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The Guardians of Elijah's Fire By Frank L. Cole,

  • Title: The Guardians of Elijah's Fire
  • Author: Frank L. Cole
  • ISBN: 9781462110575
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback
  • Just when she thought she was safe, Amber learns she s become a target and it seems even her closest allies can t be trusted Now Amber, Trendon, and the whole gang are facing their most terrifying enemy yet This thrilling tale ups the action and doubles the danger Bestselling author, Frank L Cole delivers an engrossing tale for adventurers of all ages.
    The Guardians of Elijah s Fire Just when she thought she was safe Amber learns she s become a target and it seems even her closest allies can t be trusted Now Amber Trendon and the whole gang are facing their most terrifying ene

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    1. I really, really enjoyed this book It starts out with Amber receiving a mysterious package for her birthday She assumes that it is from her friend and teacher Dorothy Then she gets a strange phone call in the middle of the night from her friend Joseph What follows, almost immediately, is a spell binding, frantic, action packed adventure that leaves you breathless The action is nearly non stop throughout the book, which makes it a hard book to put down I love the character development in this boo [...]

    2. The Guardians of Elijah s FireBy Frank L ColeWhen Amber Rawson receives a mystery gift in her mailbox, she is intrigued Who sent her the Books of First and Second Kings And why are four of the verses marked But before she can discover the answer to her mystery gift she is drawn into a new dangerous situation, starting with a middle of the night phone call from Joseph saying that the Tebah Stick in now in Baeloc s possession.But when Amber, Lisa and Trendon meet at one of the local restaurants, K [...]

    3. Things have settled down for Amber since her last adventure She still thinks about Joseph and Dorothy occasionally, but she has other things going on, like school, homework and her very important 15th birthday She cleans all of her birthday wishes out of her mailbox and finds a package with two very old, very important looking leather bound books Upon closer inspection, Amber realizes that they are the first and second Books of Kings from the Bible She s a bit perplexed, but just figures that Do [...]

    4. Wow Wow Wow This sequel did not disappoint in any way I couldn t put it down and stayed up late to finish it It is action packed and leaves you on the edge of your seat until the very end I m so impressed by all the research the author puts into these books He had a remarkable way of writing that makes you feel like you are right there with the characters I will admit getting teary eyed during this book The characters become like family I love Trendon He makes me laugh out loud As I said with th [...]

    5. Frank has done it again with Guardians of Elijah s Fire As much as I enjoyed Guardians of the Hidden Scepter, I enjoyed this installment even Given that most sequels don t live up to their predecessors, it is a testament to Frank s ability as an author.I feel like I know Amber and Trendon by now They are the perfect balance for each other The book is full of explosive action and contains many surprise twists The plot moves at a blistering pace with witty dialogue I read this book in just a few [...]

    6. This series continues to keep me a captive reader Entertaining, thrilling, and just plain fun Amber has just barely recovered from her last adventure when she receives a mysterious package.Trying to figure out who gave it to her she is captured and has to go up against her feared enemy.But she is smart and she has her friends and she is learning to trust in faith.She will truly learn what the scripture means Fear not For they that be with us are than they that be with them.A wonderful tale for [...]

    7. This is the sequel to last year s debut, The Guardian s of the Hidden Scepter, which I also reviewed Needless to say, I have been waiting for this sequel It did NOT disappoint.Much of what I loved about The Hidden Scepter is still true of Elijah s Fire young, brilliant, and brave characters non stop, Indiana Jones style storyline which is doubly true since it s an archaeology adventure biblical myths, hidden treasure, booby traps, and faceless beasts kidnapping and world traveling and ALL things [...]

    8. This is a wonderful sequel Amber, Trendon, and Lisa are pulled into another adventure by their mentor and teacher, Dorothy.They must save the world by keeping an ancient relic out of the hands of those who would use it for evil.Full of adventure Perfect for kids between easy chapter books and YA.

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