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Your Money or Your Life By Joe Dominguez Vicki Robin Joe Dominguez,

  • Title: Your Money or Your Life
  • Author: Joe Dominguez Vicki Robin Joe Dominguez
  • ISBN: 9780140167153
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Paperback
  • Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin took back their lives by gaining control of their money They both gave up successful and stressful careers in order to live deliberately and meaningfully Now, in this inspiring and empowering book, they explain their nine step program.
    Your Money or Your Life Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin took back their lives by gaining control of their money They both gave up successful and stressful careers in order to live deliberately and meaningfully Now in this ins

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    1. I could and will read and re read this book, not for its literary value but for its simple explanations of concrete ways to observe your own connection with the material world Whether or not you fully practice its program, it is the sanest and most convincing account of the importance of financial savvy for those of us who proclaimed, Money and fancy material things don t matter to me so why should I try to manage my finances Its message from ten years ago rings truer today than it did now, and [...]

    2. YMYL was recommended to me by a friend, who gave up her stable teaching position to run a used bookstore after reading this book This was my first foray into the self help genre The prose is laughably hokey at the most inopportune times, but the message is worth slogging through the mantras and the affirmations Plus, the nine step program actually works, if you re willing to commit to it I started out, skeptical, with a step I thought I could stick to keeping track of my spending, and became cur [...]

    3. I m kind of squeamish about the 5 stars I m giving this, because I don t think this is a well written book The tone is nearly unbearable at times think of the most stereotypical motivational speaker you ve ever heard However, the ideas in this book are impressive, and I find myself thinking about them, rather against my will, even 3 years after having read the book Part of my struggle with this book is that I actually love my work, so trying to hurry up and earn my money so that I can retire jus [...]

    4. Reader beware the contents of this book might just shake the foundations of your life did for me Easily the most lucid, insightful, and valuable book I ve read on money Probably because when it comes down to it, the book is not really about money It s about what we re trading our life energy for The book had such a spiritual component to it, that I was tempted to add it to my Buddhism bookshelf.One thing I gained from the book was an incentive to organize our finances from a total net worth pers [...]

    5. I read this book in my early 20s when I had zero money and zero idea what to do with any if I had it and it blew my mind 15 years later I am retreading it and find it just as compelling Guides you gently, gingerly into reevaluating you preconceived notions about money, how much is enough, and whether you really want to work in a conventional job track for 30 years hint if you don t, there are other options The basic idea is that every day you go to work you are choosing to trade your precious, l [...]

    6. This is the first PersonalMBA reading list book I have read The information that I found most intersting and insightful was You have made a lot of money in your life, look around your home, go through your stuff what do you have to show for it The act of earning money is using your life energy, therefore money life energy Do you like what you are doing Could you be doing something you love and be happier if your finances were in order and you appreciated living in a state of enough When you buy [...]

    7. This book s most popular review is surprisingly negative 3 5 stars I agree with the 5 star evangelists That said, I have a few qualms with the book It s dated and frequently redundant Like most personal finance books, it s full of suspicious stories The Epilogue summarizes in 9 pages what has been beaten to death in the previous 327 At one point, the author talks about being financially secure whether the Dow is under 1000 or above 4000 When the book was copyrighted in 1992, 1000 was a crash an [...]

    8. The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being SocratesThis book is very challenging In the sense that it is actively challenging the reader to basically change her entire life It s not the typical finance book that gives tips and tricks, and you can pick among them for those that are easy to work into your life you know the drill cancel cable done what kind of wastrel pays for cable move somewhere cheaper let s not get too crazy, I love this neighborhood This book tells you to track [...]

    9. This book holds so much good advice, it s really a shame that it s written in such a silly fashion The authors try to be funny and make jokes, but they re just not funny and pull you out of the text When they start talking about gazingus pins and stuff, I was wondering if there actually was such a thing whenever this book was written, before I realized they were just being funny Maybe in the seminars this book is based on, they were, but on the page, it s really lame Also, they try to convince y [...]

    10. Note This is not the most recent edition of the book I read the 2008 edition, which I couldn t find when I searched GoodReads.For those who are struggling to save or just get a better understanding of how to handle money, YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE may seem like than you need to know.The book was actually written with debt saddled people in mind seriously debt saddled, that is The nine step program within it developed by the late Joe Dominguez provides what I would describe as a holistic approach [...]

    11. This book is phenomenal It s one of those books where you have to do the prescribed exercises to get the maximum benefit out of it I loved it b c it addresses the emotional spiritual aspect of money and work, helps you calculate your true hourly wage which includes things like commuting time and clothing expenses , and figure out if how you spend your time is in line w your values It has a spiritual focus but is also immensely practical at the same time, providing you w a step by step way of fig [...]

    12. This book really makes you re examine what it means to have money It will make you change the way you look at earning money and the way you look at spending money.For those who are interested in not competing with their neighbors in the endless rat race of social finance, this will teach you how to evaluate your spending habits and spend on those things that bring real value to you independent of what your family, friends, or neighbors value.

    13. Despite the silly title and the very outdated information about investing in government bonds which may have been corrected in later editions I read this book several years ago , this would be my top recommendation to anyone looking for a good personal finance book.You don t have to use everything in the book or agree with all of the authors points to get something out of this book One of the useful exercises is the calculation of your net worth, which includes inventorying everything you own t [...]

