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  • Title: In My Father's Country: An Afghan Woman Defies Her Fate
  • Author: Saima Wahab
  • ISBN: 9780307884947
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, at age three Saima Wahab watched while her father was arrested and taken from their home by the KGB She would never see him again When she was fifteen an uncle who lived in Portland, Oregon brought her to America Having to learn an entire new language, she nonetheless graduated from high school in three years and went on to earn a bachelor Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, at age three Saima Wahab watched while her father was arrested and taken from their home by the KGB She would never see him again When she was fifteen an uncle who lived in Portland, Oregon brought her to America Having to learn an entire new language, she nonetheless graduated from high school in three years and went on to earn a bachelor s degree In 2004 she signed on with a defense contractor to work as an interpreter in Afghanistan, never realizing that she would blaze the trail for a new kind of diplomacy, earning the trust of both high ranking U.S army officials and Afghan warlords alike When she arrived in Afghanistan in the winter of 2004, Saima was among the few college educated female Pashto speakers in the entire country She was stunned to learn how little U.S and coalition forces knew about the Pashtun, who comprise 40% of the population and from whom the Taliban arose The blessing of the Pashtun is essential, but the U.S army was so unaware of the workings of this ancient, proud, insular ethic group, that they would routinely send Farsi interpreters into Pashtun villages As a Pashtun born American citizen, Saima found herself in an extraordinary position to be able to explain the people of her native land to those of her adopted one, and vice versa, in a quest to forge new and lasting bonds between two misunderstood cultures In My Father s Country follows her amazing transformation from child refugee to nervous Pashtun interpreter to intrepid human terrain specialist, venturing with her twenty five soldier force pro tection into isolated Pashtun villages to engage hostile village elders in the first, very frank dialogue they had ever had with the Americans.From her posting at the forward operating base Farah in Afghanistan s blistering western frontier to the year she spent in Jalalabad translating for provincial governor Hollywood Pashtun Sherzai to the near suicide missions of a year and a half in the Khost Province, where before every mission, she left instructions on how to dispose of her belongings, having to face the very real possibility of not coming back alive, Saima Wahab s is an incomparable story of one young woman s unwavering courage and undaunted spirit.
    In My Father s Country An Afghan Woman Defies Her Fate Born in Kabul Afghanistan at age three Saima Wahab watched while her father was arrested and taken from their home by the KGB She would never see him again When she was fifteen an uncle who lived in

    One thought on “In My Father's Country: An Afghan Woman Defies Her Fate”

    1. Skip it I am always interested in learning about other countries, cultures and customs Unfortunately, this book did little to enlighten me It started out pretty decent but lost steam and all sense of direction by about 1 3 of the way through I plowed ahead simply due to my own stubborn habit of ALWAYS finishing a book My patience was never rewarded however There was no climax, no big Ah ha moment, just a growing distaste and annoyance with the author She kind of wanders with no real purpose thro [...]

    2. What a disappointment I heard Saima Wahab speak on the Daily Show and was very eager to read this book She has a fascinating story to tell She was born in Pakistan and emigrated to America at the age of 15 She became a very successful American, but always felt drawn to Afghanistan So when she was offered a job translating Pashtun her language for the American military, she jumped at it.I loved the beginning of this book when her father was killed by the Soviets and they were forced to flee to th [...]

    3. While Saima Wahab is an impressive person, in my opinion she is not an impressive writer I wanted to be involved in her story I wanted to understand her struggle to reconcile her pride in being Pashtun with her desire to live the life of an independent woman But I just didn t feel it Wahab describes her emotions without involving you in them She also left out a lot of details, perhaps to protect her family, that would have helped me understand her experiences I found the descriptions of her roma [...]

    4. The first half of this book was good Reading about the author s childhood and her transition to America were interesting but it fell apart about mid way through It became a series of so then this one day this happened stories whose only thread between them seemed to be how awesome the author is, how every man who speaks to her has fallen in love with her, how she s so special and unique because she can speak Pashtun a piece of information we are remided of on practically every page Honestly, I m [...]

    5. She led an interesting and this could be an interesting story yet somehow the excitement isn t there Beyond learning a few things of Pashtun culture, I didn t take much from this book Perhaps it was the irritation I felt every time she assigned a characteristic or personality trait to the Pashtun blood in her veins blood which differs not all from the dutch blood flowing in my veins And add to this her somewhat adolescent behavior to the opposite sex and the book gets old very quick.

