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Payment Deferred By C.S. Forester,

  • Title: Payment Deferred
  • Author: C.S. Forester
  • ISBN: 9780141198101
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mr Marble is in serious debt, desperate for money to pay his family s bills, until the combination of a wealthy relative, a bottle of Cyanide and a shovel offer him the perfect solution In fact, his troubles are only just beginning Slowly the Marble family becomes poisoned by guilt, and caught in an increasingly dangerous trap of secrets, fear and blackmail Then, in a fMr Marble is in serious debt, desperate for money to pay his family s bills, until the combination of a wealthy relative, a bottle of Cyanide and a shovel offer him the perfect solution In fact, his troubles are only just beginning Slowly the Marble family becomes poisoned by guilt, and caught in an increasingly dangerous trap of secrets, fear and blackmail Then, in a final twist of the knife, Mrs Marble ensures that retribution comes in the most unexpected of ways First published in 1926, C S Forester s gritty psychological thriller took crime writing in a new direction, portraying ordinary, desperate people committing monstrous acts, and showing events spiralling terribly, chillingly, out of control.
    Payment Deferred Mr Marble is in serious debt desperate for money to pay his family s bills until the combination of a wealthy relative a bottle of Cyanide and a shovel offer him the perfect solution In fact his t

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    1. Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin, and sin, when it full grown, gives birth to death .

    2. This is my first book by the author This is dark, psychological suspense involving Marble and his family Marble commits a murder and is successful in hiding it A while later, by stroke of luck, he comes into lot of money He has money now but his life goes into a downward spiral and the story ends in an ironic climax It is a tale of karmic justice, in ways.The writing in the book is brilliant Forester keeps up the tension throughout the story As a reader, we can feel the anticipation of the man t [...]

    3. From BBC Radio 4 Saturday Drama Most famous for his Hornblower series, C.S Forester wrote three seminal psychological thrillers at the start of his career that took crime writing in a new direction, portraying ordinary, desperate people committing monstrous acts, and showing events spiralling terribly, chillingly, out of control.In Payment Deferred set in 1926, William Marble, a bank clerk living in south London with his wife Annie and their two children, is desperately worried about money and i [...]

    4. I m a sucker for this kind of thing, and this was a beaut Kind of Therese Raquin ey, with a dash of Simenon, filled with paranoia, foreboding, lots of drinking and looking out the window at the backyard Written in the Twenties pre Hornblower , it was concise, quietly stylish, and in terms of British noir, quite revelatory Three yips for C.S.Forester Yip Yip Yip

    5. C.S.Forester reminds me so much in his style of writing, of George Orwell, and Payment Deferred is one of three crime novels The Persued and Plain Murder making up the trio written between the wars depicting the blue collar lives of individuals in suburban London, and of their attempts to satisfy a driving passion by whatever means at their disposal I can recommend this Author to anyone born and bred in England who can travel back in time to twenties and thirties London.

    6. This was great Very well written, the story is brilliantly engineered as destiny finds a convoluted but inexorable way to strike on those who deserve to be punished for their selfish, miserable actions The ending is brilliant and unexpected I ll surely read the other two crime books from the same author.

    7. I really enjoyed the ending the beginning was just alright I didn t think the emphasis on Mrs Marble being dumb needed to be repeated every other page Nevertheless, this is on my shortlist for books I d like to adapt to a graphic novel I think it d fit the medium very well.

    8. Originally published on my blog here in May 1999.Most crime novels are about the process of detection Payment Deferred the novel which made Forester s name, is about the effect that a crime has on the unsuspected criminal.The Marble family are sinking into debt their miserable suburban lower middle class existence is about to reach the point when it will have to be exchanged for something even worse, as credit is no longer extended to them, and threats of legal action are being made If those thr [...]

    9. Having enjoyed Forester s wonderful Hornblower adventure novels in my younger years, I had no hesitation to now explore his earlier works classified as noir mysteries The first he wrote in the 1920s was Payment Deferred about the machinations of Mr Marble, a stuffy and stodgy English bank clerk caught in a predicament of financial embarrassment Simply put, his wages have not been able to support the cost of his own and his wife s moderate necessities His obligation to local merchants have reache [...]

    10. 1 2This was an excellent book that packed way into 188 pages than other mystery suspense writers can pack into 500 Mr William Marble is a down at heel bank clerk with a lot of debts and not much hope of repaying them A visit from a wealthy relative leads to murder, and for the rest of the book we wait for Marble to get caught What will be his fatal mistake Forester writes very well indeed, giving each member of the Marble family their due as characters in the limelight, with insight into their [...]

