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Philosophy for Life: And Other Dangerous Situations By Jules Evans,

  • Title: Philosophy for Life: And Other Dangerous Situations
  • Author: Jules Evans
  • ISBN: 9781846043208
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • In his engaging book, Jules Evans explains how ancient philosophy saved his life, and how we can all use it to become happier, wiser and resilient Jules imagines a dream school, which includes 12 of the greatest and most colourful thinkers the world has ever known Each of these ancient philosophers teaches a technique we can use to transform our selves and live bettIn his engaging book, Jules Evans explains how ancient philosophy saved his life, and how we can all use it to become happier, wiser and resilient Jules imagines a dream school, which includes 12 of the greatest and most colourful thinkers the world has ever known Each of these ancient philosophers teaches a technique we can use to transform our selves and live better lives These practical techniques are illustrated by the extraordinary stories of real people who are using them today from marines to magicians, from astronauts to anarchists and from CBT psychologists to soldiers Jules also explores how ancient philosophy is inspiring modern communities Socratic cafes, Stoic armies, Platonic sects, Sceptic summer camps and even whole nations in their quest for the good life.
    Philosophy for Life And Other Dangerous Situations In his engaging book Jules Evans explains how ancient philosophy saved his life and how we can all use it to become happier wiser and resilient Jules imagines a dream school which includes of t

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    1. Jules has written a superb introduction to practical philosophy This book is perhaps quite unique, although it s written in a very accessible style I think I read it in the space of 2 3 days It introduces the reader to a range of classical philosophical ways of life, by means of many anecdotes and examples that paint a vivid picture of how modern followers of these philosophies make use of them in coping with adversity and living meaningful and satisfying lives Jules begins with three chapters d [...]

    2. A marvellous book which summarizes the major strands of classical philosophy and describes how they might be incorporated into contemporary life.The author writes from a position of having overcome depression and despair through finding life meaning in philosophy, however at the conclusion of the book view spoiler he explains that this was in fact preempted by a near death experience white light, the whole shebang in which he became convinced that we are indeed something greater than our embodie [...]

    3. I m not sure whether it is the particular order in which I read the following books that caused the profound cumulative effect they had on me, or if they can be read in any order and still have the same effect, or indeed if they possibly can have the same effect on another person, but for the mere chance that they might, I m listing them here The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin HoffThe Antidote by Oliver BurkemanThe Power of Now by Eckhart TolleAwaken the Giant Within by Anthony RobbinsDeep Work by Cal [...]

    4. Important carte de popularizare a filosofiei antice n principal grece ti Am citit o prima oar pe Kindle n englez Credeam n mod eronat c e o lucrare self help de duzin a a cum le place vesticilor i nu merita s i fac loc n bibliotec Este scris ntr un limbaj accesibil, f r nici un jargon filosofic Autorul nu vorbe te despre filosofie ca de la catedr ci caut s vad cum poate fi aplicat vie ii de zi cu zi El nsu i a folosit filosofia pentru a controla anxietatea i depresia Prezint oameni simpli care i [...]

    5. Jules Evans enters Alain De Botton territory here as he gives a populist take on Ancient Greek philosophers and how their ideas can be used as therapy I thought he was going to focus mainly on the Stoics, but he covers a fair bit of ground It might have been better just to stick to the Stoics, though He finds links with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and interviews a lot of people who have applied the ideas of the philosophers in their own lives What I do like is his level headed critical approach [...]

    6. Practical Philosophy This book uses ancient Greek and Hellenistic Philosophy to live a better life and indeed help one define the good life It focuses on Stoicism and its relationship with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and how to use the common sense maxim that there is little under our total control in life save our appraisal and evaluation of the situation We can control our attitude to the slings and arrows of life and change how we react to them and respond rationally and hopefully with some [...]

