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The Penny Whistle By B.J. Hoff,

  • Title: The Penny Whistle
  • Author: B.J. Hoff
  • ISBN: 9781556618772
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Hardcover
  • General Fiction Large Print Edition Welcome to Skingle Creek, a Kentucky coal mining town in the late 1800s, where a beloved teacher hovers on the precipice between hope and despair Where two young friends plan to give a gift that may save a life And where a one room schoolhouse provides the setting for a miracle.
    The Penny Whistle General Fiction Large Print Edition Welcome to Skingle Creek a Kentucky coal mining town in the late s where a beloved teacher hovers on the precipice between hope and despair Where two young fr

    One thought on “The Penny Whistle”

    1. This book looks adorable, and it is adorable The story is nice and simple, written in an old fashioned style, and has a happy ending It follows the school children trying to make the poor school teacher happy after someone took his flute away It wasn t amazing, but it was really adorable Awww like, and all that.

    2. I started this book thinking I probably wouldn t like it At first I had a hard time getting into it but the ending was very encouraging to me I particularly loved where it said The music of life is within yout in the world, not in circumstances or external thingsyou are the instrument, and I God am the music.

    3. I really enjoyed this book At first, it made me really sad because of the terrible living conditions of these people, but then I started feeling inspired Just because they didn t have much, didn t stop them What they had, they gave to those who needed it I felt heart warmed at the ending I won t spoil it but it was great I would recommend this to anyone who is okay with feeling sad, and is ready to be warmed and inspired by the kindness of these people

    4. I read this book based on other reviews and at the beginning I almost put it down I am so glad I didn t What a beautiful story of perseverance, hope and community.

    5. This was a wonderful story about a little girl and her concern about her teacher s deteriorating health, especially after someone stole the teacher s flute It is inspiring and heartwarming I would highly recommend this Christian book It is an easy read I would have liked description For example, I would have loved to visualize how this 1890s schoolhouse looked to the main character, Maggie MacAuley In addition, in the closing scene, the author B J Hoff allowed one word to tip off who Maggie wou [...]

    6. I read this story at my grandmother s request Overall, a sweetly told story of faith, despair, and hope And while I wish the voice of God had not been quite so blatant maybe this is my own bias, but God rarely speaks to me in words , my only real contention with it was the unneeded, yet predictable, afterword.

    7. This was a well written story about sharing faith and love I just couldn t put it down However, it was so sad It had a happy ending but I cried from about chapter 2 till the end of the book I recommend this to someone that wants a good read and a good cry.

    8. I enjoyed this little book very much It s a story about the influence a teacher had on his student, and then how the student turned around and helped her teacher It s a sweet story.

    9. A short book with some simple but meaningful points made As one line in the book states hope is the music of the soul.

    10. Wonderful story about the effects one school teacher has on a Kentucky coal mining town Also, how music can lift the soul and spirit to bring about miracles.

    11. I really enjoyed this book It was really well written You really came to know each character it was a great story Short and easy to read Was a great story of hope

    12. Loved it, well done BJ Hoff What a wonderful book.you reached beyond friendship, into God s love for a teacher and student that didn t have anything to give.

    13. This is an inspirational story about hope and sharing set in Kentucky in the 1890 s An easy, but wonderful read.

    14. This book clearly deserves than 5 stars It is very uplifting Hope is what we need And that hope, as pointed out in this book, comes from knowing Jesus Christ and following Him.

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