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The Outlaw of Torn By Edgar Rice Burroughs,

  • Title: The Outlaw of Torn
  • Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • ISBN: 9781592245765
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Here is a story that has lain dormant for seven hundred years At first it was suppressed by one of the Plantagenet kings of England Later it was forgotten I happened to dig it up by accident The accident being the relationship of my wife s cousin to a certain Father Superior in a very ancient monastery in Europe He let me pry about among a quantity of mildewed and musHere is a story that has lain dormant for seven hundred years At first it was suppressed by one of the Plantagenet kings of England Later it was forgotten I happened to dig it up by accident The accident being the relationship of my wife s cousin to a certain Father Superior in a very ancient monastery in Europe He let me pry about among a quantity of mildewed and musty manuscripts and I came across this It is very interesting partially since it is a bit of hitherto unrecorded history, but principally from the fact that it records the story of a most remarkable revenge and the adventurous life of its innocent victim Richard, the lost prince of England In the retelling of it I have left out most of the history What interested me was the unique character about whom the tale revolves the visored horseman who but let us wait until we get to him It all happened in the thirteenth century, and while it was happening it shook England from north to south and from east to west and reached across the channel and shook France
    The Outlaw of Torn Here is a story that has lain dormant for seven hundred years At first it was suppressed by one of the Plantagenet kings of England Later it was forgotten I happened to dig it up by accident The accid

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    1. Had I read this at fourteen, it would ve received five stars and favorite status Ah, timingIt s a great book still, though one of my favorite characters didn t make it to the end It s full of knights and ladies, gloomy castles, dark secrets, revenge, deceit and valor I d label it a rollicking good tale, a mixture of Robin Hood, From the Valley of the Missing, and The Black Arrow.

    2. THE EDUCATION OF AN OUTLAW THE ULTIMATE REVENGE In a welcome departure from ERB s formulaic plotting and sequels ad nauseum this novel, his 2nd in fact, is relatively unknown but would make wonderful fodder for a Hollywood swashbuckler Combining both actual history with fantastic fiction the creator of TARZAN and the MARS series has woven a tapestry with threads of hatred and revenge, passion and treachery Set in the violent 13th century era of King Henry III and Simon de Montfort, this story de [...]

    3. As a boy, I was enad of the Martian and Tarzan series of books by Edgar Rice Burroughs Along the way, I found a nearly forgotten novel he wrote, widely panned by critics, but which I really liked Go figure The Outlaw of Torn is a fanciful tale of a prince who becomes a highwayman, and then a prince again Through an unbelievably remarkable set of circumstances ERB was known for those , he also becomes the greatest swordsman in England Being a fan of swordfighting adventures, this was right up my [...]

    4. This story is much believable and in many ways superior to other widely known novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs It resembles Men of Iron by Howard Pyle and Mark Twain s The Prince and the Pauper A man seeks revenge for a serious slight and kidnaps Prince Richard, second son of King Henry III What greater revenge can be taken on an enemy than turning his own son against him and all Englishmen The best laid plans often miss the mark and when the love of a woman is involved all bets are off Burrough [...]

    5. In style on Black Arrow and Ivanhoe book is quite amusing medieval adventure story about boy with a Stockholm syndrome.

    6. Earlier this month I read Tarzan of the Apes and was thoroughly unimpressed I decided to give Burroughs another shot in a genre that didn t lend itself as easily to product of its era casual racism Judging from the awkwardly drawn musclebound caped rider on the cover I thought this was something in the swords sorcery genre, but it turned out to be historical ish fiction set during the reign of England s King Henry III.The plot features a completely fictional prince kidnapped at a very young age [...]

    7. When I was fifteen, the cover of the current paperback showed a brawny man on a Percheron under a churning sky He wore a red cape over mail and hid his face under a Norman helmet, and he brandished a sword point forward Frazetta, I m sure Of course I snapped it up Burroughs delivers action and drama, and this is a great one for that The good are put to the test and the evil die cowardly deaths There s a girl I read it now and again it s never as good now as it was on whatever hot afternoon I rea [...]

    8. view spoiler Soo let me get this straight In the first half of the book Norman is all like Well, I was taught to hate the English before I knew why they were bad, but now that I see how the king, barons and the church treat the poor I m gonna stand up to them.In the second half he s like Well, I like this chick who s the daughter of this earl, soo I m gonna exclude his supporters from my wrath.And in the end he s like Welp, if I d known I was a prince I d only have lifted my sword for my royal p [...]

    9. I recently decided to read some classic early 20th century sci fi HG Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jules Verne, etc So I purchased a copy of the John Carter of Mars compendium by ERB when I saw it in a bookstore I also had this copy of Outlaw of Torn lying around the house unread for a long time so I decided to make this the jumping off point of my excursion into classic sci fi authors.One thing to consider, however, if you want to read this book is that Outlaw of Torn is neither sci fi nor fanta [...]

    10. Distressed damsel rescuin , court intrigue, a lost prince, identifying birthmarks, flowery dialog like the King James version of the Bible even though the action takes place several hundred years prior and should probably be closer to Chaucer , sword fights galore, lots and lots of romance What s not to like It s even got a brief cameo appearance by one Lord Greystoke, surely a distant ancestor of John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, a.k.a Tarzan of the Apes It s got all the ingredients you ve read or [...]

    11. Some books try to glorify a character that is the best in the world at something best gunfighter, best swordsman, best crime solver The problem is that to truly become the best, a person would have to be incredibly unbalanced and hard to identify with In this case the cause of the imbalance is not the main character s fault and the story is therefore much plausible while still remaining accessible I enjoyed this book because it has the man against the world motif that I love so much where the m [...]

