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Daisy's Back in Town By Rachel Gibson,

  • Title: Daisy's Back in Town
  • Author: Rachel Gibson
  • ISBN: 9780062205674
  • Page: 277
  • Format: ebook
  • Daisy Lee Monroe thought she d brushed the dust of Lovett, Texas, off her high heeled shoes years ago, but she s come back home only to find that little has changed Her sister is still crazy, and her mom still has pink plastic flamingos in her front yard And Jackson Lamott Parrish, the bad boy she d left behind, is still so sexy it hurts She d like nothing better than tDaisy Lee Monroe thought she d brushed the dust of Lovett, Texas, off her high heeled shoes years ago, but she s come back home only to find that little has changed Her sister is still crazy, and her mom still has pink plastic flamingos in her front yard And Jackson Lamott Parrish, the bad boy she d left behind, is still so sexy it hurts She d like nothing better than to avoid this particular man, but she can t Daisy has something to say to Jackson, and she s not going anywhere until he listens.Jackson learned his lesson about Daisy the hard way, and now the only word he s interested in hearing from Daisy s red lips is good bye But she s popping up everywhere, and he doesn t believe in coincidence It seems the only way to keep her quiet is with his mouth, but kissing Daisy had once been his downfall Is he strong enough to resist her now Strong enough to watch her walk out of his life again Is he strong enough to make her stay
    Daisy s Back in Town Daisy Lee Monroe thought she d brushed the dust of Lovett Texas off her high heeled shoes years ago but she s come back home only to find that little has changed Her sister is still crazy and her

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    1. If you like the secret baby theme that is sometimes common in romance novels, then this book was written for you I personally hated DAISY S BACK IN TOWN with a passion and would give it less than one star if it were possible It was poorly written, the characters were not very well developed and the secondary characters grated on my nerves There were too many holes in the story and the love scenes were weird to say the least The back cover promised a fun read with hints of pink plastic flamingos, [...]

    2. Hey I just came back, and this is crazy, but 15 years ago, I had your baby.And I ran off with your best friend the week your parents died I love him but not the way I love you But since you were sad, I didn t want to make you even sadder so I married him instead Then we lived happily in Seattle for 15 years and raised your son to call him daddy Now the other guy is dead and well, you re still really hot, so here I am Back in town And for 200 pages I m not going to tell you about your son even th [...]

    3. Oh my god, the heroine in this book has to be one of the most selfish creatures I ve ever seen She comes back after fifteen years, with a BIG surprise for the hero, and he s just supposed to forgive and forget Wow I think Rachel missed the mark on this one.

    4. No puedo deciros lo mucho que odie este libro sin hacer spoiler Y como necesito desahogarme voy a destripar el libro vale Bien tenemos a Daisy en el instituto que es una psicopata Y lo digo porque si te pones como una loca cada vez que tu novio pone un pie fuera de casa sin que t est s con l, ESO ES DE PSICOPATAS, ACOSADORAS OBSESIONADAS Vamos, nada sano Y tenemos a Jack, un chico malo por excelencia pero lo de malo no por nada importante, simplemente era un gamberro Es amigo de Daisy y de Steve [...]

    5. 4 stars Contemporary RomanceRachel Gibson is one of my favorite go to, sure thing authors for when I need a fun, steamy contemporary romance with quirky characters, sexy, masculine, alpha heroes, and the perfect balance of lighthearted, fluffy feel good entertainment, humor, and emotional angst.This is one of her mid career works, and although not my favorite RG romance, it s still an entertaining tale with a piquant Texas twang And I m looking forward to returning to Lovett, Texas with Crazy On [...]

    6. Usually I can tell pretty quickly if I am going to like a character or not and I dived into the story thinking Jackson is the one that was in the wrong gosh was I wrongThere were three best friends growing up Jackson, Daisy Lee, and Steven let s forward a few years and Daisy Lee and Jackson are an item, in love like every young couple with its ups and downs Then Jackson s parents are killed in a drink driving accident, at the same time Daisy finds out she is pregnant So this stupid unbelievably [...]

    7. I have to say this story surprised me not at all that I didn t see Rachel Gibson being able to write something like it, but because she was known to me as a chick lit author So lets take her out of this drawer and into the none at all, she s obviously an author of many talents.It was a book hard to put aside, but also hard to read while having a big lump in the throat.The main plot is about Daisy, Jack and Steven who were very good friends growing up And even though both boys and later teenager [...]

