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Legacy of the Clockwork Key By Kristin Bailey,

  • Title: Legacy of the Clockwork Key
  • Author: Kristin Bailey
  • ISBN: 9781442440265
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When a fire consumes Meg s home, killing her parents and destroying both her fortune and her future, all she has left is the tarnished pocket watch she rescued from the ashes But this is no ordinary timepiece The clock turns out to be a mechanical key a key that only Meg can use that unlocks a series of deadly secrets and intricate clues that Meg is compelled to followhen a fire consumes Meg s home, killing her parents and destroying both her fortune and her future, all she has left is the tarnished pocket watch she rescued from the ashes But this is no ordinary timepiece The clock turns out to be a mechanical key a key that only Meg can use that unlocks a series of deadly secrets and intricate clues that Meg is compelled to follow.Together with the handsome stable hand she barely knows but hopes she can trust, Meg is swept into a hidden world of deception, betrayal, and revenge, uncovering evidence of an elite secret society and a dangerous invention that some will stop at nothing to protect.
    Legacy of the Clockwork Key When a fire consumes Meg s home killing her parents and destroying both her fortune and her future all she has left is the tarnished pocket watch she rescued from the ashes But this is no ordinary t

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    1. As a steampunk reader, I can be nitpicky and entirely too difficult to please and I know it However, I don t think I m being unreasonable when I say that Legacy of the Clockwork Key fell short of what I had expected For starters, it read like Middle Grade than Young Adult and was, in many ways, far too na ve and oversimplified for my liking In truth, I m not sure it can even be classified as steampunk it certainly started as one, and the author approached it very ambitiously, but the execution [...]

    2. We are going to pretend that I finished this in March I enjoyed the beginning of this book, at first I thought the story was going to be very interesting and even creepy I was wrong This story was by no means bad, but it was very linear, characters go to point A, now B, ect There was always the same villain, and there was no twists I found myself speed reading the ending to quickly finish the book Not the worst book i have ever read, but by no means the best either.

    3. This review is also posted on my blog, Anatea s Bookshelf.I am not really a steampunk reader and this is actually my first steampunk novel And as I figured out I actually do like this genre, this novel failed to impress me What I was expecting is a book full of thrilling and surprising clues, but instead I got a quite simple and predictable storyline.It s not that I didn t like the story, I just couldn t get into it as much as I would have liked I found myself wishing to be done with Legacy of t [...]

    4. I hate writing negative reviews And it pains me to say that for a book I was quite looking forward to, this was a major letdown When I was thinking about what I wanted to include in this review, I struggled to come up with much that was positive My experience with this book was pretty much let s just get this over with.Meg s life now is that of a maid, a complete contrast to the comfortable lifestyle she led before her parents died and Lord Rathford took her in All she has left of her family and [...]

    5. A copy was provided by Simon Schuster for review purposes Coming into this book, I was unbelievably excited The summery looked absolutely amazing but unfortunately the book wasn t And it s such a shame because Bailey had such an awesome idea I just felt like the story line was so see through, the whole mystery aspect of the book was way too easy, and the staging was atrocious I also didn t enjoy the romance AT ALL I think it was very badly written, and so clich and done before I literally rolled [...]

    6. Actual rating 2.5 starsLOL.Where is that special something I was looking for Where is it Yea, it reads like a steampunk book, it s good, the plot was nice, the prose okay But guys, for a traditionally published book, this was just not good enough If this was published three years ago, I d go ballistic for it but at the current standard, this just didn t cut it.You know, if this book was made into an epic fantasy video game, I d be happy to play it But as a book, it lacks powerful characters and [...]

    7. When Meg s home is destroyed by a fire and her parents are killed, her fortune and future are gone She is left with only the tarnished pocket watch of her dad s She is offered a job as a housemaid in Lord Rathford s mansion and this is really her only option Strange things are always occurring there as each day she must get up and clean the house and place everything back exactly the way that it was the day before, the tea cup on it s side on the table, the rug askew in the hall and it was Meg s [...]

    8. I actually immensely enjoyed this book I wasn t expecting to love it as I did, but it was wonderful I loved all of the characters so much, and I definitely want to continue with this series eventually The only problem I had with it was that it was a bit confusing for me sometimes, and it was annoying to read it for school, but I still loved it.

    9. Cover Blurb Yes or No I absolute love the cover art, with the wheels in the upper corners, and the clockwork bird, and the skyline of London It s extremely attention grabbing for a Reader like me, who loves Victorian mysteries Unfortunately, the cover is a bit misleading.Characters The biggest problem was Meg Whitlock, the protagonist Quick to take offense to the slightest tease or criticism, Meg spent the majority of the book angry at someone usually Will MacDonald Her foul temper caused her to [...]

    10. Originally posted at Girls on YA Books Review The Legacy of the Clockwork Key is one of those other 2013 debuts that just rock your socks I loved it to absolutely no end There have been about 4 books that have been released this year that have already made my top 5 This my friends, would be one of them I absolutely love steampunk novels but I read them so rarely So it s one of those genres and I am sure you have heard me mention this several different times on SEVERAL different occasions and are [...]

    11. Oh, the miserable, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when the awkward, clunky romance lumbers into a book like a kaiju and demolishes all of the pretty things the author has built.This book starts out rather well our heroine, Meg, has lost everything parents, wealth, position, and home to a catastrophic fire The only link she has to her past life is a tarnished old watch that she found by her father s body Her father s solicitor informs her that she must find employment to survive, but th [...]

    12. Meg is orphaned after a fire killed both her parents, and with nowhere to go she takes a position of a housemaid in a big ol creepy mansion Day in and day out she cleans room after room, keeping everything as is since the day the baroness of the house passed away As for the Baron, she has never met him but all the servant says he watches over them and knows everything that goes on in the mansion On one of Meg s usual cleaning routine she stumbles upon a wall clock with the same three pedals flow [...]

