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Rape Girl By Alina Klein,

  • Title: Rape Girl
  • Author: Alina Klein
  • ISBN: 9781608981236
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Valerie always wanted to be the smart girl The pretty girl The popular girl.But not the rape girl.That s who she is now Rape Girl Because everyone seems to think they know the truth about what happened with Adam that day, and they don t think Valerie s telling it.Before, she had a best friend, a crush, and a close knit family After, she has a court case, a support groValerie always wanted to be the smart girl The pretty girl The popular girl.But not the rape girl.That s who she is now Rape Girl Because everyone seems to think they know the truth about what happened with Adam that day, and they don t think Valerie s telling it.Before, she had a best friend, a crush, and a close knit family After, she has a court case, a support group, and a house full of strangers.The real truth is, nothing will ever be the same.
    Rape Girl Valerie always wanted to be the smart girl The pretty girl The popular girl But not the rape girl That s who she is now Rape Girl Because everyone seems to think they know the truth about what happene

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    1. One of the truest, most tragic lines in Rape Girl says that a rape victim is the only crime victim who has to prove her innocence My friend and Chief Book Maven Kelly ended her review by saying, This is not light reading or in any way fun Damn skippy.Teenaged Valerie lives in a small Utah town with her widowed mom and kid sister, Ainsley Her elder brother Sam is off at college One weekend, Val s mom went out of town for a workshop Sam was unavailable to come down and babysit his sisters, so Vale [...]

    2. I have to tell you RAPE GIRL was not an easy read As I turned the pages, I was alternately horrified, furious, appalled, saddened, dismayed, frustrated, and yes, at the very end, hopeful As the title suggests, this book is about a girl who was raped, and it doesn t pull punches The author doesn t sensationalize, nor does she sugar coat with fancy prose Instead, RAPE GIRL is an unflinchingly honest, all too possible account of a terrible crime committed against one teen girl, and an unflinchingly [...]

    3. I read this book in one sitting I made no notes or highlights whilst reading it, nor did I notice any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes or clunky sentences etc I did not even realise I had spent the good part of a Saturday afternoon sitting inside reading a book when it was glorious weather outside as I was totally engrossed in Klein s book from the very start Rape and sexual assault are very difficult subjects to write about effectively, and this book not only manages to do this but also [...]

    4. Rape Girl is a relatively short read with a lot of impact on its respective subject matter I ll admit I read this book inside an hour it was around 100 some pages in my galley and it hit me emotionally with quite a few turns, though there were some issues with it.From the beginning of the narrative, you recognize that Valerie is a victim of rape, but the unfolding story focuses on what happened in the before and after There s a brief exchange of Before After incident narratives before the story [...]

    5. This was a relatively short story at just over 100 pages, but it really packed a punch The story is about Valerie, your typical teenage girl who is looking for a good time just like everyone else Her good time, however, ends with her being raped We get to see very little of the events leading up to the rape, in fact, only a few hours What this book deals with is the aftermath You see rapes in books often, but never a book based specifically around the act Valerie s story, I suspect, is not that [...]

    6. This review can also be found on Book Girl of Mur y Castell blog.You ve seen the title, you don t need to read the blurb You already know what happens Question isn t when or where or even how It happens Rape happens, and this is a story of one survivor This is a story about how that one moment changes everything How it changes people around you, strangers as well as family and friends How it turns reasonable explanations into malicious comments How gifts aren t simple gifts any but something di [...]

    7. What a wonderful novel As the title suggests, this book deals with rape, an issue that is still stigmatized and hidden from sight But it far than an issue book It s a book about friendships, about family, about surviving, living, and even laughing after terrible things happen In short, the book deals with questions and answers that all teens have to address, even while also shining a light on a particular issue.Much of what I love most about this book has nothing to do with how Klein deals with [...]

    8. THIS REVIEW ON B S BOOK BLOG Hey, look It s that girl That rape girl, right After Adam s raped Valerie and her mother s told the police, Valerie is labeled the rape girl and a liar Her friends turn their backs on her because they either really don t believe her, or they just want to still be on Adam s side, the popular people side Valerie is torn She s the victim, but people treat her as if she s the guilty one She s separated from class and can t show her face in public, while the rapist still [...]

