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The Boxcar Children Beginning: The Aldens of Fair Meadow Farm By Patricia MacLachlan,

  • Title: The Boxcar Children Beginning: The Aldens of Fair Meadow Farm
  • Author: Patricia MacLachlan
  • ISBN: 9780807566169
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Before they were the Boxcar Children, Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny Alden lived with their parents at Fair Meadow Farm.Although times are hard, the Aldens are happy the best family of all, Mama likes to say One day, a blizzard hits the countryside, and a car is stranded on the road near their farm The family in the car needs shelter, and when the Aldens take them iBefore they were the Boxcar Children, Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny Alden lived with their parents at Fair Meadow Farm.Although times are hard, the Aldens are happy the best family of all, Mama likes to say One day, a blizzard hits the countryside, and a car is stranded on the road near their farm The family in the car needs shelter, and when the Aldens take them in, the strangers soon become friends But things never stay the same at Fair Meadow Farm, and the spring and summer bring events that will forever change the lives of the Alden Children Newbery Award winning author Patricia MacLaclan pays loving tribute to the classic novel by Gertrude Chandler Warner in this story of the Alden children s origins and the challenges they faced before their boxcar adventures.
    The Boxcar Children Beginning The Aldens of Fair Meadow Farm Before they were the Boxcar Children Henry Jessie Violet and Benny Alden lived with their parents at Fair Meadow Farm Although times are hard the Aldens are happy the best family of all Mama lik

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    1. Henry Jessie, Violet Bennie.Their Mama once told them they were the best family of all.The Boxcar Children.While Gertrude Chandler Warner only wrote nineteen of the original Boxcar Children books, the other books numbering over one hundred titles always pay respects back to the creator, a first grade teacher writer.Patricia MacLachlan 1986 Newbery Winner SARAH, PLAIN AND TALL gently tenderly drafts the prequel to the stories that will set the four children out to begin their adventures.We get to [...]

    2. This book is a three star book because it was not that good because Benny did not get to have his dog and everyone was going away It was just a sad book The end.

    3. First, let me say that my 3 star rating is me as an adult reader For its actual intended audience it s probably higher.Second, let me say that recently I have had multiple conversations with adults about how every Boxcar Children book after the 1st one was BS because they no longer lived in a boxcar The first Boxcar Children book was awesome because it was about homeless children who lived in an abandoned boxcar among woodland creatures Any Boxcar Children book where they live in a HOUSE is BS, [...]

    4. Long before they become those well loved orphans living secretly in a boxcar to escape their supposedly evil grandfather, Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny live at Meadowview Farm with their parents In the final year before their parents die, the four kids care for animals, open their home to strangers whose car breaks down during a bad snowstorm, and even put on a free circus for their neighbors to distract them from hard times Above all, even when the inevitable sad ending arrives, they care fo [...]

    5. I m going to go out on an honest limb here and give this book one star, since GR labels one star did not like it I wanted to like this book, I really did, in spite of the dreaded fact of yet another prequel written by someone many years after the original author s death Growing up, I only knew of the first Boxcar Children book, but I read it again and again after our teacher first read it aloud to us in class at odd moments during the day I really liked Patricia MacLachlan s Sarah, Plain and Tal [...]

    6. I initially heard of the Boxcar Children prequel many months before its publication As any childhood fan should be, I was intrigued The unknown awakened my curiosity Where did those 4 Alden children come from before they arrived in front of the bakery that stormy night What truly happened to their parents Why were they so afraid to meet their grandfather Questions that Gertrude Chandler Warner had left to the reader s imagination Questions that Patricia MacLachlan has personally attempted to ans [...]

    7. The Boxcar Children Beginning by acclaimed children s author Patricia MacLachlan creates a prequel to Gertrude Chandler Warner s beloved children s series A perennial favorite, the Boxcar Children Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny lived with their parents at Fair Meadow Farm before a tragic accident left them to fend for themselves They were the best family of all, working together and helping others through hard times with cheerfulness and kindness When the Clark family becomes stranded during a [...]

    8. So, I read The Boxcar Children in the 3rd grade, and enjoyed the books though elementary school Perhaps if I could have read it with a third grader s perspective I would have liked this book better It s obviously written simply for a young audience, so I can t be too harsh a critic I think the characters relationships are too sweet and perfect to be realistic, but I assume that s how the original books are too, so maybe it fits I didn t think the sudden death of the parents was written very well [...]

    9. not bad,but it didn t fully answer the questions I had of how the Boxcar Children ended up where they were at the beginning of the original Boxcar Children book like, what s up with the non interacting grandfather It did a good job of not letting it get too upsetting for the young readers, who obviously have to deal with a death in the book, but at the same time, you d think they d be a little traumatized by the event but it makes sense that the author doesn t dwell on it, since it s a kid s bo [...]

    10. I listened to this one on audio while I was working because it was so short Even though it s a tiny book, I could barely keep myself interested in it I m curious to see if I would still enjoy the books by the original author, as an adult I actually thought this was the first book in the series, and realized about halfway through that it s a prequel which explains the lack of boxcars, I guess oops.

    11. I wanted to read a Boxcar Children book by someone other than Gertrude Chandler Warner and this seemed like a good candidate I don t know that it knocked my socks off, but it was ok It wasn t as much of an adventure story as the other books I have read in this series.

    12. If your kids loved the Boxcar Children, but you don t want to start down the series wormhole, definitely read this Patrica MacLaughlan delight It is simultaneously darling and devastating My son said it was the saddest thing he had ever heard He is five Very good introduction to mortality in an age appropriate way.

    13. it presents ideas of running away to be ok This and other examples expressed in the book are not age appropriate for the reading audience it s geared towards I will NOT be letting my kids read these.

