement, as it is demeaning to the martini Martinis are fabulous and should never be associated with dreck like this It is, however, like marshmallow dotted dog poopie, as it is cloyingly sweet, fluffy, and a real stinkeroo.Update the third WARNING I am not go [...]

    2. I absolutely LOVED The Devil Wears Prada and Everyone Worth Knowing I live in NYC and love reading about places I ve been to, or places I ve heard of I understand what it s like to work in NYC I could not wait for this book to come out, and even splurged and bought it before it was out in paperback I am on page 115 and I m completely regretting it The most annoying parts are the following Otis, Emmy s ex boyfriend s African Grey parrot or bird that he left behind I cringe every time I read about [...]

    3. Absoulutely one of the worst books I ve ever read I am completely done reading the vapid crap that this woman purports to write She s a no talent hack, who I m convinced just knew the right people and got a contract for telling all about Anna Wintour When people bought that admittedly interesting, albeit horribly written book, it perpetuated a book deal and now she won t stop writing And she should She s HORRIBLE.

    4. I m not sure why I am still reading this dreck I didn t purchase it on my kindle because it had such horrible reviews, but when I saw it at the library I thought I would give it a chance I think I am just avoiding housework but the pile of laundry is starting to look appealing.

    5. I d never read anything by Laura Weisberger before I d seen the movie The Devil Wears Prada , and to be honest, that was pretty rubbish storyline wise, but I thought hey, I ll give her a chance So I saw this book, thought it might be a laugh Gave it a go.One of the first things I noticed was that every time I picked it up, I wanted to put it back down again about a minute later It was that unreadable, clearly But I did get through it Although I really wish I hadn t wasted my money on it.It had t [...]

    6. Leigh, THE BOOK EDITOR, got engaged and went to visit her mom Her mom says I can t believe I had to wait TWELVE DAYS to see this sparkler Then, two pages later, an incident that happened the day of the engagement is referenced as it had been TEN DAYS since About 200 pages later Leigh s name is spelled LEAH This is the kind of crap that makes me want to burn books and then back over their ashes with my car Or just complain incessantly to anyone that will listen.Anywho, over the top characters, fa [...]

    7. I got this book from the library I quite enjoyed The Devil Wears Prada and wondered what the author was writing now I wish I hadn t.Now I suspected as much, but I still had to double check to find out that Harry Winston was an American jeweler, and the Harry Winston empire is known for diamonds Uh Oh Quick plot synopsis some minor spoilers three women, each around 29 They are friends Leigh is an overachieving and not overly successful editor at a publishing house who is dissatisfied with her rom [...]

    8. By page nine, I had already laughed out loud and at page 38, I already LOVED Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger.It s the story of three best friends Emmy, Adriana and Leigh and a year in which they plan to change their lives Set in New York, focussing on dating and sex, you can t help but compare it to Sex and the City but it isn t a carbon copy nor are the similarities a bad thing.I found Chasing Harry Winston highly entertaining and incredibly easy to read The characters are all likeab [...]

    9. this book made my angry i really had to put it down several times and walk away aside from the fact that it reads as if it was written by a ninth grader, the overall tone and subject just supports the stereotype that all women or at least those in a certain age bracket are consumed with material things and status, and that true love is not quite as important as the size and make of your ring or the number of men with whom you have slept i have known women like this thankfully, not that many and [...]

    10. It was one of those books I wanted to throw with great force thanks Dorothy Parker but still had to finish just so I could see how bad it could get The unforgettably bad bits 1 Yes, I too was constantly checking the cover to see if I was mistaken in thinking those were rings coz nothing in the narrative justified that design Except the art department wanted it to connect with The Devil Wears Prada , correctly guessing that was the only reason people would buy this book, and they also wanted to t [...]

    11. This book is basically about three best friends and their pacts And it is one of my not so favorite books of 2016 Thus my long hiatus I haven t been able to come back to to review this book for months because it took me weeks to finish this book The main reason isn t that the book is boring, it s quite interesting actually But I think what made the book unbearable to me at times was Adriana Supposedly gorgeous , beautiful, sexy Adriana with an accent Ever seen those beach blonde barbies in movie [...]

    12. The characters are all self centred and unrelatable, but Weisberger wants them to be regular girls who just so happen to sleep with A list directors, actors, and authors Yup, happens to me every day Nothing really happens until halfway through the book Even then, when something does happen, I find out about it when the characters talk about it over coffee rather than Weisberger narrate the situation herself Apart from creating one of the worst female characters I ve ever read, the author also ma [...]

    13. I love this book Totally girlie and predictable, but fantastic I really enjoyed the way the author presented three female personalities whom I could either relate to, or identify them among my female friends All three girls are fantastic and easy to love Great writing too I couldn t put it down Not in the suspense thriller kind of way, but in the I really want to know what s going to happen with the characters and what turns are their lives taking.

    14. I love books that show the friendships of ladies Maybe because I can picture my friends and myself as the ladies I found this book to be funny and an easy read I recommend this book over Lauren Weisberger s other books Honestly, until I read this book I had a hard time understanding why people loved Lauren Weisberger s books.