    6. Man, this book was bad for me, in that it kept me up way too late A fascinating story of an Afghan girl with a father who defied tradition She ended up back in Afghanistan helping American forces with culture Her journey is engaging and fascinating and when she goes back there s both the love and the hardships, depression and elation, ambivalence and resolve.

    7. I saw Saima Wahab on Jon Stewart s Daily Show discussing her book and was intrigued enough to get it and read it Pretty interesting story perhaps a little too much detail about her own love life I felt bad for the poor guys she ditches but riveting when she actually gets into Afghan villages and interacts with the locals Fascinating and horrifying situation for Pashtun women there If you re interested in the reasons for our failure in Afghanistan as well as all the would be conquerers in the pas [...]

    8. I guess this deserves a 2.5 I only finished it because it was for a book club This book lacked depth and could have been written in a lot less pages as events seemed to repeat themselves and the writer even used the same phrases and sentences over and over.

    9. I have had Saima Wahab s memoir In My Father s Country An Afghan Woman Defies Her Fate on my To Read list since I saw her interview on the Daily Show several years ago Documenting her childhood in Afghanistan and then Pakistan as a refugee before moving to the United States to further her education, become a US citizen, and eventually travel back to Afghanistan to assist US troops during the war and given the current political climate in the US it seemed like the perfect time to finally make mys [...]

    10. I didn t expect the first few pages of In My Father s Country to impact me the way it did As I read the author s initial recounting of an incident that nearly left her dead at age five, about her father shooting his pistol off in honor of her birth despite the fact she was a girl, a tradition saved solely for boys, and then his prediction that she would go far in life, I thought of my own dad And it made me sad I had to stop reading at that point, take a deep breath, wipe the tears away and then [...]

    11. I have VERY mixed feelings about this book On one hand, it was an enjoyable read and challenged my thinking about the war in Afghanistan At the same time, the author comes across as a completely intolerable narcissist who sees herself as the savior of the Afghan people, corrector of ignorant Americans cultural errors, and the goddess of men It s amazing she wasn t ashamed to present herself in the way she did.

    12. I enjoyed this book, learning about Saima s upbringing in Afghanistan, Pakistan and America It taught me a lot about the Pashtun people and Afghanistan It was very honest The end was sudden and unexpected but I don t expect her to invent some fairytale ending in a memoir The acknowledgments served as a type of denouement for me.

    13. Very well done, wonderful to read of one so dedicated to a cause from such an early age and never wavering no matter the many difficulties.

    14. A fascinating window into the world of Pashtun women in Afghanistan Ms Wahab s story is actually the story of a woman trying to bridge two very different cultures, acknowledging the bad and celebrating the good in both, while trying to define and retain her core identity Often as I was reading I thought how lonely Ms Wahab seemed, never quite fitting in wherever she was.After her father was kidnapped and killed in Afghanistan when Ms Wahab was five years old, the family left the country and stay [...]

    15. In My Father s Country is a story of how Saima Wahab escaped Afghanistan as a young child, grew up in America, and returned to Afghanistan to help the American war effort as an interpreter Saima is one lucky woman her grandfather is a village elder and his influence enables her to leave Afghanistan as a young woman just in time to escape her arranged marriage Saima is sent to Portland, Oregon where she lives with her Uncles Saima s Uncles are no picnic and she grows up in Portland under a watere [...]

    16. I loved this book for its historical importance Not only is it a book which represents the historical time period of U.S involvement in Afghanistan, but most importantly the historical importance of feminism behind the book If it was not for the feminist revolution within the U.S and other developed nations in the world, this story could and would never be told This story, by Saima Wahab, is a story that unfolds some of the cultural mysteries of the people living within Afghanistan during the ti [...]

    17. I read this book to understand Afghanistan a bit better Contrarily, I feel like I do, but at the same time I m confused than ever It seems to me that Pashtunwali not only defies logic, but contains so many contradictions that I don t know how anyone ever knows how they re supposed to act Apparantly it is a terrible insult for a man to look at a woman in another man s family, but it is customary for young men to harass women I won t even get much into the gross human rights violations that make [...]

    18. Once again, prompted to get a book based on an interview on The Daily Show thedailyshow watch tue Jon Stewart hasn t steered me wrong yet.Saima was just a little girl in Afghanistan when the Russians were invading She survived a bomb dropping on the room where she was sleeping, being hit by a bus, and being a woman in Afghanistan Based on the book, she s an anomaly Her dad was very progressive, so much so he had a radio show to encourage others to rebel He was taken by the KGB and never returned [...]

