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Indigo By Satyajit Ray,

  • Title: Indigo
  • Author: Satyajit Ray
  • ISBN: 9780140294484
  • Page: 282
  • Format: None
  • Spine tingling tales from the other side of midnight Indigo is the mood in this new collection of stories about the supernatural, the peculiar and the inexplicable from Satyajit Ray, one of the best loved writers of our times There are tales here of dark horror, fantasy and adventure along with heart warmingly funny stories about ordinary people in extraordinary situatioSpine tingling tales from the other side of midnight Indigo is the mood in this new collection of stories about the supernatural, the peculiar and the inexplicable from Satyajit Ray, one of the best loved writers of our times There are tales here of dark horror, fantasy and adventure along with heart warmingly funny stories about ordinary people in extraordinary situations In Big Bill Tulsi Babu picks up a newly hatched chick from a forest and brings it home only to find it growing bigger and fiercer by the day in Khagam a man kills a sadhu s deadly pet snake and invites a curse which brings about horrifying changes in his body and in the title story, a young executive resting in an old abandoned bungalow for a night, finds himself caught up in a chilling sequence of events which occurred than a century ago Also included here is The Magical Mystery , a brand new Feluda story discovered amongst Ray s papers after his death, and several tales featuring Uncle Tarini, the master storyteller who appears in translation for the first time From Mr Shasmal, who is visited one night by all the creatures he has ever killed, to Ashamanja Babu, who does not know what to do when his pet dog suddenly begins to laugh, the unforgettable characters in these stories surprise, shock and entertain us in equal measure Indigo is a veritable treasure trove especially for those who like a taste of the unusual in a short story and an unexpected twist at the end.
    Indigo Spine tingling tales from the other side of midnight Indigo is the mood in this new collection of stories about the supernatural the peculiar and the inexplicable from Satyajit Ray one of the best l

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    1. I finished this book 2 months back Now, I m a well known procrastinator And I really really did not want to rush into a review for this book I wnated to put some time and effort into writing it Combine both of these and it s taken me 2 months for this Satyajit Ray needs no introduction But for those unaware of his accomplishments, Akira Kurosawa once said about him The quiet but deep observation, understanding and love of the human race, which are characteristic of all his films, have impressed [...]

    2. When I was about 10, a friend lent me an anthology of Satyajit Ray s stories after her praise for his chilling ghost stories got me interested I remember reading about an ill fated attempt at a parapsychological experiment in a rural haunted house and a strange little story about a man who hung himself upside down from a tree like a bat When I found this book, I bought it in hopes of re reading some of those tales The last one is not here, but the first, Anath Babu s Terror is, and is still deli [...]

    3. Indigo s a collection of short stories really weird short stories When I think of fiction stories with a twist, Jeffery Archer always comes to mind I m a huge fan of his short works Cat O Nine Tales, Quiver Full of Arrows and so on and so forth All the stories are surreal, and have this strange unprecedented twist in the end ALWAYS.Indigo is a little like that I m not comparing Jeff Archer and Satyajit Ray not at all But I ll be honest, I ve never read Satyajit Ray before and I never saw this co [...]

    4. Reading Satyajit Ray was like feeling the warmth of winter sun in the backyard of my home back in North Each story warms your heart softly and you feel you are reliving your childhood It was as if someone holding your finger and in this case it is Satyajit Ray takes you through the scenes of your past when you were a child playing at the street corner with your friends, enjoying the comic books, making interesting discoveries, discussing trivial things as if they were wonders of the world It rem [...]

    5. Now this is how I like my short stories to be, really short, crisp and with a surprise ending Each of the stories is a real treat with subjects ranging from ghosts, supernatural elements and with some bizarre characters thrown in.Ray is master of this genre I am sure it was his talent to look beyond the mundane that must have got reflected in his writings and movies too Abstract stories are not really my cup of tea I have read short stories of many authors running into several pages and after ha [...]

    6. Read full book review on my blog Indigo Selected Stories by Satyajit Ray Book reviewI must admit that I have fallen in love with the Satyajit Ray s stories and looking forward reading work of him The one thing which I really loved in this book is the characterization, they are simple yet impressive Some stories will leave you spellbound, some will make you laugh These stories will also leave the enchanting impression of old Calcutta This book can be read and enjoyed by a toddler, a youth or eve [...]

