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Heaven By Alexandra Adornetto,

  • Title: Heaven
  • Author: Alexandra Adornetto
  • ISBN: 9780312656287
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Heaven must be missing an angel.The angel Bethany and her mortal love, Xavier, have already pushed the boundaries of Heaven with their relationship In this conclusion to the Halo trilogy, the two take their love to the next, forbidden, step They marry.At a time when they believe nothing will come between them again, they are faced with their most daunting challenge yeHeaven must be missing an angel.The angel Bethany and her mortal love, Xavier, have already pushed the boundaries of Heaven with their relationship In this conclusion to the Halo trilogy, the two take their love to the next, forbidden, step They marry.At a time when they believe nothing will come between them again, they are faced with their most daunting challenge yet the Sevens, a military order of angels designed to maintain balance in the universe These soldiers won t stop until their job is done capture the wayward angel and send her home.Secrets, exile, and unexpected allies flavor the rest of this intense love story and adventure.Beth discovers there is only one way back to earth, but the cost is higher than she and readers ever imagined If she can survive, she can prove to Heaven and Earth that there is nothing stronger than the power of love.
    Heaven Heaven must be missing an angel The angel Bethany and her mortal love Xavier have already pushed the boundaries of Heaven with their relationship In this conclusion to the Halo trilogy the two take

    One thought on “Heaven”

    1. This book can go fuck itself.There that should give you a pretty solid idea of the flavor of this review That this book is the absolute epitome of garbage is an understatement It is one of the worst books I have ever read in my life.Appalling is the success of this series It s been on the NYT bestseller s list It s been in bookstore windows, on sale on the front page, and in the hot little hands of teenage girls everywhere Above all this, the author s eyes shine with dollar signs, and the publis [...]

    2. I just want to tell you all this is the first book I really considered quitting not once, not twice, butthree times.I am so happy that this series is over and that I will never pick up any of these books from this series again for as long as I live I am the definition of done.Also, spoilers will be abound and aplenty throughout this whole review, and this is going to a a mostly Supernatural gif filled extravaganza, because A That is how angels demons etc should be done and B I can So if you do n [...]

    3. As of 7 9 2012So I finally got around to reading and trying to make sense of the synopsis.Only sixteen when she started the series, Ally Adornetto knows how teen hearts beat,You see, this is the obvious bait I m not going to take it I m going to walk away and move on to the next sentence, because if I were to even get started on how much of an insult this is to teenagers and really every human being on the planet I wouldn t be able to stop And none of us want that.So instead I m going to take th [...]

    4. While I was pondering over the best way to write this review, a little thought came to me Vanessa, why are you even bothering to review this book I mean, I know you ve read the whole trilogy, but you just aren t the target audience You aren t a Christian, for one You ve also made clear several times that you don t enjoy reading about teenage star crossed and or supernatural lovers, and you are now into your twenties So don t get angry at an author for not catering to your specific tastes All of [...]

    5. RAAAAAAHHHHHHHGGGRRRRAAAAAAAHHHHH FUCKING PIECE OF ROTTING BULLSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT AHAAAHAAAAHAAAAAHHAAAA HAHAAAHAAA You see what this series has done to me.It s driven me crazy 0.0 WHHHHYYY WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY, WHHHHHYYYYEEEEE FUCK THE WORLD DXUpdate 3 21 12I just read the synopsis Is this for real Really REALLY So, in order to remain safe from some oooh scary angels, Bethany and Xavier go to college Oh sure, just blow 100,000 and party and whatnot I am working my ASS off just to afford the fir [...]

    6. For some reason, there is a lot of bad review I like the book because I love all book The author work hard for it And i m mad that people are being ass You can dislike the book but you don t have to be bitchy about it How would you like it if you write your own book, and you get a hell of hate message But again, i m no one side Although in my other side, i guess that this hate message to Alexandra Adornetto can enlight her to do better in future writing Sign people these day i don t know what to [...]

