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The First Billion By Christopher Reich,

  • Title: The First Billion
  • Author: Christopher Reich
  • ISBN: 9780440234692
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • Christopher Reich electrified readers with Numbered Account and The Runner, his first two international thrillers Now the New York Times bestselling author whose work has been called gripping Chicago Tribune , chilling The Denver Post , wonderful The New York Times Book Review , ratchets up the stakes in an ingeniously plotted story of nerve jangling intrigue andChristopher Reich electrified readers with Numbered Account and The Runner, his first two international thrillers Now the New York Times bestselling author whose work has been called gripping Chicago Tribune , chilling The Denver Post , wonderful The New York Times Book Review , ratchets up the stakes in an ingeniously plotted story of nerve jangling intrigue and hot wired suspense Using today s cutthroat global economy as a backdrop, The First Billion explodes into a breakneck tale of betrayal, revenge, and redemptionJohn Jett Gavallan is a former fighter pilot, now the high flying CEO of Black Jet Securities, an investment firm that earned its first billion before the techno dream crashed and burned Poised for an offering crucial to his company s survival, Gavallan is banking on the riskiest gamble of his dazzling career In exactly six days, he will take Mercury Broadband, Russia s leading media company, public on the New York Stock Exchange But rumors of fraud have suddenly surfaced that could send the deal south Gavallan makes a preemptive strike by dispatching his number two man fellow Desert Storm fighter pilot Grafton Byrnes to Moscow to penetrate the shadowy Russian multinational When Byrnes fails to return, Gavallan fears the worst But the truth is even diabolical than he can imagine.Plunging into a desperate search for his best friend, the renegade top gun is suddenly fighting a different kind of war, where there is no safe harbor and no one he can trust Not Konstantin Kirov, the elusive head of Mercury Broadband who may not be what he seems Not the bankers and traders Gavallan does business with every day Not the exotic beauty who has told him all her deepest secrets except one Suddenly Jett finds himself trapped in a conspiracy that could shatter the delicate balance between nations and plunge the global economy into chaos Hunted by the F.B.I and a band of elite killers, Jett races from Palm Beach to Zurich to Moscow in a desperate search for answers But for this brave ex commando haunted by visions of war, the truth comes at a terrible price With Mercury rising and the hours ticking down, he is moving closer to a place where murder and revenge are the currency of choiced where the first billion is the ultimate insider secret and the deadliest obsession of all.With breakneck plotting, stunning realism, and a sense of danger that keeps the heart racing, The First Billion is a knockout of a novel that will linger long after the final shocking twist is revealed.From the Hardcover edition.
    The First Billion Christopher Reich electrified readers with Numbered Account and The Runner his first two international thrillers Now the New York Times bestselling author whose work has been called gripping Chicago

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    1. THE FIRST BILLION by Christopher Reich is 10 cassettes in the audio version It was read by James Daniels and is approximately 15 hours long.Description In exactly six days, Jett Gavallan will take Russia s top media company public on the New York Stock Exchange A former fighter pilot and now the CEO of Black Jet Securities, Gavallan is no stranger to risk But when rumors of fraud threaten to send the deal south and with it everything Gavallan has worked so hard to build he dispatches his number [...]

    2. This is Mr Reich s third novel and I gave his first two five stars This one didn t match the tempo of his others but it was still a very interesting read Our hero, John Gavallan, heads up a mid size, full service investment banking organization They have made their mark in the industry handling IPOs, i.e Initial Public Offerings They have not scored a big one in some time and a cash flow injection is sorely needed As the reader is introduced into John s life he and his associates are in the fina [...]

    3. Interesting insight to the greedy IPO world and a nice mix with action and suspense main character is a little too perfect and too richeded flawsputs entire fighter jet on AMEXally

    4. Typical mystery writing Wall street, Russia If you don t have anything else to read, this will at least entertain you if you can make it through the financial stuff Drags in the middle

    5. Lots of bad Ruskies, murders, business machinations are not enough to make this novel spark interest throughout 4 of 10 stars

    6. the beginning needed some editing but the story line was really good the forensic accountants always get the bad guys august, 2012

    7. I enjoyed this one too Quite a bit happening in it and it had some finance in it which always interests me.

    8. Was surprised I enjoyed this as much as I did perhaps because I bought it for a quarter as an old used library book This is a great thriller that was really hard to put down.

    9. This is a 5 star novel if not for the muddled ending Christopher Reich has written a thriller full of intrigue and suspense Gavallan is the CEO of an investment firm who has a deal with Kirov, a Russian oligarch businessman to get Kirov s company Mercury BroadBand on the NYSE He sends his 2 man to Moscow to check on the validity of Mercury, since a mysterious, anonymous reporter, publishes accounts of Kirov s underhanded ways Gavallan s former girl friend, Cate, tries to convince him that Kirov [...]

    10. Interesting premise and complex plot.I almost stopped reading after about 200 pages, with so much tedious character development and so little plot advancement Decided to keep reading and found the next 200 pages worth the perseverance.Given the strength of the build up, I thought the ending was a little weak, simplistic especially choices by law enforcement , and anti climactic But still a good read and I will try this author again.