    14. I m going to be the first one against the wall when the frugal living revolution comes This is your Depression era grandparents personal finance book A really radical, anti consumerist, deeply challenging book I agree with everything in it, except that I m also incredibly resistant to everything in it Reading this was like an exercise in seeing how resistant Inder can become at times, I felt so threatened, I wanted to physically put it aside Still, it s good to know it s out there As I told Lind [...]

    15. Wow This book is good At first glance, you think that it s just a book about money It s much, much , though It s about money, but it s also about digging deep and figuring out what it is you want for your life what your purposes are, and how your use of money aligns or doesn t with those purposes If we say that we value a set of high and worthy ideas, but our spending shows that we value fast food and cable TV, what does that mean and how do we get to a place where we re better aligned How do we [...]

    16. An incredible book and roadmap for people looking to improve their financial control and their ability to enjoy their lives Vicki Robin deconstructs many contemporary myths and habits of the typical American consumer including is better, etc , helps us gain emotional stability over our financial lives, and shows us how to align our relationship with money to achieve our dreams Most people have little to no understanding behind how or why they spend money, where it is going, why they are always [...]

    17. simplemom book club readinading dates January 1 March 5, 2009So I didn t actually follow the book club thing, and in fact I haven t visited their forums yet This book was alright There was some good advice about reducing expenses, redefining your definition of needs, and the principle of generating enough interest income to cover your expenses But the tone was so cheesy, the examples seemed incredibly out of date, and the exercises seem overly complicated for the purpose I would think most peopl [...]

    18. Like a lot of things lately, this book was a take what you can use and leave the rest sort of thing I liked out of the box type of thinking regarding jobs, because, as a boring adult less willing than she once was to take risks, I sometimes have a tendency to lock myself into only traditional options So, the view the book gives into a world where you don t hate your job is a pretty nice one, and it offers encouragement to take risks to feel satisfied by your work and subsequently the way you ar [...]

    19. The book was okay, but I ve given it a middle of the road rating because I found it excessively wordy I ll be honest I skimmed or skipped a good chunk in the middle None of the concepts in the book are new or revolutionary This is especially true if you ve taken an economics or personal money management class of any sort I would distill the contents of this book to two points 1 track _all_ of your money e.g Quicken or Excel , and 2 understand your cash flow and make sure that your spending align [...]

    20. This is a book that should be read by all high school students before planning the rest of their lives and then it should be read again every 5 years or so thereafter The beauty of the book is not only its non threatening tone and no shame, no blame theme, but most importantly its timeless wisdom To follow its steps will most certainly be a lot of work, but I am excited to start the program and I look forward to the freedom that will inevitably come from figuring out how much money we really nee [...]

    21. This was interesting, if a little new agey at times It originally came out in the 70s, I believe, and was updated in the mid 90s Basically it s a nine step plan to early retirement, based on determining your optimal comfort level in life, and what sort of income is required to sustain that I don t currently have any plans to follow the entire program, but I did think that the sections where they talked about determining the real value of something you buy both in terms of how many hours you had [...]

    22. Be careful, that book can and most probably will plant a seed of the idea of the Financial Independence and early retirement so you won t be able to live your normal life again Or at least to find out that theres another way of living your life without having to work for money until you die It offers you to go through 9 steps to achieve the FI, though as Vikki said herself she believes only steps 2,3 and 4 are crucial Though I d recommend reading it start to finish you can take short cut, read t [...]

    23. Probably everyone should read this book Retirement has nothing to do with age and everything to do with financial independence In our culture we tend to think retirement just happens automatically, but most older people are finding it harder to retire, and some younger people like Mr Money Mustache are starting to find that they can retire much earlier.After completing the first reading, I m starting to read through this again to go through the nine steps.

    24. Different than any other financial planning book you ve read Teaches a holistic way to think about how you feel about life changes the context of your money Talks about changing the way you think about money and the value you get out of the hours of your life to make your life and bank account feel full While partly ideological has very practical tips you can put to use today to make a difference in your finances One of the books I wish I could make everyone read.

    25. If you only ever read one personal finance book, READ THIS ONE.Not only does it offer helpful tips like many other financial books, it changes the way you look at money, work, and your priorities I cannot recommend this book highly enough to anyone looking for a personal finance book

    26. The material was frusteratingly repetitive While the points are valid, they were unfocused, and I had trouble overlooking the jumbled up writing style.

    27. I ve read this book several times over the course of my adult life basically, any time I feel like I m losing focus, spending too much, feeling guilty about spending, any or all of the above This is the only money book I ve ever read that doesn t believe in punishing you It doesn t care that you spend 20 on avocado toast or 500 on books All it cares is if that purchase fulfills you And, if it does, then carry on and let s see if we can find a different place to save or cut It helps you figure ou [...]

    28. I ve been budgeting in a real way for a few years now using Dave Ramsey s baby steps to get out of debt, save up an emergency fund and know where my money is going So, I already spend less than I make, regularly save and put money away for retirement And I ve broken it if the habit of working myself to death, instead valuing my time than earning money.So why read this book To take a in depth look at where my money is still going and whether or not I need to make changes Dave focuses on cutt [...]

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