    7. Sempre que leio um livro sobre filosofia cl ssica fico abismado como homens mais de 2000 anos atr s tinham ideias que ainda hoje s o m ximas para nos ajudar a viver melhor Jules Evans conseguiu reunir num livro v rias correntes filos ficas cl ssicas, como o estoicismo, o epicurismo, o cepticismo e as filosofias de Plat o, S crates, Arist teles Di genes e Plutarco, para mostrar como se pode viver melhor com os ensinamentos destes mestres E n o s fez um livro de bases te ricas, como foi procura de [...]

    8. It was an interesting read My first glimpse to the world of phlosophy I didn t know there is a connection between philosophy and psychology beside they come with the same first alphabet P Definitely will re read and make reference whenever is necessary.Socrates Headmaster of School of AthensEpictetus Stoics, some things are up to us, and others are notEpicurus materialistPlato Pythagoras believed in reincarnationHeraclitus believed in a cosmic intelligence made of fire

    9. Before reading this book, I never realized there was a connection between Stoic philosophy and the modern counseling practice of cognitive behavioral therapy CBT But philosophy was the psychological self help of its time in ancient Greece and Rome This book walks you through several schools of philosophy, explaining their origins and introducing you to contemporary practitioners of each It s an interesting read and, if nothing else, a good review of ancient philosophy For me, it s kindled an int [...]

    10. I liked the first part of the book the most, later on the writer mentioned too many names and too many stories which made the book a little bit boring.

    11. Philosophy for Life is a brief overview of the philosophical ideas and thoughts of twelve of the most famous ancient Greek philosophers from Epictetus and Pythagoras to Diogenes and Socrates Writer and teacher Jules Evans not only explores the brilliant insights of these ancient philosophers, but also tries to examine how to apply their ideas to our own everyday lives In doing so, he uses real life case examples of people who have implemented philosophy in their lives and way of thinking.I have [...]

    12. Stoics try to make a clear eyed appraisal of the world we live in so its blows are not unexpected We live, Seneca writes, in the realm of Fortune, and her rule is harsh and unconquerable, and at her whim we will endure suffering deserved and undeserved She will waste our bodies by violent, cruel and insulting means some she will burn with fire some she will put in chains some she will toss naked onto the shifting seas 7 She will bring down cities, drink up seas, divert rivers in fact, she destro [...]

    13. Great introduction to practical philosophy and how it ties into modern practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Jules also does a great job weaving in stories of people using philosophy to help them overcome depression, social anxiety, PTSD, etc.

    14. Simply wonderful very well presented account of how the teachings of the old philosophers are still relevant today, along with some necessary caveats.

    15. For most, philosophy is a subject that screams impotent academic prattle, the practice of strange individuals who are clearly paid too much to gaze into their navels and pontificate on the Meaning of Lint That reputation is a modern one, achieved only in the last century, for most of western history philosophy was the common fount of all knowledge and artistic endeavor It guided not only men s thoughts about how the world was, but how they should act within it The streets of ancient Athens were [...]

    16. Serendipity once again rode to my rescue in a chaotic Indian bookstore actually, the pretty good Modern Book Centre here in Trivandrum I spied Philosophy for Life, by an author unknown to me A quick perusal of the TOC revealed that it addressed Stoicism, Epicureanism, Heraclitus, Pythagoras, Skepticism, Cynicism, Plato, Aristotle, Plutarch, and of course, the godfather of them all, Socrates One can surmise from the all star cast that it couldn t help but to prove worthwhile It did.Evans tells an [...]

    17. In my college humanities courses, I studied a little bit about philosophy I learned the names of important philosophers, and to summarize their teachings, and in some cases, I learned how those philosophers influenced the literature and politics of their time, or were influenced by them As far as I remember, I didn t learn that philosophy could be a tool for improving myself and my life in college That, I learned on my own.About five years ago, a post on Boing Boing, of all places, led me on a j [...]

    18. This is an excellent book It covers a broad collection of ancient Western philosophy, distilling the essential contributions of each, and points out the elements that are common to all of them But it does so not merely as an acadmic pursuit, but because the author believes that the great thinkers of antiquity, Socrates, Plato Aristotle, Epictetus and the rest, had discovered important truths about life and human nature that can help us now.Indeed, it is because we have forgotten much of this anc [...]