    9. The emotion that I felt the most while reading this book was ANGER Anger at Valerie s so called friends and anger at our fucking legal system I apologize in advance but this book is going to cause me to rant a little you ve been warned This is a story about a 16 year old who like many teenagers decides to throw a party when her mom is out of town simply so her crush will come Like many parties this one got out of hand and there was drinking and way too many people Throughout the party Val gets p [...]

    10. This is the second YA book I ve read on the topic of rape, but I was pleasantly pleased with how different Rape Girl was in terms of voice, premise, and style of writing Rape Girl is about a girl who isn t afraid to speak about what happened, but when she does, suffers horrible and unexpected consequences in which she s called a liar because there s no way a smart, popular, handsome, religious young man could ever be capable of committing such a heinous act Rape Girl is about a girl who openly a [...]

    11. I didn t like this book I didn t like it because of the way it made me feel On the other hand, I don t have to like the way a book makes me feel to know it was a profound book, a great read I devoured it in almost one afternoon, but had to take breaks when the subject matter overwhelmed me.I remember when I was in school, the subject came up, and the consensus was to not tell, to not press charges, because the rape survivor was the one persecuted.I loved that the rape in this book wasn t violent [...]

    12. I can t imagine how much courage it must have taken to write this novel, which is loosely based on the author s own experience as a rape survivor Not an easy read, but it is an important book one all teens could benefit from reading.

    13. Synopsis It is a story of a teenage girl called Valerie who got raped after a party in her own house by a guy she fancied it is narrated by the victim herself and it spans a period of several months.What I liked The book was well written but firstly and foremostly I appreciated the fact that all everything rang so true the voice of Valerie, her reactions and the reactions of people around her I know it because not so long ago I went through a similar situation in my family, which, unable to keep [...]

    14. I ve recently had the honor of reading an ARC of Rape Girl release date Aug 15 2012 Rape Girl inflamed my anger, touched my heart, and gave me hope Our main character, Valerie, is like so many girls we know eager to please, willing to break a few house rules to gain popularity, and dying to get some attention from her crush We see in her the girl who could be inside any of us Except then she shows us a bit It s bad enough that she has to go through the process of pressing charges and all that e [...]

    15. Oh wow, this book It s absolutely heartbreaking to read Valerie has a party at her place and the guy she likes, Adam, is there The night of the party, she willingly goes off with him into another room where she promptly throws up on his shoes and passes out drunk.The next morning, he comes back to her place to pick up where they left off She wakes up with her pants off and her top all rucked up, and then discovers him there She can t yell because that might draw the attention of her small sister [...]

    16. Cover Impressions I will be honest, the cover didn t wow me It was the title and synopsis that got me interested Perhaps it looks different on the physical copy, or perhaps there is some symbolism behind the cover image that I missed Either way do not judge this one by it s cover The Gist Valerie wanted to throw a fun party and maybe flirt with her crush She didn t know that within 24 hrs she would be labeled as The Rape Girl and that she would lose her friends, her reputation and her sense of s [...]

    17. When Valerie is raped, she does the right thing and tells someone Then she endures the rape exam, the police questioning, and the counseling And then the real trouble starts Alina Klein s RAPE GIRL is about a girl who is ostracized after speaking out against an act of violence that is all too common It is also about a thousand other things peer pressure, herd mentality, slut shaming, religious dogma, hypocrisy, female sexuality under surveillance, courage and strength, to name a few.And it s a d [...]

    18. I finished this book before bed last night It was a good, though surprisingly light read, given the subject matter I kept expecting a tight little ending where everyone gets what they deserve, but it never came This book reminded me that not every rape victim gets closure and not every rapist is locked up, and a lot of people are not going to be sympathetic to a person who s been raped.Anyway, after I finished, I started thinking about rape and had so many angry thoughts I had trouble falling as [...]

    19. 3 and a half starsThis book explores the aftermath of rape and how the victim continues to be victimized Rape Girl is about a teenage girl named Valerie who is raped by her crush It then goes on to show how there are people who will always blame the victim of rape, instead of opening their eyes to the harsh reality of the truth.I won t say anything else about the plot Except, view spoiler I thought it was interesting how she is raped the morning after she throws the party and people still blame [...]

