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The French Maid By Sabrina Jeffries,

  • Title: The French Maid
  • Author: Sabrina Jeffries
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Simon Schuster eBook short story.Lady Eleanor Langston has a problem her husband Henry, prime minister in the making, is too caught up in his work to notice her Despite her involvement in his various public appearances, she feels shut out of his life, especially with their one year anniversary looming When Henry hires a highly recommended French lady s maid withA Simon Schuster eBook short story.Lady Eleanor Langston has a problem her husband Henry, prime minister in the making, is too caught up in his work to notice her Despite her involvement in his various public appearances, she feels shut out of his life, especially with their one year anniversary looming When Henry hires a highly recommended French lady s maid without consulting her, Eleanor s anger can t be contained until she meets her With Babette s help, Eleanor arms herself with the one weapon that will make Henry notice her as a woman her inner siren.
    The French Maid A Simon Schuster eBook short story Lady Eleanor Langston has a problem her husband Henry prime minister in the making is too caught up in his work to notice her Despite her involvement in his variou

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    1. 4 stars It was nothing but a little romance parable and If you think of it like that its well written, however, if you are expecting the next Ulysses you might as well keep going pRemember when you were a kid and every story had life lesson applied to it Well this is the same only for romance reading adults It was very cute and had a resounding message to it Don t take companionship and love for granted It is and always will be a blessing Bridge the gap, drop your pride, and go for love It s oka [...]

    2. My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookThis short story by Sabrina Jeffries came out as a free installment with her 1st Hellions of Hallstead Hall book, The Truth About Lord Stoneville This year, with a re release, I thought why not read it I m glad that I did This story of about 30 pages or so, is about a married couple, misunderstandings and a little clumsiness well, Babette would say lazy lol from both sides about each others feelings.Henry Ruskin, L [...]

    3. This was, in essence, an entire romance novel crammed into very few pages While the idea of the married couple who are in the duty lock step being revitalized into True Love by some sort of outside catalyst isn t the most popular, it has been done before Especially for historical romances set in where else Britain There s nothing wrong with it ButWhat I Didn t Like Because there was so much attempted plot crammed into so few words, it fell short Things happened in very quick secession without br [...]

    4. Short and sweet, but I think I would ve liked it drawn out just a teeeeeensy bit The angst was delightful, but the maid worked her magic a wee bit too quickly for my tastes Still, quite good for a free read 3 5

    5. I only read this because it s Sabrina Jeffries, and I love her It s not a very interesting premise to me, why marry someone for anything other than love I know it happened all the time, especially during this time period, but I still don t like it We didn t really get to know the characters to well, which is difficult in a short story format, but for what we got I think it was pretty good Cute and adorable and just a quick bite for when I m craving something by Jeffries, which is pretty often Th [...]

    6. Ms.Jeffries is a writer that keeps my interest throughout the book and gives me that feeling to read her next book I have not been disappointedOnce again Sabrina Jeffries has presented another dazzling and intriguing storyI liked the charactersI loved everything about this book and it was hard for me to put it down

    7. Fun fast read Fun fast read Love the simplicity of how it relates to all ages A quick read when you only have half hour to spare.

    8. I downloaded this book onto my iphone because it was free I had never ever read anything by Sabrina Jeffries before this one I found myself getting into this story A dowdy wife to the future Prime Minister is living in financial splendor but her husband doesn t even notice her until a French Maid comes into their lives The story is interesting and the characters in the story are interesting but the book is only 30 pages long YES As soon as I got into the story, it was over Just like that That is [...]

    9. The French Maid turned out to be a delightful short read that I am glad I decided to download Babette, the French maid, is hired by Henry and instantly sets out to fix Eleanor up to win her husband over Poor Eleanor has felt neglected the year of her marriage but has never had the courage to do too anything about it, while Henry has meant to interact with her but makes excuses than actual time to do so.We don t really know exactly what Babette does to Eleanor but she is, what seems magically, [...]

    10. 3.7 stars This was a really sweet and cute novella Too short, IMO but I suppose I m just not cut out for short stories.I loved Eleanor from the very beginning I love heroines who pine away after the heroes and are in love with them from the beginning But this story got to me I found myself actually taking Eleanor s side instead of Henry, the hero And when that happens, circumstances are very severe indeed Because I m always, always, always on the hero s side I loved the passion between the two a [...]

    11. I loaded my Kindle with nine e Books from the Kindle Store Free Best Sellers list, on November 20, 2011.All of my selections fit my goal to read widely, and critique a variety of author s creative writing Some write creatively, but miss the mark on character development or setting The French Maid truly is a short story I read it immediately in a couple of hours.I gave it only a three star rating, because the time period and location of the setting were not clear until late in the story The main [...]