    7. The cover LOOK AT THIS COVER Die The synopsis does look pretty stupid, though Two archangels challenging Heaven in order to protect an angel and a mortal s love and marriage By hiding IN A COLLEGE Are you freaking kidding me Edit The trailer is out and it s horrible _ Why would seven fallen angels be so determined to stop Bethany and Xavier from their HEA THey don t have anything else to do, do they Go start the apocalipse or something Just don t waste your time with these too Full reviewIt s in [...]

    8. Now, I m not one to draw anatomy correctly 24 7but at least I know how to critique myself and find my faults A COVER LIKE THIS HURTS ME.That is THE tiniest ribcage I have ever seen, and her neck looks way awkward arched like that Also, I haven t seen someone so tiny about the waist since Ariel the mermaid For serious.And I didn t know hair could be wings That must be a new development in angel anatomy The silhouette should also still imply foreshortening with arm muscles and size and whatnot, bu [...]

    9. 0 starsOh my I have to say this was the worst one yet One would believe that when someone has three tries to get something right, that person eventually wouldWhere do I begin Let s start with the fun fact that the dense, smoky forestry in South Carolina can, in fact, hide your sinning asses from the Great Cheezus himself Yup Bet cha you didn t know that Well there you have it So, if you sin beyond imaginable circumstances you now know where to hide your shame riddled face And to help you get the [...]

    10. Ugh Here I was thinking, hey, Heaven can t be so bad if I read it as a parody, right Right Crickets Who am I kidding, it s still terrible The only thing that s remotely amazing is how I ve now managed to finish this series even though I couldn t get past chapter four of the eye gouging turd that was Fallen, but that s neither here nor there Only means this book isn t the biggest pile of crap, but it s still a pile of crap.Where to start Not a revelation at all, after Halo and Hades it s really t [...]

    11. READRaphael belongs to the SWAG club.WHAT HAVE I DONE SWEET SIGNLESS IN A MOTHERFUCKING DREAM BUBBLE, I AM GOING TO KILL MYSELF.Okay, what the fuck was this story about What was the moral even supposed to be Let s all get married at a young age, have sex, then give up everything for a man Alexandra Adornetto But not really This sums up my feelings google imgres num 10aAlso, this google imgres num 10aYeah, Dolorosa does not approve of this message And neither do I.Okay, let s continue.What the he [...]

    12. I thought it couldn t get any worse Boy, I was wrong.Bethany Church, or the Paranormal Mary Sue, whichever you want to call her, hasn t changed At all.After Xavier proposed to Bethany at the end of Hades, God made it really clear that this marriage was an abomination Did Xavier and Bethany listen Of course not.So, they get married, cheese cheese blah blah, and OMG A reaper appears to destroy it What should they do Bethany protects Xavier which made the reaper KILL Father Mel, Xavier s family fri [...]

    13. Guess what popped up in my mailbox.You know what s funny The book, underneath the jacket, is sticky Maybe it s an omen that they re finally gonna have sex Mwahahahahaha This snark bait book is on its way to me as we speak Should be here on either Friday or Saturday Cant wait to snark the hell out of it read it

    14. Dear Alexandra Adornetto, I m currently in the middle of Hades and might I say NO book has pissed me off than this one Lordy Lucifer, Bethany got stupid and annoying from the last So, to counter balance all the 5 star reviews, I m giving one star Because even if you tack on gold at the end of two shits, you end up with shit than gold.

    15. To see full review click here yalbookbriefs 201Oh, dear lord Let s just say I m thankful that this is the last installment of this train wreck I have lots to discuss and rant about so if you like positive and up beat reviews this is not the review for you.I will say this though, this will be my first and last positive thing to say about this installment besides the fact that it s over This was an improvement to Hades But how could it not be That being said, let s get down to business.1 Bethany C [...]

    16. Right now, before you read this, I want you to go look at that synopsis again Look at it Study it Read into it like words that could determine whether you live or die Then come back here and continue on.Upon doing this, you may come to a few realizations First Question Why would a bunch of rogue angels give a flying fuck about some stupid teenagers relationship Let s picture this You are an angel You can fly You have purtty wings and purtty hair and purtty everything You can probably shoot fireb [...]

