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Snowman Magic By Katherine Tegen Brandon Dorman,

  • Title: Snowman Magic
  • Author: Katherine Tegen Brandon Dorman
  • ISBN: 9780062014450
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When George stays home from school for a snow day, he finds himself staring out the window, bored But when he sees the beautiful white slopes in his yard, he gets himself dressed to face the cold weather George starts rolling the snow into balls and assembling them into a snowman After his snowman is made, something unexpected happens How long will George s enchanted fWhen George stays home from school for a snow day, he finds himself staring out the window, bored But when he sees the beautiful white slopes in his yard, he gets himself dressed to face the cold weather George starts rolling the snow into balls and assembling them into a snowman After his snowman is made, something unexpected happens How long will George s enchanted fun with his new friend last In this original tale, Katherine Tegen has captured all the magic of the snowman, while Brandon Dorman s lush illustrations truly bring him to life.
    Snowman Magic When George stays home from school for a snow day he finds himself staring out the window bored But when he sees the beautiful white slopes in his yard he gets himself dressed to face the cold weat

    One thought on “Snowman Magic”

    1. I enjoyed this story much than I thought I would not another snowman who comes alive, was my original and rather cynical reaction Both Katherine Tegen s text and Brandon Dorman s accompanying illustrations are sweetly enchanting, and the fact that the plotline is actually quite realistic in scope and not all that exaggerated and over the top, really makes Snowman Magic a winner for me the snowman does become animated and proceeds to talk to the boy, they throw snowballs, have their fun together [...]

    2. I really loved this snowman story I loved how the boy played and played with his snowman, reminding me of the way kids seem to find entertainment in the simplest things I also loved that at the end George couldn t wait to start all over and make a new magic snowman

    3. I wasn t sure if our girls would consider this story too babyish but I was willing to give it a shot While the young boy is a bit younger than they are, I know they could appreciate the fun of getting to stay home from school and make a big snowman.We talked about the difficulties in making such a big snowman we had to use boards as an incline plane in order to get the middle and top snowballs on top of ours , but we also talked about the fun of having a magical friend Part of the story seemed v [...]

    4. Overall, this is a simple tale of a young boy creating a snowmanwho then comes to life and plays with the boy But the illustrations really bring the story to lifeey are really wonderful and evoke the magic and wonder of creating snowmen and snow forts And to be honest, I am a girl who grew up in AZ and never made snowmen as a childd honestly don t enjoy it that much as an adult living in a colder climaten t like to be coldbut my children find it enjoyable and I can appreciate its wonder when I w [...]

    5. The story in this book was a little bit similar to Raymond Briggs The Snowman, but shorter, simpler and without the flying around I also don t think it was as emotionally involving as Briggs book, since at the end, after his snowman s meltdown, the little boy cheerfully starts making a new snowman The illustrations are very nice, colorful and bright against the white and blue snow So, a very nice story, one that children will enjoy, but not as good as the classic However, it would work better in [...]

    6. There is no kid that doesn t love a wintery snowy day This is because they can make snow balls, snow forts, and make snowmen Snowman Magic by Katherine Tegen is a new tale of the story Frosty the Snowman It tells the story of a boy who wakes up to find a winter wonderland outside and decides to spend the day building snowballs, snow forts and of course a snowman that comes alive to play with him This story may be similar to a classic tale, but I think it can stand on its own as a new and modern [...]

    7. 3.5 STARSI found this enjoyable story and appreciated the imagination involved Although the storytelling didn t wow me, I enjoyed the overall effect and I liked the illustrations quite a bit The snowman s smile is darling, and I especially liked the boy s expression, so full of awe and jow, when he sees the snowman come to life I appreciated that the story had the typical melted snomwan element but that there was a positive and imaginative result rather than the finality and heartache that comes [...]

    8. Snowman Magic is a super cute story about a little boy named George who has to stay home from school due to a snow day He puts on his warmest clothes, heads outside and starts rolling balls into a snowman He soon realizes there is something very magical about his snowman This story is written with such a great description and cute pictures It s always fun to read books like this to get that snow day feeling

    9. Typical story of a boy going outside and building a snowman But this time, the snowman came to life They play and after a couple of days, it warms up and the poor snowman melts Predictable storyline Fun illustrations.

    10. Great snow story A boy named George builds a snowman that magically comes to life The illustrations match the text well and are very pretty, modern and fun Great story for grades 1 3 Highly recommended.

    11. I like that book because the first page has a snowman The second page the snowman melts and then he build it again.

    12. Summary When George woke up it was snowing Everything was covered in fluffy white snow and he had all day to do nothing but play in it He bundled up in overalls, a hat, and gloves and went outside He decided to build a snowman and began by rolling three big balls of snow each a little smaller than the last Once he piled those atop each other he headed back inside to get a carrot, a scarf, and the other essentials he needed to complete his snowman His snow man was finally complete and he was abso [...]

    13. I have really enjoying reading an ARC of this book and think that the end product will be awesome If you or your child reader is anything like me, white winters were not the norm I think there were three blizzard winters that really had snow worth talking about, but never anything exciting enough to really be able to create a snowman Reading books like this really bring out the adventure of what could be Not only does this little boy get to understand that snow is fun and not in the way, but tha [...]

    14. George was bored watching the snowfall, until the next day when he didn t have school so he decided to build a snowman He gave it a face, scarf, and hat and then something magical happened It came to life George and his newfound friend played together all day and the next On the third day, George had to go to school since it was warming up, his snowman friend melted However, it snowed again the next day, and George starts making a new snowman.While this book seems like a knockoff of frosty the s [...]

    15. This is a beautifully illustrated book about a little boy who builds a snowman that comes alive It is magical and any child who loves snowmen will enjoy the story I also think any child who has to play alone then with other children will enjoy the story The story shows that using your imagination can help you when you are unable to find another child to play with I gave this book 5 5 stars because the illustrations alone make the book worth reading.

    16. George is a little boy forced to stay home because of a huge snowfall He decides to make a snowman which of course comes to life.The pictures are nice, the story is ok I was just not that taken with it.

    17. It was fine, except I think some of the sensitive children I know will be upset by the sudden spoiler alert here and slightly grim, melting of his snowman friendI know I was a little sad about it.

    18. This was a very cute story with great illustrations, but I felt like it was too wordy The kiddos loved it, though At the end of every page, they kept asking me, What s going to happen next

    19. George builds a snowman who comes to life But what will happen to the snowman when the weather warms up and the sun comes out

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