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Flotilla By Daniel Haight,

  • Title: Flotilla
  • Author: Daniel Haight
  • ISBN: 9780615562544
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • Flotilla is a book for young adults and fans of Juvenile Dystopian Fiction about the world that is coming to our oceans Jim Westfield is a messed up kid thrown into the anarchic community his father lives on where they raise fish on the ocean when they aren t breaking the law This is a world filled with strange and dangerous characters that threaten Jim and his family sFlotilla is a book for young adults and fans of Juvenile Dystopian Fiction about the world that is coming to our oceans Jim Westfield is a messed up kid thrown into the anarchic community his father lives on where they raise fish on the ocean when they aren t breaking the law This is a world filled with strange and dangerous characters that threaten Jim and his family s lives when a terrorist attack hits Los Angeles Now Jim must rise above his past if he wants to survive his future This whirlwind experience over two summers paints a vivid picture of risk and hardship It takes a deeply moving look at the impact of sustainable technology on some hilariously dysfunctional characters Readers and reviewers are calling Flotilla highly original, intense and action packed and for anyone who loves adventure.
    Flotilla Flotilla is a book for young adults and fans of Juvenile Dystopian Fiction about the world that is coming to our oceans Jim Westfield is a messed up kid thrown into the anarchic community his father l

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    1. In Flotilla, we meet Jim Westfield, who is 15 years old Jim and his sister are alone on their father s boat, floating in the Pacific, and facing an unknown future Drug dealers, pirates and biological terrorist attacks on the United States have forced them to flee Colony D They don t know if their parents are alive or dead Jim has been in and out of trouble because of his penchant for heavy drinking After his last bout of binge drinking, Jim was put on probation, and the only thing that kept him [...]

    2. Jim is 14 and already a recovery alcoholic As part of his treatment, he s sent to live with his emotionally and physically distant father on the Colony The Colony is a flotilla Hey Title alert of hundreds of boats tied together, floating a hundred miles off the California coast, where the occupants farm fish Jim s father has been living there for several years raising fish and raising money is ways slightly less than legal ways.At the Colony, Jim begins to grow up He finds a degree of discipline [...]

    3. Flotilla is a slow burn book, and as soon as that became apparent, I started to struggle with it There s nothing wrong with it, by any means, but when I got through the first 100 pages and it still set up, it started taking willpower to shoulder through Part of it is a basic disconnect from the main character I was a bit of a straight laced child, so I just could not find any way to latch onto the main character He was the type of kid I glowered at, then ignored when I was that age Eventually ar [...]

    4. I loved this 17 chapter book It was told through Jim s first person point of view The author had a brilliant talent with POV The narration sounded like a 14 year old boy, turning 15 in the stage where he wants to stay a kid when it suits him but wants to be treated like an adult when someone tells him what to do Jim definitely had to grow up fast his dad kept getting him into trouble due to his scams I enjoyed getting to understand Jim and his family dynamics as well as how he treated his friend [...]

    5. Flotilla by Dan Haight was a delight to read This is a coming of age story like nothing you ve ever read or seen Jim is thrown into a world where he does not know friend from enemy, has to grow up and make hard decisions or risk death The characters in Flotilla are colorful, and just plane weird but in a good way The internal struggles that Jim faces feel genuine and in the end this helps greatly in making his story feel real There are a few hilarious moments in the book, however it s a guy thin [...]

    6. Flotilla by Daniel Haight is a crossover apocalyptic science fiction story about a fourteen year old boy named Jim, who leaves his mother on the mainland to live with his father at the colony, a floating, fishing community in the middle of the ocean He is sent to live with his father after getting out of rehab for alcohol abuse He spends two summers with his father learning to deal with the strange environment of the colony when a terrorist attack occurs on the mainland throwing Jim s world into [...]

    7. 4.5 stars.I was very impressed by this YA adventure with universal appeal.Sending a 14 year old with drink related problems to stay with his absentee father who had done time in prison in itself would raise problems Add in the fact his father lives on a boat as part of a colony involved in farming fish in their natural habitat gives another layer of interest Top this up with the fact that during his younger sister s visit the mainland comes under a biological attack leaving the colony isolated a [...]

    8. Dan Haight s novel Flotilla is a story that follows the teenage Jim as he goes through life on the Pacific Fisheries Colony D, attempting to reconnect with his estranged father Rick and survive the underworld businesses like drugs and gambling at the same time What happens when the world ends To see my full review go here trappedinjuxtaposition.wordpre

    9. Flotilla is awesome, buy it, it gets 5 stars That is my review Ok, no I am only joking, not about the 5 stars or the fact its awesome but I of course I am going to give you than one sentence.I came across this book a while back on Twitter, it ticked most of my boxes, outbreaks, disasters, nice American setting, dystopian feel but the one thing I wasn t sure of was the story being told from the point of view of Jim a 14 year old boy.As most of the books I generally read are from a female point o [...]

    10. Review 4.5 rounded up to 5 I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author through Netgalley in return for an honest review.This is an intriguing young adult coming of age, post apocalyptic novel I really enjoyed it.Jim Westfield is a wonderful character I really liked him and admired him as he dealt with situations that most adults would struggle with I love his character growth He has an alcohol addiction and in a bid to avoid going into rehab, he chooses to live with his father o [...]

    11. GENRE Dystopia LENGTH 208 pagesAUDIENCE Young AdultPUBLISHER Self PublishedTHE RUNDOWNWhile many dystopian stories may stick to settings we re all familiar with towns, carnivals, woods Dan Haight s dystopia, Flotilla carves a new path Set on a floating city in the ocean, this story has a setting all of its own The main character, sixteen year old rehab survivor Jim, is being sent by his mother to live with his father Jim s partying ways have become dangerous and his mother believes hard work on [...]