    7. This was a very interesting read A refreshing change from some of the layered stuff I find myself stuck with But, intriguingly , with each passing story, I noticed the absolute absence of Women characters, in this collection All the characters central, peripheral, tertiary, were all men I have never encountered this I wonder why

    8. First published in 2000, this is a collection of 23 short stories of Satyajit Ray Magic and mystery, both were subjects close to Ray s heart and he had a special penchant for things supernatural This is well reflected in this collection which has some magnificently simple tales told in the limpid and languid style that was Ray s hallmark.Among this book s stories is also a few tales involving Uncle Tarini, another of Feluda s interesting characters besides the otherwise popular Feluda and Prof [...]

    9. EngrossingBeautiful and interesting stories by Satyajit Ray For the people who love short stories, this is a must read book.

    10. Satyajit Ray has always intrigued me and I have been wanting to read some of his books for a long time now Specially Feluda, which i have heard is his most popular book While this remains on my wish list I managed to get my hands on Indigo which is a compilation of his short stories.Indigo explores the world of the super natural, magic and occult through its storiesuly a brilliant color in the rainbow of generes The stories are written in a simple natural flow, which is amazing It is brilliant h [...]

    11. This is a collection of short stories from the master story teller Satyajit Ray, a true legend unto himself And he does not disappoint with this collection at all.These are stories that are super natural, bizarre, quirky and even some truly inexplicable in nature but definitely make a great read It describes Calcutta and I use this name deliberately in those days and the various quirks of its people in such a wonderful manner that you are actually transported to that land and experiencing everyt [...]

    12. Indigo, by the celebrated film maker Satyajit Ray, is a selected collection of his short stories All of the stories have been translated to English from his native tongue, Bengali And all of them have an element of the fantastic, the supernatural and the bizarre The language used is extremely simple and lucid, and will manage to capture the attention of audiences of all ages Each of them spanning hardly than 10 15 pages, they are devoid of lofty and superfluous descriptions The characters are s [...]

    13. There is no word to describe the range and depth of Satyajit Ray s imagination I almost choked from laughter in some stories I recoiled with horror or tension in others Although the English translation does not seem to be perfect, the gists of the stories are very much there to haunt you with their charm, eccentricity, and, at times, eeriness I had no idea that there was an entirely new world somewhere, and that Bengali literature would take you there I first heard of Satyajit Ray when I learned [...]

    14. Ray was one of those rare beings in this world who had many talents although world knows him mostly for his movies Writing was one of his talents and I must say its as good as his cinemas for sure All the stories here are special in its own way Evrey single one ends up with an impact which lingers on and that is what makes them unique and truely amazing These short stories are highly engaging which is the best part The beauty of these short stories are that they do not go into lengthy descriptio [...]

    15. This book probably doesn t deserve a 5 star, mainly because so much of it is lost in translation The original was written in Bangla Satyajit Ray is a master story teller, be it his amazing movies or writing I had first read a horror fantasy short story written by him on a Shanonda Publication Bengali Magazine when I was 16 or 17 and have been a fan of his writings ever since The best part of his writings is the amazing characters and the background of bengal 50 60 years ago.This is a collection [...]

    16. Indigo,published by penguin is a collection of short stories having a perfect blend of horror, mystery and suspense the intriguing peculiarity of the stories, the plot, the characters makes the reader want and There are fabulous beings ranging from kleptomaniacs, amateur artists to a ghost of an indigo planter, a carnivorous plant and many others The stories bring the very best of the reader s imagination.

    17. I was lent this book by one of my dad s coworkers when I was in, I think, high school, and she moved to Europe and then back to India before I could ever return it, so I still have it I had never heard of Satyajit Ray before she gave it to me, and if I m being honest I ve neglected his other work But I reread this from time to time The stories stay with you.

    18. Satyajit Ray s staggeringly versatile and I shot through the book from start to end My favorite is the one with the strange bird The expressive prose is comfortingly simple, never over the top, and all the impressive for this.

    19. Puppets, ghosts, aliens, prehistoric animals Unusual people You name it Real magic is there in Satyajit Ray.

    20. A Treasure trove of tales of the supernatural leaving the reader with a thrilling sense of macabre Great read.

    21. One of my all time favourite writer Satyajit ray s fabulous collection of short stories.The stories are magical, innocent and true by their nature.Inspiring for a short story writer

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