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The Arms of Winter By Donya Lynne,

  • Title: The Arms of Winter
  • Author: Donya Lynne
  • ISBN: 9781614953
  • Page: 435
  • Format: ebook
  • After spending four months recovering from a brutal beating for being gay, Sam Winter is medically discharged from the Army and sent home Upon returning to his family horse farm in Kentucky, he faces a father who condemns him, a mother who s in denial about his homosexuality, and an uncertain future The one thing he is certain about is his feelings for his best friend, CAfter spending four months recovering from a brutal beating for being gay, Sam Winter is medically discharged from the Army and sent home Upon returning to his family horse farm in Kentucky, he faces a father who condemns him, a mother who s in denial about his homosexuality, and an uncertain future The one thing he is certain about is his feelings for his best friend, Cooper Brown, who Sam has secretly been attracted to since high school.For years, Cooper has harbored his own secret attraction toward Sam and is finally ready to tell him During a camping trip to their childhood stomping grounds, all their secrets are revealed and their bonds of friendship are expanded in ways neither thought possible Love is finally within reach When Sam s father catches them together, an explosive confrontation results, and Sam s and Cooper s fates are decided in one harsh moment of truth.
    The Arms of Winter After spending four months recovering from a brutal beating for being gay Sam Winter is medically discharged from the Army and sent home Upon returning to his family horse farm in Kentucky he faces

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    1. See my review at Sinfully Sexy.4 Home Stars Winter s Fire by Donna Lynne is a previously published novella entitled The Arms of Winter she has reworked and turned into a full length novel This is a heartwarming story about two men who find the courage to finally open up and admit who they are to the world and to each other.Sam Winter is an ex army sniper who has been medically discharged due a brutal beating he suffered at the hands of his fellow comrades who discovered that Sam is gay He has no [...]

    2. This book should win some kind of award for confusing the hell outta me Oh, also, the writing is terrible, soI couldn t figure out why there were instances that made absolutely zero sense Like when Coop passionately kisses Sam and the two of em get a little hot and heavy, then break apart and start talking, then Coop is flirting with Sam and Sam s all, Wait, is Coop flirting with me He s so shocked despite the fact that Coop just kissed him, and I was sitting there goingBecause seriously, what d [...]

    3. This was a light, easy read and a bit predictable.Injured BF comes home and finally they can try and discover their feelings for eachother and throw in a homophobic family That s it, it wasn t bad, just nothing too memorable IMO.

    4. Sam was discharged from the military when his team mates beat him when they found out he liked men He never told or acted on his feelings before Unfortunately, when he was about to fool around for the first time with fellow soldier, they got caught Going home, he had to deal with his homophobic parents Thankfully, his childhood friend Cooper was there.Cooper was always good with horses He worked for Sam s father to train horses When Sam went home, he couldn t be happier Cooper had loved Sam sinc [...]

    5. 3.5 stars This was a very sweet, friends to lover story Good book for when you want a light, angst free short read.

    6. I m not generally one who likes to read M M romances, but I have to say this was one that quickly drew you into the characters and wouldn t let you go.Sam and Cooper have been best friends for eight years Six of those years, Sam spent in the Army as a sniper But he s home now after being medically discharged due to a beating he took after it was revealed that he was gay Sam s trying to piece his life back together and he s hoping his best friend will still have his back when he finds out what ha [...]

    7. This story was a light sweet romance between two bests friends, Sam and Cooper End of their school years Sam went away and joined the army and Cooper stayed on Sam s family ranch and became a horse trainer Both of them never told each other how they felt Sam career lasted 6 years after that he had been discharged for being gay, or rather, for being beaten senseless because he was gay.The story starts with Sam who is coming home after being discharged from the Army In overall the story was sweet, [...]

    8. short sweet predictable but i still finished it with a smile this would be perfect if you re looking for something light and angst free.

    9. A short, sweet story about a romance between two guys who have been best friends forever and have shared pretty much everything except their feelings for each other Written with a good understanding of the realities of life, this story also contains a lot of romance and some very tender moments between Sam and Cooper once they figure out their attraction is mutual Sam is, or rather was, a military man He is used to taking orders, and thinks he is safe from the accusation of being gay his father [...]