    8. This is a hard novel to read at times The secret baby plot is a lot harder to swallow here, because the baby in question isn t really a baby he s 15 For me, it s easy to forgive and forget when the heroine doesn t tell the hero right away about a baby, but only if it s cleared up early on It s a lot harder to justify after 15 years of silence I remember having an argument with a friend about Daisy s actions several years ago She couldn t accept that Daisy had kept her son a secret for so long I, [...]

    9. When Daisy left Lovett Texas 14 years ago it was with a broken heart after being dumped by her first love, Jackson Now she is back in town, older and wiser and desperate to talk to Jackson Jackson for his part wants nothing to do with the woman who married his best friend but Daisy is showing up everywhere and it s getting harder and harder to avoid her Daisy s Back in Town is a very cute by the numbers contemporary romance Predictable but I loved it all the same.

    10. Occasionally when reading other peoples reviews and the reviewer has a bee in their bonnet, I think to myself lighten up, it s only a book Unfortunately, the aforementioned bee is now in my bonnet I really disliked the heroine s behaviour Her reasoning just wasn t acceptable to me.This is interesting because a similar situation occurs in Simply Irresistible, which is one of my favourites, but it didn t diminish the heroine s likeability at all In fact I completely fell in love with her and under [...]

    11. He loves her.Jackson Lamott Parrish thought he d seen the back of Daisy when she ran off with his best friend years ago He vowed then he d never let another woman get close to him again, and he s been breaking hearts ever since.He loves her notBut Daisy has a secret, one she can confess only to Jackson So why is he the one person staying well out of her way He loves her An absolute roller coaster of a romance, this is an addictive novel about what happens when you fall in love with the boy next [...]

    12. Cover Title 4 5Favorite lines Mom, Nathan called to her Daisy pulled her gaze from the tent and the fleeting glimpse of Jack s bare back, the smooth planes and indent of his spine, the sliver of the white elastic just above the blue waistband of his jeans Hmm What s a faaar ant he asked just above a whisper Fire She chuckled and shook her head Fire ant They have a nasty bite that burns Nathan smiled Well, why didn t he just say fire He thinks he did Favorite Character LilyMy favorite things abou [...]

    13. I have real issues with the whole never telling the father that he has a child storyline Its so completely unforgivable, that I have hard time getting past it to enjoy the story.I think Rachel Gibson did a decent job of working the romance around it, but nothing in the world could ever make Steven s actions okay, at least not as he explained them in his letter It doesn t matter that he died, and it bothers me still that Daisy never felt any anger toward him I like Gibson s writing, but this is j [...]

    14. This is the only Rachel Gibson book that I hadn t re read and after listening to a few of her books over the last few weeks, I kept thinking about this book and wondering why I hadn t re read it Then I did and remembered exactly why You guys know how much I hate kids and books and this has a kid in the story So please keep in mind, that while this bothered me, it might not bother most normal readers that aren t bothered by kids in books at all I don t regret re reading this book and at the end o [...]

    15. Nicely done but I have one major problem with the fact that the heroine, in love with the hero view spoiler and over pregnant with his baby hide spoiler marries his best friend, and obviously did not find it difficult to adapt to the change in male I honestly understood why the hero took so long to get it over with, because I do not believe I would have been able of that in his shoes.

    16. Secret baby plot is just not my thing Ms Gibson saved it from being disastrous but I still can t say I liked it She did the emotions very well though 2.5 stars

    17. 12 30 2014 Re readIf I adjusted ratings on re reads, I think I d bump this up a bit to maybe 4.5 Stars I really liked the story and the relationship between the sisters Saying this, I thought Daisy an asshole for keeping her secret as long as she did and again, the ending a bit rushed.Overall Rating 4.5 StarsBook Cover Book Blurb Book Title 3 4 5 4 StarsWriter s Voice 4 StarsCharacter Secondary Character Development 4 4 4 Stars Did I like Hero Heroine 5 3 4 StarsStory Background Story Developmen [...]

    18. Papatya Fal Rachel Gibson Kitap YorumuRachel Gibson klasi idir bana g re, ge mi te ya ad yeri terk edip ileride geri d n olmas Bu kitapta da vard Daisy nin gidi i de d n kadar olayl olmu tu Jack, unutamad a k n n kasabaya d nd n duydu u zaman ki kar s na kan hemen hemen herkes Daisy nin geldi ini s yl yorsu i inde, en derine g md fkesiyle bir kez daha y zle mek zorunda Daisy inad na yapar gibi gitti i her yerde kar s na k yor ve srarla konu malar gereken nemli bir konunun oldu unu s yleyip durur [...]