    13. Yay, I finally got to read this Thank you to Simon for making this available at PulseIt in anticipation of the third book I ve just started book 2 and hope I can get my hands on book 3 soon While I agree with some other reviewers that Meg was rather naive and seemed younger than 16, we do have to remember that the story is set in the Victorian era, when girls and women did not get an education anything like boy s Nor were they really allowed a real world education, at least not those of the uppe [...]

    14. I also read this book for free on Pulseit This was the first book that I read that I was aware was steampunk I ve read Pullman s His Dark Materials series And after reading this book, I became obsessed with steampunk Since reading this book, I have read at least a dozen steampunk books and I am never looking back.After Meg s mansion is set on fire, her family and the wealthy life she once had are gone She has nothing left With no money left to her name, she must become a servant The house she no [...]

    15. So, it was a little than ok but I just had too many issues with it to give it three Still, I enjoyed it and will probably see what the next installments have to offer My rating is based off of personal taste than of the author s skill.There were several good points to Legacy of the Clockwork Key I found it to be well written with a smooth and easy flow Bailey s strong point, I think, is her detailed descriptions of all things clockwork, and the inventions she devises are reallye, for lack of a [...]

    16. see my full review on my blog crasyabout 2013 0As though Meg has some features, not some many features of Tessa Gray, i can t say i didn t enkoy the book The whole non magical of it was worth it And i do think that 2nd book will be as good as this one, so yes, one thing confused me deeply, and i guess i will find the answer in the next book, who is the man who killed Meg s parents amd tries to kill her too I was fascinated by the all gear invertions And i really loved Oliver and Lucinda Will Is [...]

    17. Couldn t finish I liked how the story began But as the story continued it went down hill The main character is annoy and silly I can t understand why she does the things she does One example she is following clues to know about her family and the group she doesn t stop to think things through Or stop to think period It is like she is following breadcrumbs without stoping to look that they lead to a open and very hot oven, dragging people who are trying to help with her Not to mention that the w [...]

    18. This is a promising beginning for a new trilogy I will also admit that I am predisposed to like this as it deals with a dead parent and is extremely gothic in tone.Meg is a fantastic heroine, one who is unapologetically smart but is also very relatable While this book is very much steeped in class distinctions Meg, especially, is very aware of how far she s fallen in London society , Meg isn t as concerned with her reputation as one might expect Instead, her attention is focused on figuring out [...]

    19. An adventurous steampunk read with great mystery Young Meg has had her life turned upside down following the tragic fire that claimed the life of her parents she becomes a maid for a Lord s house then uncovers a family mystery which sends her on adventure to find the truth Interesting how the mystery relates to clever inventions her family were connected with full of mystery, twists and even a hint of romance pretty good read

    20. DNF at 25%The plot is literally going nowhere, and the romance is uncomfortable Meg, the main character, seems confused a lot Her need to find out about her family s past is too dull and uninteresting I m sorry, but I really just can t read for another 75% about Meg s grandfather Not writing a full review for this, since I didn t actually finish this.

    21. DNFI am not rating this due to not finishing.This wasn t bad per se, but I just could not get absorbed in the characters Something felt flat to me and though I kept at it I just never got invested in the story.

    22. Part tragic story of a girl who loses everything, and part spellbinding story about a fantasy world that she has a key to, this novel is original, adventurous and really worth reading.

    23. 3.5 starsTo me, it went to fast at the start but ended up action filled and interesting towards the end Overall, a good book with an interesting concept.

    24. This book was a fun read Quick, and not too involved I ll start with my dislikes I know it is young adult, and so I expected some of the silly romance and trying to please everyone However, there were some moments with Meg, the narrator, that she was acting so stupid I wanted to turn the page and find her dead YA has teenagers that are in adult situations, why can t they be mature for their age and not be all consumed with their harmones Anyway, she was about a 3 on the she is so dumb I m going [...]

    25. The Legacy of the Clockwork Key is ambitious, and it begins with promise However, it falters in the execution of its story and lacks momentum in places The book follows Meg, a girl who is forced to become a maid for a mysterious and reclusive old aristocrat who she never sees She feels like she is stuck in a dead end That changes when she discovers a secret society of inventors that her family has been apart of for generations Thrust into a chaotic world of secrets, Meg must race to uncover the [...]

    26. This book was okay I ve had it for about three years, tried to get into when I got it, and couldn t I came back to it this year and got all the way through this time, but still didn t enjoy it very much.For starters, Meg was pretty boring She basically had no skills except for being the special key Anyone seeing a sort of Chosen One thing here Her three modes were wimpy, stupid brave, and mooning over the boy.That was the second problem She meets Will, the stable boy in the second chapter or som [...]

    27. The main character is not a strong characterWe don t see real evidence of her being smart or capableShe only has the special power of that single memory and that s sort of the only thing that makes her the main character She has no real friends, and somehow we re expected to believe she ll be jealous of the one female companion mentor she has That was so immensely annoyingand the whole do I love him, does he love me came across as immature and irritating to meI was expecting a steampunk fantasy [...]

    28. Legacy of the Clockwork KeyLegacy of the Clockwork Key is a hidden gem I m a real sucker for Steampunk and this was just so much fun cover to cover If you don t know what Steampunk is then I would recommend googling it as I m sure my definition will be terrible but hey ho it s usually a novel that takes place in the 19th century sometimes early 20th and has a heavy focus on mechanical machinery that has cool clogs and often lots of steel and brass The machines are usually leaning towards the fan [...]

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