    11. Book is boring It failed to engage me, and two main problems come to mind First, the characters are uninspired John Jett Gavallan is the protagonist His personal history is spotty grew up poor in Texas near the Mexican border joined the Air Force and flew stealth bombers founded and heads Black Jet Securities, a small investment bank out of San Francisco about 45 years old worth about 45 million working to bring his latest IPO to the market, which is a Russian firm named Mercury His love interes [...]

    12. Maybe a millionToo many leaps in the plot and gratuitous violence Not as good as his other books Will continue to read Reich s books

    13. Reich, Christopher THE FIRST BILLION 2002 Reich has garnered a reputation of being the John Grisham of the financial world His books are, technically, thrillers, but most of the thrills in this novel are forced Having worked in MA, there are big holes in Reich s plot for this one that are immediately obvious The plot outline given by the publishers follows In exactly six days, Jeff Gavallan will take Russia s top media company public on the New York Stock Exchange A former fighter pilot and now [...]

    14. This got off to a slow start I m a big Stephen Frey fan, and I thought Reich might be similar He is, but the story just wasn t as tight and well spun as a Frey financial thriller There were too many peripheral characters, and you sometimes would get a brief introduction to one and then go a couple hundred pages without hearing from them again, and then need to remember who they were It was confusing.And the book is 578 pages, which is 150 pages too long There were a ton of scenes that I would ha [...]

    15. This book was, at times, highly entertaining However, it also had long periods of blah, blah, blah It wasn t until page two hundred that the real action and suspense was introduced, and even then the author skirts over what could have been some really intense scenes While I certainly liked the main character and his love interest, I didn t always see some of the twists and turns their adventure would take, and liked how they figured things out in the end The bad guy, Kirov wasn t the most diabol [...]

    16. A thrill ride through a murky Russian world of espionage and high stakes, which eventually take the reader all over the globe I don t know anything about Russian political and criminal elements which seem to be the same thing , nor much at all about IPOs and the moneyed stratosphere the main character, Jett Gavallan, inhabits But I felt the verisimilitude of the research, and the layered street knowledge of geography There was some suspension of disbelief in the multitude of plot twists, but Chr [...]

    17. The First Billion, like Reich s other books that I ve read Numbered Account and Invasion of Privacy is a big, meaty tome with lots of wonky Wall Street info, great characters and, of course, a good deal of action What else could one ask for A few reviewers have disparaged the book because the hero buys a one million dollar airplane with his American Express I would say that is not at all untoward given that the transaction was approved by an Amex executive based on the cardholder having their hi [...]

    18. For anyone from the Silicon Valley who has been part of an IPO and all the crazy things that can happen on the path to fame and fortune, you ain t seen nothing yet Reich builds a strong central character who fights and claws and won t take no for an answer as he struggles to take his company public Everything from international gangsters to internal betrayals keep the book interesting and a fast read As usual the author seems to speak from a position of expertise in all matters financial I liked [...]

    19. Christopher Reich is the successful writer in the whole techno thriller spy genre His background is the world of finance This is an area where I do not have a lot of prior knowledge, so I needed to read slower than normal Reich writes an in depth book with deep characters Mr Reich appears to be good when sticking with his expertise in finance, and staying close to that theme I am looking forward to reading another of Reich s books

    20. This book was a very difficult read The first 1 4 to 1 3 of the book just felt completely disjointed Finally after about the first half of the book things settled down a bit and there was some rhythm to the plot Last half of the book was worth wading through the first half, though there were times during the first half that it didn t feel like it would get any better.

    21. Christopher Reich writes smart, entertaining and highly readable books Yes, they re not high fiction, but they are fun and a great distraction I ve read about five of his books and none of them have failed to keep my interest and have enough twists to keep the plot unpredictable and interesting.

    22. Having read Christopher Reich s first 2 books and not thinking much of them, this was great not nearly as much waffle in it as the first 2 books and it had loads of intrigue, action and a bit of silliness as well Buying a fighter jet for 1 million on your AMEX card, yeah right Still, it was a fun read.

    23. Rather formulaic I chose this book simply by spotting the spine while at the library But once I got into it, it just seemed rather formulaic Flashbacks occurred at predictable interviews The major characters, at different times, all seemed to stop and look at themselves in the mirror There just wasn t anything all that intriguing.

    24. I thought I had read all of Christopher Reich s thrillers until I came across this one in our public library This book came out in 2002 at the height of the IPO s related to the new internet If you like a page turner with lots,of surprises, this book is for you It deals with Wall Street, Russia, the mob and so much I like this type of read.

    25. So I enjoyed reading the book and ripped through it fairly quickly I enjoy the genre but it s the equivalent of Star magazine for me Fun to read at the checkout counter but quickly forgotten I read it over a vacation to help the time pass and it fit the bill perfectly but if you re looking for substance look elsewhere.

    26. The action kept me coming back to move through the story However, with over 600 pages to work with some additional back story might have been able to increase the plausibility of the situations Perhaps this is a story that needs a prequel.

    27. While I thought it was a good story, it didn t challenge me like I had thought Nothing in the plot was unpredictable I thought Leonid Kirov s storyline didn t add to the plotor maybe I missed something Still a good read though.

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