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The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook By Joshua Piven David Borgenicht,

  • Title: The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook
  • Author: Joshua Piven David Borgenicht
  • ISBN: 9780811861366
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The worst of the worst, all in one place This deluxe desk reference includes a hardbound volume of the most popular scenarios from all 11 Worst Case Scenario handbooks, plus the entire contents of all the books on a fully searchable CD Avoid the perils of mountain lions and blind dates, avalanches and teenage driving lessons, runaway golf carts and Christmas turkeys on fThe worst of the worst, all in one place This deluxe desk reference includes a hardbound volume of the most popular scenarios from all 11 Worst Case Scenario handbooks, plus the entire contents of all the books on a fully searchable CD Avoid the perils of mountain lions and blind dates, avalanches and teenage driving lessons, runaway golf carts and Christmas turkeys on firea remedy for every crisis the worst case experts have anticipated is now only a click away The CD also contains newly created extra features screensavers, e cards, wallpaper, and Boasting than 500pages, this sturdy addition to the Worst Case Scenario library could stop a bulletjust one way to be prepared for the worst.
    The Complete Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook The worst of the worst all in one place This deluxe desk reference includes a hardbound volume of the most popular scenarios from all Worst Case Scenario handbooks plus the entire contents of all

    One thought on “The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook”

    1. Hilarious, until some of the things you realize ACTUALLY scare you and could happen then you start reading it a little closer and seriously or you start smiling at what they have included My boyfriend got this for me for my birthday this year, after I was always talking about wanting to know What if type situations What would we do if we ran across a bear and other questions that scare you You see the quiz type board game at certain stores and you smile and think its totally cute but who needs [...]

    2. a greatest hits sampler of the worst case scenario books, this is pretty much the ideal waiting in line time killer in other words, download it for the e reader program of your choice this version was free extremely cheap for kindle , and have it loaded up on your phone when you re stuck in some waiting room or interminable line, you can dip into a couple of the short topics this book is arranged into when it s your turn, you won t have a problem tearing yourself away from the brief little sketc [...]

    3. I was so enchanted when I flipped through this how to book at the bookstore that I had toquest it from the library There is so much helpful counsel like how to survive a poisonous snake bite, important information here in the West that is right alongside tips like how to determine if your date is an axe murderer, how to survive awkward elevator silence, and how to silence Christmas carolers Everything is presented so matter of fact that I sometimes can t tell if I am supposed be laughing, so I f [...]

    4. This book helps the reader handle a variety of situations correctly and calmly If you are not faced with the problem right now and are just casually reading through this book, it makes for a very quick read I liked that it offered solutions to problems I hadn t even thought about, like How to Free Yourself From a Coat Hook or How to Survive Empty Nest Syndrome and even How to Free Your Fish if Stuck in Tank Decorations While I probably may not remember most of this advice years down the road, I [...]

    5. I got this book from a guy for my birthday I was impressed mostly that a guy would even GET me a book for my birthday, let alone one who knew so little about me, And yet, this book couldn t have been a ore perfect present I haven t read every single page yet but within the first 24 hours of owning this book I was with a friend who was struggling to open a beer bottle without an opener and I had FOUR different ways to help her get it open A lot of it is funny but there s really a lot of valuable [...]

    6. I learned how to survive with no oxygen while diving, how to survive crashland an aircraft, how to survive in a gunfight, how to swordfight, how to break into my own car, how to take a leap from great heights, how to This books is written with a hint of humour, but the advice and guidelines are completely serious This is the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook for real life Sorta

    7. A very funny collection of survival tips from the Worst Case series of books The great surprise is how useful many of the tips can be As long as you read it with a grain of salt and use your own common sense and judgement, this book may well just save your life one day but don t count on it

    8. This is a very handy Survival Handbook, I finished it in one day just because I found it so interesting But I m glad I have it just because I may need to use one of these techniques one day.

    9. Really Okay again really I enjoyed most scenarios but How to Get Sand Out of a Swimsuit I guess this book is also aimed those without common sense, or perhaps they live in a desert

    10. FunHumor is born from catastrophes God too maybe When everything goes wrong think twice and pray Also help yourself first if you want to live This book is funny and full of tips that can save your life.

    11. Thanks to this book, I am now qualified to be an action movie stunt man Or maybe, a critic of the action movie genre Anyway, it was a greatly entertaining read

    12. Did you ever want to know how to run down the top of a moving train If the answer is no, you are a sad human being.My favorite 14th birthday present

    13. If you re looking for a survival guide, this isn t it If you re looking for coffee table amusement, then this will suited to you.

    14. When I read this helpful gist of a book I can imagine that the author s intention was to create a helpful guide kept interesting by a lot of varying scenarios whether serious How to break into your own car , ridiculous How to deal with escaped lobsters while cooking , and sometimes plainting How to deliver a baby in a taxicab.It s a great book to skim through as some guides are memorable than others, the only noticeable qualm I have is from the poison snake bite guide, it advises you to suck th [...]

    15. It took too long for me to read this book My interest waned as certain sections became a lot of work.There are some very practical and helpful topics How to survive a riptide How to remove a tick How to treat food poisoning.There are some fun and interesting topics that most people secretly ponder sometime in their life How to fend off a shark attack How to land a plane How to stop a car with no brakes.There are some some ridiculous but fun topics treated How to cross a pirhana infested river Ho [...]

    16. The Complete Worst Case Scenario Handbook By Joshua PivenPgs 502I found this book extremely interesting, at the same time, humorous It had scenarios that one could only hope to not be put in, as well as relatable ones Providing several strategies and tips, this book keeps you interested, with a smile on your face From aggressive sharks to colleagues from hell, Piven tackles a plethora of issues, some that are highly improbable, and some that are commonly encountered in our everyday lives On the [...]

    17. Absolutely hilarious Not something that is meant to be read strait through, but every once in a while a passage or two never fails to crack me up Now the practicality of it really just depends on whether you think you will ever find yourself in a pit of piranas or free falling in an elevator, or in various other unlikely but often hilarious situations that the author comes up with It also makes a great gift.

    18. I thought this book was absolutely hilarious I laughed out loud so many times while reading it I think it would be a fun book to have around at a dinner party or other social gathering I love that I now know how to escape from a collapsed sofa bed, drive down a flight of stairs, and determine the gender of my date, and so many, many other vital and critical know how skills in tough situations.

    19. This book is truly worst case scenario So maybe most of these are so out there you ll never have to use them and probably wouldn t remember what to do anyways but that doesn t mean its not interesting to read about how to, say, jump from rooftop to rooftop or many of the other things it describes.

    20. As an Eagle Scout, I m totally into the whole Be Prepared thing, so this book was right up my alley Regardless of how low the probability is that a person might face one of these worst case scenarios, I feel better knowing the correct response to them Just in caseA must read for paranoid shut ins and adventuresome folk alike.

    21. I really enjoyed reading this book Some of the information was very useful, while some of the situations I am sure I will never get into example needing to escape from a giant octopus This book is also great for entertaining your friends as you regale them with the tips that you read about.

    22. Amusing, and probably an occasionally handy reference tool However, the selection of scenarios seemed a bit random, and, overall, it s not really funny enough to be considered funny nor routinely useful enough to be considered reference A fascinating idea, though.

    23. While there were a few serious worst case scenarios, many of the cases are just plain silly The book is as much a comedy as it is a serious attempt to deal with worst case scenarios It s a quick read, fun at times, and worth passing some time.

    24. This books is ridiculous because it seirously have everything in it If you need to learn how to wrestle an aligator, find the right party school, or carry a drunken date, this is it

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