    20. Rating 4 stars Shell shocked Amazed Appalled Dumb founded.These were all adjectives that described me upon finishing Rape Girl Wow Justwow.This is the story of Valerie, the rape girl, as she s called by the people who don t believe her story Why is that, you might ask Because her rapist is an upstanding member of the community, whose dream, I might add, is to become a mormon missionary.Not exactly the sexually deviant type, and because of that, Valerie gets alienated and ridiculed as the girl wh [...]

    21. In our culture, victims of non violent rape are automatically assumed to be the guilty party Too often, we argue that the victim is to blame, they did not take the correct measures to prevent their own rape It is their own fault.Rape Girl by Alina Klein works to deconstruct this concept The main character appears to be a normal teenage girl She is the Everyman figure of high school girlhood Valerie could be anyone And that is the point She is not unpopular She is not a troublemaker, reluctant to [...]

    22. This is a book that everyone needs to read It very clearly and simply tells a tale that plays out all the time It s unfortunate, and disgusting, and horrifying, and extremely emotional The story doesn t just talk about the actual rape, it s about Valerie and how she deals with her situation.This story is so real, it s almost unbelievable Everything happens quickly, and the things that do happen leave you stunned Not just the circumstances surrounding the actual rape, but everything that happens [...]

    23. A great book for class discussion.This is a subject that really has no right answers a situation that should never arise, yet once it does, can never really be resovled.Should you speak out after a rape, or hide it away And if you do speak out, is that the end of your suffering Could it be that things could actually get worse When Valerie holds a party in her house the weekend her mother is out of town, things get rather out of hand What happens is so believable that we are immediately swept up [...]

    24. Very intense and realistic story of a girl who is raped by a boy she likes after a party is thrown at her house when her mother is away for the evening Her mother reports it to the police and reality hits hard when all the girl s friends side with the popular boy who could have any girl he wanted This shows the sad truth of rape not being believed, date rape, the feelings of guilt afterwards, loss of friends, long term recovery and facing the system s view of the victim needing to prove her inno [...]

    25. More than a story about rape, this is a story about a teenager s relationships with her best friend, her siblings, her mother and how they are tested in a time of personal crisis Alina Klein does a masterful job of showing us Valerie s struggles when her entire life changes overnight and her only goal is just to be normal again Klein writes beautifully, and very effectively portrait of a girl teens will identify with and learn something from I highly recommend RAPE GIRL to teens both boys and gi [...]

    26. Small book big message One line from the book has really stuck with me They say that rape is the only crime in which the vicitm has to prove her innocence What a devasting statment I also found it disturbing that most of the girls in the story sided on the side of the rapist I would say their only excuse is that they were of high school age and just not mature All in all a good read.

    27. One of those books that moves you and sticks with you Emotional and gripping story of a girl, a victim, who s shunned and blamed So many girls will, unfortunately, be able to relate to Alina Klein s debut Fortunately, they won t feel voiceless and alone after reading it.

    28. Rating 3.5 5I remember reading my first book that dealt with this topic, Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson I read it when I was 14 or 15 and I remember being haunted by it I never read it since I remember the closet space at the end and the girl s fight to resist both the second attack and her silence As you can tell it stuck with me This book I think will also stick with me The moment where Valerie can hear her little sister outside, who she prays to stay outside was one scene that stuck in my hea [...]

    29. I always find it hard to review books like this how do you explain that you enjoyed a book where the subject matter is so distasteful Rape Girl is about just that 16 year old Valerie is raped by the boy she likes But it s when she tells what happened that her troubles really begin.There was a great sense of authenticity to the teenage viewpoint in this book The party, the drinking, the bitchy girls in the bathroom, the bullying by text all felt very now and very realistic Sadly, the rape itself [...]

    30. Hey, look It s that girl That rape girl, right When Valerie had the party that night at her house, she was expecting to be seen as the cool girl the fun girl ANYTHING but the rape girl So, how did she get to this place RAPE GIRL by Alina Klein starts with a police man talking to a teenage girl s mother, asking if there might be any witnesses to verify her daughter s statements As Valerie learns later, RAPE is the only crime in which the victim is truly the one forced to prove her innocence.From [...]

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