    11. For random discovery in a bookshop one day, this little novel was an interesting read I never knew before that the author of my beloved and incorrigible Hornblower delved into this genre Although I m still not exactly sure what genre that is, maybe thriller then mystery, because from the very first chapter you know all the details of the murder What makes the story then, is the life of Mr Marble after he commits this murder, and the way it destroys everything around him The deed was done to sol [...]

    12. A memorable psychological drama.I ordered and read this immediately after finishing The Pursued by the same author If anything I enjoyed it even Poor Mr Marble, he s trapped in a stultifying job and marriage as he sees it and drowning in debt His taste for whiskey doesn t help Temptation arrives in the form of a wealthy relative, temptation he seizes without a thought for the consequences Unfortunately for Mr Marble, this novel is a tale of consequences Rather than the freedom he sought, has Mr [...]

    13. I always thought that C S Forester only wrote seafaring novels I never associated him with three psychological suspense stories written at the start of his career in the 1920s And what a find Payment Deferred was It s the story of pathetic bank clerk William Marble and his slow, but unremitting descent into madness following the death of his only nephew This isn t a who done it, but a detailed and haunting account of the effect that murder, money and social class can have on an individual and th [...]

    14. Surpreendentemente bom uma daqueles livros em que o final certo e sabido, mas n o deixamos de apreciar a viagem, com bastante schadenfrude perante o destino de Will Marble, que se deixa obcecar pelo medo de ser apanhado pelo crime que cometeu quase imposs vel simpatizar com as personagens Will Marble um escroque da pior esp cie, Annie Marble uma mosquinha morta dominada pelo marido, a Winnie Marble uma fedelha, Jim Medlands um lorpa, Madame Collins uma manipuladora interesseira e o marido desta [...]

    15. I first read this book many years ago and can t even remember how I came across it as, at the time, I only knew C.S Forrester for his Hornblower series I thought this was a terrific story and found myself another copy recently to re read it This book was written in the early 1900 s, but is the timeless story of a dreadful crime and its far reaching consequences When Mr Marble is suddenly presented with an answer to his financial problems he jumps in with both feet That decision marks the beginni [...]

    16. Interesting to start reading C S Forester through crime books I never read any of the Hornblower series I may now , nor was I interested I was curious about Forester as a crime writer and this is my second No surprise that they are well written, but the surprise is the darkness The narrative is seen from the perspective not first person of Mr Marble, soon to be seen as the criminal who tries to hide and hide from his crime Interesting to compare with, but a very different style, Pop 1280, or The [...]

    17. Forester, better known for his Horatio Hornblower series, which I now want to read too, wrote a classic example of British mystery I d call it a sort of precursor of Ruth Rendell Actually, there isn t much mystery about it, it s a case of putting a person of weak character in a moment of temptation and then watching how it all unravels Lucidly written And if you want to find discussion of classic British crime, among other things, check out Martin Edwards excellent blog.

    18. The expression that money is the route of all evil applies to this work in ways than one Mr Marble and his family are living hand to mouth until someone comes along with an answer to his monetary problem However the way that he solves the problem weights heavily on his mind, so heavily that he does not want people to come into his house and he barely leaves The pay off is ironic My expression for this is what goes around comes around You have to read about Mr Marble and his poor family.

    19. An exceptional pre war crime novel in which the murderer is never in doubt Other than the killer and the reader, however, no one even knows the murder has been committed An absorbing study of an ordinary man who suddenly, unexpectedly does a terrible thing because he s pressed for money and is then haunted by his guilt and fear of discovery It seems inevitable he will be found out but when and how Tense stuff and highly original.

    20. This is the third C.S Forester book that I have read and they are all so very different The cover was a bit deceiving in its description but C.S Forester does a great job of describing the madness of his main character Interesting read but a disappointing ending in that it felt like it just dropped off.

    21. I had no idea good old C.S even wrote crime novels This was advertised as a mystery, but it isn t the reader knows from the first who committed the murder The fascination lies in watching the moral decay of the murderer, not in deciphering who committed the crime Reading this, I was struck by what a good play it would make Turns out it was both a Broadway play and a movie in the 1930s.

    22. This is pretty good It s young Forester I am a Hornblower fan but this is pre Hornblower It s interesting, though Sort of a fable, almost I recommend it, although I m not sure how available it is if you don t have a Devoted Spouse who works in a bookstore.

    23. Fantastic I love crime stories from the 1920 s and 30 s anyway, but Forester had a knack of really understanding people and getting into their head, and this really was a book I couldn t put down because of that Loved the ending which I diodn t see coming

    24. The book synopsis says it all It is very enjoyable and full of suspense Very well written A period piece He was 26 when he wrote this, one of his first novels.

    25. I quite enjoyed this story quite different from the other CS Forester books, the Horatio Hornblower stories I ve read before Well paced, gets right into the story Tense psychological mystery.

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