    14. Boxcar childrenI m in the process of reading the boxcar stories again Great story but sad ending Thanks for setting the scene.

    15. This is a prequel to the classic Boxcar Children series by the author of the Sarah Plain and Tall series It s well done I love her writing and her depiction of a family that loves each other and anyone they come in contact with.

    16. Patricia MacLachlan, famous for writing the 1986 Newbery Award Winner Sarah, Plain and Tall, is not the original author of the series That title goes to Gertrude Chandler Warner who is sadly not with us any longer She wrote the original 19 books for the series from The Boxcar Children to Benny Uncovers a Mystery The 1990s saw a resurgence of the series with new books written by other authors with the series being credited as being created by Gertrude Chandler Warner.The story is set before the A [...]

    17. If you grew up a fan of the Boxcar Children series, than you must pick up this beautifully written prequel to the series Author Patricia McLachlan does such an amazing job at honoring Gertrude Chandler Warner s original work She carefully crafted together a story that pays respect to a series that have touched thousands of young children s lives Her writing is flawless and engaging as she recreates the same characters, their unique personalities and voices, and takes readers by to much simpler t [...]

    18. Summary Booklist MacLachlan, the author of Newbery Medal winning Sarah, Plain and Tall 1985 , takes on the story of Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny before they were the Boxcar Children Life is simple at Fair Meadow farm chores, school, and time for fun When the Clark family jobless and moving because of the Great Depression become stuck in a snowstorm, the Aldens take them in and become fast friends All the children put on a circus, dressing one of the cows up as an elephant But something devas [...]

    19. I sit between two placese doesn t like change side of me wonders why MacLachlan found it necessary to touch Warner s precious series that has stood the test of time with children of several generations The other side of me appreciates MacLachlan s love of the series and respect for the author I can see why she wanted to give children a possible behind the scenes of the familyswering potential questions that a reader might have had about the family prior to their parents accident What was life li [...]

    20. Reason for Reading I am reading and collecting the first 19 original books by Gertrude Chandler Warner I usually don t read modern prequels or continuations such as this I didn t go anywhere near the Anne of Green Gables prequel but MacLachlan is a widely respected, award winning author whom I ve read before so after a little consideration I thought I would give this a go.MacLachlan is a good writer who especially does the historical very well The year is never given, but going from the first BC [...]

    21. This post contains thematic spoilers.I have put off writing my thoughts on the prequel to the Boxcar Children series for than two weeks now It s not that I didn t like it On the contrary, I really enjoyed seeing the children interact with their parents, relish their life on a small farm, and find their own ways of enjoying life over the course of one year It was quite fun to revisit Henry, Jessie, Violet, and precious Benny in their home setting.However, something about the book as a whole didn [...]

    22. As the original Boxcar Children series begins, four orphaned children Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny Alden stop at a bakery to buy bread, then ask to stay for one night A fan of the series may want a prequel about circumstances that lead these children to be homeless orphans wandering about Boxcar Children Beginning will NOT satisfy.This volume opens with the Alden family living in Fair Meadow Farm The children and parents trust everyone To help during hard times the Aldens take in a needy fam [...]

    23. Originally written in 1924, Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny live with loving parents on their farm, during the Great Depression Times are tough, but the family works together to make a warm and loving home As a late winter storm blows in the Clark family appears when the family car breaks down near the Alden farm The Clark family is asked to stay at least until they are able to get the parts needed to fix the family car The two families quickly grow close to each other and a series of childish [...]

    24. The Boxcar Children were some of my favorite books growing up I remember getting a boxed set of the first few for Christmas when I was in 2nd grade and they are the first chapter books that I recall really reading on my own I was hooked from the start and avidly read dozens of them I always wondered what exactly happened to their parents and what their life was like before the series starts, but it s never really addressed in the books.This prequel aims to shed light on the time just before the [...]

    25. The Boxcar Children Beginning The Aldens of Fair Meadow Farm is a great introduction to the original series by Gertrude Chandler Warner The characters are well developed and multi dimensional Jessie, Violet, Benny and Henry are likable characters with their own individual personalities The story begins with the children hoping for spring to arrive and for something to happen Little do they know that something is about to happen that will change their lives The arrival of a winter storm brings wi [...]

    26. Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny live with their involved and loving parents on their farm, possibly during the Great Depression The original story was published in 1942, so this would make sense Times are tough, but the family pulls together Their mother sells baked goods, the children help out, and all is going okay When a family is stranded with a broken down car near their home, they are invited to stay for several months until they can get back on their feet, and the Aldens are very sad whe [...]

    27. I read the original Boxcar Children book way back in 2nd grade so I was really excited to read this prequel The story is obviously written for younger audiences with its simple vocabulary and story.Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny Alden are very much like their original characters TeThey always seemed to have a perfect relationship and even as a kid this didn t seem realistic Anyways, this story introduces us to Mr and Mrs Alden as well as the Alden s neighbors The kids still have their resource [...]

    28. Read full review and author interview at Cracking the CoverIt s always a chancy venture to take on a series beloved by millions Writing a prequel can be even adventuresome Luckily, Albert Whitman Company had the right person in mind when it chose Patricia MacLachlan to author the latest book in the Boxcar Children series.The author of Sarah, Plain and Tall knows how to write for children without talking down to them In The Aldens of Fair Meadow Farm she not only writes sensibly and articulately [...]

    29. Many young readers today still read and cherish The Boxcar Children series, the first title of which was published back in 1942 I m not sure what the appeal is although I suspect it may have something to do with a nostalgic look at the past and the innocence of the characters In this prequel, Patricia MacLachlan provides readers with the background behind the Alden family s happy life on the farm until their parents die in a car wreck while on an errand to town It s hard not to like Henry, Jessi [...]

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