    12. Not as formulaic as I have found his works this one was enjoyable The hero is noble like so many of ERBs characters but the interesting part in the story is how the hero is born to nobility, stolen away and raised to hate the noble class but still raised in treachery with an understanding of chivalry and true nobility and becomes noble himself a simple but interesting view of nature vs nurture or that both can be true This story just had a better feel than most of his others books But, I can say [...]

    13. This book was entertaining, if not highly fanciful, fiction The story presents a bizarre sort of antihero Norman of Torn, who leaves his zorroesque mark on the heads of his vanquished enemies, who has been twisted by the teachings of a vengeful old man, and who is ultimately saved from this darkness by his love for a beautiful maiden Some parts of the story were very far fetched and the claim that the story is based in history is dubious The book was far better than Burrough s first Tarzan novel [...]

    14. The Outlaw of Torn is an enjoyable tale set in Medieval England Imagine a shorter, faster paced Count of Monte Cristo and you have a good idea of what to expect My grandfather has almost every Edgar Rice Burroughs book ever written and this is the first one I bothered to pick up and read Glad I did, although be prepared This is written in the classical Fantasy style, with archetypal heroes and a linear plot Probably a 3.5 star read but this kept me well engaged through a 5 hour plane ride so I [...]

    15. Edgar Rice Burroughs s second ever novel he wrote Tarzan of the Apes after this one is a riproaring historical adventure involving a kidnapped prince, a vow of revenge, a body count too high to calculate, and liberal helpings of romance and derring do thrown in It s a cracking, face paced read in Burroughs s clear and evocative style, however the dialogue clunks a little, thick as it is with thee, thy and thou Old fashioned and melodramatic, this is an entertaining read from the master of pulp f [...]

    16. From the author who brought you Tarzan of the Apes and The Princess of Mars a.k.a John Carter comes a story to rival The Princess Bride His writing style is simple and linear The characters and setting remind me of Robin Hood and The Scarlet Pimpernel, but don t worry Burroughs story is unique and stands on its own really nicely The plot twists are elegant The themes are obvious without being trite The swordfighting stuns, the friendship forging captivates I would recommend this book to anyone.

    17. A noble born, villain raised warrior sociopath finds that he has empathy at least where people with boobs are concerned Edgar Rice Burroughs lost prince story is fun, if obviously contradictory at times And despite the unflinching admiration of chivalry, it is also a detailed and gruesome tale set in a time when the highest enterprise was to screw others out of their own enterprise If you like The White Company, or general medieval fantasy, there is a chance you will like this.

    18. I have enjoyed reading through many of Mr Burroughs s Tarzan and science fiction books, but this story was a pleasant and surprising shift in style No wild beasts or mystical religions here, just an exciting tale of bitterness and revenge pitted against love and honor set in medieval England, all surrounding the disappearance of a three year old prince I listened to this as a free audio download from LibriVox.

    19. Look, it s ERB, so if you don t like his stuff, move on If you do, know that you are in for a grand story in chivalric England a fictional place, like Spillane s NYC It has echoes of an Alexander Dumas tale of revenge, but is concise, focused differently, and has a similar level of satisfaction.Why are you still reading this pithy review The Outlaw of Torn is free on kindle, and probably a couple of other readers Get the hence, and let adventure begin

    20. Most people know Edgar Rice Burroughs for his Tarzan stories This story, however, takes place in the 13th century in England in which Burroughs weaves a tale of what happened to the lost Prince Richard It is a story rife with revenge, politics, romance, and chivalry all melded together to produce an exciting tale.

    21. This little known book is a gem for anyone who likes medieval swashbuckling style fiction This story has practically everything you could ask for in such a bookrigue, romance, swordfighting, revenge, battles, a chivalrous visored outlaw who steals from the rich.what can one possibly want It s like chocolate fudgepure indulgence from start to finish

    22. I am surprised to find this book I read it in high school and did not remember who the author was At the time, I thought this was just a wonderful book If I read it now, I don t know what I would think Of course I thought this cover was fantastic One of these days I might read it again

    23. You know what you re getting with the Burroughs formula But instead of dark Jungle or alien Mars, this book takes place in medieval England It feels like reading Sir Walter Scott as adapted by Tony Scott Pure action, pure romance, pure pulptastic pseudo history.

    24. This was one of my favorites when I was in my late teens and early 20s It s been many years since I read it, but if you like warriors and weapons with a little intrigue, artfully woven together, you should really enjoy this book.

    25. I thought Outlaw of Torn was a wonderful fantasy historical fiction A lot of classical elements with a bit of a twist as our main character is not the typical Knight in Shining Armor The tale includes epic battles and confrontations, honor vs dishonor, and dramatic love affairs.

    26. If you want an easy read with all the elements of classic pulp fiction damsels in distress, sword fights, hidden royalty, you can get it here Oh yes, and the noble chivalry is killer I kid you not.

    27. Really fun, easy, short read I finished this in the 5 hours it took me to fly from SF to DC on Sunday A good story with some interesting characters, especially a couple of female characters, which I wasn t expecting A little cliche at the end, but hey, it s a classic

    28. One of Edgar Rice Burroughs rare excursions outside the field of sci fi and adventure , this story is a medieval tale of knights in the time of Simon de Montfort This story belongs on the shelf beside Ivanhoe

    29. The Outlaw of Torn by Edgar Rice Borroughs is medieval story about knights and fair ladies in the tradition of King Arthur s tales It completely failed to grip me The final chapters are exciting but they can not make up for a long and boring book.

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