    15. I m not sure why this book has been getting such terrible reviews, because I didn t really see much wrong with it at all No, it wasn tEveryone Worth Knowing which, coincidentally, is a fabulous book and especially great for summer but I don t think it necessarily deserved the bad rap it got.Sure, the characters can, at times, be so frustratingly typical and absurdly blind to their own mistakes that you find yourself wanting to yell out loud, perhaps in an effort to channel them and somehow chang [...]

    16. Adriana, Emmy and Leigh are best friends living in Manhattan, New York.Adriana The Brazilian goddess, the ultimate slut socialite who will sleep with just about anything male.Emmy The flat chested serial monogamist who had been dumped by her five year boyfriend for a virgin cheerleader like I would believe that for a minute.Leigh The obsessive and compulsive one with lots of issues despite having perfect everything i.e boyfriend, job, place or so her friends thought.One day, the two of them made [...]

    17. Cute Not realistic and sometimes frustratingly so.I mean isn t kind of ridiculous for a writer to write with three characters that are three different versions of most girls perfection All went to Cornell one is a publishing titan in training, one travels the world searching for great recipes and gets paid for it, and one is a gorgeous Brazilian heiress It s a fun silly read but at points I was just angry at the fact that a writer would so casually write about three perfect girls with problems t [...]

    18. it was okay i don t know if it s necessarily weisberger s fault it s that afterThe Devil Wears Prada, i expected so much from her and she hasn t delivered that blend of sarcasm, satire and naivety that made me like the first book so much this is the story of three girls who make a decision to basically change their lives in one year the chronic commitment phobe will be engaged, the serial monogamist will go on a fuck tour , and the one in the perfect relationship will do something sound like se [...]

    19. I read and watched The Devil Wears Prada several years ago and I liked it so when I came across this one, I decided to read it too.I didn t expect this to be a literary gem by any means, and in that respect it did not disappoint I would definitely classify this as a mindless, quick beach read Around page 66 I started to feel like I was losing brain cells yet at the same time, I couldn t seem to put it down either Part of that was because I didn t want to start a book in 2012 and have it count to [...]

    20. oh, lauren weisberger why must you write such ugly people not physically ugly, naturally since all three of these BFF 4 evas are gorgeous in their own ways there s leigh, who we start off with, who is like a totally neurotic version of andy from the devil wears prada and emmy who reminds me of bess from nancy drew, even though she s supposed to be flat chested and skinny and adriana the brazilian goddess who puts both the other girls to shame.i don t know the premise here is a bit iffy leigh is [...]

    21. Bad, very bad, awfully bad.There s just nothing to redeem this book It s one of the very very few books I feel should be all burnt, to avoid anyone else the displeasure to read something this bad Even years after, I still remember the horror I felt all through this.I m not a huge fan of chick lit, but some of it can be enjoyable, relaxing and fun It is none of the three.The three, supposedly heroine, girls are tarts and there is no nicer way to describe them none has anything that might be likab [...]

    22. All the nice guys got to me That nearly every man even one night stands seemed to be overly considerate and romantic and unbeliveable in the least kinda wanted to make me gag a little I suppose that is the kind of men to expect in chick lit, though Altogether it was a very easy and quick read Not the best or worst A mostly predictable plotline, and characters that are one dimensional take away from the enjoyment Having said that, it was a fun story about fabulous neurotic characters who while an [...]

    23. This is the first Lauren Weisberger book I ve read, so I don t have the ability to compare it to The Devil Wears Prada or any of her other titles I loved this book It s a light and fluffy read I liked that the characters all had such different personalities, you got to follow separate stories and become invested in each separately for different reasons.Some parts were quite predictable, but I loved it regardless.

    24. Good book that makes you laugh a lot sometimes, but at some point in my reading process, I got bored Just because there are too many long paragraphs to say nothing wich was kind of disappointingI remember reading it when I was 15 and loving it This is how you know you grow up

    25. I can handle a great deal of questionable material in my reading, if I feel like it has some merit Within the first fifty pages, this book has superfluous language and sexual content that really had no redeeming quality I set it aside without finishing.

    26. Un petit livre un peu feel good , tr s dr le Dans le m me style que Le Diable s habille en Prada du m me auteur , a passe vite, les personnages sont attachants et une narration 3 personnages Bref un livre amener sur la plage

    27. OMG This book was terrible boring, shallow, bereft of heart, or story for that matter Lauren Weisberger wrote one of the greatest chic lit stories of all time The Devil Wears Prada, then begins her downhill slope with Everyone Worth Knowing to end up and the very bottom of the mountain with this piece of trash I m going to rename Lauren Weisberger, Picabo Street, for her ability to maneuver the Downhill, only with not as much grace and certainly No gold medal waiting to be awarded Ms Weisberger [...]

    28. Ganhei este livro num concurso da Editorial Presen a e, tendo em conta o t tulo, n o esperava nada daquilo que o livro me ofereceu.Leigh tem a vida perfeita Um rapaz famoso e perfeito e qualquer rapariga sonha ter, um emprego de sucesso como editora, e toda a gente acha que ela feliz, mas as apar ncias enganam Ela sente que falta algo Se calhar, a sua rela o n o assim t o perfeita, n o tanto quando ela gostaria que fosse Mas houve um pedido de casamento que ela n o recusou, e agora como h de vol [...]

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