    12. Another Young Adult novel I m not a fan of the category Back when I was in high school, during the Nixon administration, the YA label meant you were in for a propaganda piece that was designed by parental authorities to make you see the error of your ways and cut your hair, stay away from drugs, study hard, and become a productive member of society So, of course I would run like hell and find something like Dangerous Visions, Zap Comix, or Tropic of Cancer to read.I didn t know what to expect fr [...]

    13. Jim is fourteen years old, and an alcoholic Or at the very least, a party going heavy drinker He comes out of hospital after his latest round of drinking, and is sentenced to spending a summer with his Dad, Rick Westfield, on Colony D a man made island in the Pacific that houses those farming fish for an on shore company Ostensibly, Jim s father is a fish farmer.I felt quite sorry for Jim through most of the story From everything he says Jim narrates the story , he really is trying to get his li [...]

    14. There are many things to recommend this book well developed characters and a first person narration by the main character, Jim Jim is 14, going on 15 and like most teens has his moments of childish behavior and recalcitrant attitude when he feels someone is treating him like a child In an attempt to realign his priorities after a stay in rehab for alcohol, his mother seeks out his deadbeat and otherwise troubled father, Rick, in the hopes that Jim will find a new start on the offshore society ca [...]

    15. Daniel Haight delivers a unique coming of age story with Flotilla This novel follows the story of a teenage boy, Jim, who is trying to turn his life around after falling on hard times Haight introduces us to a new way of life when our protagonist is sent to live with his father on a floating city in the middle of the Pacific Ocean It is here that the adventures begin for our young protagonist and his wayward father We encounter a variety of characters who all play a unique role in helping Jim fi [...]

    16. Review originally posted on Between RealityToday, everyone, history has been made I remember mentioning my short attention span at least I think I remember a couple of times, and yes, it s definitely still a piece of me It cackles its way around while I m trying to focus andoh look If I enter this giveaway, I could win 10 But wait Look Here s three giveaways to enter, instead of completing your responsibilities And that cycle has slurped up a good 5 hours yeah 5 hours of my day before And no, I [...]

    17. Flotilla by Daniel Haight is a science fiction fantasy and post apocalyptic novel The story immediately drew me within its adventure Family and drug abuse are two popular themes inside this young adult read Daniel s writing is incredible His main character, Jim, is a troubled teen Jim s mom gets him out of rehab to work with his dad Then life everywhere becomes chaotic The world is being destroyed and with both, his parents taken and goneJim and his sister must learn how to survive with what the [...]

    18. I must admit I was unsure what to expect from this book It s billed as Young Adult and, well, I m not really that any However I can t resist a good dystopian book so I took the plunge.The story is narrated by Jim, a teenage recovering alcoholic, sent out to stay with his Dad on one of the Pac Fish colonies off the coast of some time in the no so distant future California It starts nearly at the end of the story and proceeds with Jim tells us what has happened in the previous year and, ultimatel [...]

    19. This YA coming of age story set in a post apocalyptic world found its way onto my Netgalley reading list I am not a huge sci fi fan, nor a regular reader of YA fiction, but I did enjoy reading about teenager Jim, who is sent to live with his Dad, in a fishing colony after getting into trouble with excessive drinking I loved the way Jim read so authentically and I easily felt interested in this character from the start, despite the fact he comes across as so bratty I found the majority of the boo [...]

    20. I really enjoyed the characters and the setup of the unusual floating base that they live on The scrapes he gets into are quite hairy Unfortunately, having set up the major disaster right at the beginning, life goes on and on, and there is no sign of it I got half way through the book and decided it wasn t the book I had been led to expect and gave up If you re happy to read lots about life before the disaster, it s a great book.Aug 2016 I finally went back and finished the book, because I was e [...]

    21. I am a big fan of doomer fiction, and this is one of the best Certainly of the recent variety which is all becoming very predicable SHTF Mayham immediately results hero is prepared and saves the day using lots of weapons This is about a realistic teenager and with fairly realistic scenarios I particularly liked how it did not fall apart at ones, and in at least one case people help strangers I like realism in my doomer fiction and this provided that, for that reason I liked than the sequel Iro [...]

    22. I received this novel from NetGalley.When I started this book, I thought, wow, this is going to be something special, something different and I couldn t have been right just not in the way I was expecting.This novel was about a fourteen year old boys life than a sci fi, virus exterminating the world The virus was basic in itself as well, so that was very underwhelming.I can appreciate how the novel is written as though by a fourteen year old, I can appreciate the style and how many people will [...]

    23. Different I loved it What a journey this book will take you on A young boy is sent to help his father out on a colony of boats tied together in the ocean He is supposedly being punished after being arrested for his drinking The colony teaches him hard work and starts to drive him further onward into manhood The journey for him is only beginning From pirates to losing everyone he loves, this one will leave you wanting

    24. An interesting debut novel about a young man, Jim, coming of age in a slightly distopic near future Jim is introduced as the fairly typical troubled son of divorced parents, but what happens next is not typical at all The highest praise I can offer is that I ve recommended that others read it, and I m excited for the sequel Plus, the cover photo is awesome

    25. I wanted to like this book, it just dragged for me Until the end The concept is cool, but just took awhile for me The Kindle version I don t know about the others had a ton of really simple, obvious errors Almost as if it wasn t edited I m not one for perfect grammar by any means But it was really bad I will probably read the 2nd book when I m all out of books on my list.

    26. Would have liked it if the dystopian part happened a little sooner, but 3 4ths of the book was a rotten kid bouncing between the ocean city real city kinda bored me.

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