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Kaleidoscope Century By John Barnes,

  • Title: Kaleidoscope Century
  • Author: John Barnes
  • ISBN: 9781857982749
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback
  • Joshua Ali Quare lives life to the full decades before, he was infected with a virus that ensures that for every fifteen years he lives, he gains another ten After each virus induced coma, he wakes with his memory erased and ten years younger This time round, in 2109, someone is looking for him and it is time to put the record straight once and for all doing so takesJoshua Ali Quare lives life to the full decades before, he was infected with a virus that ensures that for every fifteen years he lives, he gains another ten After each virus induced coma, he wakes with his memory erased and ten years younger This time round, in 2109, someone is looking for him and it is time to put the record straight once and for all doing so takes us through a century of gripping future history.
    Kaleidoscope Century Joshua Ali Quare lives life to the full decades before he was infected with a virus that ensures that for every fifteen years he lives he gains another ten After each virus induced coma he wakes wi

    One thought on “Kaleidoscope Century”

    1. This is definitely not your standard SF story It s what I might call psycho SF, and might appeal to readers who also enjoy serial killer or true crime stories Gentler readers dont bother with this one, unless you want to follow around a psychopath for a while, from the safe distance between page and eye.The plot is interesting a fellow with an expanded lifespan who goes through all sorts of adventures or misadventures as he tries to figure out which of his memories are real.If you like your char [...]

    2. Barnes as usual is better with setting than with story, crafting an unusually interesting future and one of the most terrifying antagonists I ve ever seen Unfortunately, the main character is hinted at being interesting without being shown to be, with what could have been an engaging central conflict ignored for worldbuilding and what could have been an exciting conceit reserved until the end as a twist Neither as disturbing or heartwarming as it was recommended to be.

    3. Our narrator is a long timer with the Organization Longtimers have received a longevity treatment that, once every fifteen years or so, causes them to lose slightly less than that in physical age, along with large chunks of their memory, but retain skills The Organization grew out of elements of the KGB, and spends most of the book as apparently a cartoon Evil League of Evil but that actually ends up being justified by the reveals.He s a powerfully unlikeable protagonist he is, no questions abou [...]

    4. I enjoyed this book the second time around.This is the second time I have read this book I first read back in 1995 the year it was released Many of the reviews here on lament all of the brutality, sex, violence and drugs but when this book came out the publishing had yet to become so politically correct though all of it is just window dressing around the plot and none of it any graphic than a Quentin Tarantino film That said I doubt such a novel could find a publisher today though I d dearly l [...]

    5. This book was fucking fantastic Kaleidoscope Century is my all time favorite book I know that some people might find it extremely disturbing or disgusting Frankly, the characters do a lot of unspeakable things not going to go into that here Nevertheless, the narrator is one of the most real people I ve come across in a book I don t know how, but John Barnes somehow creates a world that is so real and authentic that I get lost in it every time I read this book The ending is fantastic.I know this [...]

    6. Once again, the problem with first person narratives rears its ugly little head I didn t like the protagonist and so didn t want to be in his head After reading the first two chapters, skipped around some, read the last chapter, then said to myself I m glad that s over.

    7. This book is chalk full of graphic sex and violence.I liked it when I was fourteen I also really really liked gangster rap and bad sci fi when I was fourteen.Fourteen year old boys are idiots.

    8. Okay, this was the first Barnes book I didn t love, mainly because the main character was a mercenary who enjoyed a bit of violence and rape every now and then It was the memoirs of Joshua Quare Ali, who wakes up in Mars in 2109 with most of his memory gone He appears to be over 140 years old, how is that possible He slowly picks up pieces of his past, and the history of Earth and the solar system He experienced the Oil Wars, the Diasporas and The Meme Wars.

    9. I ve read 5 or 6 of John Barnes books and generally enjoy them a great deal This book, however, didn t work for me I found the story confusing and the main character deeply flawed I m left with the opinion that Barnes must have penned this manuscript during a particularly difficult period because some of the scenes are pretty brutal and disturbing.

    10. For a while, I really liked this book as teen male fantasy as it is though it defies all attempt at categorization Like Vonnegut is close It s based a century in the future around episodic bits of Joshua Ali Quare s memories, slowly trickling into place after complete amnesia The first he remembers is his brutal childhood way back in the 1980 s, then a job for a meme that employed him to kill and rape for its war in the mid 21st century, back to early adulthood and the US Army, and even in flash [...]

    11. Kaleidoscope Century 1995 252 pages by John Barnes.Josh Quare wakes up in 2109 with his memory almost gone Fragments start falling into place More comes back as he reads notes that he left for himself The story goes back forth between the present and an episode from the previous century It turns out that Joshua has had seven different identities At an early age he is recruited by an Organization, and soon after given an injection The consequences are that he ll have an almost perfect memory for [...]

    12. Romanzo onesto, senza infamia e senza lode, scritto mediamente bene.Abbastanza intrigante, con un continuo utilizzo di flashback, funzionali al tipo di storia narrata, e con un impianto narrativo solido Il lettore sar sicuramente intrigato dallo sviluppo, ma non al punto tale da perderci il sonno Un romanzo interessante, quindi, ma non memorabile buono, ma che non lascia molto una volta concluso.L inizio sicuramente la parte pi coinvolgente, poich il lettore ignorante come il protagonista, circa [...]

    13. I enjoyed the heck out of Barnes Storm of the Century and thought I d try something else of his It s a good thing he can write engaging characters in interesting situations Unfortunately, the narrator of this story first person is unreliable and does some really horrible things in his very long life Even at the end, when you think he might have a chance to pull it all together, he decides to waste a spectacular opportunity on some horrible things It was interesting seeing the plot eventually co [...]

    14. I loved this book.The crazy plot,the violencelots of it The relationship between the two mercs is what reallygrabbed me, and their adventures in a fucked up future.And one of the most memorable endings I have read.

    15. The writing is tight and his style is great It seriously shouldn t be read when you have been slogging through Ken McLeod s Factions and Divisions books I think that ruined this one for me.

    16. This was the book that made me really read John Barnes books as fast as I could find them at the time not easy Unpredicctable, suprising and I just loved it

    17. There s a lot by Barnes I like but I have trouble with books with vile narrators The book left me feeling covered with slime.

    18. Even though I eventually figured out that our hero goes through the same century over and over again with different variations, I never really saw the point Pahokssboch p 388

    19. Narrator protagonist has done some questionable things in his life, he warns in the early pages.Narrator protagonist casually admits to serbing raping women and children during his time as a mercenary, provides drugs and women, some explicitly underage, to people in order to get blackmail material, and on page 96, quite deliberately incites a gang rape on his female house help in order to distract from his escape as an impending coup looms Which is where I stopped, because I don t care how sorry [...]

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