    19. I advise you not to read this unless you have read the book, sorry there isn t any punctuation I am just too angry Rachel Gibson is a great author she can make you fall in love with a character and make you hate a character so much that you want their blood all over your hands and that includes Daisy Daisy has got to be the most selfish character I have ever had the painful pleasure to meet she may think that she Nathan s best interest at heart but she is wrong she deprived him from his REAL fat [...]

    20. I really liked this book I found myself wishing that I wasn t getting closer to the end Now I m depressed because it is done and I want I LOVE Rachel Gibson s way of creating characters that you want to know and be friends with They are so real to me Daisy Monroe has come back to her home town after fifteen years to tell the man she once loved that she had his baby all those years ago, and married his best friend to give the baby and name and life that he may have not been able to give them But [...]

    21. Are you kidding me Secret babies revealed 15 years later With friends like these who needs enemies I normally love Mrs Gibson s books, but this one just rubbed me the wrong way The sex was pretty steamy, though Honestly, I just felt hurt and betrayed for the hero No one deserves that unless he or she is a completely immoral psycopath from whom the child should be kept safe This was sooo not the case 15 years to find out you have a kid PLUS your best friend did what his supposed best friend did I [...]

    22. Once Daisy told Jack that the timing was wrong for her to tell him that she was marrying his best friend the same damn week he buried his parents I knew she was on my shit list She didn t even come off remorseful at all Unless someone tells me the chick starts begging and hard, I m not continuing this She is spending too much time thinking of Steven and no time begging Jack Not going good for me

    23. I have only read a few books by Rachel Gibson and have yet to find one I didn t like I loved this story and the side story with Daisy s sister Crazy Lily

    24. By Rachel Gibson Grade BRachel Gibson, as previous reviews may also have indicated, follows a clich d storyline with slight variations that features two independent adults who get into a relationship purely because of sex, but accidentally fall in love However, they continue to live in denial till a major conflict drives them apart only to bring them together forever once the problem is solved Her books are funny but predictable Nevertheless, they are highly addictive for some romance junkies li [...]

    25. Dit boek is echt de shit.Een paar dagen geleden schreef ik nog dat alle Rachel Gibson mannen piece of shits zijn Jackson is dit niet Jackson is geen piece of shit Jack hield legit van Daisy en ze heeft hem verlaten voor zijn beste vriend en is er vandoor gegaan met zijn kind voor 15 jaar Jack heeft legit redenen om haar even niet zo aardig te vinden LEGIT.Mogelijk komt dat omdat dit n van de eerdere boeken van Rachel Gibson is, waarbij ze nog niet zo vast zat in het patroon dat in elk van haar b [...]

    26. I picked this book specifically for Valentine s Day reading because I wanted a cute, maybe silly, easy read Many of Rachel Gibson s books are just that for me I love her contemporaries But Daisy is not silly or easy tp read about She is, however, extremely cute Jack, her high school beau, acknowledges that she s still cheerleader cute but he has spent the past 15 years hating her for getting married to his best friend, Stephen nevermind that the day before he d told her he needed some space , an [...]

    27. This book was so trashy And just went around and around in circles of lameness And too much pointless graphic sex Though I did picture the Dude as Sawyer, which is always hot in my book, as it was a southern, Texas book Girl and Dude and other Dude were friends in high school Girl and Dude hook up, but for some reason, which lamely explained, she ends up marrying the other Dude because apparently she thinks he ll make a better father to her baby that she ends up having, but the real father is th [...]

    28. After re visiting some other books by Rachel Gibson, I was reminded by how much I adore her writing She manages to pack both hilarity and emotional in most of her books, and this one did not disappointment I loved that Daisy honest to goodness messed up There were no misunderstandings that caused 15 years of pain She truly, and royally messed up And this book was about not letting bitterness swallow you whole and learning to forgive It s a hard thing when you are justified in your anger to figur [...]

    29. Love, love, loved it Rachel Gibson knows how to try some steamy stories Having read first Simply Irresistable and now Daisy s Back In Town I m convinced of that I managed to read this one in a whopping 24 hours I just couldn t help myself I loved Daisy She s full of innocence and mischief all at once She s been through a lot in the fifteen years since she s left town, and now she s returned on a mission, she plans to fill Jackson Parrish in on just what she s been up to Things don t go quite as [...]

    30. oooookay I love Rachel Gibson so she gained a 1 2 because she s her The story was a classic Boy loves a girl, the have sex, she gets pregnant, they are young and so on.Daisy Lee did all those things But she married her sweetheart s friend his best friend and they got away She s back after 15 years and she has to tell him about his son yet So, I thought 15 years it seems a very long time to wait for something so important.At the beginning Jack is angry and he doesn t want to speak to her, so she [...]

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