    19. In My Father s Country is a moving and inspiring memoir following Saima as she recounts her life from Afghanistan, to Pakistan, to America, and back again A refugee from her homeland of Afghanistan at a young age, Saima spends a good portion of her life trying to figure out where she belongs Her family fled to Pakistan to escape the rule of the KGB as Russia invaded Afghanistan Years later, her mother and uncles arranged for Saima and her brother and sister to live in Portland, Oregon with their [...]

    20. I enjoyed this book because I had no previous knowledge of the Pashtun culture Saima grew up a Pahstun an ethnic group in Afghanistan The cultural information was very interesting because it explains the roles of women and men and what is and is not appropriate in social interactions between Pashtun men and women My one criticism with the book is that she goes to Afghanistan several times and never seems to know why she is going Her father was progressive for a Pashtun and didn t treat her like [...]

    21. I picked this up in the new book section because it sounded intriguing It reminded me a lot of my best friend, although not an Afghani, she is caught as the author was between two worlds and trying to make sense of her place in them You know how sometimes you read an autobiography is so dense you can t read it Well this book read like a fiction novel, plus the subject matter was something I didn t know much about, so I just flew through it The author was born a part of the Pashtun ethnic group i [...]

    22. Saima was born in Afghanistan Her father was taken prisoner by the KGB, forcing Saima, her mother, and her siblings to eventually flee to Pakistan and become refugees The family decides Saima and her siblings would live a better life in America, so they move to live with their uncles in Oregon and obtain an American education.Saima has troubles in America as well, as her uncles still treat her like an Afghan woman, and make her live by the Muslim rules She struggles with this, as she realizes th [...]

    23. I was eager to read this book after hearing the author speak on the Daily Show Saima Wahab is an amazing woman and I enjoyed reading her story She seems pulled in many directions and, frustratingly, the book doesn t really resolve the disparate forces working on her because Saima hasn t resolved them herself.The book was a wonderful window on a different culture and life in Afghanistan for the people serving there It made me thankful to live in the US where my sons don t have any say over how my [...]

    24. This was an interesting view of the war in Afghanistan from the viewpoint of a native who has become an American citizen The details of her job as translator and later as cultural educator were interesting, as were the observations of cultural mistakes the U.S military made that later came back to haunt them It is easier to understand the headlines today with the background and insight from this book That said, I have to say I did not like Ms Wahab very much She was determined not to be controll [...]

    25. I was amazed by Saima s bravery in breaking away from her uncles in Portland and becoming a virtual outcast from her family Her unique gift and accomplishment as a fluent Pashtun English translator made her valuable as an interpreter and cultural advisor This has given her what she most wanted ever since childhood freedom and independence as a woman in both her Afghani and American worlds, and she fights still to improve the lives of restricted Afghani women The author talks about another import [...]

    26. If this were a fiction book, I would be critical of some of the plot points all the falling in love , but since this is the story of her life, I have to give her credit for being honest, without descending too much into self pity or attempts to make herself look good One of my favorite moments in the book came as she was sitting in with another less skillful translator, who is trying and failing to keep up with an explanation of why a civilian was shot Similarly, the contrasts between cultures w [...]

    27. Excellent read Some very good insights into Afghanistan, the culture, roles and expectations The author did a good job of balancing the book with personal experiences and explaining the expectations of the culture she grew up with and the western culture she adopted The author, Saima has a kind heart with people and genuinely cares Her personal relationships that she shared made her seem rather immature but I m thinking that is due to her experiences as a child where you didn t speak with a male [...]

    28. Saima Wahab was sent at an early age to Portland Oregon to be raised by relatives who had escaped Soviet occupied Afghanistan Her aptitude for languages enabled her to graduate from high school, attain a college degree, while living under the thumbs of her tradition bound uncles who were determined to continue the tribal ways of her Pashtun inheritance Even an innocent inquiry from a boy regarding homework would lead to interrogation and accusation As soon as she was able she defied them, forgin [...]

    29. Like another review states, what a disappointment I wanted to like this book, but I just couldn t nail down the tone and point of this book Sometimes Wahab was explanatory, describing the nuances in Afghan life between tribes and the Pashtun culture At other times it was personal, reading almost like a journal At no point was the writing particularly captivating Add to this the face that Wahab makes multiple attempts to communicate to the reader that she was unsure of her reasons for being in [...]

    30. my only complaint is that i wish there were some craft to the writing in this book maybe some fierce literary editing but in terms of the content, i enjoyed very much learning about pashtun culture through wahab s being both afghan and american i was especially saddened by the american military s ineffiency in waiting so many years into the war to finally attempt to understand the people they were trying to help how many people had to die, and still die, over misunderstandings i am very curious [...]

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