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Wonder Woman: La Mujer Maravilla #2 By George Pérez,

  • Title: Wonder Woman: La Mujer Maravilla #2
  • Author: George Pérez
  • ISBN: 9788446800781
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback
  • La batalla contra Ares ha terminado y una victoriosa Diana regresa a Isla Para so para curar sus heridas Tendr tiempo de hacerlo antes de que ataque la mort fera Cheetah Taco que recopila los n meros 6 a 10 de la serie regular de Wonder Woman de los 80s USA 7 13.
    Wonder Woman La Mujer Maravilla La batalla contra Ares ha terminado y una victoriosa Diana regresa a Isla Para so para curar sus heridas Tendr tiempo de hacerlo antes de que ataque la mort fera Cheetah Taco que recopila los n meros

    One thought on “Wonder Woman: La Mujer Maravilla #2”

    1. Likewise first volume, some parts and cheesy dialogues in this second one not aged much well.But George P rez is just at his best here, his artworks are real masterworks, and the Time Passages illustrate prose opening story was just amazing.I liked very much the storyline, the character development and the origin story of WW suit why wearing the American flag if her powers and birthright have roots in Greek Mythology Wein and P rez give a good and surprising answer here and the depiction of horn [...]

    2. 2.0 to 2.5 stars Second volume of the Wonder Woman reboot by George Perez This one features the introduction of the new and improved Cheetah Not as good as the first volume, but not bad.

    3. There s one fairly lengthy storyline here, as well as two individual issues that tie up loose ends left over from the first collection The first issue was text heavy, summing up the events of the previous trade and filling in some gaps It seemed to refer to some events that happened elsewhere JLA, maybe The second issue re introduced the Cheetah This kind of felt like a weak issue to me, but it did lead to Diana returning home for the rest of the trade What happens to an who rejects Zeus He sets [...]

    4. While I used to collect Wonder Woman about 15 years ago, I didn t collect it for long before I stopped collecting altogether, and I honestly don t remember much about the series or the stories I read These collections I got from the library were from that same series, but they were much earlier in its run, originally published between September 1987 and March 1988 It was well into the 1990s before I ever read a monthly Wonder Woman comic This first volume, CHALLENGE OF THE GODS, collects WONDER [...]

    5. As pumped as I am about the Wonder Woman movie coming up, I think I will always look at the first 14 issues of Perez s WW run as the perfect template for a Wonder Woman trilogy With just some tweaks to modernize it and pad out the Cheetah story, you could have a really solid franchise here.Okay, enough fanboy speculation On with the review Again, Perez is pulling in his best work on this series It s interesting to see Patterson s inking evolve over the issues he gets subtle with his own style a [...]

    6. This next volume of George P rez s amazing run on Wonder Woman sees her first big interactions with the greater post Crisis on Infinite Earths DC Universe outside of Boston We see the introduction of Diana s long running antagonist Cheetah and, as the title alludes, she endures a challenge by the Pantheon with the fate of the s themselves hanging in the balance Though this arc is long and contains a crossover, it is still very good storytelling and art by P rez who stays fateful to the original [...]

    7. Another top notch batch of issues fro George s masterful run The only problem and it is quite glaring is a huge gap in the storytelling between the penultimate and last chapter At the end of 13, WW is charged with killing the Manhunter that has impersonated Pan Issue 14 begins with her coming back home, with captions saying that the Pan impostor was destroyed The only inkling we have as to what happened is the small hints of what has been going on in the larger DC universe that have come before [...]

    8. When I was little girl I used to love Wonder Woman I would twirl around real fast in my Wonder Woman Underoos to become her and then fly jump off the sofa , and lasso evil villains my siblings with my golden lariat My jumprope A friend lent me some wonder woman graphic novels to read I hadn t thought much about wonder woman since I was about 7 or 8, I d say I was skeptical that I would like them I m not a huge fan of DC style superheroes, but truly I loved her all over again.

