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A Gentle Giving By Dorothy Garlock,

  • Title: A Gentle Giving
  • Author: Dorothy Garlock
  • ISBN: 9780446359900
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback
  • Willa Hammer has nothing left after narrowly escaping the lynch mob that unjustly hanged her foster father except her dog, her faith, and the protection of a secretive family She joins their wagon train heading West, never realizing she is traveling to the wilds of Bighorn Mountain, where a rundown ranch and the arms of an untamed, hardened cowboy await her.
    A Gentle Giving Willa Hammer has nothing left after narrowly escaping the lynch mob that unjustly hanged her foster father except her dog her faith and the protection of a secretive family She joins their wagon tra

    One thought on “A Gentle Giving”

    1. This isn t quite as strongly written as other books I ve read by the author For a start it doesn t have the secondary romance that you find in a lot of the author s other novels I did like Willa and Smith, I thought they were a well matched couple but Jo Bell was without doubt one of the most irritating characters I ve ever come across She didn t have any redeeming qualities at all I would have enjoyed seeing her get her comeuppance but to my mind that just didn t happen.This book does have a lo [...]

    2. I hate to give one star to any book but this was really awful Perhaps the story would have been better if I didn t have to stumble through considerable editing difficulties Whoever was in charge of this department at Warner books should have been fired My copy is the first edition and there were numerous punctuation problems So much so that it detracted from the story I have never, I repeat never, read a book with this many mistakes.Willa Hammer headed west after losing her adopted family Settli [...]

    3. A very enjoyable Dorothy Garlock book once again I picked this off the shelf to pass the time one day whiel waiting for mu child to finish his library art class I was very happy to have gotten so lucky Usually I research each and every book I read prior, but this was just another Garlock and Garlock gold I thought I had read almost all of her books from the old west I will have to research of her books The book starts out in mid action, a girl being thrown from her house, whipped by locals who [...]

    4. This was a little too helpless girl man to the rescue for me I mean, they fall in love after a 20 minute argument The characters were annoying as well.d why didn t she just kill off Jo Bell

    5. Willa has suffered at the hands of a crazed mob that killed her father, burned her house down, and beat her while chasing her out of town She is quickly saved by a slick card cheat on his way with his two teen children to his brother in laws house Willa soon finds that the daughter Jo Bell is a horrible monster of a person who makes her life horrible The only bright light that Willa encounters is Charlie the teenaged son who secretly has a crush on her Along the trail to their destination the fa [...]

    6. In my quest to read All of Dorothy Garlock s books I am finding out that almost all of her books are either a hit or a miss A Gentle Giving was unfortunately for me a miss While the beginning of the plot is set up nicely The young heroine Willa recused from being raped and hung by a man who is unscrupulous as the very people who wanted to kill her But the rest of the novel falls flat Jo Bell is horrible to Willa and yet nothing karma worthy really happens to her I find A Gentle Giving to be the [...]

    7. I was raised reading westerns, and this one has all the elements, handsome man, pretty woman, gruff but likeable cowhands, a crazy funny Indian, struggles, gunfights and lovely scenery The characters made this story one I really liked It was easy to put myself in the story as I read I found myself rooting for Willa and Smith to get together and hoping that Smith didn t get himself killed When Jo Bell was throwing a fit, I even wanted to slap her for Willa I can see this book making a good movie. [...]

    8. Enjoyed the book very much I m a big Dorothy Garlock fan I love her portrayals of the Old West and frontier times She emphasizes the hardships and reminds us that not all the participants were good guys In a Gentle Giving she highlights characters who were essentially orphans and their quest for love She also touches on the paradox of people who desperately need love, but who are either unable to give love or feel that they are not worthy of love Keep a tissue handy

    9. Every book I read by dorothy garlock is great The story pulls the reader in and I have to finish it in a day or 2.

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