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Wonder Woman: La Mujer Maravilla #4: Amazonas By George Pérez Arthur Adams Brian Bolland John Bolton José Luis García-López,

  • Title: Wonder Woman: La Mujer Maravilla #4: Amazonas
  • Author: George Pérez Arthur Adams Brian Bolland John Bolton José Luis García-López
  • ISBN: 9788446800972
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lo inesperado sucede y los Dioses deciden destruir el Monte Olimpo Taco que recopila los n meros 16 a 20 de la serie regular de Wonder Woman de los 80s USA 21 24 y Annual 1.
    Wonder Woman La Mujer Maravilla Amazonas Lo inesperado sucede y los Dioses deciden destruir el Monte Olimpo Taco que recopila los n meros a de la serie regular de Wonder Woman de los s USA y Annual

    One thought on “Wonder Woman: La Mujer Maravilla #4: Amazonas”

    1. A good ending of a good classic run.George P rez really loved the character, the Greek Mythology references were well integrated with the storytelling, the artworks were just over the top, just some parts dialogues not aged much well.And the Wonder Woman Annual 1 1988 illustrated by Arthur dams, Ross Andru, John Bolton, Brian Bolland and Jos Luis Garc a L pez is just a masterwork.

    2. This is the last of the George Perez piloted Wonder Woman, or at least the last that s been collected in trades I really enjoyed his perspective on the character, and the heavily mythological backing she had here And the art is beautiful, of course.

    3. This volume marks the last collected edition of George P rez s work on Wonder Woman 1 24 After issue 24, P rez moved away from the artwork and it suffers a notable decline He would continue writing the comic until issue 62, but from what I can see the comics superiority was not there any So we are better to have the end of the collected edition here where we can see the consequence of the s decision to rejoin the rest of the international community and a key decision the the Pantheon took that [...]

    4. The Good Modern comics can be fun, but, old school ones tend to be a blast The art style of these comics made them enjoyable, and Wonder Woman finds herself in some insane situations in these comics This volume has some fun moments, butThe Bad It also can be downright dull at times One long comic in particular is especially boring Fans of DC Comics top superheroine might be disappointed by this, even if it is a classic volume Plus, some profanity, sexual references, and sultry artwork were thro [...]

    5. It s so refreshing to read a creator s labor of love Once I finished it, I felt I could have read four volumes SPOILERS AHEAD One thing that I really appreciated about this volume was how well it handled the topic of death In all cases from Myndi Myer to all the victims of Ixion s rampage death is treated as a serious, horrifying occurrence that has a powerful effect on survivors It s all too common for stories to kill off characters central or background on a whim, with no one feeling sorrow o [...]

    6. Destiny Calling is the fourth volume of George Perez Wonder Woman series It begins with the investigation into Myndi Mayers death Sadly, it was the form of a white powder that killed her and not the nefarious Skeeter LaRue, but he did end up getting what he deserved It s just a sad ending to Myndi s story In the following chapter, the Gods of Olympus reveal their plans to Wonder Woman, Hippolyte, and Menalippe about their plan for cosmic migration and how they need Wonder Woman to help them star [...]

    7. A nice finish to the relaunched Wonder Woman by George P rez There s plenty of places to take it, but it has a nice finality to it at the same time.It s funny how different Wonder Woman is here than she has become in modern takes She s a little willing to be the Warrior Princess recently Her she fights very hard to not kill her enemies Later on she will comment on her lack of Rogues by stating that she takes care of them.These are great comics and I love the fact that not every issue is about [...]

    8. George Perez can draw His images of Wonder Woman are iconic interpretations of the character sadly, this volume s only redeeming quality is his art Dealing with the Grecian pantheon, Wonder Woman finds herself torn between personal responsibilities in Boston and familial duties on Paradise Island As the she attempts to reconcile both, Hermes continues to show up and meddle in everything The majority of this tome seems to deal with the fallout of a battle with Ares and the build up of Vanessa Kap [...]

    9. Reading this volume of Wonder Woman, you start to wonder if this is around where Perez got removed from the project, and whether it was actually his choice So bogged down in mythology that, having read ahead, has very little to do with the future of the series and so so dull until the very end, which almost feels thrown together in a well, Wonder Woman has to do something heroic, right kind of wayI m a huge Wonder Woman booster, but it s no wonder people struggle with her as a character when it [...]

    10. I can see why it s so beloved, but for me the P rez run is a little too bogged down in the mythology aspect Which is weird, because I m a huge fan of Greek mythology I guess it s just because I m interested in WW s character and her relationships than I am with her devotion to the gods The art is nice, the writing is generally very good, and it can serve as a good introduction to WW For me, though, the focus on Olympus made it a chore at times to get through.

    11. I guess I just don t get this George Perez run I know it s classic and all that, but I just don t like it It s split between Diana hanging out with a mother daughter duo and melodramatic stuff On top of that they are so narration heavy Just not what I m looking for I want to see Wonder Woman being Wonder Woman, not just a naive goddess I want her to fight bad guys and be cool This is not for me.

    12. Quinto taco recopilatorio de Wonder Woman La Mujer Maravilla Contiene los n meros 16 a 20 de esta colecci n.Es el ltimo tomo espa ol de esta etapa cuyo contenido se ve m s o menos reflejado en un recopilatorio estadounidense.

    13. I ve enjoyed most of George Perez s run, but this volume just left me bored There s little that happens and even the Greek adventure fails to spark interest The art is gorgeous as ever, but I think Perez was losing his direction of the plot.

    14. There was a great storyline about the difference between being Diana Prince and being Wonder Woman, and all that those persona entail Not too much cosmic nonsense.

    15. Why it says I read it in 1987 I own the first 60 something first printing issues of the George Perez run and treasure them heart breakingly.

    16. The last of the Perez run, and I was sad to see it go Not the best of his work, and several small storylines rather than one arc, but still quite entertaining.

    17. I really enjoyed this series by George Perez He returned to the roots of WW and told some entertaining stories.

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