    10. Sam is returning home from an Army hospital after being nearly beaten to death when it was revealed that he is gay He is returning to a father that believes homosexuality is a sin and barely tolerates Sam Sam s mother spends her time crying and praying that Sam is only going through a phase He goes home to face the condemnation of his family and to try and figure out what he is going to do with the rest of his life The only people Sam has to depend on are his younger sister and Cooper, his best [...]

    11. This book is a tad misleading It s really 3 stories the first is a wonderful friends to lovers that the synopsis is about the second is a short story of basic erotica the third is the original version of the first story Upon opening the book I thought I was getting over 2 and a half hours of reading about Coop and Sam and once I started I was so excited by the great story But their story ends at 61% To be fair, their story was near perfect with wonderful tension and resolution So I think, ok, an [...]

    12. The Arms of Winter is a friends to lovers, friends not knowing each wanted the other, 6 years apart holding onto these feelings kind of story Sam comes back from service, discharged after a hate bashing by his fellow miltary men Coop is waiting, takes a chance, and shows his hand to Sam They fall into each other straight away Nice idea, sweet story, BUT.This ebook is okay Just okay It got better half way through and was sweet The idea of Sam and Coop was nice but they weren t developed enough, u [...]

    13. Donya Lynne has done it again with this M M romance she s brought readers an emotion filled story that you will remember long after you ve read the last word.Sam and Cooper have been close friends since they were boys, but as they got older their feelings for each other changed to much feelings neither acted on until Sam was discharged from the military after being brutally attacked for being gay.Finally, they admit their feelings for each other and make a commitment to each other and their fut [...]

    14. Very good read Sam came home to Kentucky after being nearly beat to death by his army peers because he was caught kissing another soldier No warm welcome as the ugly rumors beat him home Luckily or Sam, Cooper has been waiting for his return and is ready to let him know how he feels Both MCs have to deal to family issues, acceptance and their own sexually while they discover each other again.

    15. The very first m m romance I had ever read was written by Donya Lynne Heart Of a Warrior was fabulous I was excited to read her latest m m romance Winter s Fire is wonderful This book is truly romantic and sizzling Sam and Cooper have taken 8 years to work through prejudices and their own apprehension I cried I laughed and felt like I wanted to give those boys a great big hug I really enjoyed this book

    16. I m really sorry, but this time it didn t work for me I wanted to like it, but I didn t It was so typical, that I m not sure what the author should do to save this story Write something longer, maybe Complicated, for example With developed plot I know, I m a picky creature, but I can t help it 2 stars, cause it left me kind of warm.

    17. Ok, I read this book and I felt so many emotions It was just a book but it made me mad, sad, happy, wondering, judging I laughed, cried and realized how real people go through this very thing in real life Such a wonderful book on love and family.

    18. Both Main characters Sam and Coop have feelings for each other sinds they met, it takes a couple of years for them to find the courage to tell one and other how they feel.I enjoyed reading their story, little angst and a sweet romance about friends turning to lovers.

    19. I love cowboys and military men so of course I bought this book It was an okay book, nothing special stood out It just seemed to be a combination of many other stories I have read, nothing new that got my interest I did give it two stars cause the guys were hot together.

    20. 3.5 This was to me a very good friends to lovers story Loved how Sam s father finally came around And what s up with Sam getting his ass kicked all the time These two guys have a good story and the epilogue was a bonus

    21. Very enjoyable book Coop and Sammy have been in love with each for years, but it took 10 years for them to actually admit there feelings for each other There relationship went from friends to lovers fast, but with their shared history, it seemed at a normal pace I believed it.

    22. Donya Lynne writing M M again, I am soooo in Loved this read Loved the challenges the men faced with their families Sometimes coming home isn t easy Love does last though Sexy ranch hand will always sell me on a romance I highly suggest.

    23. Ok, so this seemed to me like an Harlequin story with gay characters __ I don t even remember why I purchased this book, must have been the prompt or the excerpt that drove me into buying this book Oh well, what s done is done So, 3,5 stars rounded up at 4.

    24. 3,25 stars or 3,5 i think well, it was good it was fast paced and sweet, short and with no conflict I like it.

    25. Cute short story Not much background, world building or bulk but very pleasant to read Interesting and relatable characters Nice HEA without getting too mushy or picture perfect.

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