    17. Only sixteen when she started the series, Ally Adornetto knows how teen hearts beat, and this long awaited conclusion is certain to be her most popular book yet.Okay, someone do me a favor and call Guiness, because that was the biggest, motherfucking bullshit I have ever had the misfortune to read I honestly believe my IQ dropped seventy points after reading that statement, because if Ally knows how teen hearts beat, then I m Madonna And I am so obviously not Madonna And by the way, the cover is [...]


    19. Adornetto knows how teen hearts beat This is exactly why Rowling invented the Crucio curse It s so I can spend recovery time imagining casting it at awful authors and the cretins that allow this sort of drivel to be published cracks knuckles Bring it, Adornetto I ll do to you what Bellatrix did to the Longbottoms, except that you actually deserve it.

    20. My experience with this novel has brought a few names to mind Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, George Orwell these are a few of the well known scribes who can step their old dead asses aside There s a new fuckin sheriff in town and I believe her name s Alexandra Adornetto She wields words like swords and swords like delicious sticks of honey butter Picture a diamond studded french fry dipped in ecstasy laced ketchup being fed to you by the sexiest set of siamese twins alive, while Morgan Freeman deli [...]

    21. At first, I was iffy about giving a low rating before the book came out But then I saw that this has a 4.13 rating Now I don t care.Edit 1 view spoiler Bethany and Xavier finally do it Of course, it s after they re married And of course, it s perfect Seriously, what is up with the whole virgin virgin perfect sex thing And don t give that She s an angel crap hide spoiler

    22. Oh wow Okay, guys, just a warning this one is all over the place If anything, it wasn t really the neat, tied up package I was hoping for, but it felt a little over crammed full of sub plots and dogma, not so subtle misogyny, endorsing the purity myth, and self righteousness Yet, oddly enough, it addresses some of the confusing pieces of the Christian mythology a lot of contradictory things that go on in Heaven itself, etc , which I liked a lot I ll go into all of this later, but I really don [...]

    23. I hope Beth gets to stay with Xavier PLEASE ALEXANDRA Don t make her go back, please And don t you DARE make Xavier get killed, just so Beth can be with him forever You CAN T DO THAT TO ME Make Our Father understand their love or something, let it work

    24. I love love I like books about love I like couples who are in love But if Heaven has taught me one thing is that there is such thing as too MUCH love I admit that yes, Beth and Xavier s relationship is cute But in Heaven, it can be cute bordering on nausea Xavier, however, is adorable and I can t hate him at all in this novel, where his spirit, drive and pure heart really come through, helping him overcome challenges with an elegance and ease that Beth seems to lack in Heaven If we re to be perf [...]

    25. I ll write a review of this once I ve finished face palming myself.1.5 5 stars It s been a few days since I ve finished, so hopefully I ve recuperated enough to write a coherent review This review might have some spoilers later on, but I m not going to hide entire review because of spoilers because a you probably shouldn t waste your time with this, and b I ve given you plenty of time to scroll away.Let s start with Beth Everyone seems to have their issues with her, but she only really started t [...]

    26. The stages of Heaven by Alexandra Adornetto is actually going to exist and already has been rated five stars because it has suceeded in creating a cult like hive mind that preys on tweenagers who were in the prime of their life but were taking too young grief Realisation that this wasn t a joke, it is actually being published Denial Brief Acceptance Violent Rage A second phase of realisation where you realise that shitty, stupid, preachy, hate fuelled books will continue to be published and that [...]

    27. I m incredibly relieved to be done with this series I don t regret reading it, because I actually think this series is a symbol of how far YA, which is a relatively new concept, has come since starting out.This book is just as ridiculous as the rest A few things are resolved well, but most of this book is even eye roll worthy than the others How could it not be with a heroine as ridiculous as Beth Let s highlight some of the best parts Beth marries Xavier and accidentally gets a priest killed a [...]

    28. Okurken harcad m zamana ac d m resmen u bethany sala na melek demeye bin ahit ister.Ergenli in dibine vuran ilk melektir kesin Millet k n y rtt u k z kurtarcam diye ergen mele imizin tek derdi aman xavierci ime bir ey olmas n.

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