    9. It took me a lot longer to finish this volume, but now that I have I can t wait to read the next volume So far I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the first two Wonder Woman volumes by George Perez I also like how each volume is broken up into chapters I also like how at the beginning of each volume there s a recap of what transpired in the previous volume so as to lead into the volume you re about to read In the first chapter, it s mainly about the perspectives of the characters of Julia Kapateli [...]

    10. besides the whole let s forgive the rapist because he can be a poor misguided soul thing, this was interesting enough.

    11. Legendary artist George Perez is the highlight of this early Wonder Woman collection Opening with a recap that explores the end results of the DC Legends crossover event, duplicated panels from the event are paired with reflections from cast members Julia Kapatelis, Etta Candy, Vanessa Kapatelis, and Myndi Mayer The best part of the collection is featured in the following issue, as the modern version of the Cheetah is introduced with deadly intent A major quest from the gods fills up the next fe [...]

    12. Great story, great artwork Challenge of the Gods goes from heartfelt origin story to ripping adventure yarn, with plenty of action and drama.In this collection the reader sees Princess Diana aka Wonder Woman at her most personal, and her most epic Her journey reads like a Greek myth facing a cyclops, a hydra, and facing powerful gods like Zeus, Ares, and , all the while fighting to secure peace for her family, friends, and fellow s Diana s relationships with her Queen mother and mortal companion [...]

    13. The original reboot of Wonder Woman continues with this volume, which spends nearly all of its time in the land of the gods If anything, looking back, it s interesting to see how quickly the story tends to stumble a bit when there s not something significant for Wonder Woman to do A lot of this was finding herself and dealing with the gods, which may have been necessary for plot development purposes, but didn t need 7 issues to cover, either.Looking at it from where the Wonder Woman story sits t [...]

    14. I think I liked this than the first Perez collection There is a sort of minor, episodic comic booky subplot involving some cat esque villainess that seems kind of a throwback But the rest is nice big story big arc stuff, with Diana doing a major quest and her roughneck mom going in after her, and some reunions and victories that I found pretty affecting Again, if you like this character, the Perez stuff is terrific and important in terms of how she s currently handled.

    15. The Cheetah thing in the beginning is interesting, and I expect will come of her, but the majority of this book is spent on Diana facing challenges set to her by the Gods to prove her worth and the worth of the s It s got a very lovey peacey feel without being overly lovey peacey I think it strikes a nice middle balance Also, there are some pretty cool demons WW has to fight.

    16. I love Perez s art, but this one is wordy as Hades, and the portrayal of Heracles and Chuma is beyond problematic At least he gives us some nice Steve Etta scenes and a cool origin for Diana s costume.

    17. I liked the portions that were in the US and all of the stuff with Wonder Woman Diana Trevor, but there was way too much Paradise Island in this book The cover is a bit of a tease too There s this big picture of Cheetah, but she s barely in it at all Kind of a drag.

    18. Very text heavy Good info but the first chapter is a bit of a nuisance with its tiny type and cursive columns down the page edges.This is the first Wonder Woman story I ve read that explains why her name is Diana and, importantly, why her outfit looks like it does.

    19. I loved the art and story in this volume of Wonder Woman She is still learning about modern American life and what her place in it will be We also get immersed in ancient Greek myths and characters I enjoyed meeting Diana s mother and fellow s as well The art is enjoyable and lovely.

    20. Nella sua gestione dell Amazzone Perez raggiunge in queste storie vette di qualit rare da trovare in un fumetto contemporaneo la sfida degli Dei, il segreto di Ercole, e i temi trattati sullo sfondo , in particolare la violenza contro le donne, il perdono, la fede, sono ancora attuali.

    21. It could have gotten a 4 I was so engaged and the characterization of Diana is spot on and the art is fantastic But, the Hercules thing No, just no That will always be the downfall of this run.

    22. Still a good story A bit drawn out at the end The 1st installment in this reboot was better I still plan to keep going with the story.

    23. Sooooo wordy It drags down an otherwise pretty good story There are weird moments, but overall enjoyed it.

    24. Though the artwork is a tad dated for my taste and the dialogue style can get irritating, the story is enjoyable.

    25. Interesting I feel like I shouldn t like all this Greek mythology stuff breaking in but it s so well done I m enjoying these early stories.

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