    12. 3.5 stars This was a nice, quick story Eleanor has been married to Henry for nearly a year Their wedding anniversary is only a few days away During their marriage Eleanor has been the perfect English wife, standing by her husband at various functions, and being there when he needs and not being there when he doesn t need her Their marriage isn t a passionate one, Henry only visits his wife for sex one night a week and always on a Wednesday Eleanor loves Henry but Henry doesn t notice anything ab [...]

    13. Thoroughly disappointed Yeah, I get that Ms Jeffries had to write a romance in 20 pages the last 10 are simply a sneak preview of her next book , but seriously Eleanor s husband is married to his work to the point of ignoring her except for his weekly visits to her bedroom to perform his husbandly duty, and the occasional meal Meanwhile, she dotes on him but has given up on ever being loved by him, or even paid attention to A new French maid shows up, and with a new day dress and a new flimsy se [...]

    14. This is a very short story about a young married couple The husband has high aspirations to further his career Eleanor is a lonely wife whose husband only spends minimal hours with her Through a friend of a friend Henry hires a french maid who was highly recommended Babbette the maid is funny She was a great character and I wish that Jeffries would have spent time with the character I would have liked to learned about her In the short amount of time that Jeffries had, with the limited amount o [...]

    15. My one complaint with this was I wish it was longer and we could have seen a bit about Babette I m fairly certain she s not connected to any of Jeffries other books at least I don t remember her and her rather magical ability to see to the heart of the matter plus her impudence had me giggling.As far as stories go this one was pretty cut and dry wife wants husband to love her, husband is scared of giving her than he thinks he can afford, almost missed opportunity this isn t a dazzling achievem [...]

    16. This is a short story about a married couple with a proper English marriage Eleanor wants from her husband, but doesn t want to ask for it for fear of being turned away He occasionally wants from their marriage as well, but his concerns for his work in parliament always overcome his desire to get to know his wife.Until he hires her a new French ladies maid Babette makes Eleanor realize both she and Henry have been lazy about their marriagebut putting her heart out there is harder than expected [...]

    17. Cute, short and sweet, this story gives testament to the fact that marriage is work and you can t be lazy Eleanor has been in love with her workaholic husband for the entire year they ve been married but has settled for the breadcrumbs he gives her because she s too afraid to upset the status quo He s absolutely clueless and dedicated to his profession in politics He thinks that all he wants is a perfect English wife and hostess, but there are times when he s tempted to open up to her It all cha [...]

    18. Eleanor and Henry Eleanor wed Henry a year ago almost to the day, and feels hopeless that Henry will ever return her affections Sure he s a good husband, and provider, but he takes her for granted He forgot her birthday and will probably forget their first anniversary in a few days time Recently Eleanor s maid left and Henry surprises her with a new made from France The new maid is kinda like the sexy version of Nanny McPhee I assumed her help to their marriage was gonna be riske But it was rea [...]

    19. This is a very short novella about a married couple at the cusp of their one year wedding anniversary who each receive a little push from an unusual French maid to work harder at making their marriage a happier, mutually satisfying relationship It was short and sweet, but I was disappointed that the woman needed to make herself beautiful and seductive in order to get her husband to notice her There were other positive messages in the story, however, to still send valuable messages about how a [...]

    20. This is a very short 20 pgs on my Nook for PC story Despite it s length, I thought it was very sweet and endearing This was my first foray into historical romance and I enjoyed it I was shocked, although I m sure they re not all this good.I m certainly open to reading this genre The writing was done really well I was worried that there would be a lot of thee and twas and thou but there was none of that The behaviorism s were the only thing that gave away the genre and the pet names of course Ov [...]

    21. A good short story presents a problem and in The French Maid Lady Eleanor is being ignored by Sir Henry, her husband The solution comes with the help of The French Maid that Sir Henry hires for Lady Eleanor She helps both the Lady and Sir Henry see where they can work to improve their marriage and in the end they realize she is right, which solves the problem The story flows, is fun and one that addresses an issue that are timeless in marriage as couple learn to live together Wouldn t it be fun [...]

    22. v cute not really a book , like a short story mysterious french maid shows up and helps plain jane look fabulous this makes husband realize what hes got plain jane leaves husband who has taken her for granted and had it coming of course he wins her back and they live happily ever after they even have sex in gasp the middle of the afternoon haha still it was endering which is something i always look for in my romance selection.

    23. This was a quick, fun read It was free for kindle and while, given the circumstances, I d usually be happy with how contained it was, I felt like so many elements would have been better utilized in a larger story, like this should have been a free story to get the reader into a series I m disappointed that that doesn t seem to be the case, but it was a great read for the price, so I can t complain.

    24. If I m not mistaken, I got this for free At least I hope I did I already have a few authors in this genre that I really enjoy and thought I d seek out The French Maid has turned me off to this author The story was too predictable and the pacing was too fast The female character is certainly no heroine while her husband is just full of himself Something about the story really left me feeling quite disappointed.

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