    19. What happens when an intelligent, self reflective journalist tries to piece together an eclectic approach to living through reading philosophy I can envision a lot of things resulting from this kind of search, but, in this case, this book is the result.This is a great book to introduce one to a lot of different philosophers and ideas That s because it is written with the clarity that only a journalist can bring to bear on a subject like this True to form, there are also plenty of real life perso [...]

    20. Quite poor It was good when he was actually outlining what the particular philosopher believed, but this was very rare, I think he did it with two of the philosophers in the entire book, the rest of the time he spent ranting about something or other at best tangentially related.It s also very Greco centric, that is, it s entirely based around a smattering of ancient Greek philosophers, completely ignoring the huge array of philosophies and philosophers from other places and locales.He also doesn [...]

    21. Do not be afraid This romp through Ancient Western Philosophy is breezy and uncomplicated The Stoics, Epicureans, Cynics, as well as Plato and Aristotle are examined The author mixes his own life experience into the survey and invites you to do the same He feels everyone needs a philosophy of life , and studying the ancients is a very good place to start My only grip is the lens of extroversion in which he writes and interprets these philosophers I am tired of hearing I need others to really liv [...]

    22. Overall a nice read, and indeed it inspires the reader to turn to practical philosophy as a way of coping up with the extremities and challenges of life The examples mentioned in the book are brilliant, but the real content I.e the philosophical stuff is really less It showcases the various philosophies for living a practical life, and exemplifies them beautifully But it fails to give us much practical suggestions or tricks to use those philosophies in our lives This is where, I guess, the book [...]

    23. I found this book through a chaotic search for self help reading where nothing I was finding was keeping my attention All the suggestions on recommended reading and best of lists couldn t keep me interested passed a few pages Jules Evans manages to get his thoughts, ideas and information to the reader in a manner that doesn t so much grip you, but invites you into the conversation The book covers many topics from ancient philosophy and how they apply, or don t apply, to our lives and world today [...]

    24. This book doesn t go into detail into any single philosophy Its just a collection of various Greek philosophies but in the end you are confused then ever The author tells in the first few pages that his life was saved due to this but what he essentially got was a few CBT techniques to deal with his anxiety I wouldn t call that a philosophy of life Moreover, in the end he reveals that he had a near death experience which caused him to reconsider his life choices and gave him a clear perspective [...]

    25. LOVED IT A great introduction to history s most well known philosophers, and what united, and set them apart, from one another The real substance of the book however, comes from interviews and stories surrounding modern attempts to revive these philosophical approaches Just like the way education should be, no particular viewpoint is forced upon the reader, rather several are provided to allow the reader to make their own decision.I particularly enjoyed the way Jules managed to simultaneously t [...]

    26. Great fundamental book that teaches you how the ancients viewed life I will give five stars because this is a well rounded book The author Jules Evans reviews each philosophy by their creator , stating the positives and the negatives with unbiased opinions of all As a result , you get to choose which philosophy works for you Or you can take tidbits from each philosophy and combine them into one I especially loved the chapter on stoicism and how to control you emotions.

    27. This was a really wonderful read The book was a thoughtfully constructed introduction to the many takes on philosophy I appreciated it s focus on the implementation of such philosophies in every day life as it added to it s relevance Jules creatively weaves together theories with real life personal accounts from others and himself and references some very exciting new age thinkers such as Kahnamen and Taleb It achieved what I think Jules set out to do though, which was to leave me excited about [...]

    28. Um bom resumo das principais correntes filos ficas sobre a forma como devemos encarar a vida e as dificuldades que encontramos pelo caminho O problema que ficamos com vontade de ler mais umas dezenas de livros, ensaios, artigos e entrevistas referidos pelo autor

    29. A simple, thought provoking and entertaining book about ancient philosophy and how we can apply it to modern life There s a lot about the author s life in the book, I didn t really care about it but it didn t spoil the reading.

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